1. SleepyOwl

    Corbin Seat Configurator

    Pricing looks a bit steep but the configurator is addictive. Think I have it nailed though. 😂 Anyone bought one? Lets see your best effort https://corbin-europe.com/product/gunfighter-saddle-2020-triumph-rocket-iii/
  2. Chip

    Lowering seat

    A little help Please. I have a new R3T owner who contacted me. Sounds like a nice 2008 with low miles. Problem. He’s vertically challenged. I remember seeing articles on lowering the seat. I can’t find the threads. Help.
  3. Seat problem

    How doni remove seat if the key does not work
  4. smordue1

    Stock GT Seat modifications

    Has anyone had the passenger section made more comfortable? I have a Corbin Gunfighter for solo rides, but I put the stock seat back on when I am taking my girl. But she is complaining that it is still not comfortable enough.
  5. R3_2.5

    Will GT pillion fit to R seat?

    I’d like the “R” pillion seat on my GT, as I think it looks better, and I seldom carry a pillion. I’m wondering if I can just add the pillion to my existing GT seat, or would I need to get both? Both would be prohibitively expensive. I’m hoping to just find a second hand “R” pillion seat in the...
  6. msdunkel

    Russell Day Long Seat

    She's finally here! I placed my order about 2 months ago and it arrived the day before Xmas. Unfortunately the seat is not waterproof and its been raining all day so no test ride, but it looks amazing and the initial sit was extremely comfortable for both me and my wife. Price was pretty...
  7. EskimoPie

    Comfort Pillion Seat

    Does anybody have a picture or experience with this accessory? Trying to get the wife more comfortable with going on rides and I think a more comfortable seat for her would help. COMFORT PILLION SEAT PART NUMBER A2307859 The Comfort Pillion Seat offers a larger pillion provision for greater...
  8. Seeking new seat vinyl to recover my saddle seat

    Anyone know of a company that just sells the skin so I can recover my seat. The foam is all good but my seat has come apart at thee seeams
  9. biker1059

    Passenger seat

    So, what is the size difference between the stock passenger seat on the GT and the comfort seat? Size wise.
  10. tattoo001

    Seat for 2014 rocket roadster

    Gday guys, I've done a lot of searching but have found it to be quite confusing.. im after a stock seat for my 2014 roadster so i can have it re shaped and upholstered. ive found a couple of touring seats on ebay but don't know if they'll fit? I was going to post in classified but am not sure...
  11. Big Wultis

    Hi guys looking for a rider seat back rest, anybody know where i could pick one up in the uk, cheers

    Hi guys looking for a rider seat back rest, anybody know where i could pick one up in the uk, cheers
  12. Big Wultis

    Hi guys, just joined. Had rockets for a few years, now disabled so riding a rocket trike and loving it.

    Anybody any idea where I can get a rider seat back rest in the uk?
  13. maurice

    Corbin seat for 2020 r3

    When looking for risers I saw this. I like the stock seat, but if I rode more I would consider this. About 700 without heat, 561 for driver seat only. https://www.motorcyclepowersportsnews.com/corbin-dual-touring-saddle-for-2020-triumph-rocket-iii/
  14. Looking for a 2016 Roadster Seat with the Carbon fiber cover.

    Hi I'm in search of a 2016 Roadster Seat that has the carbon fiber cover. I will pay reasonable price for one in very good to excellent condition. Thanks
  15. Stillserving

    Seat Upgrade - Opinions/Options

    I think it's about time to upgrade my seat. I've got a roadster w/ the pillion seat on and the backrest/luggage rack and hard bags. I rarely have a passenger, but on the off chance I can get the wife to ride, I leave it on. Seats obviously are not cheap, so I'm trying to get as many opinions...
  16. buddazero

    Corbin Seat to Match Rear Stock Seat Material

    So, I ripped up my stock seat months ago, I patched it up but it really bothers me. Instead of buying the same seat to replace it, I though of just getting a nice comfortable Corbin seat. Particularly, the Classic Solo Saddle. I've been playing around with the editor, and I want to make sure...
  17. JPHDT

    A new seat for my new R3 GT

    This Rocket 3 GT is fantastic but the rear shock absorber... It was exactly the same with my previous Rocket 3 in 2007. As I cannot change or adjust softer the shock absorber, I looked how to improve the comfort of the saddle. CORBIN offers a dual saddle with expected better comfort for rider...
  18. vicvet

    Thunderbird seat on rocket roadster

    Looking for a long haul seat but unable to find any rocket specific ones. Would a thunderbird one fit?... Wife wants a wider and softer seat.
  19. Ruddy

    R3 GT Pillion Seat

    Just purchased my GT, however my pillion is not impressed with her seat. Went into local dealer today and the comfort pillion seat is only compatible with sport seat on the R. Has anyone found another larger more comfortable pillion seat. I have been in contact with Corbin but that is going to...
  20. Griff

    Corbin Seat questions on 2015 R3T

    Hey all, I bought my 2015 R3T with a Corbin seat installed. Backrests for both rider and passenger. I'm not sure whether these are the same ergonomics as the standard Triumph seat and backrest setup. I'm 6' 3" tall and I've worked out that to have the bits of my back that need to be supported...
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