1. Rocketman71

    New R3R Black Owner

    Hi all, thought I’d just drop in and say hi. I am probably the luckiest R3R Black owner here.... mine cost me £9.97 .... yep that’s right only a tenner of my hard earned cash for 1 special raffle ticket.... I won it through a company called Rev Comps on Facebook. I was looking at the very same...
  2. DaveTS

    New R3R in Wisconsin

    Hi all Got my 2020 with all of 300 miles. What a blast!! Look forward to learning a lot from this forum. Dave
  3. MARO

    Hello Japan of R3R rider

    Hello R3R ride of the world.
  4. 2013_R3R_7.jpg


    2013 Rocket III Roadster
  5. 2013_R3R_6.jpg


    2013 Rocket III Roadster
  6. 2013_R3R_4.jpg


    2013 Rocket III Roadster
  7. 2013_R3R_3.jpg


    2013 Rocket III Roadster
  8. 2013_R3R_2.jpg


    2013 Rocket III Roadster
  9. 2013_R3R_1.jpg


    2013 Rocket III Roadster
  10. 2013_R3R_5.jpg


    2013 Rocket III Roadster
  11. Zutt

    Hello from New Jersey :)

    Hi everyone, I tried my best and reasoned as much as possible with my brain to let go and forget about the R3, but failed miserably. I just bought a 2020 R3 R, in black. Still waiting for it to be delivered. It's been a week and no ETA in sight. I'm sure many of you know how this feels :). I...
  12. R-III-R Turbo


    "THERE IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR DISPLACEMENT" 2.5L (2472cc) Stroker Package Want a bigger engine and way more torque than the new Rocket 3? Add 10% BHP and 12.5% Ft Lbs to your engine, throughout the entire RPM range. No trade-offs! Premium performance parts, all manufactured in the USA and...
  13. Choche

    R3R is very unique

    Hey everyone; had been some time that I hadn't logged in. Back in March of this year, I had an accident on my Mountain Bike; yes that's right, I nearly killed myself while riding my bicycle; I broke and dislocated my left elbow (shattered radial head) and fractured my right. I now possess some...
  14. JW Speaker LED headlamps on The R3R

    JW Speaker LED headlamps on The R3R

    Fit like a glove; Look Amazing. There are 2 versions, the blacked-out and the chrome one. I put chrome ones. The blacked-outs make the bike look kinda blind with too dark front fascia. Performance-wise, the difference is huge with crystal visibility for at least 200m!
  15. Verry8806

    New here and to the brand... Rookie driver.

    Just bought my first bike ever and it happens to be a 14’ R3R. Super low miles so I am pretty excitedTo have it. Still pretty new to riding and especially the Triumph brand in general. Had this thing for 2 weeks now after sitting in a garage for almost 2 years. I’ll be replacing the all to...
  16. technoguppy

    And another thing (R3GT/R Key Fob)...

    Any suggestions to adding a key-ring to the R3GT / R key fob? The hole alignment makes it literally useless for any standard keychain ring. I had two tie-wraps in mine (for redundancy) but it looks like ass! Anyone solved this? Photos if you have them. Thanks in advance.
  17. CrzystghndKC


    Asking the group for tune recommendation. Actually already have 20355 (John Miller) from the group resources. Is this what I need great. But I do need the notes that are with the download file. I guess you don't get them with the tuneecu Android version or can someone supply the updated tps...
  18. Hubguru

    Question about R3R drinking oil.

    Hi All, Over the years I would regularly check my bikes out with simple maintenance, oil level, air pressure, battery tenders, coolant level, ect... But for whatever reason, I did turn 50 a few months back, I haven't checked my rocket engine oil, ever. I did the 1000 mile checkup, oil change...
  19. Claymore

    Looking for guidance on correct tune for my R3R (Looks like I have a 2013 R3R bought new in 2018)

    I have been looking through available information in the forums and I am struggling with the definition of earlier vs later models of the Rocket 3 Roadster for use with Tune ECU I bought my Roadster new at the end of 2018 but the VIN ends in 857443 which looks like that means it is an earlier...
  20. Mark Olson

    First good ride on the new R3R

    Took my new R for a long ride today and had a couple of funny moments! Two older gents at the gas station thought it was really something! They asked how big the motor was and I said 2500cc's. The one fellow said and I quote," It must be a real rocket!!!" I almost fell over and told him it was a...