1. Options for lowering my factory GT seat

    Can anyone recommend someone in the United States that does a quality shaving of the seat foam for a 2022 Rocket GT. Im looking for options to perhaps shave a bit off the top and sides to better fit my 30" inseam.
  2. GT, passenger seat

    Hello, I've found Triumph Pillion Infill - Touring A9700878, replacement of the original passenger seat. Does it fit to standard GT rider seat? Next question, SPORTS TAIL PACK A9510469. If you have it, could you please write internal dimensions please? Could I put there 13" notebook? Thank you...
  3. baileegirl

    Hi... I am new here, although I do own a very new 2020 Rocket III GT.

    My Rockett III sets because it is too tall for me to ride. I bought it because I fell in love with the overall look of this rather large machine. I keep it in the garage , all covered up with sheets to keep it clean. So far I have about 100 miles on it and choose to ride my Softail because I...
  4. HowardRoark

    R3R Seat Release Cable! Rrrrrrr

    Hey guys, I have searched here, online in general, and posted in the R3 Facebook groups, so now I have to start a thread. I'm replacing the seat release cable on my '11 R3R. The nib at the end is broken off, so I can't use the key to remove the seat. I tried today to find another way in, but...
  5. GT Solo Seat Options?

    My apologies if there are other threads on this topic. I am new to this forum and was surprised I couldn't find an answer to this question: I would like to install a solo seat on the GT (2022). If that's not possible, I was wondering how easy it is to get rid of the passenger backrest (I have...
  6. Hughzee

    slip-on exhaust pipes and a compatible seat

    Hello all looking for a kick as pair of slip on exhaust pipes black for my 2015 rocket roadster I want them loud can't seem to find anything?. Also looking for a tan leather comfortable seat that it compatible hopeing to use this forums knowledge
  7. youzguyz

    Air-Flow seat cover

    Air-Flow Seat Covers ( Motorcycle Seat Covers ) does not list the 2020+ Rocket 3 GT or R as an option. (They do show a 2020 Rocket III Roadster and Rocket III Touring.. which tells me they aren't really paying attention to what is out there). I sent them all the dimensions from my 2020 GT seat...
  8. Chip

    Seat numbers

    My pole barn and shop both have Rocket parts. Unfortunately I have a terrible list of what I have! During a clean up, I found I have 3 Rocket Touring seats. All three look the same. I have forgotten what the numbers signify. I have both the 1980 and the 1984 style seats. Question is which...
  9. Ricci

    Larger pillion seat.

    Hello All, Does anyone know of a larger Triumph pillion seat ? I have a Rocket 3 GT so it has the larger comfier seat than the “R” model but I think they do a “3rd” seat that’s larger than the standard GT seat. Has anyone bought one or seen one. Wife is happy enough with pillion seat...
  10. 1Steve

    Best available touring seat w/backrest, and best value for adaptive headlight pack (all 3 lights)?

    Guys, I'm now a few months into owning my 2015 R3T here in the desert of PHX and would like to get her long haul ready before the good riding weather shows up. SEAT: I would like a backrest and am trying to figure out the best available seat option as the Triumph Long Haul seat seems to no...
  11. ExtremeAntics

    Sports seat infill pad.

    Anyone able to post some shots of an R with the sports seat infill pad from the top? I have an idea for a rack to mount behind the seat but I have an 8 week wait for the pad to arrive. Needs to be the sports seat and not the touring seat as the touring pad is larger.
  12. Gateway77

    Corbin Seat - How Disappointing!

    I've mentioned my disappointment with the finish and attention to detail on my Corbin seat already; but now after waiting weeks for a response from Corbin - I can only report that I've heard nothing back from at all. Not even we're sorry but there's not much we can do from here. Absolute...
  13. ArekDeBoss

    Corbin seat problem

    Good afternoon everybody I am sure somebody has flagged that issue before, but right now I can not find it anywhere. So I tried to install my new Corbin seat to RE GT but it does NOT catch. If I remember well somebody suggested to ad a washer but how? How can I undo the "prong" "rod" "latch"...
  14. Journeyman28778

    Seat reshaping

    I modified the seat on the 3R today, having done this previously to a solo Corbin on the Roadster to lower it. In my opinion the seat on the R is too cush (not good for distance). It also cuts into the back of my legs and is too tall (hey, I'm vertically challenged). It's pretty simply to...
  15. Noidea

    Corbin seat

    Yo fellas I’m looking at buying a Corbin dual seat and wondering if anyone has one with the stock backrest on? Wondering if the backrest will be to low with the corbin being higher.
  16. LouisianaG3R

    Loose wire under seat

    I’m out here detailing my bike and removed seat to find this. Could someone shed some light on this. It was just unconnected hanging out.
  17. Ash_roadster10

    Seat bracket / pressing assembly

    I’m looking for a the bracket that holds the stock 1 piece dual seat on, mounts to the front of the back fender. I can get the part new but I’d prefer second hand as I’m not sure if I really want that seat on. I’m in Australia, it would be amazing is someone in Australia has one lying around...
  18. Ice

    Under Seat Storage Compartment

    What tools do you carry in that small storage space under the seat for roadside repairs? What size wrenches are needed on the R3? I’m starting with a flat blade screwdriver, small metric hex set, 8mm wrench, tire pressure gage, spare 2032 fob battery, and an Apple AirTag. Note: The key FOB...
  19. ArizonaKid

    Corbin Gunfighter Seat

    I always ride solo on my R3GT and so took the backrest off and had installed the Triumph finishing pieces and the padded infill piece. I didn’t like the way the seat felt with that arrangement, so I ordered a Corbin Gunfighter solo seat. The hardest part was deciding on materials and colors and...
  20. Kim Turner

    2007 Classic solo seat

    What is the going price for a 2007 Classic stock solo seat, no wear or tears, take-off 25,000 mile bike?