1. 2014 R3 Touring Valve Specs

    Does anybody have the intake and exhaust clearance specs for my 2014 R3 Touring ? I assume different from the standard edition.
  2. Fireman Frank

    R3 ignition switch - new part no.

    Ignition switch swap 2005 R3.... I ordered a replacement ignition barrel switch for my R3 part no. T2501066 (lost keys). What arrived from the supplier was a barrel coded T2501062 plus a connector block with a tail of wiring. The parts agent informed me that this is the only available...
  3. Ex83HondaMagna

    Another R3 Newbie

    Hi All, Tom from Kansas City here — just bought a 2009 R3 Touring after 30+ years on 3 different 1983 Honda Magna V65 1100s. Great bike, but at 59 thought it was time for a change! I welcome any thoughts and suggestions for a newbie!
  4. rsgr3r

    Hi all. Proud new owner of 2023 R3 R, Silver Ice/Cranberry Red

    Hi all! Changing current bike "2017 Ducati Diavel Diesel" to Rocket 3 R. Good to get to know all of you.
  5. broken diagnostic socket on R3 classic

    Hi all plugged in my tuneboy and while trying to unplug it the female part that's on the bike broke! anyone have an idea where to get a repalacement ( new or used) thanks in advance
  6. Vector

    RIII or R3

    RIII are prior to 2020. R3's are the 2500cc bikes. So you little 2300cc guys, don't use the big boy name...LOL
  7. Joshua

    Older R3 clutch grabbing

    So on a trip this fall my wife (2012 T-bird) and I (2005 R3) rode up to Wisc for a weekend getaway. As we traveled around and through Beloit my I killed my rocket 3 times which I had not done once in a very long time. After the last one I was a little more aggressive with my launch and at the...
  8. Vector

    Top 10 things about the R3

  9. Hughzee

    2014 R3 tune question

    Hello all, looking for a more up to date tune for my 2014 rocket off road pipes is the only add on. The tune is original and I'm sure there is something more up to date out there. Let me know and thanks.
  10. GTRMIA

    New R3 Owner

    Hello from Miami - Traded from my '18 Bobber Black to a "22 Rocket R. Loved the Bobber but the Rocket was always the dream bike. Sadly could not keep both. Bike is stock but I plan on making it into a R/GT hybrid - GT Bars, backrest, speed shifter and a couple of other item going on in a...
  11. Lift man


    HI ALL hello from the uk hope you had a lovely christmas and all the best for the new year. I am a proud r3 classic owner and love it still riding at 65 and hoping for many more years. Thanks for accepting me into your group ,best I've looked at . Best regards to all Dave
  12. Newbie...Just Purchased a 2023 R3 GT in Saphire Black

    I struggled between the GT and the R but being 59 the upright bars, heatde grips and a few other options helped me make the difference. I havent put a miel on it but already considering mid controls. I understand the Mid cotrols with the higher handlebars are a nice match. Being 5'8" with a...
  13. Jagster

    Carbon Fibre trim parts for 2500cc R3

    I'm not sure if this has been posted before but heck, here goes...... Do you wish to add lightness to your Rocket 3 ? If the answer is YES then click on the slinky-dinky-linky below and lighten your wallet a little bit more.....(You know you want to...:whitstling:) Store
  14. 2020 R3 GT Storm Grey - New Member

    Planning some great rides in 2023, need to outfit the bike for touring. Gonna be fun!
  15. Antek

    R3 TFC all carbon

    Wanted to share some updates to my R3 TFC, with all the carbon parts by KR-Techno. - Carbon "V" Radiator Guard - FlyScreen "V" Carbon - Mudgard Rear Carbon - Splash Guard Carbon
  16. Juric

    Hi, new here, r3 gt my 22 owner

    New on forum, long time rider, last half year on r3gt. Previusly ktm 950 adv, yam fjr1300, kaw versys 650.... Best to all
  17. Speedometer Accuracy 2022 Rocket R3

    I"ve got a 2022 Rocket R3 with just over 600 miles. I use Waze on my phone to alert me of traffic issues to and from work. I recently noticed that the Rocket's speedometer was reading between 4 to 6 mph faster than what Waze was indicating my speed at. For instance, traveling down the highway...
  18. fmansur

    Just received my R3

    I am a happy owner of a 2013 Triumph Thunderbird Storm and I just have bought a 2020 R3R in an auction. It will be my Winter project. Motorcycle needs Left footpegs, gear lever, mirrors, clutch lever, crankcase protection and some minor stuff.
  19. R3 Touring ran fine now it won't start

    just bought this 6800 total miles 2008 model in July. I trailered it home from Delaware and took it directly to the local Triumph dealer for a new front tire and inspection. Finally got it back this week and it started running rough on the 10 mile drive home. I did pull into a Sheetz for gas...