1. Koso Heated Grips

    Hello Everybody, Anybody with experience or did try fitting the Koso Apollo heated grips? I like the way they look with the embedded heat level button. Thanks
  2. Chariot

    Heated grips OEM for Rocket 3 2017

    Anyone know where I can get a new set. Nothing on Ebay. Thanks
  3. maurice

    Heated grips not hot

    Little cold early today and barely warm on high. Last winter very hot. Anyone with same problem and fixed at dealer? Curious what they did, how long to fix.😡
  4. Replacement switches for R3R - grips and fog lights

    Apparently most of the wiring parts that I'm looking for on my bike have been discontinued by Triumph. I am looking for A9930056 or A9930057. Any source on ordering a compatible switch that will fit right into my Rocket's housing on the left handlebar?
  5. Son_Of_Dog

    Looking for Recommendations - Grips

    Hey all, I've been lusting after a set of Rizoma Sport grips for a while now, but after looking up how much the 1" diameter ones cost now ($150 pre-shipping) I'm looking for other options. Any recommendations? I don't really care about heated grips, but I'd like something with some nicely...
  6. Loatmead

    Heated grips

    Hi all has anyone fitted the Triumph heated grips that come as standard on the gt to the r. If so is it straight forward or is there a lot of messing around with wires.
  7. Ishrub

    Heated grips Triumph Rocket 3 A9638304

    On eBay in USA, free shipping. Lots of moola! o_O :( US $280.00 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Triumph-Speed-Triple-and-Rocket-3-Models-Heated-Grip-Kit-A9638304/324273165938?hash=item4b802fd672:g:qaUAAOSwOfRfRXZI
  8. Darron1117

    New grips

    Hey all, I really like my new Trackside Rail Grips I installed yesterday.
  9. Darron1117

    1 inch grips

    Hey guy's, I'm replacing the grips on my 2012 Roadster and have a question. I wouldn't have to use the throttle cam that comes with the grips, correct or not? Looks like you just remove the bar ends, cut off old grips and glue new one's on. Thanks and GO ASTROS...
  10. MIG

    R3T OEM grips heating up on their own...

    I've had reliable use of my my Triumph OEM heated grips on my '14 R3T until now. Admittedly, she sat for the past 15 months while I was half-way around the world and during her first 5 hour ride home there were no issues; however, on the way to work the other day the grips began to heat on...
  11. Stillserving

    Mod needed to fit Iso grips

    Now, I understand this might not be very common configuration, so keep that in mind. I will start by stating that I ran into this issue when I attempted to fit the Kuryakyn Iso grips to my Roadster. The part that made this mod necessary was the combo of iso grips, with either the stock bar...
  12. Bull


    I'm thinking about getting some T-bars and wanted opinions on new grips. I think something thicker would be more comfortable but not sure where to start. And any thoughts on the T-bars would be appreciated too.
  13. tman

    Want to Buy Stock grips

    Stock grips with end bar weights wanted for 2015 Rocket III Touring.
  14. Ishrub

    (false alarm) Triumph Touring heated grips going cheap in USA

    Heated Grip Kit - Fits Rocket III Touring product # A9638027 $78.00 Heated Grip Kit from Triumph Accessories

    For Sale New Triumph Mirrors (SOLD)

    TRIUMPH TEARDROP STYLE MIRROR - SOLID STEM #A9638033 $110 Free Shipping USA TRIUMPH OVAL MIRRORS - DRILLED STEMS #A9638032 Two Sets $110 Free Shipping USA TRIUMPH OVAL MIRRORS - Solid Stem #A9638031 $110 Free Shipping USA
  16. AnthonyD

    Want to Buy Heated grips subharness (A9930168 (SUB HARNESS, HEATED GRIPS))

    For Touring. Tried to order from a couple of places but none to be found. If anyone has one they aren't using and want to unload, let me know!
  17. DMW2lls

    Heated grips closeout!

    I've had the Triumph heated grips on mine since I took delivery in 08. I ride as long as there's no ice or salt on the roads, so I really appreciate them. It seems as if the Throttle has a 5 year life span on my bike as I had a replacement break a few months ago. It's the 2nd time its broke...
  18. Danvitt

    Replacing grips, a little too late to ask for a how to?

    Hey all, just bought set of Kuryakyn iso grips PN 6340. Looked all over for a video or a how to,, but that's problem with riding a bike most people haven't even heard of. Information can be tough to find. Anyway I received the grips today. Proceeded to work on the throttle side. Couldn't...
  19. Danvitt

    handlebar diameter for grips

    I know its a mundane question but looking to update my grips. I measure the outside diameter of my stock bars and it says 1" , When I go to a site like JP Cycles it keeps calling for 7/8 for my 2013 roadster. Does the bars taper down to something else or do they have it wrong? Don't want to...
  20. Eric R.

    ** SOLD ** Oxford Hot Grips

    i have decided to not keep my new this season Oxford Hot Grips. The couple of times that I used them, they have worked perfectly and get very warm. It’s just a personal preference that I have decided to go back to regular grips. The kit is complete. The only thing that I must disclose is that I...