1. maurice

    Cleaning OEM Panniers

    I couldn't find anything on this No paperwork when purchased. Does anyone know what to use to protect, clean? Appears 2 different fabrics. Hate to mess it up. Thanks!
  2. air_odie

    For the 2020 oem panniers

    Don’t be too trusting of the zipper locks... One of mine malfunctioned today I called the dealer to seek their advice and they said to bring it in but I’m too far away in about an hour and a half away so low and behold I just typed in TSA 007 on YouTube and I instantly learned way too much...
  3. freshprince

    Triumph brand panniers and racks fitted to GT

    Really happy with the kit. It's clean, it's easy to install, and easy on/easy off with the ignition key. Now I can take longer rides, bring some food/drink, layers of clothing etc. etc. and plan for longer trips down the line when it's time to re-explore our world in good time. I also have...
  4. D

    GT is Fabulous, Panniers Suck

    So I just returned in the pouring rain from a ride into Vermont so my dealer could do the 500 mile service. First, this is the mostest funnest bike I've ever ridden. I used to describe the original RIII as a 'decathlete' capable of doing the widest spectrum of riding..but this GT smokes the old...
  5. Spaniard

    For Sale Triumph leather panniers and mounts ($330)

    The panniers are in pretty good condition. I used them for one season (considering I am gone May-July, the panniers may have had a couple months on the bike always kept on my garage. If interested send me a PM with a number I can send the pics. For whatever reason, when I am trying to upload...
  6. Andy B

    For Sale Hard case panniers and other parts for sale

    Hi Guys Had joined the forum to learn and share, but have recently sent my Roadster to the big bike meet in the sky!! I have therefore got some great hard case panniers, a detachable center stand, a set of standard exhausts, and a set of rear chrome mudguard covers. UK address They have all...
  7. Son_Of_Dog

    Want to Buy Mirrors, Dresser Bars, potentially more...

    Laid the skunk down last Friday, was lucky enough to get away with just cosmetic damage. The list of stuff I'm currently looking for leads on is as follows: (08 R3T) Mirrors Front dresser bars Rear dresser bars Front fender embellisher Front signal light lenses Panniers or repairs to...
  8. TheWhingnut

    Guard bags what fits the mighty R3T?

    Im looking for guard bags that will fit my pannier guards on Dacey. I trying not to buy harley branded items. Has anyone found a set of bags that fit well enough? I have the tooling to adjust them if the mounts are too long but not short. I am trying to plan out a better long haul setup. And i...
  9. tails

    roadster panniers for sale

    givi 37ltr black ally,handles /locks/frame locks these have been made to fit the rocket with,a s,w motech rack,backrest,side pannier rails,the panniers come off in seconds. £450.00 PM ME FOR PHOTOS USED ONE TIME . PLEASE NOTE THESE HAVE SMALL MARKS ETC,THEY ARE NOT BRAND NEW. Birmingham...
  10. phar2slo

    Quick release pannier photos or installed

    Hi all I am after some pictures of the quick release brackets mounted on the Rocket and the triumph pannier bags and frames. I have brought a set from some blokes cave but want to be doubley sure that I an able to use the pannier frames with the quick release system together. Any pictures...
  11. Jeffro

    Want to Buy R3 Touring panniers

    Need left side pannier mainly but will buy both if you got 'em. White / Black ideal but any colour would be great.
  12. Alexey

    Want to Buy Guard rails for Pannier, Kit Panniers for Touring

    Hello! I want to buy thi position for my Triumph)))
  13. Simonb

    For Sale New leather panniers - NOW SOLD

    Set of new triumph rocket leather panniers and fixing kit. Come with used but excellent condition mounting brackets. Dealer price is £725 I’m after £450 for the lot. Collect from wrexham north Wales or I can arrange a courier for £20 (uk only) Pm me for more details
  14. Ishrub

    ** SOLD ** Leather panniers - no frames but Easy Brackets available too.

    $500 with Easy Brackets + postage. I pulled my spares out of the shed and gave them a wipe with a damp rag and they are better than I thought - better than my set I have been using even. No rips, tears, scrapes, repaired or popped rivets etc. They are NOT shrunken or out of shape and the velcro...
  15. Ishrub

    For Sale Leather panniers and frames on Gumtree going cheap

    Not mine, AUD$350 (US$275) negotiable, in/near Perth, Western Australia Triumph Rocket 3 panniers, saddlebags | Motorcycles | Gumtree Australia Rockingham Area - Safety Bay | 1157685875 If you look at his other stuff he has a bargain Phantom 3 Pro quad drone with camera for AU$1500 and a bunch...
  16. albertaduke


    found these hard bags got some special easybracket and quick release mounts from mittzy now I can quickly mount the back rest and the bags in 2minutes incidentally these hardshell bags were from some indian bike that crashed . I think they look right for the rocket. the lid flips forward...
  17. tails

    For Sale triumph bonneville t120 panniers for sale.

    leather panniers and rails to fit the bonneville,poss other models ? excellent condition,no scratches/etc purchased in error,thought they my have fit the roadster :banghead::whitstling: sell uk only, cost new £450.00 sell £220.00. thanks.
  18. Rogiecrockett

    Quarter Turn Studs on R3T panniers - Any Other Connection Options?

    My right side pannier comes off easy - the left side is another story. The center hole in the quarter turn receptacle is all boogered up. Taking the panniers off and putting back on repeatedly for cleaning/maintenance/etc, has caused the center hole to get wallowed out. I have a new part on...
  19. Anomaly

    R3T OEM-Like Saddlebags

    As the title suggests I'm looking for some OEM-like ABS (or preferably fiberglass) saddlebags for my 2015 R3T. I'm wanting to install a stereo system on my bike, but cringe at the very thought of cutting a hole in my factory panniers. Also, as it turns out, my bike is going to be in the shop...
  20. T

    For Sale Left Pannier Cover from 2014 R3T (damaged)

    Sold as pictured. $25 plus shipping. Shipping to CONUS only. Paypal only.
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