1. Forrest

    Weeping from all cam cover bolts

    Gentlemen, I have a 2015 Roadster and it seems my cam cover gasket has crapped the bed. Every bolt is weeping a bit however, no weeping from the gasket around the sides at any point. Only at the bolts. Assuming the bolt seals and gasket need replacement I would be curious about the torque...
  2. Instrument panel cover rocket 2016

    I knocked the front cover off one of the dual instrument panels anyone know if they screw on as it is very tight and won’t go on, is there a knack to it as I don’t want to break it
  3. Freddie

    2012 R3 Roadster Cam cover gasket change.

    I've had a leaking gasket with 20.000 miles, and replaced it, finding most of the bolts fairly loose. Just in case someone wants to do it by himself here I leave some pics, it took two hours to replace it. Remove instruments screw and tilt them forward. Remove intake manifold cover (2 screws one...
  4. Whylee

    Removing the top radiator cover

    While I continue on with my winter mods, I want to paint the front fender monting legs and radiator top cover. Has anyone removed the top cover?. I cant see how its all mounted and dont want to break anything. I just dont like the silver on those parts in the pic below, thinking black would...
  5. Jehan

    Rocket Cover

    Hello, Nice to meet you all. I am looking for a cover for my Triumph Rocket 3R. Does anybody know where I may find a good one (indoor) ? Thanks in advance. Best to you :-)
  6. youzguyz

    Air-Flow seat cover

    Air-Flow Seat Covers ( Motorcycle Seat Covers ) does not list the 2020+ Rocket 3 GT or R as an option. (They do show a 2020 Rocket III Roadster and Rocket III Touring.. which tells me they aren't really paying attention to what is out there). I sent them all the dimensions from my 2020 GT seat...
  7. Hughzee

    2015 rocket 3 top valve cover gasket replace

    Hello people I'm looking for a detailed video on how to replace the top cover valve gasket on my Rocket. All I have found is bits and pieces of videos nothing in detail. I'm sure everyone on here has had to do this job at one time.
  8. FSandbag

    2015 Rocket III Roadster Exhaust System RH Cover Replacement

    G'day all, I'm new to the R3Owners forum so forgive me if I've posted this question in the wrong spot. The right hand heat cover that hides the catalytic converter (Silencer Cover? Part Number T2209830) has fallen off my 2015 Roadster seemingly at random. I'm looking for somewhere to buy the...
  9. Hughzee

    Valve top cover gasket

    Hello all I need to replace my valve top cover gasket and was wondering if anyone had better luck with a certain brand that was better its a crap job I don't want to be doing it every 2 years. Any info post link to order page pls
  10. Rheo

    Radiator cover replacement.

    Hey folks, I just got the Carbon fibre radiator covers from Carbonfdr. Has anyone ever had the radiator off? The screws for the rad cover seemed to be buried and only accessible if the rad is pulled away from the frame. These will look awesome if I don’t have to disassemble the entire cooling...

    Need an exhaust cover (T2208513)

    Looking for a left side exhaust cover (T2208513) which is chrome. This part is just below the rear footpeg. My bike is an ‘06 and a new cover is pretty high for all it is.