1. D

    Does Triumph build Rocket 2020's in UK?

    Hi, I am considering a 2020 Rocket and I wonder if they are built in UK or Thailand?
  2. Ishrub

    Triumph bearing part numbers and an aftermarket supplier

    https://www.wmtbearings.co.uk/blog/triumph-motorcycle-bearings-ball-roller-amp-needle-bearings and another with part number descriptions for some Triumph bearings and related parts. http://www.speedsupplies.com/partslisting.asp?position=52&increment=500&category=TM T3800083...
  3. JW Speaker LED headlamps on The R3R

    JW Speaker LED headlamps on The R3R

    Fit like a glove; Look Amazing. There are 2 versions, the blacked-out and the chrome one. I put chrome ones. The blacked-outs make the bike look kinda blind with too dark front fascia. Performance-wise, the difference is huge with crystal visibility for at least 200m!
  4. TheWhingnut

    Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride 2020

    DGR 2020 from the website : "We will still be riding this year on Sunday the 27th of September, however, it will look a little different to what we're used to. It has been a difficult year, but the show must go on! The 2020 ride will be a solo event to comply with all local social distancing...
  5. webmaster

    James Bond Triumph Scramber

    Found these pics on a page about the upcoming Bond Movie No Time to Die
  6. mando

    Triumph newbie

    Hi all, first time Triumph owner picked it up last week Saturday and went back in on Friday for its first service, I saw the TCF at my dealer and he sugested I sat on it cause it was clearly something I would want to have, I had already read the tests of course so I asked them to put the GT...
  7. sonny

    Triumph is in trouble

    Been reading up on the financial condition of Triumph and it is not good. The money and time spent up grading the Bonneville's did not work out so well with sells. The new rocket is not selling very well either. Company moved just about everything to Thailand. Most parts are now made in Taiwan...
  8. Egide

    New owner of the Triumph Rocket 3 GT

    Hello all, New owner of a Triumph Rocket 3 GT. First Triumph I ever bought and it does ride exeptionally. Greetings to you all.
  9. ChristianV

    1st time Triumph Owner - United States (Salt Lake City, UT)

    Hello all thought I would create a profile and introduce myself as I've been scouring these forums all day getting some great information! I bought my very first Triumph on Monday, a 2016 Rocket 3 Roadster (my last bike was a Honda Interstate which is basically a fury with some touring extras)...

    Harley fails while Triumph succeeds....

    I came across this video on YT finding it interesting. Like the guy said opinions are like belly buttons..;)
  11. maurice

    My Triumph App

    Am I correct that this app is useless unless you get the connectivity module installed from dealer?
  12. technoguppy

    Triumph Owners Unite!!!

    Harley-Davidson is to the motorcycling culture what Coke is to the beverage industry. Wouldn't it be great if Triumph was the Pepsi, rather than the RC Cola? There is an International group of Triumph Riders under the banner of Hinckley Triumph Owners Club (HTOC). It has members in 34...
  13. RedLBB

    Triumph Magnetic tank bag ?

    Anyone having the experience of the magnetic tank bag for the 2020 R3 ? Would it scratch the tank painting ? Where do the security strap go (just in the front and around the steering column) ? Secure enough (at reasonable speed) ? Else ?
  14. freshprince

    Triumph brand panniers and racks fitted to GT

    Really happy with the kit. It's clean, it's easy to install, and easy on/easy off with the ignition key. Now I can take longer rides, bring some food/drink, layers of clothing etc. etc. and plan for longer trips down the line when it's time to re-explore our world in good time. I also have...
  15. Ishrub

    Factory Triumph rider's backrest with custom made R3 Roadster Solo seat mount.

    Factory Triumph rider's backrest A9708160 with custom made R3 Roadster Solo seat mount. Utopia do a similar bracket mount for their backrest but it still requires the pillion seat bracket to be fitted. The beauty of this one is you can use the same rider's backrest for your R3 Roadster Solo...
  16. Kojack1970

    New Triumph Dealer in New England (Massachussets)

    Too all my fellow New England Rocket owners, I received this email from Mom's in Foxboro Mass. They are now going to be a Triumph dealer. I find it a little funny and ironic, since I bought my 2016 Roadster from them as a new used bike with only 800 miles and they were anxious to get it off...
  17. Journeyman28778

    Vintage Triumph for "An ounce of weed and a six pack of beer"

    Good Father & Son Story (after the purchase)
  18. ChicagoRocket

    Triumph Quickshifter Kit

    Hi Gang, Picking up my new 2020 R3 GT today and I wanted to inquire about adding the quickshifter. Does anyone know a part number for that? How tough is install? I see some of you have had your dealer install, just curious why...thanks!
  19. chris haentjens

    Triumph shift kit for 2.5L

    Does anyone have the triumph quick shifter installed?? My bikes getting it's first service next week and I'm wondering if it's worth the 500 price tag installing it while it's there. Thanks for any feedback
  20. bebsy

    Triumph cam jig offset

    Tooth alignment offset...???
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