1. toolittletime

    Is this the Rivco Risers?

    Not sure if these are original or the Rivco aftermarket........how to tell? Tim
  2. rocketbill

    rivco centerstand

    Have been searching around and can anyone tell my why the centerstand from rivco is for only 2009 and older rockets. Could it or your bike be easily modified to fit this stand? I have a 2018 roadster. I was also liking the becker-tecknik lift but does not ship to the us. Has anyone been able to...
  3. Waz

    Rivco Touring Risers on Rocket 3 Roadster

    Hey guys, bought some Rivco Risers on eBay second hand, only to find out they're the ones for the Touring... will they still fit my R3R?
  4. Jay

    Risers: OEM vs Thunderbird vs Rivco

    I finally found a set of Rivco risers and compared the rise and pull back of the three. The Rivco is about 1/2”” more rise than the Thunderbird risers. When on the top yolk they are actually the same lift, but move the bars that 1/2” closer to the rider. I went for a ride this evening to test...
  5. M.J

    Rivco Risers

    Just put a set of Rivco Risers on the bike followed the instructions and found did not have to change any cables out only thing i found was the bracket for the brake lines bade it touch the radiator on full lock so left it off and all works fine,did anyone else find this with the brake bracket...
  6. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    For Sale SOLD Rivco Engine Guards

    I have a set of Rivco Engine Gaurds. Excellent Condition. No dents, bends or rust . USD $225 Shipped Domestically. Make Offer. Edit: Very Good Condition. Some light clamp marks from highway pegs. Should clean up nicely. Fits all Standards and Roadster and I'm told it should fit the...
  7. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    For Sale **SOLD SOLD ** Rivco Risers Fit Standard and Roadster

    I have a set of Rivco Risers chrome. USD $150 Shipped Domestically. Overseas + Shipping. I need to earn some cash to rebuild the 2005 these came off of. EDIT: SOLD SOLD Excellent Condition. Fits all Standards and Roadsters.
  8. davidr2023

    Want to Buy Rivco risers

    Rivco risers for roadster or if anyone can tell me which ones to buy i thought tr3017 but on ebay it says will not fit 2018 roadster
  9. bebsy

    Rivco brake pedal or similar

    Just fitted rivco miniboards now needing a brake pedal to suit or similar if anyone has 1 lying round for sale I'd be happy chappy
  10. scot in exile

    Rivco Engine Gaurds

    These have been sitting in my shed for quite a few years , quality is far superior than the modern day flea bay ones, they are as rare as hens teeth as Rivco stopped selling them quite a few years ago. I know when Fred spots them he will be getting a wee chubby:D
  11. thierry 13

    Want to Buy search Rivco risers for 2009 classic

    Hello all I search Rivco risers for 2009 classic to ship to France paypal thank you for your kind hearted Thierry
  12. vzrDean1800

    Want to Buy rivco highway pegs

    anyone have a set kicking around that you would like to sell. I was gonna order some directly from them, but thought id ask here first. Thanks, Dean
  13. Jay

    (Solved) Risers for R3 Touring

    Hi all, I have decided to go with Rivco risers on my Touring bike rather than spacers. I was about to get a set of the Scootworks stacking risers only to realize they are out of business. Thought I would try and source a set of Rivco touring risers through the forum before trying to locate...
  14. Ishrub

    RIVCO Rack copies in Powder coat Satin Black

    Poking around the Custom Triumph UK website after @barbagris posted some of their stuff. There have been a few clamouring for the original lately. Triumph Custom Parts
  15. Want to Buy Rivco Chrome Solo Rack 3010, Swing Arm Cover TR3015 & Drive Shaft Cover TR3016

    I'm tired of moving my Rivco solo rack between bikes - anyone have one not in use?? Link Removed
  16. Ishrub

    For Sale Rare NOS RIVCO R3 pegs

    Rocket 3 Rivco Highway Pegs Anti-Vibration Rubbers: NOS Clearance/Sub Standard! i.e. check images in link Our Price: £29.99 Just £25 for non Eu country sales. Rocket 3 Rivco Highway Pegs Anti-Vibration Rubbers NOS Clearance Sub Standard
  17. Allan S

    ** SOLD ** REDUCED! Rivco Highway pegs - Fantastic Heavy Duty Chrome

    I have a Rivco luggage rack for sale. Its chrome underneath the easy to remove carbon fibre vinyl wrap. Rivco heavy chrome flange covers are in "as new" unmarked condition as are the Rivco heavy chrome highway pegs that dont slip on the engine frame bar like many others do. : Luggage rack...
  18. Bedifferent

    FYI...Clutch cable length and Rivco Riser

    As you know, from my other post, I finally got the risers on my bike. On forum advice I got a Barnett clutch cable 1 1/2" longer. I put it on today and while it works, it is at the bare minimum for length and I'm sorry I did not do 2" or 2 1/2". I guess I should have checked a few other posts...
  19. Stillserving

    Rivco risers - Will touring part fit Roadster?

    Ok, I know a lot of you have Rivco risers. they've been on my list for ahilwe but at $190, they haven't been a priority yet. I see that Rivco is getting rid of the touring part -it's "on sale" for $50 (I'm assuming they're dumping their inventory). Any reason they won't fit on a '17 Roadster...