1. slydog75

    Considering an 07 R3

    Looking to get back into motorcycle s after not riding for about 15 years I have a lead on a reasonably priced R3 with 18k miles. I've been perusing this forum for a day or so trying to determine what the common issues are. Unfortunately it seems like one of those common issues is the...
  2. vindex1963

    My 2006 R3 Classic dyno

    Here it is 140hp 154tq runs much smoother and the power is now everywhere. He said it low rpm was lean and high rpm was rich. Overall it's a much more responsive, better running bike. Canned maps are fine but a modified bike really does need to have a custom tune. I started this thread because...
  3. dandiego

    R3 Hack?

    Saw a thread on another site about a possible sidecar rig on a Rocket III. Here are a couple examples.
  4. SpazOnaR3

    Hola! New (to me) R3 owner with a Land Speed problem...

    'Ello folks... figured I would start here.... been lurking for a few minutes and decided, "Why not?". I'm off and on a few other forums for other bikes I have, so hopefully I'm not to green here. :) Have a super clean, 20K mile '04 that landed in my lap... but I'm doing some things that I...
  5. freshprince

    Windscreen R3 2020

    I went for it on a eBay seller advertising this Screen. Took about a month to ship over from eastern Europe. I like it so far. Definitely makes that difference on the Freeway when I'm running my easy pace of 80-90'ish. Good product, I personally like the look. Windscreens are all personal...
  6. ehackney

    Just picked up a sweet 2011 R3 Roadster for $6k USD...

    Wow. This bike is amazing. Wow.
  7. N

    Can anyone help. I have a 2012 R3

    Yesterday I started the bike and the left hand close wasn’t working (no Rev counter, mileage clock lights etc). The bike started fine and I rode it for about 7 miles and stopped the bike. When I went to restart it it wouldn’t start. the usual sounds you get as the electronics kick in aren’t...
  8. JPHDT

    A new seat for my new R3 GT

    This Rocket 3 GT is fantastic but the rear shock absorber... It was exactly the same with my previous Rocket 3 in 2007. As I cannot change or adjust softer the shock absorber, I looked how to improve the comfort of the saddle. CORBIN offers a dual saddle with expected better comfort for rider...
  9. Wadejesu

    Competition Werkes Exhaust 2020 R3

    If someone coughs up the 1100+ bucks for the slip-on, could you please post some pics and sound clips. It's tough to shell out the dough without much info, their website wasn't much help. Was wonder what kind of baffling if any, was in the cans. Thanks in advance
  10. JPHDT

    Previous and new R3

    My first Rocket 2.3 - 2007 candy red with painted design. My new Rocket 2.5 -2020 candy red, done by same "artist" plus hydro dipping. Target: 2 tones classic paint when the bike is seen 10 feet away and a lot of details when we are close to the bike. I got the R3 three days ago and...
  11. b-rad72

    New R3 owner intro

    Hi everyone! Just picked up a Rocket 3 TFC last night. It's my 2nd Triumph ever. Prevously I had a 2012 Tiger Explorer, but that bike died in a ditch in Mexico (full story requires beers). I'm mostly interested in service and maintenance tips/tricks/advice, and product reviews. There's a...
  12. Minde LT

    have a problem with my r3 PO505 help🤬🤬😭😭😭

    have a problem with my r3 PO505 help🤬🤬😭😭😭
  13. freshprince

    Givi luggage R3 GT

    Added the Givi trunk to complete the travel kit/luggage for the GT. I ordered the Givi Trunk, along with backrest and the mounting plate. This was attached to the factory tail rack accessory that I recently purchased from Triumph. The mounting plate for the Givi was real easy to accomodate...
  14. dobervol

    Thinking of adding a 2.5 R3 R to the stable.

    [EDIT: Saw someone else here was a Patton aficionado, so changed the avatar to one of my puppies.] Hello from Middle Tennessee! I think either a new 2020 or 2021 (bought next year, most likely) R model is in my future, especially if they offer the matte khaki green, competition green or tribal...
  15. Ruddy

    R3 GT Pillion Seat

    Just purchased my GT, however my pillion is not impressed with her seat. Went into local dealer today and the comfort pillion seat is only compatible with sport seat on the R. Has anyone found another larger more comfortable pillion seat. I have been in contact with Corbin but that is going to...
  16. G

    Issues with R3

    Hello, new here. Thinking about buying a 2005 up to 2011 R3. I see some issues like paint can rattle noise and other issues like lower timing chain etc. Have these issues been taken care of? I see some post from 2007, so I would think that maybe some older bikes like 05 might still have the...
  17. Jack

    Trying to resurrect an accident damaged 2004 R3

    I recently purchased an accident damaged 2004 Rocket 3. The battery had been disconnected. I charged it up and I was expecting some indication of life upon turning the key. Sadly everything was dead. My first thought was that perhaps something needed resetting, because the battery had been...
  18. ChicagoRocket

    Quick Shifter Installed R3 GT

    Finally got the quick shifter installed on my GT today. Very impressed, definitely worth the money! Took the dealer about 90 minutes to install and program.
  19. Jimbeamrye

    2007 R3 Was running perfect, now I can barely keep it running?

    Hello, for the past couple years I haven't been riding as much due to a leaking front fork seal. I have been cranking her up regularly and riding up and down the local road on short trips. Now the FIRST time ever, I had trouble cranking her up, and when it did, it was a struggle to keep the...
  20. maurice

    On Off Switch left side 2020 r3

    When I was ordering my bags yesterday, the service guy came out to tell me a few things on the new bike. He said many people complain about hard starting. Said leave the on off switch ON all the time. Factory told him to tell everyone this, as turning it off causes problems with breaking the...
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