1. r3badboy

    R3 Resuscitation

    Bought this bike about 3.5 months ago, was fully submerged in a cyclone here in NZ. Every nook & crany had mud in it 😳 Fully stripped a rebuilt. Lots more learnt along the way. Enjoyed doing it & now enjoy riding it 😎✌️🚀🚀🚀
  2. Shadowcat

    Newbie to R3

    Hi all,Too many bikes to list,latest x edition 2015.Should be fun.
  3. Claviger

    Why R3 front end won't work well on RIIIs

    I was considering this swap, primarily for the offset axle which provides extra trail for a given fork angle. Posting for anyone who might search for it in the future. As it turns out this is a non-starter, for an odd reason. Online, you'll find a 27.9 degree steering angle often repeated...
  4. Victor K

    R3 Roadster

    Hi all, Looking for R3 Roadster brake & Gear pedals assembly + rear brake master cylinder reservoir
  5. RazMan

    Quick survey comparing the RIII & R3 vibration

    I can't help but notice quite a bit more vibration when going gently up through the gears on my R3 GT, especially in 2nd gear close to 2000 - 2500 rpm (but fine above this). My old 2004 Classic was silky smooth right down to tickover speeds (when poodling through traffic etc) and accelerated...
  6. New R3

    Hi All 2023 R3 delivered Wednesday ... 1 mile on the clock Unfortunately discovered fresh oil in various places under the sump - now looking for where it might have originated from, so hoping to find some answers here ... Dealership has told me not to ride it until they can recover it to a a...
  7. looper2469

    Greetings R3 owners

    Hi there, I'm on my wonderful Rocket 3. Definitely the road bike for me. 43000 km in three years!
  8. technoguppy

    R3 Brakes pads due?

    Anyone with a 2020 or newer Rocket 3 changed their brakes yet? I'm coming up on 40,000km (25,000miles) and with another long trip in a few weeks I'm just curious what others are seeing with respect to their brakes? I truly get that it depends on the rider, the riding style, the roads, the...
  9. CaffeineBuzz

    My Nephew's '14 R3

    I have a nephew who is a bona fide salt of earth fella. He picked this '14 R3 up for a song and I promised I'd get it cleaned up if he'd get it over to me. The paint was in pretty bad shape, but I was able to remove about 99% of the marring and swirling. Touchless Wash - CARPRO -Lift 2...
  10. Country93

    05 r3 1500 miles stutter

    I have an 05 r3 bought for $3k with 1500 miles. Obviously it has set up for awhile. I have an issue with low rpms and initial throttle pulls from idle. The bike starts and runs with minimal issues and has plenty of power. Dyno says 138 hp so no loss there. When started rpms dance around 400 to...
  11. Professor

    New 2023 R3 GT Shifting problems

    Just received my new 2023 GT on 6/29/23 and have put about 200mi. on it. Having problems when up shifting into 3-6 gears. Sometimes I have to pull up on lever 3 times before it engages yet other times in goes right in. Getting a sore foot with this problem. It maybe as simple as adjusting the...
  12. Adriano

    other handlebars on Touring

    hello everyone! I am getting painful wrists after riding for only 20 minutes. I read throughout this forum and I have seen quite a few folks complaining about the same thing. Rise and width are good, it's the angle at which the OEM handlebar is pushing my wrists that's just not working for me...
  13. MalFUN

    HI All, just getting back after time off here, i've a 2006 R3 classic since 09, had troublle with bad mechanic, trying to back to my econ back.

    HI All, just getting back after time off here, i've a 2006 R3 classic since 09, had troublle with bad mechanic, trying to back to my econ back, finally got phone app working, just trying to chase down some maps for a 2006 r3 classic stanard motor, pod filters, no cat , pipes and darkside too i...


    Hi Guys. I have a customer who is unable to complete the transaction. He is prepared to take a bit of a hit if i can sell it for him. So it will come from me with our 12 month Supercharger warranty. please email richard@tts-performance.co.uk to discuss further if you are interested.
  15. Carl Adam

    New to R3 Owner's Forum

    Hello Fellow R3 Devotees. I am brand new to the forum. I recently acquired a 2020 Rocket 3 TFC as a collector piece and occasional ride. I already have a few questions about it and am looking forward to expanding my knowledge with the help of others. Carl
  16. Italianguy069

    Is anybody having trouble with the LCD Gauge display not staying on a 2020 R3?

    Has anybody had trouble with the LCD display not staying and keek dropping no matter how much you tighten it up? If so how were they able to get it to stay put?
  17. New R3 owner

    Looking forward to learning more about the R3 and what accessories are worth considering from the group. Under a 100 miles on it so far but love how it handles!
  18. Pdupps

    Oil Leak on 08 R3 Touring

    Hey guys, I recently sprung an oil leak on my 08 Rocket III Touring that has me scratching my head. Was hoping some else might have ran into this before. It doesn't leak at all in short runs 15 mins, no matter how hard i ride it. It seems to only start leaking in longer runs. 30 mins or so. It's...
  19. RevRoss

    Weird gear selection problem - 2005 R3

    Dooh... - posted this previously in an old thread - advice still sought PLEASE 😄. I have a weird gear selection problem... I adjusted the clutch cable (fitted new levers) but now - without the motor running I can select neutral, 1st & 2nd gears and shift back to neutral fine. Starting the bike...
  20. Vector

    Her first R3 ride.

    Beautiful warm sunny day here in Mesquite NV. Her first Rocket ride will be a thrill! She rode dirt bikes and a bit of street decades ago. She is taking the safety course and next week we go to Eurocycle in Las Vegas, she is interested in a T100.