1. WRB

    Hello R3owners

    I'm Bill Burnette. I recently purchased a used 2015 Rocket 3 Touring with 1500 miles on it . I am very impressed with this bike, also very supprised at the going prices for these machines. A lot of value for little price. I was disappointed this particular model was discontinued. I...
  2. Micksan

    Forward foot control effect on choice of bike.

    I stood around the dealer when the New R3 versions came out about 4 years ago. I did not want to jump in until I was sure the company had improved. I am looking at a leftover 2023 with the forward foot controls. Looks good and the price has been reduced. Let me throw out this question for a...
  3. mexican

    The Champ has a new bike!

    After riding bikes that were too tall for her, she now rides the bike that fits her perfectly, a brand new 2023 Honda Rebel 1100. 80hp with a very low profile where she can flat foot. She is ready for the open road!! she wanted to try it out so we went for a little ride, her, my son in law and...
  4. Brodrock

    Good God that's a beautiful bike!

    It's a peaceful Friday eve, strolling back to the house from the barn and I get a look at one beautiful piece of machinery! Let's see what ya got. Post em up!!
  5. Dreambike

    Posting from the Netherlands i am the proud new owner of this 2021 Rocket 3 R Black edition. I cant tell you guys enough how much i love this bike. Owned it for 2 weeks now and have not missed 1 day riding the beast. Im 1,98m (almost 6ft,6) tall and was afraid the fit would be sub optimal. Man...
  6. Jagster

    Steam powered rocket bike sets new speed record

    ...Looks like we've got competition folks.... :whitstling:
  7. Those who have more than one bike

    After riding the Rocket 3, do all others seem gutless?
  8. mexican

    The first bike i did not buy,,,,

    Some time ago we were talking about riding Moab Utah on 2 wheels. I remember @1olbull saying that a Yamaha XT250 was the prefect weapon for that task. We have a vacation scheduled in Moab the first week of june, i commented to my son about what Bull told me and it would be nice to have an XT...
  9. venturi

    New first post, the bike pulls to the left.

    Hello, just bought a 2023 rocket 3. I like it. The only issue I am having is a considerable pull to the left despite any road crown direction. J Virginia USA
  10. Earthquake

    Can head gasket be down with engine in the bike and are there specialty tools needed?

    Iver never done a head gasket before I’ve done some easy stuff on other bikes primary’s cam covers but never a head looking to tackle this with my brother in law which is a master Hyundai tech trying to figure out what we’ll need for tools and if it can be down without dropping the engine out...
  11. fork clamps for 2014 for flyscreen a9738051 and bike table lift

    Hi All does anyone have the oem fork clamps? also has anyone had or have a table lift that is suitable for the Rocket ? i am a bit over laying on concrete ! the significant other keeps on thinking that I am dead on the ground :) i am located in South Australia Thank you in advance A9738051
  12. stingray

    New bike with 360 rear tire

    What a chunk o' rubber. https://www.rideapart.com/news/651384/xiangshuai-wolverine-xs800-360-rear-tire/ Wolverine XS 800
  13. Cushman

    Trying to post a picture of my bike, hope this works

    Trying to post pictures of bike
  14. FittedBuckle

    Issues with bike starting

    Hey everyone. A couple months ago I had issues getting my Rocket to start. Someone suggested checking the battery which I did and the battery is fine so I'll try to better describe the problem. When I turn the key to the on position and flip the toggle switch, the fuel pump cycles like normal...
  15. pica

    Trying to improve bike loading

    Hopefully next weekend will be able to test run... I'll use the cbr as test pilot.. let's see if it works...

    Whats the best brake pads for my customers bike

    My customer has a touring with our st2 supercharger conversion, he's hauling ass but can't get it stopped. We fitted brembo front callipers and its made an improvement but he still needs more stopping power. I'm thinking getting the best pads is the answer. What brand and version do you thinks...
  17. stingray

    Making the new bike fit

    Since I had to get another performance machine to ride this little 2017 KTM 1290 Super Duke GT fit the bill. Besides changing out the risers for a set of 1" back and up, I needed a little more leg room. I wasn't quite fond of the bend in my knees with the stock setup so I went with these lowered...
  18. Gibbi

    New Bug Bike exhaust for sale

    Hi all, I have for sale a brand new never fitted three pipe bug bike exhaust with removable quiet baffles. The exhaust is for sale because I have simply changed my mind and just can’t bring myself to removing the stock pipes 🙄 They cost me £1530 delivered to the UK. I’m ask £1200 for them...
  19. FittedBuckle

    Bike wont start. Starter?

    Hey everyone. A few days ago I was trying to start my Rocket 3 touring and noticed when i pressed the start button, it would attempt to turn once and then quickly stop followed by the fuel pump resetting. What I mean is after the initial fuel pump charge when you turn the key, I pressed the...