1. Gordy

    GI pro install

    Hi all, ive had a GI Pro kicking around for a while and finally got round to fitting it today but having trouble finding the connecter plug/wires from the rear brake switch (that was a sod to find in its self lol ) Anyone have any idea where it is or a good place to pick up the wire as to tap...
  2. Rocket Scientist

    Heavy Duty Battery Cable Install - Mittzy improved

    This past winter I bought an extraordinary set of battery cables from @Mittzy ! I finally got around to installing them. Paul said whoever installed first should make a tutorial. I must be first. So here goes. This is what I started with. First off unhook and remove the battery, and remove...
  3. MartyCA

    Quick final drive install question

    So I performed my first tire change and spline greasing. Used loctite 8012, thinking back, I may have applied a little too generously in the shaft but I dont imagine that causing a problem. My question is, would blue threadlocker suffice for the 4 nuts holding on the final drive unit? At least...
  4. Starmanut

    12 Volt Outlet Install - USA Type (Cigarette Lighter Plug)

    Bought a USA size 12 Volt socket last December. Got it on EBay for $3.25. The garage was finally warm enough at the same time I felt like installing it so here's what I did: I used a wood block and clamped the cover down. Then I used a 1" Spade bit to drill the hole out enough to almost fit...
  5. Sofakingmean1

    Install 3 K&N kit question

    K&N High Flow Air Box Eliminator Kit for Triumph Rocket III Online from Pure-Triumph.com K&N High Flow Air Box Eliminator Kit for Triumph Rocket III Online from Pure-Triumph.com This set is different from the RamAir set...there isn't a relocation wire for the intake sensor.... .....my...
  6. Journeyman28778

    Barnett Clutch Install - To Jutter or Not to Jutter, that is the question

    I'm starting in on a Lush cam and piston install on my '11 Roadster and would appreciate advice from anyone with experience installing a Barnett clutch. I've come across posts where some say to leave out the stock anti-judder seat washer and spring, which is not part of the Barnett kit...
  7. Kojack1970

    Progressive fork spring install general question

    For the fork spring replacement going to progressives, is is necessary to fully remove the forks from yokes or can the spring swap be done with the fork tubes still in the yokes? I know many other bikes can be done with the tubes still in the yokes, but it looks to me like that approach on the...
  8. Mick114

    Kuryakyn floorboards / Viking bags install

    Did some upgrades today to my 09 R3C: -Installed passenger floorboards, Kuryakyn, 8808 adapters with one D spring on each side. -Installed OEM panniers mounts that I got used, they got rust proofed and then coated with truck bed liner spray. -Added hard bags. Viking Bags had a clearance...
  9. BDClone

    New Clutch Install

    I got my new clutch kit with springs from Carpenter Racing. I will be replacing the oil and coolant and ordering a new clutch cover gasket. It was mentioned that I should change out the detent spring as well. Only 4700 miles on the bike. Any thing else I should look at possibly changing while I...
  10. flash

    Time for turbo install

    Hi i havent posted for awhile but have recently scored a turbo and exhaust manifolds to suit the rocket 3. Its not in kit or anything so i was hoping if anyone can help me with the oil and water feed and return plumbing to the turbo. ? Thanks in advance.
  11. TXtriple

    Power Commander 5 Install Question

    Backstory...my first Rocket was a 2013 Roadster. I bought it used and it had a PCV and AT installed. After that bike got totaled, I removed both to put on my "new" Rocket (2012 Roadster). So I'm working on the install and trying to lay out the wires. I've got the main harness, power and...
  12. Bob spruce

    Clutch install

    05 Roadster gray motor I replaced the dent spring. I received a mtc clutch kit. When I put the clutch outer drum in. The drum seems back far enough. But the two gears are not completely meshed. The outer one seems to be overhanging the primary gear. The book says to go thru a hole and preload...
  13. late2ride

    TTS-Performance stage 1 Supercharger post install suggestions

    My mechanic (Ron Lambert Goldwings Plus) has my 2017 up and running (pretty nicely I might add). We used TUNEECU and a map supplied by TTS-Performance that Ron tweaked mildly. My headers manufactured by Paul (VikingExhaust) is very hot (the coating is flaking off) and I'm concerned about...
  14. late2ride

    ECU issues after TuneECU map file load for 2017 after TTS-Performance stage 1 supercharger install

    Has anyone had problems like this after a similar effort? My mechanic installed the TTS-Performance stage 1 supercharger kit in my 2017 Rocket III roadster. We used TuneECU to load a map file supplied by TTS-Performance into the bike. The bike initially would not start. The engine would...
  15. Jallen3.14

    Screaming Banshee install.

    Just got a Screaming Banshee to replace the anemic mouse fart of the OEM horn. Was able to fit it under the left side cover. I replaced the M6 bolt that holds the fuse box and battery tray with a longer one and double nutted it on the back with the supplied bracket. Quite an improvement!
  16. cskals

    Can I install a Street/Speed Triple display, 2017 style, and make it work with my R3?

    It's all in the header, thanks all.
  17. 1olbull

    Rocket Clutch Cable Install

    This is done so seldom one usually forgets how and has to reinvent the wheel. After several bar changes, I have bit the bullet and changed out my bars to a set that required lengthening all my wiring and the control cables. This long-ass adventure has involved many iterations of routing...
  18. Bedifferent

    Well that was a wasted afternoon!..Riser Install.

    So I thought this would be a good day to install my Rivco Risers on my 2015 R3T ABS. Not!! I get everything removed and the risers installed and set the handlebars in the risers (not without difficulty). That is where things came to a screeching halt. I can tell you there isn't any way the...
  19. Bluebelly

    Viking bag install.

    Got a set of Viking tail bags with shock cutout and am attempting the throw-over install. Has anyone used these bags? They seem very well made for the price and look awesome on the bike but I can't get them situated properly with the shock cutout. I think I may have to go with the non-cutout...
  20. TriumphR3Newb

    Engine guard install

    I have some engine guards that I am wanting to install. I went to loosen the top bolt that holds the engine (yes I had a jack under it to hold the engine up)to mount the guard but I could not get that bolt out no matter how much pressure I could put on it. Am I missing something? Any help or...
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