1. Triumph to launch performance lubricants

  2. TuneECU Street Triple 765 RS

    I ride a 2019 Street Triple 765 RS, I find the acceleration to be sluggish or in better words (Progressive) I played around tune on my previous motorcycle (Trident 660) with full zard system, being a 660 motor it was a rocket after fixing the ETV tables, most probably due to the rear sprocket...
  3. New to r3owners but I ride Triumph :)

    Howdy Folks, All the way from South Asia here, been motorcycle enthusiast since close to 3 years, learning as much I can mechanically, electronic and Technologically as much about Motorcycles, Beginner tuner, I used to ride Trident 660 with Full system Zard, now moved to 2019 Street Triple 765...
  4. sunny

    its official Triumph releases R3 Storm

    15ps increase, 167ps to 182ps @ 7000rpm 221nm increased to 225nm torque @ 4000 rpm https://www.triumphmotorcycles.co.uk/motorcycles/rocket-3/rocket-3-storm?sc_camp=AA6645101E12478685E43E5CFA234F90
  5. Protonhound

    Puig Naked New Generation Windscreen Triumph Rocket 3 R

    Does anyone have the Puig Naked New Generation Windscreen and what do you think?
  6. Good triumph mechanic/dealer in denver

    I'm in Wyoming need to take my 09 roadster in. Closes dealers are in Colorado. Closes one says they only work on 10's and newer. Want someone who can fix this thing. s
  7. Jagster

    Rocket 3 - 20th Anniversary Event at the Triumph Factory

    Anyone on here interested in attending?
  8. Protonhound

    Triumph Webmaster needs to wake up!

    The only reason for Triumph not having any 2024 colors/options on their main site by now but only on some hard to find disconnected separate url is because they probably don't care. They figure that that if someone wants one of their bikes they'll make the effort to look for it. Either that or...
  9. Jagster

    Triumph - go off road - Promo video

  10. Jagster

    Rocket fuel tanks and other bits for sale from Total Triumph

    triumph rocket 3 motorcycle parts | eBay
  11. Jagster

    Triumph Motorcycles in the movies

    I got a promo email from Triumph today. I guess many of you will have received it too, but just in case you haven't, here is the link: Star Of The Silver Screen It's an interesting distraction during a coffee break ;)
  12. Journeyman

    Billionaire boss of Triumph Motorcycles pays himself £13m

    ... after profits at the business lept.... You're Welcome! https://finance.yahoo.com/news/billionaire-boss-triumph-motorcycles-pays-184300387.html
  13. GJR

    New member

    Hi. I discovered this forum lately and look forward to learning from the members. I own a 2023 Triumph Rocket 3GT a 2019 Street Triple RS 765. Not naturally mechanical, but determined to service my own bikes for the challange and enjoyment.
  14. Hi

    thanks for the add to the group, I'm an ex Triumph tech and still like to keep up with all of the latest info and solutions to any & all issues
  15. IMG_2062.jpeg


    Rocket 3 GT/O
  16. IMG_2060.jpeg


    Rocket 3 GT/O
  17. Boog

    Bobber review: Triumph -vs- Indian

    I went to Motorcycles of Dulles (MOD) today to test ride the two brands of bobbers they have in stock. Both bikes are the 2023 models. Let's start with the prices. The Indian is just over $15K and the Triumph is between $13K and 14K depending on your desires. I do like both sets of grips on...
  18. Kevin frazier

    2.5s closed deck (impressive triumph)

    There are some performance geeks at Triumph for sure. These new engines are impressive and it starts right at the heart! Well done Triumph. Giving Triumph performance guys a closed deck engine is a hugh step up. 500hp no problem
  19. Jagster

    Triumph Visitor Centre - Hinkley, UK

    Today I had the fortune of calling in to The Triumph Visitor Centre, as I was passing through the area. I can recommend it, to anyone considering going. They had a great display on the 2.5 Rocket so I took a few photos so anyone here who isn't in a position to be able to visit the place, can...