1. 2020 R3 GT Storm Grey - New Member

    Planning some great rides in 2023, need to outfit the bike for touring. Gonna be fun!
  2. Antek

    R3 TFC all carbon

    Wanted to share some updates to my R3 TFC, with all the carbon parts by KR-Techno. - Carbon "V" Radiator Guard - FlyScreen "V" Carbon - Mudgard Rear Carbon - Splash Guard Carbon
  3. Juric

    Hi, new here, r3 gt my 22 owner

    New on forum, long time rider, last half year on r3gt. Previusly ktm 950 adv, yam fjr1300, kaw versys 650.... Best to all
  4. Speedometer Accuracy 2022 Rocket R3

    I"ve got a 2022 Rocket R3 with just over 600 miles. I use Waze on my phone to alert me of traffic issues to and from work. I recently noticed that the Rocket's speedometer was reading between 4 to 6 mph faster than what Waze was indicating my speed at. For instance, traveling down the highway...
  5. fmansur

    Just received my R3

    I am a happy owner of a 2013 Triumph Thunderbird Storm and I just have bought a 2020 R3R in an auction. It will be my Winter project. Motorcycle needs Left footpegs, gear lever, mirrors, clutch lever, crankcase protection and some minor stuff.
  6. R3 Touring ran fine now it won't start

    just bought this 6800 total miles 2008 model in July. I trailered it home from Delaware and took it directly to the local Triumph dealer for a new front tire and inspection. Finally got it back this week and it started running rough on the 10 mile drive home. I did pull into a Sheetz for gas...
  7. New R3 Touring owner from Northern Virginia

    I just bought a 2008 Touring model and am anxious to enjoy it before the season here ends. It's my first Rocket so feel free to offers tips and advice on it's care and feeding. Look me up if your in the neighborhood. I also have a VTX1800 I bought in April. It was my starter bike after taking...
  8. perryjones

    My R3 tourer

    Here’s the bike I’m having triked
  9. R3 Touring exhaust options

    Hi all, I'm looking to try and get a list of exhaust options together for the Touring model (mine is 2009) ive spent hours going through the forums and whilst a few option have been bought up theres not a list of them all in one place. For me im currently considering my options as the standard...
  10. Jack

    Slimmed down R3

    I bought this bike as a wreck and decided to slim it down not really knowing how it would end up. First to go was the radiator. Replaced with a custom dual core. Always disliked the twin headlights so sourced a single headlight and shoe-horned it into the cowling along with the speedo and tach...
  11. LoWeLL216

    R3 Passenger Backrest Height

    Understand the R3 GT passenger backrest is adjustable. Can anyone tell me the size of the backpad (LxW) and how high the upper edge of the pad is above the pillion? Trying to compare to my current setup. Much appreciated!
  12. Korte

    clutch reinstall thrust washer locations on 2013 r3 phantom red roaster,,i had this bikes clutch in a box ,basket case when i bought it,,,HELP

    were does idem part number 23 go and its place on the reassembly per the factory triumph manual I HAVE,,its called a spacer clutch assembly part number T1172727,,i got everything thing else and identified there placements per the manual on the tranmission output shalf,,but this spacer needs to...
  13. rocketbill

    Decided to get a r3 touring

    I have had a few bikes, seems I like to flip them and then miss them and get another. It is expensive but thats what extras shifts are for i guess. I have had a 2005 standard which I wrecked and then a 2018 which had a output shaft leak that the shop charged 2k for which I did not like so I...
  14. Claviger

    Captain Down, selling an essentially brand new R3GT

    Browsing Facebook today I found a post of a captain who injured his back and is now paralyzed, permanently. He's put his brand new R3 up for sale for a good price, only 3200 miles on it. Just posting this to raise awareness, I have no personal involvement with him. Sounds like a tough...
  15. danbsimpson

    I've been posting and commenting.... When do we get allowed to post... I broke my spine must sell my r3

    Is there a certain number of comments I must do... I thought it was unlocked but just went to make a forum post and no luck
  16. Vorteks

    Mounting Givi Trekker top box to 2005 R3

    HI all. I want to mount this top box to my steed but the local shop cant seem to see a way of doing it on the sissy bar. Is there an adapter that will mount on the sissy and allow the box to attach? FYI box i want is this 58 Litre Beast
  17. Witam! Pozdrawiam R3

    Witam! Pozdrawiam R3

    New to the R3

    Have owned several bikes (still have a few) but new to the R3. Look forward to learning from others about these monsters. Bill
  19. Paul463

    Potential new R3 GT 221 Owner

    Waiting to hear from the bank if I'm a new R3 GT 221 owner. Trying to trade my '22 HD Ultra Limited.