1. IdahoRenegade

    Looking to buy a Touring, years to avoid, differences in engine output between Touring and Roadster.

    Former Rocket III owner here, I had a 2012 Roadster that I loved. I put a bunch of effort outfitting it for touring, but eventually realized I wanted a dedicated touring bike, with a stereo and cruise control. 500-600 mile days weren't bad, but when I was working and limited for vacation time...
  2. mexican

    The first bike i did not buy,,,,

    Some time ago we were talking about riding Moab Utah on 2 wheels. I remember @1olbull saying that a Yamaha XT250 was the prefect weapon for that task. We have a vacation scheduled in Moab the first week of june, i commented to my son about what Bull told me and it would be nice to have an XT...

    Lockable fuel cap for The 2013 Rocket III Touring

    Hi fellow riders Can anyone please help me to provide details where I can buy a lockable fuel cap for The 2013 Rocket III Touring please? The internet has got this cap for a 2010 model but not for 2013.
  4. bootworks

    What made you buy her?

    I know you get it. You wouldn't be in this asylum with us, your fellow inmates, if you didn't. Only dogs riding cages with their heads out the window understand, kindred spirits. But you have choices. It's the Golden Age of ICE motorcycling, before the TRON machines evolve and we're forced...
  5. davidr2023

    Want to Buy Rivco risers

    Rivco risers for roadster or if anyone can tell me which ones to buy i thought tr3017 but on ebay it says will not fit 2018 roadster
  6. Vlan2k

    Want to Buy Flyscreen Mounting Kit

    I have EVERYTHING except the bolts to attach the screen to the mounting bracket. Anybody out there have the bits they'd like to part with?
  7. JKrull66

    Want to Buy Russell seat & Classic Floor Boards

    I have a 2006 Standard R3, I have a corbin Seat and Standard floorboards, but looking for a Russell seat for a big guy... and the lower classic floor boards. On the floor boards really just need the rails as the boards are the same part number. The Classic Kit numbers were A9758081 & 8083. Rails...
  8. davidr2023

    Want to Buy Rivco risers tr3017

    Rivco risers tr3017
  9. Ralsmith

    Want to Buy Wanted to buy Sissy Bar

    Hi guys I am in California and looking for a sissy bar for my 2011 R3 roadster. Does anyone have a factory one for sale or know of s good aftermarket one that will work. Thanks in advance
  10. Rockmonster

    Want to Buy Triumph Roadster saddlebags UK

    After the above In very good condition please! Anyone want rid of a set? Thanks
  11. stollydriver

    Want to Buy Sissy bar

    Looking for a sissy bar - genuine complete, Anyone have one they want to sell?
  12. scot in exile

    Warp will buy you a Drink

    If you can read this without laughing Warp will buy you a drink
  13. kingmerle

    Want to Buy mustang dual seat

    mustang dual seat with backrest for r3t with or w/o studs
  14. Longrider

    **FOUND** Standard Radiator - Damaged

    I want an old radiator. as long as the mounts and fittings are where they should be. Wanted for project. Will pay, plus freight to Aus. COD Preferred.
  15. Where to buy performance internals

    I just picked up another rocket that I want to turbo I'm trying to figure out where to get certain parts, mainly, forged pistons, valvetrain uogrades and exhaust flange Does anyone know where to purchase the exhaust flange and stubs, ive searched and cant find any info, I can cut up my stock...
  16. crashpete

    Want to Buy A9608144

    Wanted to buy black tors for a 2012 Rocket 3 roadster
  17. Dr.D

    Need to buy a Tune ECU cable?

    I'm doing the upgrade with Lush and Bryant parts and i need to buy a real Tune ECU cable. I have seen that there are poor performing knock-offs and I don't want to buy a problem. Where is a good place to buy in the US? I saw one member selling but it was exclusive to the UK. Do I have to find...
  18. Ishrub

    Gawd (y)- who would buy that?

    Gawd (y)- who would buy that?;):eek::D Went for Au$7900 +15% Auction fees. (Au$9085, US$6632, GBP4400). Description: 2010 Triumph Rocket III Classic - Well yeah its a Roadster really. Year: 2010 Make: Triumph Model: Rocket III Classic Body: Road Bike Odometer: Indicating 27,500km (17,000...
  19. Rocoz57

    Want to Buy Want to buy.

    I need triumph part# A9708177 and A9738002. Cannot find. Please help.
  20. Want to Buy Buy or trade T120 for R3R

    i would like to buy a clean R3R or trade my 17 T120 Bonnie Black set up for touring