1. AzRocketman

    Hello, R3 owners, Newbie here.

    Looking forward to gaining knowledge from you guys. I haven’t road in 15-years. I’m now the proud owner of a 2020 Rocket 3R. Phoenix,Az.
  2. Rocketeer4life

    2014 R3 roadster engine to a 05 standard?

    Hi all! Still new here, but i recently wrecked my touring model unfortunetly. So now i have my 05 standard still, it needs a new engine. Found a used crate engine online off a 2014 R3 roadster...is this interchangeable? Thanks! N cheers!
  3. cmintegra

    Alarm issue R3 GT

    Question for you guys that have the alarm installed... mine only activates when you try to start the bike and NOT AT ALL when you move it. You can literally JUMP on the bike and the alarm won't activate. Anyone knows how to make it sound when the bike is moved or how to raise the sensitivity...
  4. R3RM

    Which lock to keep the 2020 R3 safe at home ?

    To be attached to an anchor : https://www.locksmiths.co.uk/faq/motorcycle-security-guide/ Not this one : Neither that one (the guy concludes by "Bikers you are taken for pigeons, REACT !!!) : Other examples of "secured" locks :oops...
  5. BacBull

    Had 2009 R3, just done a deal to trade it on new R3 GT

    Hi R3 owners
  6. Zutt

    What Jacket do you wear with the R3?

    All my riding jackets are Indian motorcycle cruiser style jackets. I thought to get a more street style jacket with all the protection just to fit the style of the R3. Just picked up the Dainese Racing 3 Perf. jacket in White, black, Red Dainese Racing 3 Perforated Jacket - Cycle Gear...
  7. barbagris

    Vendo mi R3

    Chicos - Esta anunciado aqui For Sale - Yup - sad day - Selling my R3. - y esto te lleva al anuncio en Wallapop. Si conoces alguien buscando. Ya sabes!.
  8. UtdRed

    R3 Newbie from HK

    Hey all, I just got the rocket 3 2020 and wanted to say hello to this group from Hong Kong!

    R3 Supercharger update.

    Just a quick update. We are well underway with the final design and I hope to keep to the Launch date of late March. All I can say is its CNC ****:). I'm temped to post some CAD photo's but I've decided your just going to have to wait for the big reveal. lol.
  10. tman

    Fairing for R3 touring

    any recommendations on the best fairing for R3T?
  11. JSCambs

    Soon to be an R3 Owner

    Hi All I'm in the UK, so interested to see how many other owners on here from this side of the pond. I've put a deposit down on a secondhand Rocket, I'll update with details and pictures once I've concluded the deal and it's been delivered.
  12. Jack

    Want to Buy Rocket 3 Touring single headlight.

    A single headlight from a R3 Touring. I will swap my pair of headlights for a single Touring headlight if anyone is interested.
  13. ned.


    Hi from Ned own a 2020 R3 looking forward to being apart of Discussions.
  14. Micksan

    Bar backs for 2014 R3 help or not.

    I have a 2014 R3 Touring. Have not had this one that long. I am 6' 3" tall . and either the bars are shorter than the 06 I had or maybe , it is in my head. The bike rides like a dream on the highways. My problem comes in the tight turns or say doing a U-turn. My arm will be extended to the...
  15. azmerlin

    Is there much of a market for the R3 in the UK

    Hi all, I am looking to buy a 2014 R3R and just wanted to know how easy it may be to sell in the future if I fancy an upgrade. Cheers, Al
  16. brazeagle

    2020 R3 GT Headlights FLICKERING when hitting bumps

    Hello there, I noticed my Headlights are FLICKERING when hitting bumps, sadly I cannot see it good enough because I am behind the wheels, but I do notice a fast flickering on/off for MILI SECONDS... I wonder what could that be. The only thing done to the bike was (Triumph Dealer) activated the...
  17. navyblue

    For Sale Low milage 2013 R3

    If anyone is interested in acquiring a low milage (23,900k) 2013 R3 touring with travel trunk, J&M CB. Blk/Wht Complete Triumph service history available, always garaged. Here is a lead. I traded my R3 in on a HD and it is sitting on his floor Listed at $ 9,900. Jackson, MS Dealer # 601 372-5770
  18. technoguppy

    Made my own R3 T-shirts

    These are definitely not for sale. I am definitely not taking orders. Which would be a direct violation of the rules that can be found at the bottom of EVERY page (as I am told). But these arrived today and I'm pretty pleased with myself if I do say so... my self... :banghead: :banghead: Back...
  19. Barzupopsz

    2020 R3 GT rear vibration (50 to 60 mph...ish)

    Found my issue on this forum and helped dealer zero in on troubleshooting and replace rear tire and wheel. Tire was most definetly "out of round." Just wanted to say a big thanks to these two dudes, because the mechanics and service department at my dealer were very standoffish when I was...
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