1. Professor

    Passenger seat luggage

    I just purchased a 2023 Rocket 3 GT and saw a You Tube video somewhere about a guy who had a 18l luggage pack called tour master printed on it which sat on top of the passenger seat against the sissy bar. Does anyone know the name of the company that sells it?? The Professor
  2. germ79

    Luggage Options?!

    Hey, guys! I’m going on a multi-day trip this summer and while I have the Triumph saddlebags on some Easy Brackets, they really don’t hold much. I had considered putting on a luggage rack of some kind, but a) I’m not sure they could be mounted at the same time as the Easy Bracket mounts and...
  3. vmaxjude

    Recommendations for rear luggage

    Hi all. Just got my first Rocket 3 GT, a 2020 bike. It has the Triumph rear rack fitted. I am going touring in June. Can anyone recommend a spacious rear bag that either fits the standard rear seat or the rack? I am in the UK. Cheers.
  4. TrialsDoc

    Luggage A9510690 vs A9510535

    Requesting advice on Triumph luggage for my 2020 Rocket 3 R. I don't need it for long touring, just for daily commute. I dislike wearing backpacks. The weight limit isn't a concern as I'm carrying my lunch and/or laptop. What's the difference between the -0690 and -0535 bags? None of the...
  5. Slartibartfast

    Luggage rack options

    I'm after a luggage rack to go behind the pillion seat (sissy-bar). I know triumph make a fine looking rack but they charge an exorbitant amount and from what I understand only rate it to 3kg: 😲 I am also aware of the XL rack by LaMonster, which would be find but for the fact you need to order...
  6. crj0007

    Soft luggage

    Hi All New here. I’m looking at getting a rocket 3 r this weekend. Myself and a few mates always do a European tour once a year. I was wondering is there anywhere to strap my waterproof roll bag on the pillion seat. Looking at the pictures of the bike there doesn’t seem to be any hooks for...
  7. Jcjetty

    Iso backrest with luggage rack

    I'm looking for a backrest with luggage rack for my 05. Anyone here in the states have one for sale?
  8. Bag for Luggage Rack

    Hello all! I am new to the group, having picked up a new Rocket 3 GT about a month ago. Among other accessories, I picked up the luggage rack that attaches to the back of the backrest mounts. Has anyone found a bag that fits well on it? I'm surprised Triumph isn't making and selling one, and...
  9. Staggy74

    Luggage bags GT Triple Black

    Bit of a silly question I realize but any suggestions on aftermarket luggage at all for the GT? Was looking at Triumph's accessories/pricing. Not too keen on the notion of a re-fi on the house. Nice but ridiculously priced. Like the bike I suppose too and I bought it I guess haha. Cheers!
  10. Normen

    Custom Luggage Rack + Pelicase

    I can only post 10 pictures in 1 thread - for the building i will start another thread Some Infos: custom luggage rack out of 8mm aluminium, pulver coated Pelicase im2200 (only one next to the 1450 which grips a wide enough) Electronic lock - opens only with ignition (no more fumble on...
  11. Ishrub

    USA made Rocket III saddlebags and luggage system new to me.

    Anybody used or heard of them? I picked up a used set of these in Oz and had never heard of them before but seems they are an aftermarket supplier in the USA A few styles and sizes and different screen pouches etc. NOT CHEAP new US$695 for bags and brackets...
  12. New custom luggage rack

    What do you ya reckon fellas…. I’m on a winner ? 🤣👍 Can’t beat the old milk crate
  13. mikec

    Hepco & Becker Orbit hard luggage

    Been patiently waiting for a decent aftermarket hard luggage option for the R3. Finally found something worth the money! They use the H&B C-bow mounts. 22L so similar to the genuine triumph bags. I think they look pretty good on the bike. The mounts are not as discreet as the triumph ones when...
  14. G-Force Junkie

    Luggage system

    I can go shopping with this set up.:) The Gears bags expand as well. It all comes off in 30 seconds with two straps. Considering a cross country trip.
  15. CamaroCarl

    Luggage rack

    So I decided I needed a luggage rack to go with my solo seat, needed a place for my lunch bag and was tired of strapping it to the rear fender. Couldn't find a whole lot of options out there, so I made one. Went ahead and made it detachable, so I can take it off when I want. Used stainless...
  16. Capture1.JPG


    Luggage for long trip. Rear pic. Can't remember where the bag came from, had it for years.
  17. IMG_20210604_181354103_HDR.jpg


    Preparing for a round trip to Nova Scotia. Sheepskin from New Zealand. ....True Blacksheep, not dyed:). Gel seats X 2 (one is vertical as the backrest). Say hi to Ricky (Short for Ricky T) the dog., he gives out toys to kids.
  18. 08nzrocket

    Looking at luggage purchase

    I'm looking at buying some luggage from Triumph to fit my 2020 GT and have noticed that the mount that attaches to the bike appears to sit over the area where you can put your key or fob on the left side of the bike to start it if your fob battery is flat. Could someone that has a set of luggage...
  19. MrPix

    Hepco & Becker Rugged C-Bow luggage

    I said I would post when I had mounted the H&B luggage, so here is my Jessica Rocket, all dressed up, with no place to go....... just yet! p.s. I don't care if you like the look or not, she's mine and I love her.
  20. EskimoPie

    Sport Tail Pack on Luggage Rack?

    Hello, can the Triumph sport tail pack be mounted on optional luggage rack? I know it's meant to go on the pillion secured to the leather strap but I'm wondering if anyone has found a good way to secure it to the optional luggage rack. Thanks!