1. Rocky Raccoon

    Now to make it mine.....

    After putting on about 300 miles on my new (to me) 2008 Rocket Touring, I have noticed that this bike is NOT comfortable to ride like it is. Adjusted handle bars up a little, but there are not ways to adjust any other items. The stock handgrips are cr_p. My hands go to sleep after about 15...
  2. Mehecan

    2007 Passenger floorboards

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to track down some passenger floorboards that are compatible with my 07'. Any help would be awesome.
  3. brsmits

    Swapping your floorboards for pegs. It's easy.

    I have a touring but wasn't a fan of the floorboards. I'm too used to pegs. So I started swapping parts with another user, and I took my first ride today on them. It's great! Here's what you need to swap: Right side: Floorboard rail with three bolts up front and two in back. Master Cylinder...
  4. Mick114

    Kuryakyn floorboards / Viking bags install

    Did some upgrades today to my 09 R3C: -Installed passenger floorboards, Kuryakyn, 8808 adapters with one D spring on each side. -Installed OEM panniers mounts that I got used, they got rust proofed and then coated with truck bed liner spray. -Added hard bags. Viking Bags had a clearance...
  5. mickm7

    Want to Buy wanted rocket passenger floorboards

    wanting 08 rocket passenger floorboards..contact with price..thanks
  6. breeze

    rear floorboards

    wife says to get floorboards and get rid of stock pegs,what have others put on their rides?part #,pics,if available please
  7. Willyone

    Passenger Floorboards

    Hello Gents - I've been eyeball'n a 2015 red/black Touring that's currently on Ebay. Low mileage and it's in my price range. I called and spoke with the seller (Indian dealer) last week about the bike and he talked it up pretty good, so I'm thinking about taking a road trip (about 300 miles 1...
  8. DodahMan

    Anybody lowered floorboards?

    The R3 tour is a beauty, but a tad too crowded for me. If I could lower the floorboards a inch or so and perhaps more forward then get some kind of "Harley like" tall boy seat, THEN it just might fit me well. For such a beast of a bike, it felt small as far as fit goes. Harley's are the same...
  9. cdlamph

    SOLD!!! Want to trade '06 Classic floorboard setup for peg setup

    Hello all, I'm looking to swap out my floorboards on my '06 Classic for pegs and was curious if anyone out in R3 world has a peg setup they are willing to trade?!
  10. cdlamph

    Was wondering if anyone still does the floorboard to peg conversion

    I was just curious as I haven't seen any recent posts about this. I have an '06 Classic with floorboards that would love to trade out with pegs.
  11. cdlamph

    '06 Classic Heel/Toe Shifter to just Toe Shifter

    Hello everyone. Just got an '06 Classic and I hate the heel toe shifter. I've read and read but can't seem to find a solution to it other than hacking the heel off. Any ideas, other than the one I just mentioned? Initially I wanted to convert to just pegs (as I don't like floorboards either) but...
  12. tdragger

    For Sale Rivco Passenger Floorboards w/ Extensions

    Transforming my '06 Standard from LD riding back to its proper hooligan status. Since the seat is now solo there's no need for these anymore. $150 for the set. Will include shipping to US addresses only. International pays shipping.
  13. Dennis B.

    Floorboards to pegs

    Can't seem to find the information on the forum so I am just going to ask: is there a way to replace the floorboards with regular foot pegs? Is there a kit or am I going to have to do some type of engineering?
  14. Nrocket

    Black Floorboards and more on R3R

    Hi All, I am looking to add 3 things on my 3 months new Rocket 3 Roadster. For some reason, the local dealer is not very knowledgeable about this. Here are the things that I am looking for information on. Any brand/product names, website links to buy from will help a lot. 1). Rider floorboards...
  15. 2009 roadster passenger floorboards

    looking at ebay for passenger boards . need to know what the difference is between a classic and a roadster. the fit guides do not include the roadster. I am new triumph owner so this is a learning process for me. thanks in advance.
  16. MickyB

    Pillion floorboards

    i am ready for some of the feedback I'll get for this question but here goes anyway. My Princess would prefer boards to pegs when she comes out with me on my 2008 standard. Can anyone recommend any particular model?
  17. Ruddy

    Footpegs for R3T instead of floorboards

    Has anyone replaced their rider floorboards with footpegs? Personally prefer pegs over boards....any advice on replacement pegs appreciated. Cheers Ruddy
  18. Floorboards for the rear on an R3R

    I'd like to put floorboards on the back for my wife. I wanted to get the Triumph floorboards (I guess they would be the ones for the touring model), but I can't seem to find out if they'll fit on the Roadster. If I have to go with aftermarket ones, what would you recommend? Thanks.
  19. PEKAY

    Floorboards for a 2015 R3R

    I wanted to install some floorboards on my 2015 R3R ( I'm 6'4" with a size 14 shoe). Started with Rivco but their web site stated that they only fit standard and classic Rocket 3's. I called Rivco and asked them if they would work on my 2015 R3R. They said they didn't know since they'd never...
  20. floorboards

    i have a 2014 roadster and am interested in putting some floor boards.any inputs?