1. turbomrk

    Hesitation and backfire through throttle body at 2000 to 3000 rpm

    My 2011 Roadster is popping back through throttle body and hesitating at 2000 to 3000 rpm. Since replacing MAP sensor and vacuum lines. Symptoms were similar but much worse when the sensor sent a code. I replaced it but it's not back to 100 percent. Any ideas what else.? Coil connections are...
  2. John Miller

    The dreaded intake backfire cure.

    Whilst I have in the past advocated advancing the static TPS set up value of .64V I still had some very rare and occasional intake backfire I have totally cured the issue recently and below is what has worked for me. I recently had my TPS sensor fail causing an erratic very low part throttle...
  3. Jimbeamrye

    2007 R3 Was running perfect, now I can barely keep it running?

    Hello, for the past couple years I haven't been riding as much due to a leaking front fork seal. I have been cranking her up regularly and riding up and down the local road on short trips. Now the FIRST time ever, I had trouble cranking her up, and when it did, it was a struggle to keep the...
  4. Tyler Bonser

    backfire, low power, stalling. previous high idle

    Right to the point 2005 rocket 22,000 miles. Started to get a occasional high idle but would go away after a minute then started rarely getting a backfire when i would be lugging it down a bit then get on the throttle. Problem got worse so took it to a Triumph dealer. Just to point this out...
  5. Boog

    Backfire Fixed

    As many of you know, Brahma has had a backfire for several months. Well, it is gone now and was a common issue. I have discovered from a few members here and a far away Triumph mechanic who contacted me through a friend after it was fixed. @Speedy was helping me sort it out when he noticed the...
  6. Boog

    Backfires at low throttle

    Brahma has settled down on the high idle and I do have the spare throttle body unit now that I can swap in someday. But now, the bike is backfiring at idle and at low throttle positions regardless of gear or speed. The small explosions are coming from the throttle bodies and big enough to...