1. pica

    Corbin seat vs oem r3 gt break in

    Well, it has been 4k miles so far, I don't think this oem seat it's going to be any different with more riding time to break in. I had a Corbin before in a different motorcycle (warrior) and it was stiff, but better because I can ride the whole day without feeling anything. For the ones...
  2. aju

    Seat for Tall Rider

    Hey folks, I have a 2015 R3T and struggle with my seat. I bought the bike in 2017 and shortly thereafter bought a Corbin dual tour saddle. I asked for extra height and to move the pocket back, gave my dimensions, etc. The seat is great, but my hips are still a bit below my knees and I find...
  3. ArekDeBoss

    Double seat FOR FREE

    Have a genuine triumph double seat for roadster. I don't need it anymore. Sold the bike and it's been sitting in the garage and now we move abroad. So if somebody is happy to collect it then I am happy to give it away for free. A
  4. vindex1963

    New seat cover arrived

    Tomorrow I'll give it a try, the fit is perfect. The only thing I ran into is shipping is deadly slow so if you get one don't be in a hurry for it to arrive.
  5. Mustang 2 piece seat

    I got a 13 rocket 3 touring and looking to get the mustang seat as it says it sits a half inch lower. Anyone put one of these on their bike? Is it worth it? Are there other seats that sit lower? Pics are appreciated. Thanks
  6. Aldo B

    Zard Exhaust + Corbin Seat + Carbon Fibre Hydrographics

    Here is link to Maggies full view after installing the Zard exhaust (racing, no baffles) along with the carbon fibre heat shields. Also installed Corbin seated (heated).
  7. Stillserving

    Corbin Seat owners, Need pics of your saddle so I can see colors....

    OK, I've debated what seat and put it off long enough. I'm going to get a Corbin Classic Solo for the Roadster. I've played quite a bit with the configuring tool on the site messing with all the color options and combos, but you never know what's it's actually going to look like till you see it...
  8. Vlan2k

    Want to Buy '18 Roadster Seat Needed

    Need a new seat for my '18 Roadster... just the rider seat, no pillion. Willing to trade a black Corbin batwing fairing with slight damage to left side.
  9. Pauls999

    White Rocket 3r Custom Paint & Seat

    This is my response to Triumphs "limited Edition" you can have any colour you like so long as it's black Rocket. (not really it been it's the making a long before they were announced) After a few months of waiting for stuff to be done because of lockdowns it's finally finished :) , my black...
  10. biker1059

    Blank plug under seat

    So, I'm out looking at the Rocket and noticed a plug on the left side under the seat. I've seen the plug many times and assumed that it was plugged into something. I was going to trace it out to see what it might be but I gave it a tug and the plug came out of its holder and it just had blanks...
  11. SleepyOwl

    Corbin Seat Configurator

    Pricing looks a bit steep but the configurator is addictive. Think I have it nailed though. 😂 Anyone bought one? Lets see your best effort https://corbin-europe.com/product/gunfighter-saddle-2020-triumph-rocket-iii/
  12. Chip

    Lowering seat

    A little help Please. I have a new R3T owner who contacted me. Sounds like a nice 2008 with low miles. Problem. He’s vertically challenged. I remember seeing articles on lowering the seat. I can’t find the threads. Help.
  13. Seat problem

    How doni remove seat if the key does not work
  14. smordue1

    Stock GT Seat modifications

    Has anyone had the passenger section made more comfortable? I have a Corbin Gunfighter for solo rides, but I put the stock seat back on when I am taking my girl. But she is complaining that it is still not comfortable enough.
  15. R3_2.5

    Will GT pillion fit to R seat?

    I’d like the “R” pillion seat on my GT, as I think it looks better, and I seldom carry a pillion. I’m wondering if I can just add the pillion to my existing GT seat, or would I need to get both? Both would be prohibitively expensive. I’m hoping to just find a second hand “R” pillion seat in the...
  16. msdunkel

    Russell Day Long Seat

    She's finally here! I placed my order about 2 months ago and it arrived the day before Xmas. Unfortunately the seat is not waterproof and its been raining all day so no test ride, but it looks amazing and the initial sit was extremely comfortable for both me and my wife. Price was pretty...
  17. EskimoPie

    Comfort Pillion Seat

    Does anybody have a picture or experience with this accessory? Trying to get the wife more comfortable with going on rides and I think a more comfortable seat for her would help. COMFORT PILLION SEAT PART NUMBER A2307859 The Comfort Pillion Seat offers a larger pillion provision for greater...
  18. Seeking new seat vinyl to recover my saddle seat

    Anyone know of a company that just sells the skin so I can recover my seat. The foam is all good but my seat has come apart at thee seeams
  19. biker1059

    Passenger seat

    So, what is the size difference between the stock passenger seat on the GT and the comfort seat? Size wise.
  20. tattoo001

    Seat for 2014 rocket roadster

    Gday guys, I've done a lot of searching but have found it to be quite confusing.. im after a stock seat for my 2014 roadster so i can have it re shaped and upholstered. ive found a couple of touring seats on ebay but don't know if they'll fit? I was going to post in classified but am not sure...