1. haxxan

    T3880059 Cable Interface to PC

    Hello All, While browsing worldoftriumph I found Cable Interface to PC (T3880059). Need to know about the purpose of this cable and about it's software for PC. Link for product is here. Best:thumbsup:
  2. treycefus

    2006 R3 - Battery, starter, neg cable...???

    So I keep the bike on a trickle charger - or did. I have a bluetooth speaker set installed but disconnect it from the trickle charger connector when the bike sits overnight (so no draw there...). Yesterday I came out and 2 slow cranks then nothing. All lights came on and gauges reset. I...
  3. DafyddIeaun

    Ignition cable damage

    Hi, Thanks for the add to the group I’ve got an issue with my ignition, cable detached, tried to resolder but won’t take, it fell to bits when removed Any info or part numbers for replacement? I don’t want a keyless ignition Thanks Daf
  4. Micksan

    Clutch cable scratch my head.

    Some of you may have seen my last bit about clutch cables. That cable was too short. The previous owner had installed a different handlebar. The cable was very hard to pull the clutch lever. Plus he had moved the bottom cam off the alignment marks. I guess to get it to fit. I ordered a 6...
  5. Tyler Bonser

    Is this the right OBD cable?

    USB Cable KKL VAG-COM 409.1 OBD2 EOBD Diagnostic Scanner BMW VW Audi Seat VCDS | eBay. Here's a link to the cable I purchased and wanted to make sure it's the one I need to run tuneecu. Once I get my intake and exhaust put on I will be taking it to a dyno tuner and he will run that program...
  6. technoguppy

    What is this cable?

    Not sure if this is stock or if this is something the dealer added (for my GPS power)? It runs from the left side brake caliper along with the metal brake line and up under the yoke. It is clipped with a cable clip that seems to fit as needed but it's a flimsy cable and looks like a decent...
  7. Rocket Scientist

    Heavy Duty Battery Cable Install - Mittzy improved

    This past winter I bought an extraordinary set of battery cables from @Mittzy ! I finally got around to installing them. Paul said whoever installed first should make a tutorial. I must be first. So here goes. This is what I started with. First off unhook and remove the battery, and remove...
  8. mstraub72

    First things to do with my new Lonelec cable?

    Good afternoon all, While killing time watching snow STILL falling in Canada, dreaming of my bike while self-quarantining like the rest of the globe, I decided to grab one of those Lonelec cables for linking up to the bike. Bit of an impulse buy, since I didn't have a dedicated plan to use it...
  9. vindex1963

    (now) Negative (and Positive) battery cables (pair)

    I'm looking on Ebay for a negative battery cable to add to my 2006 Classic. The cables I see for sale are 30 inches long, is this the correct cable? 30" seems very long to go from the battery to the back of the engine by the starter. 2005-2016 Triumph Rocket III Classic Roadster Touring...
  10. Tripps

    TuneECU Android cable

    Just curious if my lonelec cables I have for the laptop will work on an Android phone? I found references to a Bluetooth cable and a Bluetooth adapter. Do I need either a new cable or an adapter?
  11. Kim Turner

    Clutch cable lengths

    What is the correct standard length of the 2007 Classic clutch cable? What will fit from previous or later years? Thank you
  12. Cherokeekid78

    **SOLD** Lonelec cable

    I've got a cable I ordered to tune my rocket. No longer needed so who wants it? Cover shipping and it's yours
  13. kingmerle

    Clutch cable issues plus. looking for answers as to why?

    I broke my clutch cable yesterday on my r3t with 40 k on it. I can live with that problem but what occurred with it has got me completely baffled. The linkage on the shift lever bent in a 90 degree angle and snapped the shift levers pivot point completely off. Any ideas as to why a broken cable...
  14. Mark Sutterby-Watts

    Throttle cable length

    Hi. Our R3 had standard bars but I realised they were slightly out of alignment. I got new slightly longer bars and so the standard throttle cables are a couple of inches short. Does anyone know if the touring throttle cables are longer? Cheers in advance.
  15. DodahMan

    Clutch cable problem

    Folks, I feel like an idiot. I fabricated a pair of 2 inch riser extensions this weekend out of billet aluminum. While installing them today, I had an issue with the clutch cable so I thought I would loosen it up then reinstall and reset. I got the bars mounted ok but I simply can not manage...
  16. Dr.D

    Need to buy a Tune ECU cable?

    I'm doing the upgrade with Lush and Bryant parts and i need to buy a real Tune ECU cable. I have seen that there are poor performing knock-offs and I don't want to buy a problem. Where is a good place to buy in the US? I saw one member selling but it was exclusive to the UK. Do I have to find...
  17. ratsidecar

    For Sale Lonelec tuneecu cable

    Lonelec tuneecu cable surplus to requirements. Used but working just fine. £8 including postage to anywhere in the UK. I accept paypal.
  18. dave64

    Cold air sensor cable

    any one have one of the extension cable for the cold air sensor like what comes with a ram air filter ?
  19. toshvmax

    Tune ecu and OBD-2 USB Cable

    Hi, Okay I have bought a OBD-2 USB cable from TTP and was wondering what driver I will need when using Tune Ecu, do I use the one they supply with cable, just want to double check?
  20. AussieMick

    lonelec Cable loan adelaide

    To all the Adelaide Rocket Captains, does anyone have a Lonelec Cable I can borrow this weekend 26 - 27 Aug? Misses has been cleaning up and I have spent two hours lookingfor mine already. I can pick it up and drop it off. Cheers Mick..............Found it, not my fault, she put it away, wasn't...