rocket 3 gt

  1. Rocket 3 GT rider from Pennsylvania

    Hello, Steve from PA. Just brought my new Rocket 3 GT home Yesterday. Can't wait Until the weather warms up here to get out and really enjoy it.
  2. tino19625

    For Sale 2020 Rocket 3 GT -- $19,500 North East USA

    Silver Ice / Strom Grey - brand new tires - 10,760 miles garage kept - cruise control, heated grips, brembo brakes, hill assist, TFT display - dealer maintained and service is current. added exhaust system, power commander 5 w/dyno tune, quick shifter, windshield, corbin two-up heated seats...
  3. New Rocket 3 GT Rider in Germany

    Hey there, my name is Erik and I got myself a nice 3 GT in December last year. I haven't been riding a lot recently as the winter is still going on over here. Well, this gives me time to think about customizing it. Thank you for accepting me to the forum and I am looking forward to chatting with...
  4. New Rocket 3 GT rider from Georgia

    Hello. My name is Stephen and about 2 weeks ago I got myself a 2022 Rocket 3 GT. Have really enjoyed it so far. I also ride a 2018 HD lowrider and a 2008 Kawasaki Vulcan Custom. Thanks for letting me participate in your forum.
  5. Sk74ss09

    2019 Rocket 3 GT

    This is my girl,4 Hours of detailing tonight so worth it,First one delivered in my area in 2019zPenner tune.Definitely a Harley Slayer. Steve Newcastle NSW.
  6. RocketMang70

    Rocket 3 GT Arss pain lol

    Howdy Partners, I know I just got the bike and have to get used to riding position coming from a busa. However, has anyone had tailbone butt pain issue with stock seat? Solutions? I used a thin gel pad today on way to work seemed to help a little. Thanks for any feedback.
  7. RocketMang70

    HI I'm Dominic from the Ozarks USA

    buying a Rocket 3 gt this weekend.
  8. Jagster

    Rocket 3 GT - Breaking for parts - UK Ebay seller

    Just in case anyone needs anything...... James Sherlock Ltd | eBay Stores
  9. Majaste

    Sold my 2021 Rocket 3 GT

    It's been real owning a Rocket 3 but my time on the bike has come and gone. I enjoyed the extreme power of the machine and it was good to read the stories and good times everyone has/had on this bike in this forum. I have a few items for sale in the classifieds (OEM panniers/Powerbronze...

    Not my video though very impressive on a GT
  11. jammybun

    my rocket 3 gt nightmare

    bought a used rocket 3 get here in Thailand almost a year ago.unfortunately for me,it turned out to have the infamous oil my next post,I will upload some horrendous pics. not a pretty sight.
  12. Hodge1974R3

    New Rocket 3 Gt

    A big thank you Brisan of Newcastle,Instrument panel cracked and replaced under warranty.They went above and beyond to get this though for me. Special mention to Dale. Thanks guys.
  13. Thadorod

    New 2021 Rocket 3 GT Fuel Sensor Issue

    I've had my Rocket 3 GT for about a month and the fuel sensor always read the tank was empty. I brought it back to the dealership and after 3 weeks of testing the fuel sensor was replaced. Now after just getting it back the tank always reads full. I'm going to try running the tank empty a few...
  14. SR71

    Rocket 3 gt ecu flash

    Hi guys .. so I done my ecu flash on my Rocket 3 gt Rear wheel hp / nm
  15. Palptine

    Paint Code Rocket 3 GT Silver Ice/Storm Grey

    Hello friends. I'm need the paint code for the Rocket 3GT Silver ice/sotrm gray because I need to do some touch ups on the fuel tank cover. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  16. GP19

    GT with R foot pegs

    Hello, I’m 6’ and I want to change my GT’s foot pegs to Mid control ( R spec ). Only thing I’m concerned is that with the GT seat (23 mm lower than R ) and Mid control (Assuming it’s at its lowest setting ) will it be too much of a squeeze for my legs ? Looking forward for your inputs. thanks.
  17. Gateway77

    Corbin Dual Tour Seat on Rocket 3 GT?

    Hi All - looking for some feedback on anyone who has the Corbin dual tour seat installed so a few thoughts to the collective. 1. Never ridden a bike with a rider back rest - I feel as though this might be good for comfort on longer runs / touring? 2. The larger Pillion sissy bar will clearly...
  18. Aregg

    2021 Rocket 3 GT Will not crank

    Due to health issues I have not ridden the Rocket 3. It has under 1,200 miles and is garaged and connected to a battery tender, as all my other toys. Tried to go for a ride today and it would not start. The lights come on but as I try to start it makes a noise (solenoid trying to engage) then...
  19. RebelHawk

    2020 Rocket 3 GT indicator swap for 2021 style

    While in my local shop last week I noticed on an in stock 2021 Rocket 3R that the front and rear indicators have changed. They went from the previous round multifunction LEDs to a much smaller triangle shaped LED. I went back this weekend and placed an order for a set for both front and rear...
  20. tino19625

    Triumph Custom Parts - Rocket 3 R & GT Exhaust

    I searched for this Triumph Custom Parts exhaust and didn't find it, sorry if it's out there - but it's not so bad looking and pretty straight forward if anyone still in search of changing out their exhaust.