luggage rack

  1. Normen

    Custom Luggage Rack + Pelicase

    I can only post 10 pictures in 1 thread - for the building i will start another thread Some Infos: custom luggage rack out of 8mm aluminium, pulver coated Pelicase im2200 (only one next to the 1450 which grips a wide enough) Electronic lock - opens only with ignition (no more fumble on...
  2. New custom luggage rack

    What do you ya reckon fellas…. I’m on a winner ? 🤣👍 Can’t beat the old milk crate
  3. pica

    So... what tail bag fits in the "Luggage rack"?

    got it, from this picture, the bags go everywhere in the rocket, but not in the "Luggage Rack".... at 7" long and 6 pounds maximum weight... the most I could carry there is a dslr camera with barely any accessories... now... did anyone find a tail bag pack that can fit there for that purpose...
  4. Stan

    Luggage Rack and Luggage for 2.5L

    Hi rocketeers Just installed a luggage rack on the new GT model. The warning sticker says 3kg or 6.6lp How is that possible and is it actually misstype or just bull**** i can ignore? Also want to see options and ideas people are using for luggage. Please post a picture of your luggage bags/cases.
  5. WildBill

    **SOLD** Touring Luggage Rack

    I have this luggage rack from my '13 Touring. Came in a box with the bike. As you can see from my avatar the previous owner installed a Corbin trunk shortly after buying the bike. It's in great shape and he'd installed the lights. No hardware. What you see is what I've got. $75 plus shipping.
  6. Jay

    For Sale Triumph Chrome Luggage Rack Kit For Rocket III Touring, A2306380

    Not mine, but for those looking for a rear rack, here is one for the Touring: Triumph Chrome Luggage Rack Kit For Rocket III Touring, A2306380 | eBay
  7. Kevin frazier

    **SOLD** Luggage rack triumph

    I bought this rack and installing I cracked 1 bobbin,(plastic spacer) there are 2 on each bracket, I was told to two part epoxy it but I would order 1 for $12 dollars but there are guys on here who would lathe a new one so no biggie, i use only a single seat and it looked wrong it’s for the 2...
  8. Dawg68

    **Found** R3T luggage Rack

    Good day All, Looking for a luggage rack for the R3T. Just the rack itself and it doesn’t have to be in perfect condition. My back rest is off a 2017 R3T.. I’m assuming they are all pretty much interchangeable. Thank you
  9. Rocket Man III

    Looking for Solo Luggage Rack

    I would like to buy a solo luggage rack that would fit my 2007 RIII Classic. Part # for kit is A9758058. Very hard to find is discontinued. Contact below. Brent Ruiz- Thanks
  10. Jeremy Holm

    Solo luggage rack/ passenger back rest/sissy bar

    Do the solo luggage rack and passenger back rest/sissy pad use the same mounting bracket on the R3T or do you have to swap brackets in order to change from one to the other?
  11. tails

    For Sale rocket luggage rack

    off my 2015 roadster, chrome excellent condition,complete with chrome frame covers,plus back rest. genuine triumph, £180.00 photos available.
  12. JudgeMontrose

    Want to Buy Tall R3R sissy bar, classic backrest, & luggage rack -- USA

    I've bought Mittzy's very sweet quick release system, but have run into an issue getting a tall sissy bar and large classic backrest -- the parts seem to be backordered or out of stock. If anyone has these used, or knows of somewhere in the US that I can get them, please let me know. If I can't...
  13. Allan S

    ** SOLD ** REDUCED! Rivco Highway pegs - Fantastic Heavy Duty Chrome

    I have a Rivco luggage rack for sale. Its chrome underneath the easy to remove carbon fibre vinyl wrap. Rivco heavy chrome flange covers are in "as new" unmarked condition as are the Rivco heavy chrome highway pegs that dont slip on the engine frame bar like many others do. : Luggage rack...
  14. JudgeMontrose

    Current sissy bar / luggage rack options for '14 Roadster

    I'm looking for a medium to tall sissy bar and a luggage rack for my Roadster. I'd prefer black, but chrome is alright, as long as I don't have to replace my black enamel mudguard covers with the chrome ones the the Triumph sissy bar seems to require. Has anyone seen any good options? Is there...
  15. Van_R3Rider

    ** SOLD ** Rocket 3 Roadster Passenger backrest(sissybar) with luggage rack

    ITEM IS SOLD Hi all, My buddy sold his bike. Selling this for him. I am not sure if it is OEM Triumph accessory. Don't see any branding.But he bought from local Triumph dealer. Please check the pics. Fits fine on Rocket 3.Comes with one longer mouting bolt on both sides. You can reuse the other...
  16. AnthonyD

    Want to Buy Luggage Rack for Touring; A9758068

    Looks like I waited too long to buy all of the Triumph accessories I wanted for my R3T. Haven't been able to find a luggage rack. If anyone's got one they want to unload, let me know!:) Thanks, Anthony
  17. buddazero

    Hello from NYC!

    I just got the Bike I've always wanted, a Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster 2018. I'm really grateful to have this ride, and enjoy it at the same time. I'm based in New York city, people here have never seen a bike like mine, haha! They always go-"that ain't a Harley, cause that looks definitely better...
  18. technoguppy

    ** SOLD ** Chrome Luggage Rack for Rocket 3

    Trying to minimize my look. Will ship anywhere, as quickly as requested via any method at YOUR expense. Requires longer screws and a few washers for R3R fitment but otherwise goes on like a glove. Chrome Luggage Rack on 2014 R3R by technoguppy posted May 6, 2018 at 7:21 AM Chrome Luggage...
  19. Superfly

    Fehling Sissy Bar and Luggage Rack

    Anyone traveled with this rack, loaded up? I'm looking to do a trip this summer, min 2-3 wks and looking to have a bag on the rear seat strapped to the rack and likely a Giant Loop or Mosko Mule loop set up draped around the sissy bar, siting on the luggage rack and strapped towards the...
  20. Allan S

    Want to Buy Found it thanks

    I am looking for the discontinued Rivco 3010 luggage rack, any finish, any condition.