1. Kevin frazier

    Race Tech suspension and a touring model

    Just recieved my race tech shocks. Will they fit? How will it handle? Gonna go fit, set, and ride, review to follow.
  2. Rocket_Rider

    Jacks and lifts for touring

    So, I have been researching this for a while. Currently using a platform jack that was already in my garage but it’s not really a great option to get both wheels off ground at same time. Realistically it lifts the rear Barry high enough to get the rear Tyre out and the front is still on the...
  3. Jay

    Hitch Mounting Experience on Touring?

    So we bought a trailer to do motorcycle camping around the country this summer when travel restrictions lift and now I am looking for a hitch. I thought I would like something like the HitchDoc, but apparently that only fits the Roadster. I have a Touring and it seems the saddlebag mounting...
  4. TheWhingnut

    looking into mild upgrades for 2011 R3T "Dacey"

    Since i'm out floating and have some free time right now i got to thinking about mild upgrades for my R3T. So far i have: Installed: Rivco risers Destircted tune (updated) LED headlights and aux lights TORs Bedifferent's Hand Shields Bead riders (or boog's anal Beads) Solo Seat with extra...
  5. Navigator

    Touring Bagger

    A friend sent the pic to me this morning of an extremely beautiful Touring full bagger. I did a sight search to see if it had been posted but just got a bunch of ebay ads. Has anyone seen this especially nice Touring and is the owner a forum member?
  6. Skelton Hogs

    Touring risers available

    Hey tourer's. I thought I'd better share this.. As you may or not know, the risers made by rivco are hard to come by these days. I found set in Montreal Canada for myself (1 set left) but with my search, I found another set. This company in the US is saying they have the rivco risers for the...
  7. Navigator

    False Neutral on 09 Touring

    I was to post this last night for the friend who bought my Touring and couldn't figure out why I couldn't post a new thread. Duh...Not logged in which I discovered this morning. Cam is working long hours so I said I'd make the query. In any event, Cam has had a recurring false neutral light...
  8. Chullera

    Parasitic Drain, 2014 Rocket III Touring - Mystery: Multimeter shows zero draw with the key out

    It is the strangest thing... if I leave the Rocket parked for 1 week, the battery is completely dead. I upgraded to a much larger lithium EarthX battery, now it takes 2 weeks before the battery dead, dead, stone dead. Spent hours with my multimeter... this bike shows 0 (zero) draw with the...
  9. Skelton Hogs

    Touring risers incognito

    Hello touring crew :) Searching and searching for risers and coming up with nothing that fits the 1" up / 2" back set up that is supposed to fit the touring without changing cables.. My back is killing me and I don't want to ride! Since rivco disc them, who's the new supplier? ALl I keep...
  10. RockOn

    Shopping For Touring Model

    Still shopping for a Touring model to keep my '06 Classic company. Any thoughts about model years to avoid, if any? Are there any significant differences between the Touring model years? They run from, what, 2008 to 2018? Fair ballpark price range for the older ones, let's say 2008 to 2012...
  11. brsmits

    Swapping your floorboards for pegs. It's easy.

    I have a touring but wasn't a fan of the floorboards. I'm too used to pegs. So I started swapping parts with another user, and I took my first ride today on them. It's great! Here's what you need to swap: Right side: Floorboard rail with three bolts up front and two in back. Master Cylinder...
  12. ps915

    2014 R3 Touring battery reinstallation

    Having successfully removed the battery and trickled charged it for 2 continuous days , I am now under confusion regarding wiring . There are two black wires along with earthing cable that connect to negative terminal and a red wire plug that connects to the positive terminal along with earthing...
  13. brsmits

    Carpenter Sidewinder on a Touring

    Don't tell me it won't fit. It just needed some "persuasion." Ok, so here's the deal: I was originally looking at the rocket because it's crazy. Then I saw that carpenter had built it up to another level of stupid crazy. It was always in the back of my mind, but I liked my race bike and my...
  14. ps915

    2014 Rocket 3 Touring seat removal

    Good Evening friends , Hope you are safe and well . I am new to this forum and having purchased a rocket 3 touring (14) a few months ago , I find myself with a dead battery . I have been unable to ride because of the winter . I am trying to remove the seat to be able to trickle charge it . I...
  15. rocketbill

    New Touring rocket 3

    How many people would like to see a new rocket 3 that is set up for 2 up touring. Wants: Hardbags, not some soft bags with zippers. Windscreen of modest size or a fairing that does not look like a Harley fairing. Seats for both driver and passenger that are comfortable so...
  16. Joesmoe

    **SOLD** Viking 3-into-1 complete system, Touring, used

    $900.00 plus shipping. This system has about 2,000 miles on it. You see the heat discoloration at the bell, and there are some black stains on the bottom header from inadvertent contacts with my overpants. The pictured heat shield will be included.
  17. Joesmoe

    First LMS exhaust for Touring

    Professionally padded and overwrapped; took me nearly twenty minutes to unwrap the two packages. And what a joy to behold.
  18. Ishrub

    9x R3 Touring paint options and associated VIN with ABS and pre ABS models

    Colors/Combos pre and with ABS and VIN Details -CP Jet Blk/Sunset Red: > 411983; > 561126 Special Edition -PG Jet Black -JN Eclipse Blue/Azure Blue -NG Jet Blk/New England White: > 411983; > 561126 Special Edition -PR Phantom Black - ABS Version > 574820 -NW Phantom Black/Crystal...
  19. Kevin frazier

    Touring upgrades Ozrider

    More goodies for the big bad baggers.
  20. Starmanut

    FYI: D&D Touring Pipes + Crossover For sale in UT

    Just saw this yesterday. Thought I'd pass it on. Triumph Rocket R3T D&D Exhaust + Crossover $600. A bit pricey, but a bit rare, too.
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