1. dude

    ABS light is always on

    Hello! First time after a long time not using my R3 2014 Roadster I finaly managed to drive for a first time this year! Unfortunately the ABS light is not going off at any speed and any time anymore. Last time i rode the bike ABS was functional. Prior to riding the bike I replaced the left...
  2. 1BadRocket

    Disable ABS? (2.5L)

    Has anyone figured out how to turn ABS off? Obviously I can disable traction control, but the bike will not wheelie... not even pop a wheelie, much less power wheelie. Anyone else have success?
  3. RockOn

    First Model Year For ABS Brakes?

    The earliest reference I can find to Rocket III models with ABS brakes are the 2011 Roadster and Touring models. I see that reference in the BikeBandit.com OEM parts lists and diagrams. Anyone know of earlier Rocket III model years with ABS? I ask because I've seen a few earlier Rocket III...
  4. Mike Rocket

    Dealer tool Question

    Has anybody used the dealer tool to (the one you can purchase from the web) bleed out the ABS unit on a Rocket 3?
  5. Ishrub

    9x R3 Touring paint options and associated VIN with ABS and pre ABS models

    Colors/Combos pre and with ABS and VIN Details -CP Jet Blk/Sunset Red: > 411983; > 561126 Special Edition -PG Jet Black -JN Eclipse Blue/Azure Blue -NG Jet Blk/New England White: > 411983; > 561126 Special Edition -PR Phantom Black - ABS Version > 574820 -NW Phantom Black/Crystal...
  6. BillyIndiana

    A little help please Turn signals 2015 R3T ABS

    So as I stated in my other thread my signals stopped working Saturday. Tonight I Checked the bulbs OK Checked the fuse OK (Brake light and horn are on same fuse and work) Got out the manual and stared working through the circuit. It seems whatever controls the indicators is in the...
  7. Tbone

    Excedra Max and ABS

    I recently put on a new Excedra Max 240-55-16 on the rear and have been experiencing ABS activating too frequently. A couple times I would be coming in hot and it kicked in when I should have been able to slow under normal braking and things got a little hairy. Also was using front and rear...
  8. Martin W.

    For Sale Houston, Texas - 2012 Triumph Rocket III Roadster ABS - 5000 miles, $6999

    2012 Triumph Rocket III Roadster ABS for sale in Houston, Texas Purchased used in 2013, one previous owner Excellent condition, 5000 miles, stored in garage with battery tender (included) Full service at Mancuso in May, previous oil changes done by me, stock tires still in good condition...
  9. Wade'sWorld

    ABS is it a linked braking system?

    I was wondering if the abs bikes are a linked braking system, like some Bmw's or some Honda's...
  10. P

    Alloy Brake line size - Roadster ABS 2011

    Hi Folks, in process of a Cafe/Street racer build. I'm relocating the pegs hence need to make/install new alloy brake lines from the ABS unit to brake light switch to master cylinder. Does anybody have the specs on the alloy brake line size and type of fittings? Cheers P
  11. S

    Please Help. ABS issues.

    Thanks in advance for any help. I just got a 2014 R3R ABS. Just put new tires on and am now having a rear ABS problem. I put on a Bridgestone EMax 240/55 and Michelin Commander 2 140/75 to try to quicken the steering a little. The bike handles much better! The problem is that the rear brake...
  12. Ashandy

    ABS Fault code c1651

    Hi All, Has anyone had an ABS fault code c1651 Motor-Lock. I have looked and looked but can't find any more info than that. Tried to bleed the abs unit with dealertool today, thinking that might cure the problem, but I cant hear anything activating when I press bleed system. Any help...
  13. C

    How to: Extend brake line on ABS bikes (cheap)

    I have avoided tackling this for 4 years, finally I have sorted it out. You will need the linked items below: JEGS 100784: AN to Inverted Flare Female Tube Adapter Fittings -3AN x 10mm x 1.0 Inverted Flare | JEGS Allstar -3 an to 10mm Banjo Fitting Stainless Steel Brake Hose Guage Turbo...
  14. lekkerding

    Rocket 3 2011, ABS problem

    ABS and CHECK led lights are always ON. Bike is just back from winter storage at T around +11C. Replaced oil, filter as usual and also break pads. No wheel removal or tyres changed. When riding got the feeling that ABS does not work. What might be the problem?
  15. albertaduke

    ABS schematic for roadster

    can someboy post the schematic of the roadster ABS ......please........ my manual is from an 06 .
  16. Spike UK

    Want to Buy Non ABS Rear Wheel

    Hey Guys, anyone in the UK got a non ABS rear wheel up for sale?
  17. mstraub72

    Just got home with a freshly imported 2015 Rocket 3 Roadster ABS. :)

    Hello all! Mike here, reporting from Leduc, AB, Canada. I found a steal of a deal on a 2015 R3 Roadster in Mount Vernon, WA, and had to jump on it. I've been humming and hawing over buying it, as it's a huge difference from my current bike, the 5th Gen Honda VFR800 ****** rocket....but every...
  18. Trumpeteer

    Changing Brake Fluid on ABS

    I recently did a brake fluid change on my front and rears but then realized there is an extra step needed for ABS (this is my first bike of having ABS brakes). I did a Google search and read that Triumph requires to have some kind of computer program in order to flush out the ABS housing. Does...
  19. boogerdave

    ABS Rear Brakes

    I need a little help on this one . . I recently changed out the rear pads on my 2014 R3T . . no big deal. Soon after that my ABS light started coming on a few miles into the ride. Could squeezing the pucks back in have caused an issue with the ABS? Anyone else had an issue?
  20. Skililo

    Rocket III roadster ABS

    For those of you (like me) who roll your eyes at the ABS on a Rocket III and feel one might as well disconnect it, here is a tale from this afternoon to share. We had some fairly severe thunderstorms roll through and I had to get home from work. I ride to and from work every day on either a...
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