1. 2022 Triumph Rocket 3 - INNOVV ThirdEYE Radar System Install

    The INNOVV ThirdEYE was a breeze to set up on my 2022 Triumph Rocket 3, and it's easily the best purchase I've ever made for my motorcycle. It operates seamlessly right out of the box, without any hiccups, and delivers consistent performance. I use it daily for my morning and evening commutes in...
  2. Sparky59

    Triumph Rocket X Registry

    Just thinking of putting together a list of the 10 year anniv. bikes......sort of like the X-75 Triumph registry list. Not much more of a listing of # (1 thru 500), Name or avatar of owner, state or providence, Prev. owner if desired and years of ownership, Country, ????? 1, curious if there...
  3. Coolant leak on triumph r3

    I have coolant leaking from water pump housing I have nipped it up but still leaks, is this a common problem?
  4. Patrice 55

    I looking for repair manual. Triumph rocket 3 2500 2020

    Please. I looking for repair manual for my rocket 3. Engine 2500cc
  5. Rich1980

    Triumph Rocket Touring Accessories (Driver Backrest, Solo Seat & more)

    Available on EBAY UK. full kit to make make the bike solo! eBay item number: 204270436982
  6. Hi thanks you for letting me join your group

    am waiting for my triumph rocket 3 R 221 to be delivered next week getting bit excited now 😆 iv had shots of old triumph rocket 111 and new ones and love it finally pull the trigger and got one 😁
  7. Triumph coolant types

    I'm looking to change my coolant soon for my 2012 Roadster so looking for the correct replacement and it seems that Triumph have changed the type used since the bike was purchased. I haven't looked at the colour of what in there at the moment but I think it's Blue looking at the header tank and...
  8. Whylee

    Whats with Triumph values

    Just on a whim I checked into trade in value on my 2023 Rocket GT, I cant believe what I got back. On 2 different dealers I got 13,500 and 13, 800. This is basically a brand new Triumph since it has been snowing since I got it and its still under 100 miles on it.
  9. canecorso

    Triumph Rocket fog lights

    I was just wondering if there is anyone that has the Triumph chrome lights for sale? or ones broken and the other one is good I'll buy. one of mine is broken so either looking for two or the one. I'm heading to Miami Florda December 19th so if there's anyone on the way that's has them for sale...
  10. Rock Ape

    Triumph claims No Clutches EVER fixed under Warranty

    As some of you know, I had issues with my clutch in 2020. I recently followed up after seeing another Triumph video of the Rocket 3 doing large burnouts in an advertisement/promotion. When I asked Triumph about this, they claimed they have NEVER had to do a clutch repair/replacement under...
  11. webmaster

    New Triumph Dealer in my area

    I was returning to Northwest Arkansas this morning from Missouri and drove by the Indian Dealer here in town, and saw a Triumph banner staked into the grass in front. So I found a place to turn around, went back to the dealer, stopped and got out to look through the windows. It was amazing to...
  12. New to Triumph

    Just purchased my first Triumph motorcycle. I got the 2022 Rocket 3R in Silver and cranberry. Should be delivered on Sunday Oct 9th. Will be trying to get as much riding in as I can before the snow flies. I’ve been riding 750 cc bikes mostly but test drove a Rocket 3 and decided to purchase one...
  13. Journeyman28778

    Killer Deal on Triumph Heated Grips for 2.5 Rockets

    Just wanted to share. I found the Triumph heated grips at a shop in Italy, called Pogliani, for $234 Euros, including shipping. My bank charged me $233. I ordered just three days ago and here they are today in a factory sealed Triumph box. They go for $300 - 310 in the states. Heated Kit...
  14. Triumph owner, researching for information.

    Came across this forum while researching information on TuneECU. Hope to learn enough to modify maps on my ride. Great group here.
  15. hossman

    Triumph needs exhaust options for Rocket 3R & GT

    Man I sure did like my TORS on my 16 Rocket 3 and gave a nice deep tone and kept the stock look. These bikes need something along those lines. A nice windshield option too.
  16. Triumph coolant not available

    Hello, Rocket 3r needs following coolant as per manual A9610046 HD4X OAT COOLANT Triumph dealer(s) is saying that they dont have A9610046 HD4X OAT COOLANT. Triumph Dealer saying use this instead but remove old coolant first and dont mix these two. Can i mix them? Why dealer said that dont...
  17. Gina’s Motorsports

    Gina’s Motorsports

    Gina’s has a new 221 GT available, along with a couple Rs. 708-746-5750 Ask for Cody.
  18. Ishrub

    Does Royal Enfield do Anniversary issues better than Triumph?

    My mate of 35 years just added his 5th bike to the stable ( 1 0f 480 -240 of each) and I must say it is a stunner. Continental GT 650 120 year Anniversary The tanks finished in a stunning Black Chrome, which sits atop a beautiful black paint scheme for the remainder of the body. Hand-painted...
  19. Ian w

    Triumph Rocket111 Roadster 2004 in Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia

    hi Guys, I started my bike up the other morning and had to wait for a mate so turned it of, when ready to ride I tried starting it but nothing, the headlights don't come on but the lights on the instruments do I can here a click at the relay switch and the battery is all good, I read that the...
  20. Son_Of_Dog

    Triumph Rocket Bobber

    Big Bob- Mr. Martini Triumph Rocket 3 Don't sell me your roadster.