1. 2008 R3 - Stalling - Engine Wind-out Required

    Hello all, new 2008 Rocket III owner. Drove it to the DMV all good. 5 miles. Return trip, power loss. Could only make it back by "winding it out" and pinching the clutch. Now she won't run unless it is being over revved. bought this from another owner, it had some old gas which has been...
  2. Vorteks

    Stalling on a 2006 RIII

    HI all Had the bike for 4 months and its already been sent back to the trader once. Issue: Bike stalls when stopping at lights in first gear and is reluctant to start again. Slowing down to a stop results in the engine dying, it happened 4 times in a 2 mile trip yesterday. Twisting the...
  3. Motortard


    Good Day Everyone, after around 300 miles I've noticed that my 2021 Rocket 3 is hard to launch from a stop. Almost as if the clutch engages too soon and engine stalls... When 1st test driving it 1st time I didn’t have this problem and while its warming up it drives well… Once its been running...
  4. Journeyman

    What now? (bad idle and poor running)

    The bike was running great then yesterday it started stalling, has trouble idling, and runs like crapp. All coil wires are tight, vacuum hoses and caps good, primary TPS replaced 14,000 miles ago, fuel filter 14,000 miles ago. Runs better at higher RPMs, but not right. It's my main ride- I'd...
  5. Claviger

    Stalling when coasting in neutral, hard hot starts need throttle

    I have had this issue since brand new, and I'm not the only one: 2007 Rocket III Classic, stalling when coming to stop? Stalling when starting warm brand new R3 stalls out in traffic - YIKES! Occasional stalling coming to stop How did you fix your stalling problem? And there's a whole host...
  6. Kim Turner

    2007 Rocket III Classic, stalling when coming to stop?

    2007 Rocket III Classic 21,500 miles. Had 20,000 service. Starts and idles no problem. After about 6 miles, once stopped. Starts again no problem, but coming to stop at light have to rev engine to stop from stalling when in 1st gear. Sounds like not getting enough fuel. Any ideas?????
  7. ChrisACT

    Stalling when starting warm

    I had an issue with my Rocket today that I'd not experienced before. When I started it cold, it was fine. Ran perfect. Rode it about 50kms and shut it down. Walked around for a couple of hours then got back on the bike, started it and rode it another 50kms or so. So far, no issue. Went...
  8. rash_powder

    bike is stalling and coughing

    Last night the wife and I went for a scoot around town and the local area. A large portion of the ride was a 'Sunday Drive' so 15mph in first gear. The bike ran fine as always, but when I came to a stop it started stalling. After about 30 minutes the neutral light stayed on no matter the...
  9. Tyler Bonser

    backfire, low power, stalling. previous high idle

    Right to the point 2005 rocket 22,000 miles. Started to get a occasional high idle but would go away after a minute then started rarely getting a backfire when i would be lugging it down a bit then get on the throttle. Problem got worse so took it to a Triumph dealer. Just to point this out...
  10. xrays

    idle stall and warm up?

    Guys, I've had my R3R for about a week now - it's my daily driver and I commute with it. Other than arriving to work with a permanent silly grin on my face, I've noticed a pattern. If i don't let it warm up, the bike stalls with the clutch-in, in 1st gear at my first light (about .5 mile)...
  11. Diospaz

    New to the Rocket Family (Stalling Problems)

    I just purchased a 2016 Rocket III Roadster. I first want to say, I love the bike. Have some issues. The bike is Stalling when I downshift to come to a stop. It is always when I'm coming to a stop. Sometimes a normal stop like a green turning to yellow. And sometimes more random like when a...