1. Jay

    Plug blank under seat?

    Anyone know what this plug under the seat is for? It wasn’t obvious from the wiring diagrams and the maintenance manual only references the OBD-II port. Wondering if this has any usefulness.
  2. Looking for seat 3GT

    Hi. I’m looking for a comfortable seat with a large sissy bar and the luggage rack. Other than Corbin that seems to cost $1000. Any other options or does any one have one for sale. Thanks
  3. Jrocket

    rocket 3 gt seat trade

    Hey everybody, how's it going? I just purchased a rocket three GT the other day and I'm finding the seat a bit too low. I would like to see if anybody wants to trade there R seat with my GT seat. I'm thinking my legs perhaps aren't long enough for the forward pegs because the seat is a bit low...
  4. stingray

    Found_ Looking for Part Number for rear GT seat bumpers_Found

    Help, I'm trying to find a part number for the rear rubber bumpers that keeps the pillion section of the seat off the fender. I found a schematic that showed the front two bumpers with a different number from the rear two bumpers on the stock GT seat. I'm missing one of the rear ones after my...
  5. zenbiker

    For Sale Unused Full Leather Corbin seat

    Selling a never used Corbin leather seat color coordinated for the Storm Gray R3. GT. The seat is beautiful in construction, material and color combination! It is the dual " Tour Saddle" model. In original box. I put it in place, sat on it and took it off! Seat is a bit too high for my 29"...
  6. R3 seat and finisher

    I'm looking for used finisher, mudguard, brushed L & R side for my Triumph Rocket 3. (Part Number: T2307886/T2307884). I want to remove the pillion back rest and cover it. Also, looking for used stock rider and pillion seats. Anyone pls
  7. Tassie

    Fuel Gauge & Clock plus Touring Seat / Backrest

    I have a 2005 Rocket, is there a business that produces aftermarket parts for the bike in England, USA, Europe So far, no luck here in Australia sourcing the above-mentioned items. Regards Tony
  8. Cushman

    Hi all, just wanted to post a picture of my alligator seat.

    My grandson got this 10.8 foot gator.
  9. Johnty86

    Custom solo Seat for Rocket 3R

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a custom Solo seat for Rocket 3R? I have the standard seat, which is quite hard. Also the custom options that I find online are quite chunky. I‘m looking for a seat that is sleek and has low riding position. On Another note, has anyone tried fitting a bobber seat for...
  10. (SOLD) Rocket GT 2020 Corbin seat for sale

    I sold my bike, so Corbin seat is up for sale. Can deliver to Goldcoast or surrounding areas if needed. PM me if interested the price of the sale at $1000
  11. Cushman

    Red alligator seat.

    Hi everyone, just wanted to posts a picture of new seat cover, might be a overkill but I like it
  12. Professor

    Passenger seat luggage

    I just purchased a 2023 Rocket 3 GT and saw a You Tube video somewhere about a guy who had a 18l luggage pack called tour master printed on it which sat on top of the passenger seat against the sissy bar. Does anyone know the name of the company that sells it?? The Professor
  13. Iherbon

    Anyone have a long haul seat for R3T?

    Hello all, Looking to replace to seat on my new to me 2015 R3T. It’s got the stock seat, and I’ve heard some very good things about the long haul seat. They’re basically impossible to find, so figured it was worth a shot on here to see if anyone has got one. Thanks! Ian
  14. Iherbon

    2015 R3T seat questions

    Hello all! I’m sorry if this has been asked before, but I’m not able to find the answers I’m looking for when searching the site. I have a new to me 2015 R3T that I want to change the riding position a little bit. I’m looking for advice for an aftermarket seat that can move me back a little...
  15. hoopla

    seat maker

    I'm looking for the seat maker that was here in2017, from Canada thanks Hoopla
  16. Rocket__88

    Seat question

    A pretty basic question. Will a Touring double seat fit on a Roadster?
  17. LouisianaG3R

    Solo Rider Seat with Pillian Infill

    I was trying to make sure if the hardware to attach the pillian infill section to main seat before I purchased. I appreciate any help on this.
  18. David Gravlin

    Passenger seat

    Is there any answer for the passenger's seat my wife wanted me to keep my 2015 rocket 3 touring instead of giving it to my son when she saw my new one
  19. New GT Owner - Running USB from under seat

    Hi All Thanks for letting me join! I'm new to Rocket 3's and am picking up my little beastie in the next couple of weeks and cannot wait!! I'm having a few pieces added/changed (indicators, mirrors etc.) and am considering asking Triumph to run USB --> USB C cable from under the seat to the...
  20. Rich1980

    Triumph Rocket Touring Accessories (Driver Backrest, Solo Seat & more)

    Available on EBAY UK. full kit to make make the bike solo! eBay item number: 204270436982