1. slydog75

    Throttle Body Balancing... This is bad right?

    So I just got TuneECU working after recieving my Lonetec cable. I just got this bike 2 weeks ago. It has an intermittent high idle issue and some popping on idle as well. This is what I found upon connecting TuneECU.. Could this be causing my issues:
  2. MrTr3

    Lubrication advice RIII 2010 throttle

    Fixed it myself
  3. tripX

    Throttle flutter

    Just filled ram air and notice throttle flutter what is it how do I fix it thanks in advance
  4. tripX

    throttle hps

    my throttle hps is all 650 . Is this to high as I see most run 580 . Any help please
  5. vindex1963

    Secondary throttle plares and cold weather

    Do the secondary throttle plates help with cold weather starts?
  6. R

    What if I told you that you were only ever using 90% throttle

    Check this out. Your throttle might be only opening to 90% or a little better (both my engines' throttles are like this) Will this, if corrected, free up a little more tq/hp on the dyno? Discuss!
  7. TriumphR3Newb

    Throttle bodies pop?

    Hi all, finally got my rocket on the road from a long cold winter hibernation. Everything seems just fine, I replaced the TPS over the winter and balanced the throttle bodies. I now have an occasional "pop"/ backfire that seems to come from the throttle body area. I think it has happened...
  8. Mark Sutterby-Watts

    Throttle cable length

    Hi. Our R3 had standard bars but I realised they were slightly out of alignment. I got new slightly longer bars and so the standard throttle cables are a couple of inches short. Does anyone know if the touring throttle cables are longer? Cheers in advance.
  9. kenne

    Is this TPS or stepper motor? or something else altogether

    So my bike when i'm riding my bike it is excellent but lately once i take it past 3k in rev's it decides to stay there like cruise control.Somtime t even increases rev's with no hand on the throttle. It is a 2006 classic, Ramair, three into one exhaust. secondaries are removed running ECU tune...
  10. TriumphR3Newb

    pop/backfire from throttle bodies

    I am not sure if this is a problem or something normal from putting on Ram Air. I notice that I get a pop/backfire sound from under the bear claw once and awhile. I am assuming this is a backfire from the throttle bodies and might be due to the ram air as I didn't hear it before it was...
  11. caddydaddy

    Balanced the throttle bodies, now it runs worse!?!

    I balanced the throttle bodies at 4,500 miles on my '17 Roadster. They were off by 20 or so. Now, it has a stumble off of idle when in 1st gear, and after shifting into 2nd. It'll hesitate for a bit, then there will be a big rush of power. I did the ISCV reset and the adaptation a few times...
  12. Mark Sutterby-Watts

    Throttle position sensors

    Hi. Does anyone know if the TPS are a common part on any other engines car or motorcycles?
  13. PaddyO

    Throttle Adjustment Question after installing MC Cruise Control

    Finished installing MC Cruise control on 2014 R3T this evening. Started the bike up and the throttle was way high. I had backed out the "Carburetor Cable" way out of the CIU in order to adjust the freeplay in the throttle without having to screw the throttle adjuster almost all the way out when...
  14. buddazero

    Engine Cut Off While Blipping Throttle

    Sometime ago I made a post about Shifting incorrectly, which was bad on my part. So with the note the community gave me I've started to practice Rev Matching starting with 5th to 4th Gear, and continue going down. Now I know there's no real reason to go from 2nd to 1st, unless its for tight...
  15. Joesmoe

    Broken bolt in block under throttle body adapter - what now ?

    Buy a new engine ? I'm in the process of putting the bike back together after changing out the cams. Go to torque down the throttle body adapter boots (pair of 8mm flange bolts to each) to the manual-stated 12 Nm, and broke the head off one of the bolts, about 3 mm into the block. I have...
  16. C

    Throttle Position Readout

    For anyone using a Power Commander and using it to adjust fueling: Ensure you know the offest percent between what the PC-V reports and the TuneECU software is reading on throttle percent. Example: I was running lean at 3% on the PC-V and adjusted the 2% column in TuneECU, and I was running...
  17. Marcin

    Throttle body need adjustment?

    Throttle body need adjustment? Or it's ok?
  18. Bedifferent

    BrakeAway Throttle Lock Grip Resizing Offer

    Hi Everyone...You know I am a big fan of the BrakeAway Throttle Lock :rolleyes: and I have posted this at least in part on other posts. In order for the throttle lock to work best, the shoulder of the grip needs to be flat and turned down under a certain size. This is recommended by the guy...
  19. Gruff

    Secondary throttle failure

    Hi all. I am getting error code p0638 secondary throttle failure. All settings are spot on when I look on tuneecu. secondary tps is new. Secondary plates have been removed and also set to 100%. What I have noticed is the secondary tps is trying to close the secondary throttle under spring...
  20. WildBill

    Kaoko Throttle Lock

    Riding out to the midwest this coming June to meet up with some friends and do some riding in Minnesota and Ontario. Unfortunately, living here on the Washington/Idaho border, that entails riding through long, boring stretches of eastern Montana and North Dakota. I've been looking at throttle...
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