1. UnicornRider

    Bike down, what now?

    After leaving work today I stopped by a friends shop and was in the store less than 10 minutes before the shop owner came running to me saying my bike was on its side. I went out and picked it up, just bent bars and levers and a scratched bag, so no huge loss that I can see. They ran the cameras...
  2. atlsrt44

    Anyone recognize this bike

    Purchased this from cali. Anyone recognize it? Dealership said they traded in on a new rocket.
  3. Southeast

    Bike Wobble and Hesitation

    My 2021 with 750 miles has a 1-2 second hesitation and engine wobble when I pull on the throttle with medium to hard acceleration. Also when riding at 80-90 mph I will have a partial loss of power, which comes and goes. Check engine light is now on and during my last ride the traction control...
  4. Hubguru

    Fastest Bike I've Ever Riden

    Hey Folks, Just wanted to document my thoughts. First of all, I ride a Carpenter Racing 210+ R3R, fantastic, powerful, makes me smile on a regular basis. A buddy of mine recently picked up a Kaw H2 Supercharged with Brocks performance upgrade 240+ RWH on a 500 lb super sport. Were out riding...
  5. maurice

    Fob problem starting bike

    I have not heard anyone having the problem of your fob is on green, hit starter, no recognition connected, nothing. Try again, nothing. Hit fob button once quick, lights come on. Random. Sooo annoying. Will bring it up again at dealer tomorrow getting air filter replaced.
  6. EskimoPie

    Tell Dealer Bike is Tuned?

    Flashed Penner's full power map this weekend. LOVING it! Got the quick shifter on order (which should be an amazing combination). When I take the bike into the dealer for install, any reason not to tell them it's been tuned? I don't want them to try and install any updates and overwrite the...
  7. ArekDeBoss

    Bringing the bike to USA then Canada

    As some of you might know I'm in a process of emmigrating to Canada from the UK. I sold my R3 roadster with a hope of getting another one in Canada. Then after a sale somebody here mentioned about a trick of "selling it" to US member and then " buying it back". Just to clarify there is no way of...
  8. jlmealer

    Oil dumping out of winter/parked bike after cold drop... (?)

    My 2005 Triumph R3 parked since October sort of froze in my garage (I assume) and it pushed about a half guart of oil out of the engine. I haven't gotten into it yet because I have a car engine torn down keeping me from it, but does this sound like maybe water leaked into the bike's oil and...
  9. Hello

    Hi Folks Just starting on this Journey. Have not got a R3 yet I'm looking for one lockdown in UK is slowing down searching. But hopefully by summer I will be enjoying a bike.
  10. Nifty

    2005 Rocket III

    Hi everyone, a 2005 Rocket III owner now for 6 months from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Loving the new bike. Have bought some new led headlights but also wanting some new led indicators. Can anyone recommend.
  11. Bike wont start

    Hi guys, I have finished fitting some new dinali lights and a Denali horn over the last few days, today when I went to start the bike , all lights up and display seems ok although a spanner 🔧 image is there (see pic) for some reason the indicators don’t work and no power to starter , no click or...
  12. Freddie

    Old biker new bike.

    I'm am a 58er and riding bikes since 18. My first was a Honda Benly 150 1964, then Kawasaki KZ1000 '79, Suzuki Katana750 '91 (still with me), Bmw GS 650, Trimph Tiger 800, and now an R3 Roadster 2012. (Very eclectic rider now that I see that list of bikes). I'm from Argentina where it is not as...
  13. bootworks

    FIFTY times the displacement of my first bike?

    A DKW 50cc two stroke, pedal assisted, open frame. In green, with cream trim. Gone through a bunch of neat bikes during this journey, loved them all, from the Hodaka Super Rat to the BMW R90S in Daytona Orange, and all the other special machines that have made these past 56 years a 'rell of a...
  14. Southeast

    Waiting for New Bike

    Everyone has heard this before, but that dealer told me 5 weeks ago, my new R3GT would be in in 2 weeks time. This wait is killing me. just needed to vent. I’ve been enjoying the heck out of this group and learning about the bike over this time, but time to deliver, Triumph!
  15. Fixed Valve Cover Gasket Bike Won't Start?

    Hello All, Before I started the process of removing the valve cover gasket due to a leak I tried starting the bike after having it sat for a week. Initially, it started to turn over, but ever since the following has happened before and after the replacement of the valve cover and RamAir. The...
  16. Martin-Brighton-uk

    Can a tune loaded to a bike with Tuneboy be read out by TuneECU

    The TTS supercharger canned tune used when you buy the kit is a Tuneboy tune for which you need Tuneboy licence/some unlocking key for the tune your bike. After the tune is loaded with Tuneboy, can it not be read out by the Android TuneECU and saved then loaded to another bike? I'm liking TTS...
  17. What happened to my bike (Lost my Rear Brake)?

    Unfortunately, I'm not mechanically inclined. I know I lost my rear brake on the drive home. Thankfully, I didn't have a 70mph stop on the highway, because I saw what happened at 45 when I stopped in the middle of an intersection. Can anyone point me in the right direction of how to fix this...
  18. mexican

    thinking about getting this bike

    wanna compete with the big boys and have a place to store stuff, ,,,
  19. Phenix3939

    Top Gear - Triumph Rocket R review: does a crazy 2,500cc bike work?

    Here's a pretty funny and accurate review of our bike from the boys at Top Gear. https://www.topgear.com/car-reviews/rocket-3/first-drive Bet bit: What’s it like to ride? Intimidating at first, mainly because there’s so much of it. The fuel tank is the size of a Barbadian twerking champion...
  20. Buzitisn

    First triumph motorcycle

    Finally made the jump over and traded in my Suzuki m109r for a 2020 rocket 3 gt yesterday. Just got insurance today and am going to hit the roads tomorrow!
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