1. Ishrub

    RIII Touring ADR Aussie compliance plate location?

    RIII Touring ADR Aussie compliance plate location? Yeah sounds weird to ask but my mate new to Rockets is getting a NSW roadworthy for state plate change on my R3T and says the first thing they want to know is where the ADR plate so they don't look for it for ages. He has found the chassis...
  2. Jonathan Nikolaisen

    09 Touring custome tune

    Anyone have a tune ECU I can use for my R3T? I have air cone filters and a custom 3 into 1 wrapped exhaust...
  3. pomeroy

    First gear problems. Triumph R111 Touring (2010) 17000miles.

    First gear problems. Triumph R111 Touring (2010) Having a problem dropping down into first, will not shift down past second when riding without a bit of 'jiggery pokery'. Will drop straight into first from start up (Neutral) and shift up and down through the box as normal except for 'first'...
  4. Jonathan Nikolaisen

    09 Touring cone filters

    Was a pain but I put cone filters on my 09 Touring. Just made my own custom exhaust 3 into 1 with wrap. Now the air cones are on I have an engine light warning. Comments, thoughts or fixes?
  5. 1Steve

    What is the best bang for buck on adaptive headlights for a 2015 R3 Touring?

    I've seen several people say great things about the JW Speakers but it sounds like there are inexpensive versions available as well. Has anybody had success with knockoffs? If so, which brand/model?
  6. 1Steve

    What do you guys recommend as the best throttle lock for a 2015 Rocket Touring?

    I just bought a 2015 Touring and she'll be taken on a lot of long rides. My right hand goes numb very quickly if I can't shake it out regularly so a good throttle lock or cruise control is essential. The bike is in Spokane Washington and I'll fly up and drive her home to Phoenix as our first...
  7. 1Steve

    Finally bought a Rocket. She's still at the dealership but I'll fly up and get her soon!

    I've loved the Rockets since the first time I saw a Red/Chrome on back in ~2008. I always wanted a Touring and now that they've stopped making those I figured I should get one while they were still around. Today I bought a 2015 with 7529 miles and I can't wait to fly up to Spokane and drive her...
  8. pomeroy

    Sump gasket 2010 Touring.

    Hi ya all, thought my filter was leaking over the past 2 changes, but on closer inspection (and a clean up) it looks like I need to change my sump gasket on a 2010 Touring. Any of you guys got a tightening sequence diagram I can grab off you. Thanx Bill
  9. SlimReaper

    Touring Cases

    Had anyone had luck fitting other hard saddlebags on their Touring model? Sourcing new stock ones are near impossible. I've seen a Roadster with givi cases from a Sprint but don't know how much work went in to that. Thanks for the help guys!
  10. ozrider

    OzClaw for Touring - 1st one made - now available

    Yes it has been along time coming but I have finally done a OzClaw to suit the Touring model. Fits over OEM air intake system so any pods or RamAir filter that fit under the standard bearclaw will fit. Gelcoat Gloss Black........ you can paint or vinyl wrap Requires the radiator overflow bottle...
  11. Too Tall Texan

    R3 touring aux light visor

    I laid my 2011 R3 Touring down last summer. All repairs complete except one upsetting detail! I can not find anywhere an auxiliary light visor. Any ideas, anyone?

    Lockable fuel cap for The 2013 Rocket III Touring

    Hi fellow riders Can anyone please help me to provide details where I can buy a lockable fuel cap for The 2013 Rocket III Touring please? The internet has got this cap for a 2010 model but not for 2013.
  13. Grey0wl

    De-tuned touring

    Sorry if it's already been asked people, what was the nature of the detune on the touring model compared to the standered RIII? Just recently let go of my 05 model and was thinking of the 10 touring model and seen its over 40hp less? was it just a different map? Can the power drop between models...
  14. Looking for replacement driving light for 2013 rocket-3 touring

    I damaged one of my driving lights. Triumph doesn't carry them anymore, cant find any after market that mount the same way? Anyone out have parts or know where i can find one??
  15. Too Tall Texan

    2011 R3 Touring

    Won't start. (Always has.) Key turned, in neutral, kill switch on, kick stand up, lights bright, system check, all good. Press the start switch....nothing. I tested the switch with multimeter and it functions perfectly when checking continuity. Thoughts? (Also, I am looking for an...
  16. Kaban50

    Rocket III Touring exhaust and Ramair

    Hello! A little bit about the improvements of my Triumph Rocket III Touring. There was a desire to add a little power without rebuild the engine. So I installed a full Jardine exhaust system, Ramair intake and goes to the dino. I also made the link pipe from Jardine exhaust manifold to TOR...
  17. Frosty Rider

    Need some Touring Parts

    Good day, I low sided my 2010 touring a few weeks ago and now i need some parts, i figured i would check in here first before ordering, I require the following, Right side crash bars, both front and back, Right side Pannier sub frame, the piece that the pannier clips into, and rests on, the...
  18. WildBill

    Lowered my Touring now I'd like a bit shorter side stand

    I had my 2013 Touring lowered 1 1/2 inches. Shorter shocks on the rear and new Progressive springs up front. Just wasn't comfortable in slow speed situations. I bought the bike with 2,020 miles on it and now have over 18,000. Lots of close calls in gas station/parking lot/stop light situations...
  19. shazaam

    Can a Roadster be converted into a "Touring"?

    Hi again, folks 👋 Since I've narrowed down my search to the R3T, i've realized that the inventory of motorcycles available (in Ontario at least) is quite low. I do keep coming across Roadster models a lot. Check this one out... SO, my (perhaps stupid) question is, can the Roaster be...
  20. M.J

    **SOLD** Rocket Touring seat with back rest

    Yep the one that is impossible to find,like new condition,the backrest flips forward for easy mounting,also have the rubber plug that goes in the hole if you take the adjustable back rest off,open to offers,if they are stupid i will ignore you