1. brazeagle

    2020 R3 GT Headlights FLICKERING when hitting bumps

    Hello there, I noticed my Headlights are FLICKERING when hitting bumps, sadly I cannot see it good enough because I am behind the wheels, but I do notice a fast flickering on/off for MILI SECONDS... I wonder what could that be. The only thing done to the bike was (Triumph Dealer) activated the...
  2. navyblue

    For Sale Low milage 2013 R3

    If anyone is interested in acquiring a low milage (23,900k) 2013 R3 touring with travel trunk, J&M CB. Blk/Wht Complete Triumph service history available, always garaged. Here is a lead. I traded my R3 in on a HD and it is sitting on his floor Listed at $ 9,900. Jackson, MS Dealer # 601 372-5770
  3. technoguppy

    Made my own R3 T-shirts

    These are definitely not for sale. I am definitely not taking orders. Which would be a direct violation of the rules that can be found at the bottom of EVERY page (as I am told). But these arrived today and I'm pretty pleased with myself if I do say so... my self... :banghead: :banghead: Back...
  4. Barzupopsz

    2020 R3 GT rear vibration (50 to 60 mph...ish)

    Found my issue on this forum and helped dealer zero in on troubleshooting and replace rear tire and wheel. Tire was most definetly "out of round." Just wanted to say a big thanks to these two dudes, because the mechanics and service department at my dealer were very standoffish when I was...
  5. Kea

    2006 R3 Classic new owner introduction

    I live in central Michigan and picked up my 06 classic in September 2020. Am still a little shocked that my wife allowed it! Really enjoyed the short amount of time I was able ride this past fall and, God willing, am looking forward to getting in a full season next year. Appeared to have been...
  6. RaiderJim

    R3 Carpenter 265

    Merry Christmas
  7. Zutt

    R3 battery type and battery tender

    Hey guys, My new R3R will be arriving this week and of course given the crappy weather in NJ, it will be sitting in the garage for a while. Do the new R3 have a standard lead acid or a Lithium battery. Want to order a battery tender and wondering whether just to get the Battery Tender Jr...
  8. Kit

    hi everyone.. im toying with the idea to trade my Indian for a R3

    what you think.. pit falls and gains..
  9. brazeagle

    2020 R3 GT

    Anyone can explain the benefit (if any) to spend money on a MID CONTROL foot peg kit for the 2020 Rocket 3 GT. I wonder if that is a deal breaker, as I am between two 2020 R3GT I am looking to purchase, one already has the mid-control kit installed, while the other does not, but, has the luggage...
  10. Wadejesu

    R3 Maps

    I see there are some tunes on their website, TFC has 2 listed, anybody know which is for what mods?
  11. dandiego

    Touring on a R3!

    How cool is this?! From a friend in San Diego who hosts traveling motorcyclists: This cool guy contacted me on Sunday from the Bunk a Biker group, he was coming to San Diego from AZ on Sunday. Asked if he could set up and stay at my house, I said of course. He's retired and currently a...
  12. mikec

    New R3 on the way!

    Hey all, have been lusting after the new Rocket 3 for a while, managed to get a test ride on the R and the GT back to back this week which helped me decide. GT infinitely more comfortable and better suited to my 6'2" frame. So bit the bullet, they only had one in black, and on Tuesday it will be...
  13. GasGasTon

    Hi All R3 Tamers

    I'm GasGasTon from France in the Alps area. I'm 55 and received my first road bike in may this year: 2.5 R3 black. I consider I've reached the sage age, and thefore ready to play with a super bike without putting me in troubles. Until then I was riding motocross bikes (races) Very pleased to...
  14. Wolf1968

    R3 Water-pump chrome cover A9738009 WANTED

    Hi Guys, im looking for the Chorm-cover for my R3 Touring. Somone can help? Regards! Wolfgang (Germany)
  15. Mikey G

    Greetings all. New member with new Black R3.

    I have had every conceivable bike you can imagine, modified a lot. Love this bike. Intend to do a few mods and will share if they work out. I am presently in the Toowoomba area but will be moving to Victor Harbor at end of year. Cheers
  16. Southeast

    Hello Folks. Just joined the Forum

    After following this forum and other research I put a deposit on a GT last week. Dealer say it will be in ”any day”. Also said it will be model year ’21’ which has no changes from the ’20’ model year. Same colors even. Either way, I’m looking forward to getting the bike and keeping up with...
  17. kenne

    One of our R3 family down, but not out

    So Yesterday we went on our SE Qld riders catch up all did not go to plan with TATA coming of his bike. Our thoughts go out to him as he make his recovery. in Typical R3 fashion he was worried more about his beloved bike, and ruining the days ride than himself. get well mate hopefully we see...
  18. maurice

    Corbin seat for 2020 r3

    When looking for risers I saw this. I like the stock seat, but if I rode more I would consider this. About 700 without heat, 561 for driver seat only. https://www.motorcyclepowersportsnews.com/corbin-dual-touring-saddle-for-2020-triumph-rocket-iii/
  19. Jeff in Ohio

    New Member with an amazing R3 Roadster

    I'm old, I'm fat and I'm bald and those are my strong points. Love my "new" 2018 Rocket 3 Roadster. If anyone is in Ohio, and you owe me money, please stop and say hello!
  20. S

    Best map for r3 2005 classic with bypass and ramair setup

    Hi guys. Just waiting for my ramair setup to arrive and was wondering what the best map at the moment is for a 2005 r3 with bypass pipe, stock silencers and a bypass pipe fitted is. Not to worried about the secondaries as they saw my toolbox and fell out so will always be 100%. Cheers for any...
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