1. swm

    New Member

    Good day all. Just (well 3 months ago) picked up an 06 Rocket iii, with only 10,000 miles. She now resides to my 07 Triumph America, that has been highly modded, that has taken me all over the western US, and turned into a keeper for life. Much like I expect my new addition to be as well. Still...
  2. Bigjaype

    Triumph going proper off-road?

    Received this news article today...
  3. Jmoney8659

    New here first triumph 2020 3R korosi red

    New guy here first ever triumph. I have a 2020 triumph rocket 3r korosi red. I'm trying to get pictures to upload but I'm from Knoxville TN and have some of the best riding around me.
  4. RRiidderr3

    Longtime Triumph owner. First Rocket.

    Just saying hello.
  5. 1st Triumph.

    Picked up a 2015 Rocket3 w/motor Trike conversion and 7,500 miles, yesterday. Lady driven and bought as new bike w/conversion in Jan 2018. Leaving in 1 week for S Dakota/Yellowstone.
  6. Joesmoe

    Triumph SOS

    triumph-sos Is this worth it ? Better than alternatives ? A solution searching for a problem ?
  7. New to Forum with a beautiful 2022 Limited edition Triumph Rocket 3 GT- Anyone else have this problem?

    Hello everyone, I was lucky to be able to buy a 2022 Triumph Rocket 3 GT from cycles 128 in Beverly MA. Great dealership, took amazing care of me and Roger the salesman know the bikes up and down and provided the best purchase experience I've had buying motorcycles. On or about the 5th day of...
  8. CrzystghndKC

    Triumph dealer grand opening

    I plan on going it's less than a three hour ride.
  9. Sbeud

    News panniers Triumph 25 l

    The new one.
  10. CvSisinthehouse

    Triumph National Rally June 25-26 in Oley, PA

    Got a vintage magazine in the mail today and saw this in the events section. I never heard of it but its not far from me. Triumph National Rally
  11. Antek

    Do Triumph Rocket 3 2.5L engines sweat?

    Historically the old Harley engines were known to sweat and even my VROD engine sweats a little oil, however nothing like what I am seeing on my R3 engine, both pictures are taken underneath the engine at the rear wheel. Is this normal? Or did the service tech just do a bad job of cleaning?
  12. Rocket Plate Customisation

    So I don't like how the licence plate sits on the rocket and really want to change it. This page has a great alternative that im going with. can anyone else recommend any other adjustments I can make to the rocket. Im scouring the internet...
  13. Rocket Scientist

    Hey Triumph !

    I got an idea. Instead of trying to convert the new R3's into a cross country 2 up kinda bike, how about a whole new one ? Resurrect the "Trident" name, use the 2500 motor, but build it more like a standard. With accessories to customize to be a cruiser or a long haul. Make suitable for two...
  14. Jay Congrí

    New to Triumph

    My name is Jay and I recently put a deposit down on a new Triumph Rocket III GT Triple Black. The bike is said to arrive in April, if there are no delays, and I am extremely excited to hit the road on longer tours.
  15. kevin S

    How to adjust the Triumph Shift Assist (TSA) on Rocket 3?

    Does anyone know how to adjust the TSA? its seems that the shifter is hard to engage and requires me to force it whether ****ing up or down. Also it does not shift all the time it requires me to use the clutch! the gear shifter is too tight even when I use the clutch. Yes I can take it to the...

    Hi all from Scotland
  17. Hello fro St. Louis, first time Triumph owner

    Bought it first week of Oct. 2020. It is currently on the shop to fix an oil leak. The motor has to be removed to access the transmission cover!..really pissed about this.
  18. CrackShot

    Triumph Connectivity Module

    Curious as to the general impression of this $225 (USD) accessory from those that may have taken the plunge. Worth it? I like the idea, but not sure that it's worth the coin particularly since I have an iPhone mount and Waze already loaded!
  19. JLeather

    Bought my first Triumph ever... an '07 Rocket 3 with 100k on it and charging issues!

    Like the title says. Last night I'm browsing FB Marketplace trolling for deals on bikes (because there aren't enough projects in my garage already) and I spot an '07 Triumph Rocket 3 Classic with 100k miles and "needs a stator" for $2500. Probably a terrible idea, but long story short it's in...
  20. azmerlin

    How sensitive is the Triumph alarm

    Hey all, Just installed a new Triumph/Datatool alarm, all seems to be working fine, ferry mode, on/off and so on, but compared to other cheaper alarms I have installed in past bikes, it seems very insensitive, I really need to move the whole bike to make it go off where as in the past, a small...