1. Ishrub

    Rocket III BIG Blue bike lift for sale in Midland, Perth, Western Australia.

    I think these have ceased production and this is a bargain at Au$800 (US$550) as they were much more than this landed in OZ. Midland, Perth, Western Australia. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/midland/motorcycle-scooter-accessories/motorcycle-lift-ramp-hoist/1292871057
  2. Claviger

    My log of Alice's transformation into "my bike"

    Just using this to consolidate and preserve (for my own use mostly), the process of modifying my Z H2. (Pictures to follow from phone). Thoughts as delivered: Power is over the top. Kawasaki was insane to deliver this motorcycle to the public: it's flat out probably the most dangerous bike in...
  3. hoopla

    bike is cutting out

    . first off I have 2016 roadster with 20000 miles This first happened about 3 weeks ago, started to cut out, I down shifted from 4 th to 3rd and she recovered. This happened 3 times on that trip. So I put a little dry gas in her and she seemed good for 300 miles. Last week she started to cut...
  4. mattsk8

    Post a pic of your bike

    I've looked around and didn't find a thread, but I'd love to see pics of your bikes. I purchased mine a couple weeks ago, now looking for ideas. So far I've removed the windscreen and front crash bars. Next I think I'll have the chrome air filter cover/bearclaw covered in black vinyl...
  5. stingray

    Thinking about a new ADV bike

    I've been looking at something to ride in the pastures to check cows and fences. I keep coming back around to the CB500X. I like the new look. Never had a bad Honda. But looking at the Rancher 4x4 also for what I need.
  6. Oldwarrior

    lifting my bike

    what is the best way/easiest way to lift my bike... I'm seeing I need a bracket and read that JBQ doesn't fit my 2008 rocket touring? did a few searches here and didn't find much.
  7. Oldwarrior

    Bike stalls when I shift into gear.

    Bike stalls when I shift into gear. neutral she starts and runs just fine at first she wouldn't shift but a few minutes later she will but stalls.
  8. Journeyman28778

    Triumph Electric Bike

  9. 3Katz

    Unable to register bike

    I'm in the process of fitting a set of Nevilles cams and he's kindly sent me an updated tune to get me to the dyno. I've downloaded Tuneecu to my phone, have a loneelec cable on the way and sent the 25 euro via Paypal to meeouf@gmail.com to enable me to register and access the functions on...
  10. How many days until battery discharge when rocket3R is not in use

    Hi, can someone tell me how long it takes until battery discharges to the point where it only turns on INSTRUMENT DASH but does not kick the starter motor ( battery voltage goes around 8V as compare to 13V ) when the bike is not in use at all? 10days? 20days? 40days? Thankyou
  11. Darron1117

    Found gasket under bike

    Hello all, Found this laying under my 2012 Roadster. Was on the ground, near rear of the engine. Is a rubber like cushion. Any ideas where it came from? Thanks in advance,
  12. Frederick45

    Hi I'm Fred from Baltimore Maryland United States I just purchased a 2005 rocket with 36000 miles bike is awesome big and quick purchased

    Hi I'm Fred from the United States Baltimore Maryland I just purchased a 2005 rocket 3 classic awesome bike been riding and working on bikes all my life this bike is big and fast
  13. evo

    Ways to disable need for Clutch to start bike?

    I hate having to pull the clutch in when starting the bike...anyone have any knowledge on how to disable this? Is it possible, or is this something you can do with TuneECU maybe? This is for the new 2.5l Rocket 3 btw... ta...
  14. Rocket3R tug war with any other production motorcycle?

    hi, I am wondering if we do a tug war between rocket3R and any other non Triumph stock/nonmodified production motorcycle then are there 100% chance that rocket *will always win* the tug war because of torque? Image from internet
  15. Ishrub

    I have found my 'Exit the world' bike- the original Widowmaker!

    I'm winning still @Rocket Scientist ! https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/194932698175?hash=item2d62e4ec3f:g:9xAAAOSwsOZiOodw&autorefresh=true https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kawasaki_triple Kawasaki H1-A 500 Two Stroke Triple 1971.
  16. Iain66

    Paington bike festival 30 april -2 may 2022

    with sadness i have to say the festival has been cancelled 😪 just when we needed a escape.
  17. stingray

    New bike weird issues

    2021 Rocket 3GT with less than 300 miles and I'm starting to see some odd things like turn signal malfunctions. Then the headlight is strobing. What is going on?? I pull the seat off and check the battery terminals. Yikes! They were just hand tight and looked to be arcing with lots of corrosion...
  18. Intro - Hello to all R3 Owners

    Presently the owner of a 2010 R3 Roadster, Years back I rode the first R3 in Manchester (UK) when I ran the local RAT group/club. At that time I was with a Speed Triple 955i. I was blown away by the torque and the then reasonable handling of the R3. The 2010 Roadster seems to have righted the...
  19. Tony

    Gear change clunky after bike drop

    At 40 mph on motorway road works car pulled out into my lane just as traffic came out to complete stop (stole my brake distance) hit brakes hard and just about stopped but touched his bumper bike fell to the left under a bit of control. I was in 4 gear I hit the kill switch. With help I stood...
  20. CaffeineBuzz

    Caught a close call on my bike cameras

    I have a dual channel camera system on my bike that writes to a dvr. A few days ago, I remembered an incident from back in October and hoped i'd be able to pull it before the file got written over. The timing was perfect and I got it on both cameras. If you want to have a look, here they...