1. Ruddy

    R3 GT Pillion Seat

    Just purchased my GT, however my pillion is not impressed with her seat. Went into local dealer today and the comfort pillion seat is only compatible with sport seat on the R. Has anyone found another larger more comfortable pillion seat. I have been in contact with Corbin but that is going to...
  2. G

    Issues with R3

    Hello, new here. Thinking about buying a 2005 up to 2011 R3. I see some issues like paint can rattle noise and other issues like lower timing chain etc. Have these issues been taken care of? I see some post from 2007, so I would think that maybe some older bikes like 05 might still have the...
  3. Jack

    Trying to resurrect an accident damaged 2004 R3

    I recently purchased an accident damaged 2004 Rocket 3. The battery had been disconnected. I charged it up and I was expecting some indication of life upon turning the key. Sadly everything was dead. My first thought was that perhaps something needed resetting, because the battery had been...
  4. ChicagoRocket

    Quick Shifter Installed R3 GT

    Finally got the quick shifter installed on my GT today. Very impressed, definitely worth the money! Took the dealer about 90 minutes to install and program.
  5. Jimbeamrye

    2007 R3 Was running perfect, now I can barely keep it running?

    Hello, for the past couple years I haven't been riding as much due to a leaking front fork seal. I have been cranking her up regularly and riding up and down the local road on short trips. Now the FIRST time ever, I had trouble cranking her up, and when it did, it was a struggle to keep the...
  6. maurice

    On Off Switch left side 2020 r3

    When I was ordering my bags yesterday, the service guy came out to tell me a few things on the new bike. He said many people complain about hard starting. Said leave the on off switch ON all the time. Factory told him to tell everyone this, as turning it off causes problems with breaking the...
  7. K

    new guy, great forum

    2017 R3 Roadster. Florida to Maine trip last year.
  8. Ishrub

    Factory Triumph rider's backrest with custom made R3 Roadster Solo seat mount.

    Factory Triumph rider's backrest A9708160 with custom made R3 Roadster Solo seat mount. Utopia do a similar bracket mount for their backrest but it still requires the pillion seat bracket to be fitted. The beauty of this one is you can use the same rider's backrest for your R3 Roadster Solo...
  9. RideMyRocket

    Hello! New to the forum - looking for R3 advice

    Greetings from Canada! Will update my profile shortly...... Glad to join and be a part of the R3 community! I've scoured through the forum but still need some advice before wasting any dough. Have an '08 R3 Roadster, mint condition and meticulously maintained with 26,000 Kms on her...
  10. laraza

    SOLD-Selling my R3

    Just posted my R3 for sale in the classifieds if anyone is interested. https://www.r3owners.net/threads/r3-classic-for-sale-uk.43780/
  11. technoguppy

    Battery Charging System 2020 R3 GT /R

    Well it's 2020 and my new 2020 Rocket 3 GT is downstairs in the underground parking lot of my condo, where its been since February. For context, I live in Toronto and it's 3C out today (18-APRIL). Double digit temperatures are not expected until mid-May (hoping for sooner but that's the...
  12. ps915

    2014 R3 Touring battery reinstallation

    Having successfully removed the battery and trickled charged it for 2 continuous days , I am now under confusion regarding wiring . There are two black wires along with earthing cable that connect to negative terminal and a red wire plug that connects to the positive terminal along with earthing...
  13. ChicagoRocket

    Thinking about getting a new R3 GT...

    Hi Gang, Been awhile. I am seriously considering getting a new R3GT. The one I am going to look at has heated grips, cruise. No quickshifter. I would be trading my 2020 BMW R1250RS Exclusive. I love the beemer, but I miss having a cruiser. I have a 2016 Honda Repsol 1000RR as well, so I...
  14. Mark Olson

    2.5L R3 pannier problem

    Hey fellow Rocket riders, got a new problem I need some help with. One of my new panniers won't unlock now that I put in my own code to open it. Put the same code into both bags, followed the instructions and both seemed fine. Now my right bag won't open and won't let me reset it to enter a new...
  15. 7Sevens

    R3 (2.5L) Suspension Setup and Adjustments

    Have a play with yours!
  16. Mr Mike

    RIII vs 2020 R3

    Does new R3 use same cable as RIII ? I did read a review that said R3 has Keihin ECU I have droid with the app
  17. MrPix

    Securing the R3 overnight

    Hi Guys, Been looking of FB on the R3 fan group and there is a guy here in the UK getting insured and the insurers have insisted amongst other measures, that it is locked with a chain to a ground anchor whilst garaged. I have a ground anchor in my garage, so that part is easy... any...
  18. RocketEd

    R3 Sales Prognistications

    Since sales projections seem to be seeping into many threads, I thought I would start one just to deal with it. Then in a few years we can look back and see who gets to utter those four favorite words, "I told you so!". Feel free to put in why you will or won't buy one. Or where you've found one...
  19. RedLBB

    Second-hand R3 for sale

    You can select by country and by currency (top right); obviously some are speculating with 2020 R3 including TFC... triumph rocket iii used – Search for your used motorcycle on the parking motorcycles
  20. CrzystghndKC

    TTS supercharger for 2020 R3

    Just got a post from TTS that they are working hard on a supercharger kit for the new R3. Sounds like power junkie heaven!
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