rocket 3 gt

  1. Happy

    Help... I really need highway pegs for 2021 Rocket 3 GT....

    I purchased a 2021 Rocket 3 GT, I installed mid controls, Rox risers, a Powerbronze windshield, and even spent the $$$ for a Corbin seat with a driver's side backrest. I am talking with an aluminum welder/fabricator about making me a bracket where the forward controls were so I can put in some...
  2. New Rocket 3 GT in Arizona, USA

    Hello to all! New Rocket 3 GT owner since two weeks ago here in HOT Arizona, USA (we had several days of over 115F/45C this past week). New Triumph owner, actually. Truly impressed with the bike's refinement and performance! The R3 replaced a 2013 Yamaha FJR 1300, but the wife liked the R3...
  3. Palptine

    How is the Rocket 3 GT going for my height 5.7"?

    I wanted to consult you in your experience how the Rocket 3 GT would go with its advanced controls for my height of 5.7? Thanks.
  4. Happy

    Are mid controls on the new Rocket 3 GT worth it???

    I finally got a Rocket 3 GT after wanting one since the introduction of the TFC back in 2019. This is actually my 4th rocket and I think I am going to hang on to this one. It is a really beautiful bike. I have now been driving it for about a month and I really hate the forward controls. Is...
  5. Hi all new to rocket owners just got mine !

    Hi all new to rocket owners just got my rocket 3 gt awesomely quick !, I will add some aftermarket exhaust after the warranty expires ,i've already started with trik customs gel kneed tank pads and a power bronze longer rear hugger and front fender extender .
  6. vsteel

    Got my 2021 Rocket 3 GT on the Dyno

    I know this is less than what others have but I am happy. Numbers at the rear wheel and not corrected for ideal conditions, I was wrong and it is corrected. Correction and Smoothing are two different things and not to be confused with each other. Notice that what it actually says is CF: SAE...
  7. New to Forum with a beautiful 2022 Limited edition Triumph Rocket 3 GT- Anyone else have this problem?

    Hello everyone, I was lucky to be able to buy a 2022 Triumph Rocket 3 GT from cycles 128 in Beverly MA. Great dealership, took amazing care of me and Roger the salesman know the bikes up and down and provided the best purchase experience I've had buying motorcycles. On or about the 5th day of...
  8. Starfrog

    Hi, just waiting to pick up my new Rocket 3 GT on June 23rd :)

    I’ve traded in my Honda Goldwing 2019 model for a new Rocket 3 GT as I while I had fun with the goldwing it was time for me to get something a little less touring and a bit more fun. Question what is the power socket at the front of the rocket 3 GT ? I want to buy an adapter for it but not sure...
  9. Robert M. Münch

    Rocket 3 GT / iPhone / Cardo Freecom 2+ => no navigation announcement

    I once had the setup Rocket 3 GT, iPhone, and Cardo Freecom 2+ running together so that I could use the Triumph app for navigation, see the pictograms on the display, and hear the navigation announcements in the helmet, and could still talk to the pillion passenger. Something changed then, and...
  10. Aregg

    2021 Rocket 3 GT Indicator Light Issue

    My 2021 has under 600 miles and twice I have had a burned light (or whatever it is called) come on saying that the right rear indicator is not functioning. If I then turn the indicators on and to the right then the pulses would be rapid as a burned bulb in the not so new bikes did. If I turn the...
  11. Hi! Im a new proud owner of a Rocket 3 GT 2021. I like the ride it give me, but already having a few problems... this is why Im here!

    1st: Sometimes, the bike won’t start because it can’t find the key. When running, I often have the message “Low battery” with a key under it. I already tried to change the battery... didn’t change anything. Sometime I get the message that tells me that the key is not in reach... First time I...
  12. CoRocket3Gt

    Hard to start 2021 Rocket 3 Gt

    Does anyone else have this issue that after my bike has sit for 24 hours or more, it is hard to start ? I will turn it on let it go through it’s warmup and then when I pull in the clutch to start it, I will sometimes have to pull the starter down for 15 seconds before it starts. Otherwise when I...
  13. Palptine

    Rocket 3 GT Overall Length

    Greetings from Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. World´s End. Waiting very anxiously for my rocket 3 GT. I wanted to ask you how long the motorcycle is in overall length? From end to end. Thanks.

    Hi I'm Steve Hedge. I've been quite obsessed by the New Rocket 3's so decided to sell my Yamaha XJR1300 & now have a Rocket3 GT Model on order. I was sad to see the XJR go - she was good to me but I'm like a little kid waiting for Christmas atm. I look forward to chatting & meeting with you...
  15. hossman

    Exhaust Options Rocket 3 GT

    Any exhaust options out there yet for the GT or R to give it a more deeper sound? My 16 Rocket 3 Roadster had the aftermarket TORS exhaust and had a nice deep rumble to it. My only negative on my 20 Rocket 3 GT is it really has no sound.
  16. greenturbobob

    2021 New Rocket 3 GT Triple Black Features and Benefits available!!!

    But only a 1000:( I wonder what the 3R will get??
  17. kevin S

    Rocket 3 GT Exhaust Mod from Meerkat!!!!

    I was in contact with Peter Herrington ( Meerkat Mufflers) and he sent me this info for DIY method.
  18. cmintegra

    Crash bars, engine guards, sliders Rocket 3 R/ GT

    Hello again fellow rocketeers! Does anyone has any knowledge about options to protect the bike in the event of a tip over or a drop? God forbid that one of Us have to endure such a predicament, but even Valentino Rossi had to be prepared for the worst case scenario... I've been searching...
  19. cmintegra

    Rocket 3 GT power port to a Battery charger/tender?

    Hello Folks, it's a pleasure to be here! I have one (maybe newbie's) question: can we use the port on the left of the windscreen's base to connect a battery charger/tender for storage of the Bike or should we go straight to the battery itself with the usual Industry standard 2-pole SAE...
  20. TukkErik

    Noise final transmission Rocket 3 2020

    The final transmission of my Rocket 3 GT 2020 makes a lot of noise, as if there is a bearing defect. It becomes about 53 ° C at 20 ° C at oil level. Is that also the case with the other engines? Has anyone been able to find out the cause or could it be a tire problem?