1. dandiego

    Touring on a R3!

    How cool is this?! From a friend in San Diego who hosts traveling motorcyclists: This cool guy contacted me on Sunday from the Bunk a Biker group, he was coming to San Diego from AZ on Sunday. Asked if he could set up and stay at my house, I said of course. He's retired and currently a...
  2. Kevin frazier

    OEM stock touring tune

    Can someone post a stock oem touring tune, i am wanting to see the ignition tables for I1 I2 and I3-5 on the stock touring, and if anyone ever needs to reload a stock touring tune It will be here or maybe @Joesmoe can move to resources. im curious how triumph derestricted the touring from factory.
  3. RockOn

    '08 Touring Saddlebag Lids Will Not Open

    WTF? Bike was delivered today in 100 degree heat 5 hours ago. Now dropped to 96, yeah! After wiping off 3 weeks and 2500 miles worth of shipping dust off the bike discovered saddlebag lids will not open. The lock buttons are very hard to press down. Not sure which way to turn locks. It...
  4. Kevin frazier

    Touring performance tires

    Ok i can vouch the night dragons are great, i was running a 200 cobra and it was good also but you do have to hustle a 200 when riding hard, the 180 night dragon is radial and h speed rated it goes past that (tested) and handles great. i only run exedra max up front oem 150 as i have torture...
  5. Rich1980

    New Member and recent purchase of Triumph Rocket Touring

    Loving the Triumph Rocket and glad to have joined such an excellent and informative group!
  6. afterburn 549

    About to sign for a 2011 Touring, Is there a good or bad to that year?

    Low mileage (under 10K) Is there good, bad or worse years? thanx !
  7. afterburn 549

    New owner of 2011 RO3 Touring

    Looks like this is the place to hang out and learn! All help is appreciated. I have not signed the papers on this yet..supposed to Friday. Is there a bad year for these? thanx!
  8. Thunderb3lly

    Hello everyone

    Thanks for the add, picking up my Touring next Sunday , I cant wait !!!!! The bike has a RamKit installed so I off to read up about them.
  9. B

    First long touring ride!

    I bought my first rocket 3 off a member of this site a couple months ago.. just had a chance to go on a 3 day, 1150km tour around British Columbia. Gotta say, the 190 horse at the wheel was incredible, the handling was amazing, and I am in love with this bike..
  10. PWGR3

    R3 touring tune on a classic? TuneECU

    Hello, i have an 07 Classic that I have full jardines with removed baffle/cats, and triple filter with removed secondaries. I saw where there was a tune for all r3s with removed Cat jardines and triple filters with higher gas rating. But under the R3Touring it had one that had full power removed...
  11. Kevin frazier

    Touring rear rim width?

    Can someone who has a rim measure the width at bead. M&H drag tires in California is trying to get me a tire but he wants to know for sure what that measurement is, book say mt 5.0, but bead lock from edge to edge he needs, im ordering a rim from pinwall but id like to get this tire ordered...
  12. snicrep

    touring hp upgrade?

    anyone have suggestions about un de-tuning a touring model? ive never been a fan of companies doing that. id rather let my wrist do the de-tuning. i have a 08 touring model. i would have preferred a "regular" one, but this became available, so i pulled the trigger. i have the dealer tune...
  13. Kevin frazier

    Race Tech suspension and a touring model

    Just recieved my race tech shocks. Will they fit? How will it handle? Gonna go fit, set, and ride, review to follow.
  14. Rocket_Rider

    Jacks and lifts for touring

    So, I have been researching this for a while. Currently using a platform jack that was already in my garage but it’s not really a great option to get both wheels off ground at same time. Realistically it lifts the rear Barry high enough to get the rear Tyre out and the front is still on the...
  15. Jay

    Hitch Mounting Experience on Touring?

    So we bought a trailer to do motorcycle camping around the country this summer when travel restrictions lift and now I am looking for a hitch. I thought I would like something like the HitchDoc, but apparently that only fits the Roadster. I have a Touring and it seems the saddlebag mounting...
  16. TheWhingnut

    looking into mild upgrades for 2011 R3T "Dacey"

    Since i'm out floating and have some free time right now i got to thinking about mild upgrades for my R3T. So far i have: Installed: Rivco risers Destircted tune (updated) LED headlights and aux lights TORs Bedifferent's Hand Shields Bead riders (or boog's anal Beads) Solo Seat with extra...
  17. Navigator

    Touring Bagger

    A friend sent the pic to me this morning of an extremely beautiful Touring full bagger. I did a sight search to see if it had been posted but just got a bunch of ebay ads. Has anyone seen this especially nice Touring and is the owner a forum member?
  18. Skelton Hogs

    Touring risers available

    Hey tourer's. I thought I'd better share this.. As you may or not know, the risers made by rivco are hard to come by these days. I found set in Montreal Canada for myself (1 set left) but with my search, I found another set. This company in the US is saying they have the rivco risers for the...
  19. Navigator

    False Neutral on 09 Touring

    I was to post this last night for the friend who bought my Touring and couldn't figure out why I couldn't post a new thread. Duh...Not logged in which I discovered this morning. Cam is working long hours so I said I'd make the query. In any event, Cam has had a recurring false neutral light...
  20. Chullera

    Parasitic Drain, 2014 Rocket III Touring - Mystery: Multimeter shows zero draw with the key out

    It is the strangest thing... if I leave the Rocket parked for 1 week, the battery is completely dead. I upgraded to a much larger lithium EarthX battery, now it takes 2 weeks before the battery dead, dead, stone dead. Spent hours with my multimeter... this bike shows 0 (zero) draw with the...
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