1. Mikey G

    Greetings all. New member with new Black R3.

    I have had every conceivable bike you can imagine, modified a lot. Love this bike. Intend to do a few mods and will share if they work out. I am presently in the Toowoomba area but will be moving to Victor Harbor at end of year. Cheers
  2. Southeast

    Hello Folks. Just joined the Forum

    After following this forum and other research I put a deposit on a GT last week. Dealer say it will be in ”any day”. Also said it will be model year ’21’ which has no changes from the ’20’ model year. Same colors even. Either way, I’m looking forward to getting the bike and keeping up with...
  3. kenne

    One of our R3 family down, but not out

    So Yesterday we went on our SE Qld riders catch up all did not go to plan with TATA coming of his bike. Our thoughts go out to him as he make his recovery. in Typical R3 fashion he was worried more about his beloved bike, and ruining the days ride than himself. get well mate hopefully we see...
  4. maurice

    Corbin seat for 2020 r3

    When looking for risers I saw this. I like the stock seat, but if I rode more I would consider this. About 700 without heat, 561 for driver seat only. https://www.motorcyclepowersportsnews.com/corbin-dual-touring-saddle-for-2020-triumph-rocket-iii/
  5. Jeff in Ohio

    New Member with an amazing R3 Roadster

    I'm old, I'm fat and I'm bald and those are my strong points. Love my "new" 2018 Rocket 3 Roadster. If anyone is in Ohio, and you owe me money, please stop and say hello!
  6. S

    Best map for r3 2005 classic with bypass and ramair setup

    Hi guys. Just waiting for my ramair setup to arrive and was wondering what the best map at the moment is for a 2005 r3 with bypass pipe, stock silencers and a bypass pipe fitted is. Not to worried about the secondaries as they saw my toolbox and fell out so will always be 100%. Cheers for any...
  7. Ishrub

    R3 Std/Classic/Roadster and R3Touring replacement screen sizes and 'TT' strap measurements

    Sourced from Eagle Screens Australia Perth http://www.eaglescreens.com.au/?productcats=triumph
  8. Koekies100

    Hi guys.. From Cape Town South Africa. 06 r3

    Just want to say hi..
  9. rocketsahi

    Shad Top case and side cases on R3 Roadster

    Hello Everyone, Has anyone installed these Shad cases on your Roadster. I feel these are going to look pretty neat on the Roadster. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/shad-sh36-side-cases The trouble is that they do not make a mounting brackets for the Roadster. I want to figure out how...
  10. A

    R3 GT - without Sisi bar

    ...here are some pictures
  11. RaiderJim

    Greetings R3 owners!

    I hope everyone is doing well today! See some pictures of my Carpenter 265 hp Raider Rocket 3
  12. ody2002

    R3 Autobahn Acceleration Performance Video

    I came across an interesting video of a variety of acceleration tests for the R3 on the autobahn.
  13. J

    Storing my R3 'till spring -- any advice?

    Are there any gas treatments that will work on this? I just went through installing a new fuel pump and having the injector nozzles cleaned, but it took a couple weeks and cost a couple hundred bucks, and I'd rather not do that again. Of course, last time it had been stored fifteen years and...
  14. Phenix3939

    Falcon R3-R Build Thread

    This is the first build post of many to come. I picked up my R3-R a week ago and finally got out for a nice ride on some twisties with my buddy and his Thruxton. So far, I've tweaked the suspension. I've added some preload, lowered tire pressure front and rear. I like fast corners on...
  15. RaiderJim60

    Starter Upgrade for my R3

    Hi , any idea to upgrade my starter.
  16. RaiderJim60

    Starter Upgrade for my Carpenter R3

    Hi, I’m looking to beef up my stock starter on my modified R3. Carpenter stage 3 motor.any ideas please.
  17. chilipeppernorm

    No Booster Plug for the R3

    For those who are unfamiliar the BoosterPlug is a small device that plugs into your AIS sensor in the intake system that tricks the bikes computer into fueling for colder air under throttle load adding more fuel for perceived denser air (check their website for the full engineering explanation)...
  18. PWGR3

    R3 touring tune on a classic? TuneECU

    Hello, i have an 07 Classic that I have full jardines with removed baffle/cats, and triple filter with removed secondaries. I saw where there was a tune for all r3s with removed Cat jardines and triple filters with higher gas rating. But under the R3Touring it had one that had full power removed...
  19. hvasir

    New R3 Proud Owner

    Hello all bought my 2013 R3 Roadster with 5000 miles on it. Took a 100 mile ride last weekend the bike is amazing. Like my girlfriend described it, the thing just cuts through air. Have a quick question if any one could answer? I am trying to reduce the weight of the bike a bit. So first...
  20. R3spain

    New in the group

    Hi Folks. Just arrived. R3 Classic 2010, from Spain. Bought a couple of months ago. Pleased to join this forum.
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