1. VoltaicVoltaire

    Want to Buy WTB Touring Right Sidecover

    I know it’s a long shot but anyone have a right side cover for Touring. Mine is a 2010. Black is my choice but interested in any for the right price.
  2. Rockt3

    Need Help 2008 Touring

    I need some help with my 2008 Rocket Touring. I bought the bike back in April of 2017 shortly after that it developed an oil leak in the head gasket by the oil pressure sending unit. Faced with a repair that involved head removal I figured the best thing I could do was ship it to Berlin NJ and...
  3. Looking at Rocket 3 Touring to Buy

    Been riding for a LONG time.....currently ride a 2020 Indian Challenger Dark Horse, which I love (and have a whole shed full of HD's wearing out the kickstands!) but always seem to be looking for MORE power/torque. There are no real proven aftermarket performance mods for the 108 Powerplus...
  4. VoltaicVoltaire

    Touring TORS Install Questions

    Hey gang, I found a NOS TORs set and going to install them. Currently there is a Jardine set on there that are pretty rough and kinda loud for my taste. So some questions. 1) am I supposed to cut the tailpiece to fit tors? I thought they would slip on and I hate to cut but there doesn’t seem...
  5. R3 Touring ran fine now it won't start

    just bought this 6800 total miles 2008 model in July. I trailered it home from Delaware and took it directly to the local Triumph dealer for a new front tire and inspection. Finally got it back this week and it started running rough on the 10 mile drive home. I did pull into a Sheetz for gas...
  6. New R3 Touring owner from Northern Virginia

    I just bought a 2008 Touring model and am anxious to enjoy it before the season here ends. It's my first Rocket so feel free to offers tips and advice on it's care and feeding. Look me up if your in the neighborhood. I also have a VTX1800 I bought in April. It was my starter bike after taking...
  7. R3 Touring exhaust options

    Hi all, I'm looking to try and get a list of exhaust options together for the Touring model (mine is 2009) ive spent hours going through the forums and whilst a few option have been bought up theres not a list of them all in one place. For me im currently considering my options as the standard...
  8. brsmits

    Speedo/Fuel Needle Failure 2013 Touring

    Recently installed a Lithium Battery after taking a 9 month hiatus and did a few laps of the Valley. ~20 miles. Everything was going good until both the speedo and fuel gauge just died mid ride. Bike rode the same all the way home. I did take note that after the speedo died, the odometer and...
  9. rocketbill

    Decided to get a r3 touring

    I have had a few bikes, seems I like to flip them and then miss them and get another. It is expensive but thats what extras shifts are for i guess. I have had a 2005 standard which I wrecked and then a 2018 which had a output shaft leak that the shop charged 2k for which I did not like so I...
  10. loralex

    Lowering Rocket III Touring

    Ok so I'll keep it short (sorta) I have no idea for how many years I wanted this bike. I like the old look so a new one was out of the question (I'm sorry but it does look like a ducati) Anyway I'm not here to discuss this. I found one (used) at a dealer not too far from my place and I went to...
  11. 1Steve

    What is the best way to cleanly install a USB power cord on a 2015 Rocket 3 Touring?

    I have seen comments on another thread that indicates the Touring might already have plug, I don't know where that is at? I'm guessing near the fuse box but unsure. Also, how do I get it cleanly routed to the handlebars without duct taping it to the side of the tank? It looks like one of the...
  12. VoltaicVoltaire

    Combine Two Rockets? A classic and touring.

    A few of You may have seen my recent post I have a 2010 touring model with a bad engine. I just picked up a 2008 classic with a salvage title. My plan is to combine these two. I like the tins so much better on the classic, the touring is black while the classic is a lovely two tone. I would...
  13. VoltaicVoltaire

    2010 Touring Model what will fit it?

    What engines will fit in the touring model? I know there are some oil tank differences ect. but if all the accessories are all good, and all I really need is the long block, can I swap anything from any of the Riii's?
  14. 1Steve

    Best available touring seat w/backrest, and best value for adaptive headlight pack (all 3 lights)?

    Guys, I'm now a few months into owning my 2015 R3T here in the desert of PHX and would like to get her long haul ready before the good riding weather shows up. SEAT: I would like a backrest and am trying to figure out the best available seat option as the Triumph Long Haul seat seems to no...
  15. pietpetoors

    Rocket 3 Touring South Africa

    I have a 2009 Rocket 3 Touring. Is an awesome bike. Thank you for a great forum.
  16. Ishrub

    RIII Touring ADR Aussie compliance plate location?

    RIII Touring ADR Aussie compliance plate location? Yeah sounds weird to ask but my mate new to Rockets is getting a NSW roadworthy for state plate change on my R3T and says the first thing they want to know is where the ADR plate so they don't look for it for ages. He has found the chassis...
  17. Jonathan Nikolaisen

    09 Touring custome tune

    Anyone have a tune ECU I can use for my R3T? I have air cone filters and a custom 3 into 1 wrapped exhaust...
  18. pomeroy

    First gear problems. Triumph R111 Touring (2010) 17000miles.

    First gear problems. Triumph R111 Touring (2010) Having a problem dropping down into first, will not shift down past second when riding without a bit of 'jiggery pokery'. Will drop straight into first from start up (Neutral) and shift up and down through the box as normal except for 'first'...
  19. Jonathan Nikolaisen

    09 Touring cone filters

    Was a pain but I put cone filters on my 09 Touring. Just made my own custom exhaust 3 into 1 with wrap. Now the air cones are on I have an engine light warning. Comments, thoughts or fixes?
  20. 1Steve

    What is the best bang for buck on adaptive headlights for a 2015 R3 Touring?

    I've seen several people say great things about the JW Speakers but it sounds like there are inexpensive versions available as well. Has anybody had success with knockoffs? If so, which brand/model?