1. Boog

    Boog's bikes; a Short Novel.

    Our new brother @Larry_M gave me an idea with his introduction thread; our bike history. This new idea cost me close to a day of typing my story and I want to share it here now. This was quite the challenge for me. I found two different lists of bikes I have started over the years and while...
  2. maurice

    These Bikes Are Dangerous!

    Truck pulling up next to me with his gal, window open arm out with thumbs up sign smiling almost slammed into the car in front of him at a stoplight. Next light he said that was quite a compliment I gave you huh? Attention grabbers, like a good looking woman in a skirt standing on a corner!
  3. Terry S

    Terry from Christchurch NZ, Hi team my bikes running rich.

    Gidday everyone, I ride a 2007 Rocket 3 Classic that i've had since new. Its got over 90000 klm on it, mostly open road klms as I prefer riding that. For around town riding I have a Vespa 300 scooter that is a perfect town bike. After the last two years servicing my Rocket hasn't been running...
  4. Mr G

    Come on let's see those beautiful bikes

    I know the weather's rubbish at the moment but it won't be long till the weather changes so let's see those gorgeous bikes , to start off here's mine .
  5. ehh

    Hacking our bikes

    Some of you may read articles from "pc.matic". Should we be concerned about our bikes being hacked as it is certainly concerning reading this article. Could Your Car Be Responsible For Your Next Data Leak? My 2013 Roadster should be safe (I think) but I'm not too sure about my Explorer as it has...
  6. Dr.D

    Wheelbase on new Bikes

    So I found out this weekend that the wheelbase on the new bikes is 66 inches. What do you make of that? I may have some new report about how it sits for riders of different stature if your interested. My dealer did sit on one.
  7. Sparky59

    Baldwin,Mi. Blessing of the Bikes

    Anyone going this next weekend? Won't be able to make Friday but, very tempted to go for Saturday and Sunday morning...:whitstling::whitstling::whitstling:
  8. Paul Bryant

    Rare bikes found

    Rare Motorcycle: 1938 Vincent "Series A" Among Others Found In L.A. Warehouse Stash And Now For Sale
  9. Allan S

    GP bikes in Toronto is clearing out Rocket 3 parts at huge discounts

    I'll post the link and have a look for yourself OEM Models - Triumph For example for a roadster: T2501231 INSTRUMENT ASSEMBLY, KPH ALL YEARS 1 Normal price $1280.05 1 only $249.99 these are Canadian dollars. Hope someone finds this useful!
  10. Timbo

    An age thing? Baldies and bikes!

    Went to the Manchester Bike Show on Saturday and my mate bought his 18 year old son along for a look in the hope he would get into bikes one day. So, making use of the lad, we sent him off to get the coffees while we mooched. Half an hour later he finds us, commenting "Though it would be easy...
  11. instant

    New Triumph Speed Twin 2019

    As much as I am reserved towards hipsters, I must say I like the new 1200 Triumph Scrambler. I consider it The Ultimate Hipster Toy for 2019 :) Recently introduced Speed Twin tells me that Triumph is really on top of motorcycle design these days. At least in this category. Speed Twin:
  12. rainman

    Bikes that died this year

    Top 10 bikes that died in 2018
  13. ratsidecar

    Spent the day cleaning bikes

    I spent the day cleaning 2 of my bikes. The first is my 1993 honda ntv650 that I got a few weeks ago which the previous owner added a fairing to and lots of panniers and boxes and stuff for doing long distance touring. When I got the bike it was mostly green and mouldy as it had been sitting for...
  14. C

    How to: Extend brake line on ABS bikes (cheap)

    I have avoided tackling this for 4 years, finally I have sorted it out. You will need the linked items below: JEGS 100784: AN to Inverted Flare Female Tube Adapter Fittings -3AN x 10mm x 1.0 Inverted Flare | JEGS Allstar -3 an to 10mm Banjo Fitting Stainless Steel Brake Hose Guage Turbo...
  15. Steel

    Swapped bikes today

    Finally got to pick up my Roadster from Carpenter Racing today. While there, I dropped off the Classic for a pipe and tune. Bob Carpenter tuning the Roadster. I'll be up here a few days. Guess who's house im staying at. Here's a hint.:whitstling:
  16. Steel

    Euro bikes out riding

    Where I live most of the bikes on the road seem to be from The Motor Company. Now and then I'll see a few metric cruisers, and a couple of sport bikes. I've only seen 2 Triumphs around here, and no other European bikes. Last week my nephew bought a BMW S 1000 RR. This morning we met up for...
  17. DAVO

    DAVO Introduction

    Hi Folks, I am new to this forum and take the opportunity to introduce myself. I am an Australian based in Melbourne, have been riding bikes for 50 years now and have graduated to the type of beast that suits my personality. My BMW's are real nice handling machines and I was tossing up for the...

    Self-riding bikes....

    This is an interesting concept i wonder if it will be applied to motorcycles.Coming available April 1st.. https://www.youtube.com/embed/LSZPNwZex9s
  19. Laverada

    Storing Bikes in cold weather

    Hey there everyone, Just thought I'd ask a simple but important question about cold weather bike storage! So I have two bikes, the Triumph Rocket of course and the BMW R1200gs. I am currently storing them in a airplane hanger with absolutely no insulation just protection from wind/rain and...
  20. McBacon

    I've owned some noisy bikes but.....

    Is this normal? The video doesn't capture the bone rattling metal on metal clanking. It doesn't go away at any speed. In fact, even at 80mph on the highway, I can here it over the wind noise. The bike is a 2016, and still has break-in oil in, with 700 miles.
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