1. Micksan


    I have no idea how much time I spent on the phone trying to match up a decent-sized saddlebag with a good mounting system. My dealer & others all I heard were 16-liter bags. The Cleveland mounting system would not change out with other bags. My Irish luck kicked in, and I found the Supply...
  2. Cushman

    Saddle bags just finished

  3. Jcjetty

    Queetion about saddle

    I'm looking at an 07 2up saddle on ebay. Can anyone tell me if it will fit my 05? Thanks
  4. MonkeyMan

    Corbin side cases / panniers for R3

    After tearing up two zippered bags from Triumph, had to do some thing different. I have two rockets, a 2020 R3 and a 2022 R3GT. (The GT is primarily for my fiancé.) Didn't like the expense of the Corbin option, but went with it for the GT. I have read a lot of posts that the triumph bags are...
  5. Stillserving

    Corbin Seat owners, Need pics of your saddle so I can see colors....

    OK, I've debated what seat and put it off long enough. I'm going to get a Corbin Classic Solo for the Roadster. I've played quite a bit with the configuring tool on the site messing with all the color options and combos, but you never know what's it's actually going to look like till you see it...
  6. Jeff06098

    Viking Saddle bags?

    Anyone use them on an RIII classic? My bike currently has leatherlyke bags on it and I’m not a huge fan. They’re very plastic looking and I’d like more of a leather look. I notice with the Viking bags you have to drill them to make them fit with their included hardware. I have the quick...
  7. Seeking new seat vinyl to recover my saddle seat

    Anyone know of a company that just sells the skin so I can recover my seat. The foam is all good but my seat has come apart at thee seeams
  8. Cooperman51

    Saddle bag brackets

    I was looking to use my Viking leather saddle bags on my new Rocket. As there is no one out there making brakets to suit my bags. I thought i will have a go. As i already had quick release fittings from Klick bags. As i had used them on my Storm. So i got the underpanel with the holes in...
  9. Robiban

    Mounting for US drypacks under the saddle

    Hello! Im new on the forum and im picking up a red 2020 Rocket 3 R the coming week. Very excited and glad to see there's so much nice work being done by riders on this bike, from exhaust to rear modifications! I just recently bought some US drypack bags for my thruxton and haven't found any...
  10. saddle bag brackets

    ok so they ain't the Givi brackets but it only cost 20 bucks. Am looking for some bags now once I find some I will need to weld one more support and then bolt the bags to it. These will be used for long trips and then taken off. The reports on the Givi bags were that they leaked so I am looking...
  11. Lamonster

    New Corbin Saddle

    I think it looks great. https://www.corbin.com/projects/new-product/rocket-iii-dual-touring-saddle/
  12. Stan

    Saddle bags

    Whoever has a set of original saddle bags fitted, can you please take a few close ups. Under the fender and sides.id like to see a set up. Thank you
  13. Son_Of_Dog

    Want to Buy Mirrors, Dresser Bars, potentially more...

    Laid the skunk down last Friday, was lucky enough to get away with just cosmetic damage. The list of stuff I'm currently looking for leads on is as follows: (08 R3T) Mirrors Front dresser bars Rear dresser bars Front fender embellisher Front signal light lenses Panniers or repairs to...
  14. Mark Sutterby-Watts

    Springer saddle

    Hi. Anyone know if there's a single Springer seat for our roadster?? Cheers in advance
  15. Wade'sWorld

    I know another saddle bag question

    Ok, I have looked at a ton of saddle bag threads and different brands. Kinda like the Tsukaya brand, but here lies my dilemma. Looking at painting them myself as I having spraying equipment,but I haven't sprayed automotive paints and not exactly sure if my bike has tri coat finish.( 2017...
  16. Jan Aarberg

    For Sale LARGE batch of parts, including wheels, engine, 'Day Long' touring saddle, ++

    Selling a LOT of used parts for a 2004 Rocket III - see list. Items priced at > $17,000.- (new from supplier, engine not included!). Hoping to sell everything as a lot, starting as low as $1,500.-. Parts are located in Cathedral City (Palm Springs), CA. If I don't get a buyer on the lot, I'll...


    Not new but in great condition. Corbin classic solo saddle seat. Off of my 2011 R3R. I believe that they are $473 +taxes in black new. I'm selling mine in $300 plus you pay shipping.
  18. CrzystghndKC

    Tall in the saddle!

    I just bought my second R3 a 2011 and found its saddle is probably a couple inches taller than my 05 R3. So I am looking for some feedback on lowering my beautiful new to me bike.
  19. Landstar

    Viking Saddle Bags

    Just installed these I am very impressed, these bag are very stiff in construction and with a key lock and they mount behind the shock. And very tight to the bike. You will not be disappointed, Had Saddlemans on a VTX 1800 and these seem to be better quality, and only $140.00.... a bargin...
  20. TheKid

    Great use for Cheap Plastic Saddle Bags

    I bought a set of these for 25 bucks. Thought I would use them but didn't. Well I said to myself, throw them away.........Not me. Now it is for overflow mail. Don't tell Gunny I threw some of his toys away.