1. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    **SOLD** 2009 Thruxton with 904cc Performance Kit.

    SOLD the Thruxton Tonight. 4/27/2020. 2009 Thruxton with Triumph Performance USA 904cc high performance kit. Asking USD $4500. This is one of the bikes we took to Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials in August 2016. It was officially timed at a speed of 140.38 MPH. This bike has 14,000...
  2. B

    Where to buy performance internals

    I just picked up another rocket that I want to turbo I'm trying to figure out where to get certain parts, mainly, forged pistons, valvetrain uogrades and exhaust flange Does anyone know where to purchase the exhaust flange and stubs, ive searched and cant find any info, I can cut up my stock...
  3. Hubguru

    Anyone use Sabin Performance in Dallas TX for Dyno? UPDATE DYNO COMPLETED

    Hey Guys, I've pulled the trigger on installing a RamAir and Outlaw Slip-On so will need a new tune. Has anyone used Sabin Performance in Dallas TX? I email them but haven't heard back yet if they will do a R3R. I could probably tuneecu myself but have had several previous bikes Dyno'd with...
  4. Danvitt

    Performance - diy pipes vs pro's

    I'm really wanting something like the carpenter street rod pipes, but ****, at $1600 what is so special about them? I have have half the mind to spend $500 on a okayish welder and make my own. Is there something we don't know that makes these things so pricey? Does anyone have any experience...
  5. doncuddy

    future r-3 performance upgrade questions

    Considering future performance upgrades and have a few questions for the community...1) triple K+N vs Ramair--members preferences and why? one better than the other? 2) Cat Box removal--can the cross over pipe be used with stock pipes if I'm not ready to buy new ones, or is it dumb to do this...
  6. BillyIndiana

    For Sale Custom Performance Valves

    Anyone wanting some of these let me know. They are custom made so don't expect them to be cheap.
  7. evanr


    Stainless steel Pre Roadster decat pipe for sale cost £285 plus post on eBay. Yours for £150 plus postage. Cat bypass by evanr posted Jun 29, 2017 at 4:44 PM
  8. Anomaly

    $1500 performance upgrade

    So, I'm still building out my R3T exactly how I want it, and seeking a bit more performance. Right now, I upgraded to a Dain 3-to-1 slip-on, PCV (no dyno tuners using TuneECU), and a RamAir kit. Right now I dyno'd 145hp, 151ft/lbs, not bad considering it's at the wheel and minimal upgrades, but...
  9. Pumbaa

    For Sale Dave Platt - Performance Exhaust System (Slip-Ons) - Free Shipping

    US$ 500 (Including Shipping) AU$ 650 (Including Shipping) - YES I WILL pay for the SHIPPING From the same company that designed the Shorty Exhaust comes this beautiful setup for the Triumph Rocket III Roadster. Made entirely of 304 marine grade series stainless steel and polished to a mirror...
  10. Joesmoe

    ECUnleashed Performance Reflash

    I've been intrigued by the recent discussion of tuning tailored to the individual bike. Looking at various places listed on the DynoJet web site, one advertised the subject service. I called the service manager, who I know, and he said his shop does the run and collects the data. They then...
  11. legsroses

    lower performance in gears

    Hi, my 2010 bike reached lower speed than standard.. not 50mph but 40 (1gear), not 87mph but 63 (2gear), not 106mph but 84mph (3gear).. for dealer is all ok, diagnostic is ok too.. so I don't know as solve it, someone can suggest something about.. Thanks
  12. aussierocket

    Link Pipe

    Hi All, Just wanting to know which and where to buy the best free flowing link pipe for my 2010 roadster. Cost is Fourth to quality, performance and looks. They must connect to stock headers and TORS. I live in Australia but can order anywhere depending on whats best. I saw this one online...
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