1. Hubyone

    New R3 owner

    Hello... Just picked up a new R3 Roadster black edition My first triumph... I had Ducatis and BMW before. Options installed: heated grips, tracker, sport paniers (installation later), quick shifter) So far so good... I love it.
  2. Liam2x

    For Sale R3 2006 classic parts

    For sale Left side crash bar chrome One classic mirror Front and rear fenders in below color 2 sets of rear signals and front signals Chrome classic handle bar Handle bar mount for very short people. No rise US will ship elsewhere at your expense 2006 classic r3 Black and red two tone gold...
  3. Ishrub

    R3 RIVCO Chrome closeouts from UK

    TRIUMPH Rocket 3 Classic Exhaust Flange Covers TR3012 Fits OEM Reference # A9738115. Clearance Price! Price: £19.99 https://www.squaredeals-ltd.co.uk/triumph-rocket-3-classic-exhaust-flange-covers-tr3012-fits-oem-reference--a9738115-clearance-price-6301-p.asp Rivco Products Magnum 118Db...
  4. JPHDT

    R3 GT 2020: oil consumption

    Dear R3 owners, I am not a mechanic, my English is not as good as expected but I need your advice and help and I thank you in advance for that. I put 6.509 miles in the new R3 after first service and I am obliged to add 0.11 quarter (0,1 litre) of oil every 250 miles (400 km)to keep the level...

    Put a Backrest on my 2022 R3 Black

    So when I originally put a deposit down on my R3 Black I sent my wife a link to look at it, she asked, "Why aren't you getting the one (GT) with the backrest?" Err, uh...., "I'm going to put a backrest on this one!" Well, it was her birthday, so.... Admittedly I like the look the look of the...
  6. albertaduke

    R3 gt 2021 failure!!

    I am rather baffled and mildly p.....ed off for the second time in 30 days since new my bike would not start .. first time had to trailer it to the dealer 70 miles away somehow main fuse blew now on saturday having lunch at a restaurant on a very hot day I cannot get the bike to start...
  7. RDS1200GS

    Finalement en R3

    Salutation à tous, étant nouveau propriétaire d'unr R3 2006, on m'a suggérer votre communauté, pour trouver les pièces dont j'ai besoin. Je me suis trouvé un bon pare-brise pour éviter les mouches noires très présente dans mon coin de pays. Il me manque un dossier porte bagage et des triangles...
  8. Whowahtey

    New R3 owner

    Hey y’all, I’m The new owner of an ‘08 R3. Love the bike but it has 3 of the common issues with the bike. 1.oil on right side of bike,- cam cover gasket (7.5k miles) I know common thing. 2.ghost first or false first if you will (what a pain) also goes rough back and forth 1st-2nd/2nd-1st. I...
  9. maurice

    Sensors on New R3

    There are 2 sensors. Does anyone know the relationship between them, are they dependent on each other, when starting manually with fob or key held on rear sensor, is front sensor involved? When using keyless starting (fob)is rear sensor involved? Want info before dealer working on it.
  10. Poss. new owner question- Commuting/tire question for the 2020 R3.

    Hi folks! A little background... I was working in Wyoming and about to pick up my red R3 a couple of months ago. On the day I was to sign the papers I was called in and informed I no longer had a job. Thankfully, the dealer just gave back my deposit. Jump to now- my wife and I are about to...
  11. maurice

    Reason for Getting the R3

    Talking main reason. I'm thinking speed was priority in cruiser form. Your thoughts? yes, no? On the Honda forum, someone wanted opinions on a new bike selection. I mentioned the r3. Since my attempt at raising my seat enough on the vtx failed, I thought of the r3, and speed for myself. Harley...
  12. SemperRocket


    Good day everyone! I just put a down payment on a 2022 Triple Black R3 GT. I'm absolutely pumped! I've been drooling over these beasts for a while and have watched every **** YouTube video and read all the reviews I could find. I fell in love with it instantly and have been working hard to...
  13. PeterM

    Cardinal red colour scheme

    Hi everyone, call it a mid life crisis, but Im seriously thinking of re spraying my graphite tribal R3 in the Cardinal red colour scheme, if I did I would do it again in the Tribal pattern, so my question,,,Does anyone by any chance know the Tribal design Pattern code and is it still available...
  14. Sioux Falls Rocket

    Soon to be New 2008 R3 Owner....fingers crossed

    Hello All! This has been a long time coming, I live in Sioux Falls, SD. I have been in love with the Triumph Rocket 3, ever since I first saw them. I have looked at a few bikes in the past and somehow never been able to either close on the deal or make things work, Found a good deal on a 2002...
  15. RebelHawk

    New R3 owner

    After a ligament repair surgery back in November '20 on my right wrist I finally got out on my Scrambler 1200XE a few weeks back for some trail riding. Unfortunately I confirmed my fears that my wrist just isn't going to be up to trail riding. I had to say farewell to my beloved XE but hello to...
  16. ArekDeBoss

    Forward controls R3 GT

    Has anybody moved from older R3 like for example roadster to R3GT? There is a lot of opinions of forward controls being " wierd" etc that you need to get used to them. So my question is: how do they compare to the position on the roadster? Are they much more forward? How does your back responds...
  17. 2020 R3

    This is my fourth bike. Last two were HD Road Glide (2016) and HD Fat Bob (2013). This bike is absolutely incredible! Speed, torque, handling are all incredible...and did I mention the looks?!?!
  18. Mapping 2005 R3 - But were to start?

    Hi all. My 2005 R3 is sick, so its at the doc at the moment. It started with 2nd throttle stepper motor giving up, so instead of replacing that insanely expencive part, I decided to remove the 3 valves of the 2nd throttle instead. My bike got Cat removed, and I cant find the o2 on the exhaust...
  19. Micksan

    Selling parts from the 2014 R3 Tourer.

    Sold most of the parts
  20. Clyde Randall

    Hello R3 riders

    Hello from Cleveland, Ohio! I happened upon this group while searching a specific R3 problem and knew immediately I needed to join!