1. 9Ball

    2007 R3 standard tachometer needle sticking

    I’m out in the garage and winterizing the bike. Turned the ignition on and off and noticed the tach needle stuck at 2k RPM. Cycled the key on and off several times and the needle advanced, then stuck higher and higher. This is with the engine off. The bike starts up and idles fine but tach...
  2. CaffeineBuzz

    Correcting the clear coat on an R3

    I'm a detailer as a hobby and I'm really excited to get my hands on my nephews recently acquired 2013 R3 - touring. Typically when i dig in, I do some test spots to dial into a process that works. Anyone here have any tips or advice on working with the clear coat on a Triumph? May plan is to...
  3. shazaam

    R3 Touring model differences over the years?

    Hi friends, I've decided I want to buy a Rocket 3 Touring. I just LOVE this look! (the model in the pic is a 2016 I think) They don't make them new anymore so Im going to buy it used when I find one I like. However, it looks like the Touring models go as far back as 2005 to as recent as 2017...
  4. dirtydr

    New R3 Sidecar Rig

    I finally got the call that the rig was done and ready to pick up. Flew down to Waco, TX and Kent from Texas Sidecars came and picked me up. A little road test, final payment on one my way back to Western Colorado.
  5. MonkeyMan

    Corbin side cases / panniers for R3

    After tearing up two zippered bags from Triumph, had to do some thing different. I have two rockets, a 2020 R3 and a 2022 R3GT. (The GT is primarily for my fiancé.) Didn't like the expense of the Corbin option, but went with it for the GT. I have read a lot of posts that the triumph bags are...
  6. Hello! New to the group. I have had a 2008 R3 for the past 10 years and I love to ride it.

    My issue is that the protrusions on the engine block that hold the kickstand broke on me. (I had the kickstand down when I was trailering it) Any suggestions or fixes for this? There is not enough threads left on the block to use. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. G-Force Junkie

    R3 GT Windscreen Combo

    Madstad brackets with GP Compozit windscreen. Adjusts pretty far on the fly. Up and out for touring, in and down for around town. The two extremes are shown in the pics but you can put it just about anywhere in between. Taking it out for the first drive later but feels really solid.
  8. RaiderJim

    Been Working on Kustom upgrades to My Carpenter R3

  9. Guffer

    Filtering on a R3 R - is it too wide?

    I’ve had my Rocket 3 R for a number of months now but still can’t bring myself to filter (lane splitting to you Americans) between lines of traffic. I just have the feeling the bars are a bit too wide and I’ll end up bashing a load of wing mirrors. Anybody else feel like this or am I being...
  10. azmerlin

    R3 2016 front brake resevouir leaking

    Hi all, I bought my R3 a few months ago and due to lockdown and rain I have not used it much. However, I seem to have a leak from the front brake res from the narrow end closer to the clocks. I tried fitting a new seal (rubber and plastic, but that does not seem to resolve the issue. Any ideas...
  11. pica

    Corbin seat vs oem r3 gt break in

    Well, it has been 4k miles so far, I don't think this oem seat it's going to be any different with more riding time to break in. I had a Corbin before in a different motorcycle (warrior) and it was stiff, but better because I can ride the whole day without feeling anything. For the ones...
  12. Hubyone

    New R3 owner

    Hello... Just picked up a new R3 Roadster black edition My first triumph... I had Ducatis and BMW before. Options installed: heated grips, tracker, sport paniers (installation later), quick shifter) So far so good... I love it.
  13. Liam2x

    For Sale R3 2006 classic parts

    For sale Left side crash bar chrome One classic mirror Front and rear fenders in below color 2 sets of rear signals and front signals Chrome classic handle bar Handle bar mount for very short people. No rise US will ship elsewhere at your expense 2006 classic r3 Black and red two tone gold...
  14. Ishrub

    R3 RIVCO Chrome closeouts from UK

    TRIUMPH Rocket 3 Classic Exhaust Flange Covers TR3012 Fits OEM Reference # A9738115. Clearance Price! Price: £19.99 https://www.squaredeals-ltd.co.uk/triumph-rocket-3-classic-exhaust-flange-covers-tr3012-fits-oem-reference--a9738115-clearance-price-6301-p.asp Rivco Products Magnum 118Db...
  15. JPHDT

    R3 GT 2020: oil consumption

    Dear R3 owners, I am not a mechanic, my English is not as good as expected but I need your advice and help and I thank you in advance for that. I put 6.509 miles in the new R3 after first service and I am obliged to add 0.11 quarter (0,1 litre) of oil every 250 miles (400 km)to keep the level...

    Put a Backrest on my 2022 R3 Black

    So when I originally put a deposit down on my R3 Black I sent my wife a link to look at it, she asked, "Why aren't you getting the one (GT) with the backrest?" Err, uh...., "I'm going to put a backrest on this one!" Well, it was her birthday, so.... Admittedly I like the look the look of the...
  17. albertaduke

    R3 gt 2021 failure!!

    I am rather baffled and mildly p.....ed off for the second time in 30 days since new my bike would not start .. first time had to trailer it to the dealer 70 miles away somehow main fuse blew now on saturday having lunch at a restaurant on a very hot day I cannot get the bike to start...
  18. RDS1200GS

    Finalement en R3

    Salutation à tous, étant nouveau propriétaire d'unr R3 2006, on m'a suggérer votre communauté, pour trouver les pièces dont j'ai besoin. Je me suis trouvé un bon pare-brise pour éviter les mouches noires très présente dans mon coin de pays. Il me manque un dossier porte bagage et des triangles...
  19. Whowahtey

    New R3 owner

    Hey y’all, I’m The new owner of an ‘08 R3. Love the bike but it has 3 of the common issues with the bike. 1.oil on right side of bike,- cam cover gasket (7.5k miles) I know common thing. 2.ghost first or false first if you will (what a pain) also goes rough back and forth 1st-2nd/2nd-1st. I...
  20. maurice

    Sensors on New R3

    There are 2 sensors. Does anyone know the relationship between them, are they dependent on each other, when starting manually with fob or key held on rear sensor, is front sensor involved? When using keyless starting (fob)is rear sensor involved? Want info before dealer working on it.