1. WildBill

    Lowered my Touring now I'd like a bit shorter side stand

    I had my 2013 Touring lowered 1 1/2 inches. Shorter shocks on the rear and new Progressive springs up front. Just wasn't comfortable in slow speed situations. I bought the bike with 2,020 miles on it and now have over 18,000. Lots of close calls in gas station/parking lot/stop light situations...
  2. shazaam

    Can a Roadster be converted into a "Touring"?

    Hi again, folks 👋 Since I've narrowed down my search to the R3T, i've realized that the inventory of motorcycles available (in Ontario at least) is quite low. I do keep coming across Roadster models a lot. Check this one out... SO, my (perhaps stupid) question is, can the Roaster be...
  3. M.J

    **SOLD** Rocket Touring seat with back rest

    Yep the one that is impossible to find,like new condition,the backrest flips forward for easy mounting,also have the rubber plug that goes in the hole if you take the adjustable back rest off,open to offers,if they are stupid i will ignore you
  4. shazaam

    R3 Touring model differences over the years?

    Hi friends, I've decided I want to buy a Rocket 3 Touring. I just LOVE this look! (the model in the pic is a 2016 I think) They don't make them new anymore so Im going to buy it used when I find one I like. However, it looks like the Touring models go as far back as 2005 to as recent as 2017...
  5. tgessner

    Long distance on the R model

    Just returning from a tour to the French Alps. We had five days to cover around 1.800km on backroads from Germany via Italy to France and back. I was a little concerned about doing long days in the saddle with the R, as a the wind pressure on the shoulders is quite noticeable at higher speeds...
  6. cowboyuptex

    For Sale 08 rocket touring for sale

    I am a little reluctant to do this but I have the title in hand and am asking $5000, have issues at home to deal with. It’s stock have tuneboy and tuneEcu but never installed. 38000 miles and kept in excellent shape! Sounds and runs great, I love this bike it’s been good to me! 515-490-8197 text...
  7. Kevin frazier

    Touring Steering Stablizer

    I stole every idea from guys on the forum just like most things i do to the rocket. Wanted to get that out there. Claviger Warp Spazonr3 Neville. i went with Pingel who evidently uses Shindy out of Japan. Quality as usual from Japan. i ordered some nut zerts (rivets) probably lots of names...
  8. Chip

    2005 Triumph Rocket Touring

    I follow EBay on a semi frequent basis. During Wednesday afternoon, I thought about buying a front fairing for my 2015 R3T. Looking on EBay under ”Triumph Rocket III“ I found a Touring model for sale. The mileage was average and the information section commented on the transmission slipping...
  9. RIchareno

    2009 OEM Touring exhaust on a Classic??

    So I just got my 2009 Classic and some jackwagon had cut out the catalytic converter, crossover and LH silencer, effectively making it a 3 into 1 with the RH silencer being only 3" dia. The bike runs terrible until it has been running for about 15-20 minutes, then it runs fine. Could this be...
  10. Micksan


    This past weekend we headed to a BMW rally just west of KC Kansas. Cathy rode the Indian w/ sidecar . I decided it was time to take the trike out for its maiden run. I had been giving it a shake down for a few hundred miles . It got a good test on this run. On the way out we ran into a really...
  11. Micksan

    **SOLD** Parts 2014 R3 Touring have to go

    I am selling the take off parts from my 2014 R3 touring bike, with 3485 miles. It has been converted into a trike. It was never laid down or damaged in any way. All the paint work is showroom quality. The original owner purchased it in 2014, then decided it was too big of a bike for him, then...
  12. Jay

    New Darksided Touring - Skidding without ABS (normal?)

    I just DS’ed my 2013 R3T with a Bridgestone Driveguard 205/70R16 based on the favorable reviews by other R3T owners who DS’ed. I set up the tire with 28 PSI and test road. I then pumped it up to 40 PSI and road. I would let a little air out and adjust the suspension until I dialed in the...
  13. G-Force Junkie

    Modified 2013 Rocket 3 Touring going up for sale

    I just traded in my 2013 Rocket III Touring for a 2021 R3 GT. On the touring, the factory restricts the secondary throttle plates to approx 40% for smooth acceleration and fuel economy. Richmond Motorsports installed a custom MAP that brought it from 88HP to 120HP. I added D&D slip-ons and...
  14. RockOn

    Front Brake Lever Adjustment, Touring

    There's a screw and nut mounted in the upper end of the front brake lever on the backside('08 Touring). It is screwed all the way into the lever. I assume it an an adjustment screw of some sort or maybe it presses on the plunger for the brake reservoir or the brake light switch. I can't...
  15. Frosty Rider

    Need an Auxiliary light for a Touring

    Good Day, i was wondering if anyone in the Ontario area might have one of the Auxiliary light buckets and ring to hold the light in for a touring, this is one of the ones next to the headlight, it kind of exploded taking a rock hit at a combined speed of well over 300kmh, me going one direction...
  16. Rocket_Rider

    Fork bolt on touring model

    Dear brains trust, I have noticed the left side fork occasionally drops a small drop of fork oil on my touring model. It’s definitely coming from the bottom bolt. The bolt is definitely not tightened to the 30nm recommended by the manual so I’m guessing that is how the oil is very gradually...
  17. tman

    Fairing for R3 touring

    any recommendations on the best fairing for R3T?
  18. Ava8harrierusmc1

    2014 Rocket 3 Touring Floorboard problem to start with.

    I got it for $6000 with only 8,120 miles on it. Great bike but it is a heavy beast of a bike. But I do have a problem. I'm 6'2 long legs but when I put my feet down mainly on the left side my foot hits the floor board sometimes and I'm worried that I will drop this beast of a motorcycle. I just...
  19. Jack

    Want to Buy Rocket 3 Touring single headlight.

    A single headlight from a R3 Touring. I will swap my pair of headlights for a single Touring headlight if anyone is interested.
  20. Adriano

    Touring handlebar risers

    I found those guys on eBay... Has anyone tried them? https://www.ebay.com/itm/353332857160