1. Bull

    Dyno in SE Michigan

    After going to my second shop I found a tuner in southeast Michigan! After putting on some TORs, cat delete, and a RamAir, my 2007 classic tourer would either run so lean it would burn my pantleg or so rich you could smell the gas. Either way, the throttle was incredibly snatchy and the power...
  2. DDT

    New guy, dyno tuner.

    not a Triumph owner, but am trying to give a hand when/where i can locally and online. I own a DJ 250i with the WinPEP 8 hardware stack, brake, torque sensor, AFR 2 module, extra AMS (LSU 4.9 WB) sensors wired into the dyno analog inputs, among other things (pressure transducers, etc).
  3. Journeyman28778

    DIY Beginner Upgrades Cams & Pistons - Lives To Tell The Tale

    I just finished a Neville Lush piston and cam rebuild in ""record time"" with no prior experience. I had allowed myself a full five days during the Christmas holidays for the install. Well, now, more than three months later, I’m finally in a position to say, "job completed!" and share this story...
  4. vindex1963

    Dyno shoot out

    Makes me ask, was there even a contest!!!
  5. Journeyman28778

    Dyno Tuner- What to Look For ???

    I’m several weeks away from installing Lush cams and pistons and need to settle on a tuner. @Dr.D has recommended a good tuner a couple of hours away from me, but it sounds like a long interstate ride would not be the best break-in plan and getting a trailer and hitch is going to be a real...
  6. vindex1963

    Dyno shop

    Anyone know of a good Dyno shop in the Phoenix Arizona area? Thunder Mfg tuned my Victory Vegas and are now gone, Azkikr tuned my Victory Cross Country are are now gone. I would just like a power run done on the Rocket but myself and my friends don't know of a good shop in the Valley anymore.
  7. ant

    Dyno setup at TTS

    Perhaps overdue but yesterday i spent a few hours at TTS on the dyno My 2007 classic fitted with the stage 2 kit is now running spot on.The bike at first was running a little rich on the basic map but that was soon sorted.Now she has a nice smooth curve going up to 306bhp and 244ft/lb torque.:D...
  8. C

    Mufasa Dyno Day

    So I just got back from Nels, horrendous traffic on the way back so didn't get to play much at all, but we spent 3 hours strapped down working on various things. We experimented with a bunch of things and found a few good pieces of information. 1: We tuned it with my 4.5" velocity stacks and...
  9. Boss man

    Quick Dyno check and slight tweek

    Installed the Ramiar some time ago and had the Jardine set up from new. Downloaded and installed a Tune From @HansO and was wondering how it was doing. Always ran great. Last weekend was in a long Ride and it starting acting up. Would stall under decel when coming to a stop and act as if hydro...
  10. Bernard Vinet

    Update on mods & Dyno Results

    Rocket 3 Touring Long story short : last yr I installed TORS exhaust pipes on my 2012 Touring, Adjusted the MAP with the 20368 tune In 2018 I these numbers Got 103 HP & 148 ft lb torque. Received cross over from Paul Bryant couple of weeks back, installed them ...
  11. Jeremy

    Dyno Question

    Hello all and thanks for your help in advance. I was on the bike this weekend, as we had a biker weekend for charity in my city. They had a mobile dyno there. I have wanted to run mine to check to make sure my map is accurate with my fuel and of course wanted to see where my HP was at. I was...
  12. BDClone

    Baseline Dyno

    Went to get a baseline run for the new rocket before I start changing things. 4th gear: 121 hp and 138 ft-lbs torque. 5th gear: 113 hp and 148 ft-lbs torque. The hp wants to climb till the ECU reigns it in. The torque hits peak around 2200 to 2500 rpm. Brad was telling me what we already knew...
  13. Tbone

    Carpenter 240 dyno question

    Asking for a friend(the little one that looks like a devil and sits on my shoulder). What is a realistic HP number from a Carpenter 240 kit with Carp exhaust? I'm hearing varying numbers.
  14. Thedogsbollocks

    Dyno skills - If they’re good does specific Rocket exp. matter?

    ~ was talking in messages with a couple of fellow captains and we thought this might be a valid general question about having a Rocket dyno’d. Living in an area that is the most diehard Harley country you could imagine, I cannot find anyone with specific experience tuning a Triumph or any...
  15. Roscoe

    Dyno Price Holy Crap

    So got my Rocket the way I like it except for the decel popping and banging out of the 3 into 1 pipe, went to a Dyno shop asked about having it remapped and dynoed etc etc thinking yeah maybe $300 or so....... nooooo near had a heart attack when quoted $599 for remap and tune up. Not sure if he...
  16. phar2slo

    06 vs 16 Rocket on dyno Ashburton 24 Nov 2018

    Well a very wet trip across the city to meet up with Tal & his mate Gary. Then down the Road in Showers all the way. Arrived at the venue paid the entry fee and could smell burning plastic I think that's got to be my leatherlik panniers! Asked the bloke where do you want us to park? He said...
  17. phar2slo

    Ashburton motorbike show. New Zealand

    @Tal and I are heading down to this show in an hour or so and weather gods are smiling somewhere else today
  18. Steel

    Just got another dyno tune

    Last time Black Betty went to Carpenter, I got her back and was very unsatisfied with how she ran. Bob didn't seem to have the time or desire to get her running right. I couldn't figure out exactly what the issue was, and was given help and suggestions from a couple of members here. Thanks to...
  19. BlackSails

    Side by Side All out Dyno Racing

    The local Harley dealer sponsored a side by side dyno 1/4 mile drag race. Times & such are meaningless but it was still fun! Especially since I won my catagory (non-v-twin) and had the fastest time of everything that ran by a full 2 seconds. The prize was a cool metal trophy and a $200 gift...
  20. Martin-Brighton-uk

    Dyno results from today

    Got a tuner near me who works with TuneECU, doesn't just try to sell me Power Commander. He remapped the beast today, 145bhp @ 5592 rpm amd 153.77Ft/lb @ 3474 rpm. Nice pulling power now. I'll upload the TuneECU map to the resources. 2011 R3R, TORS + RAMAIR Steve Jordan Motorcycles -...
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