1. R3 2020 Missing Bolts

    hello all was wondering if anyone came across missing intake plenum bolts as i removed the cover and four missing bolts this is the left side of the bike i appreciate any input..... thanks Joe
  2. 2020 R3 INTAKE COVER

    Hello, are there any R3owners that removed their intake cover to find missing bolts inside of it, i found four are missing looks like they were never installed ! Thank you for your input
  3. Hello R3 Owners

    Newbie on here, and fairly new to the Rocket 3. I’ve got a 2021 Rocket 3R Black Edition, 2 months into ownership, loving it so far.
  4. Intro - Hello to all R3 Owners

    Presently the owner of a 2010 R3 Roadster, Years back I rode the first R3 in Manchester (UK) when I ran the local RAT group/club. At that time I was with a Speed Triple 955i. I was blown away by the torque and the then reasonable handling of the R3. The 2010 Roadster seems to have righted the...
  5. BlackMambaDc

    New R3 GT Owner

  6. KYller

    New R3 GT

    Hi, all! Traded my 2014 Honda Valkyrie 1800 for the 21 Rocket 3GT. I thought the Valk was going to be my forever ride, but I test rode this one. The Valk was a wonderful, refined piece of rolling art. I always called it "The Gentleman's Sport Bike." It was balanced, smooth, and never surprised...
  7. NvisblMan

    Sport Panniers and Mounts, R3 GT

    Have any of you found NON Triumph panniers/saddlebags that will fit in the Triumph mounts? All the post I’ve read state how bad the bags are. But I love the way the mounts fold away when not in use. Thank you!
  8. Slartibartfast

    2020 R3 vs 2022 R3

    I've managed to convince myself that my life will never be complete untill I own a Rocket 3 GT, so I've been comparing dealerships and prices. In my searching I've come a cross a dealership with an unridden 2020 GT in the colour I'm seeking for a significantly better price than this year's...
  9. Too Tall Texan

    2011 R3 Touring

    Won't start. (Always has.) Key turned, in neutral, kill switch on, kick stand up, lights bright, system check, all good. Press the start switch....nothing. I tested the switch with multimeter and it functions perfectly when checking continuity. Thoughts? (Also, I am looking for an...
  10. Eric Hess

    2014 R3 Roadster Multiple Mods

    I'm new to the group and have been following several subjects and need some information. Mine is basically stock, I had the dealer install the Triumph TOR pipes when I bought it (unsure if that was wise) and I'm ready to make some modifications. I just ordered a Ram Air system from England off...
  11. Bertram28

    Considering purchasing a 2017 R3 Roadster

    Thanks for letting me in the group. I will devour all the great information before I put my money down on the counter! It only has 8K miles..I did notice a few other listings with the same amount of miles..Is this a warning sign? Stay safe.
  12. SimonRowell

    Hi there - new R3 owner joining the community

    As a Brit who's lived in the US for 30 years, I decided it was time to fly the flag! I am now the happy (understatement) owner of a 2021 Triumph Rocket 3 R.
  13. tino19625

    R3 top speed video

    I personally would have pushed harder,may just be me, but love the paint job...hence the share
  14. Newbie R3 owner

    Hello all! Here to know other gentleman and ladies who are in love with this magnificent monsterous machine. I'm located in Harlow if anyone wants to sync up. Thanks.
  15. New R3 rider - since yesterday!

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to say hi. I'm a very recent R3 owner ( the bike, a black R3 GT, got delivered yesterday - just in time to park it for the winter) from Stockholm, Sweden. I most recently drove a Honda VTX 1800 from -03 that i had for about eight years, so it was about time to make a...
  16. Majaste

    New R3 GT Owner

    What's up all! Hope to gain some good knowledge from everyone here. I am here in Hill Country TX, if anyone is in the area, let me know!
  17. 9Ball

    2007 R3 standard tachometer needle sticking

    I’m out in the garage and winterizing the bike. Turned the ignition on and off and noticed the tach needle stuck at 2k RPM. Cycled the key on and off several times and the needle advanced, then stuck higher and higher. This is with the engine off. The bike starts up and idles fine but tach...
  18. CaffeineBuzz

    Correcting the clear coat on an R3

    I'm a detailer as a hobby and I'm really excited to get my hands on my nephews recently acquired 2013 R3 - touring. Typically when i dig in, I do some test spots to dial into a process that works. Anyone here have any tips or advice on working with the clear coat on a Triumph? May plan is to...
  19. shazaam

    R3 Touring model differences over the years?

    Hi friends, I've decided I want to buy a Rocket 3 Touring. I just LOVE this look! (the model in the pic is a 2016 I think) They don't make them new anymore so Im going to buy it used when I find one I like. However, it looks like the Touring models go as far back as 2005 to as recent as 2017...
  20. dirtydr

    New R3 Sidecar Rig

    I finally got the call that the rig was done and ready to pick up. Flew down to Waco, TX and Kent from Texas Sidecars came and picked me up. A little road test, final payment on one my way back to Western Colorado.