I have been working with several customers, getting their bikes running well with the TTS supercharger. A few are really enjoying their new ride. But there must be quite a few who have either got their bike up and running with no issues ( the only issues people are seeing is getting the Tuneecu...
  2. JonesyVRUK

    Jonesy, Volunteer Riders UK, am looking for a map for 2010 R111 Roadster with TORS and Ramair. Its running like a bag of nails.

    Had the collector box removed. Been running rough since then. It's had a service and was checked over. I since again changed plugs, changed ramair filter, changed air induction sensor, cleaned lambada sensor, even tried redex. I have a pcv to use if it is likely to make a difference. When I...
  3. Kingjoey5000

    California Scientific Windshield, Anyone running one?

    Anyone running one of these? They look kind of bad ass.
  4. r3badboy

    Running engine out of bike

    Howdy, re my last post I have managed to find my spare engine is from a 2016 roadster with only 1600k's on it 😁 My next goal is to get it running out of a bike....( my 06 is running great & dont want to do a swap just to start it) I'll build a stand & have access to a 2010 wiring loom with ecu &...
  5. Cav Man

    Engine Running Rough

    This is a repost of an issue that I had inaccurately described and with more information. Was riding Sunday and bike was performing flawlessly. Came out of a stop after lunch and after 10 or 15 miles, could tell the engine was running rough- it was like someone threw a switch. No engine or...
  6. Msmitch459

    Bike won't stay running

    Today, as I was riding to work I stopped at a traffic light. and the bike stalled. I started it again and she just stalled again. She won't idle. She'll drive but I really have to work at keeping the idle going so I can get into 1st and so on. If I'm driving and I let off the gas she'll stall...
  7. Jimbeamrye

    2007 R3 Was running perfect, now I can barely keep it running?

    Hello, for the past couple years I haven't been riding as much due to a leaking front fork seal. I have been cranking her up regularly and riding up and down the local road on short trips. Now the FIRST time ever, I had trouble cranking her up, and when it did, it was a struggle to keep the...
  8. Terry S

    Terry from Christchurch NZ, Hi team my bikes running rich.

    Gidday everyone, I ride a 2007 Rocket 3 Classic that i've had since new. Its got over 90000 klm on it, mostly open road klms as I prefer riding that. For around town riding I have a Vespa 300 scooter that is a perfect town bike. After the last two years servicing my Rocket hasn't been running...
  9. Rumbleboomer

    07 Classic: Bike quit running, lost spark on two cylinders

    Riding my 07 classic the other day an (idling along in second gear) all the sudden she quits running. After being towed home I removed the plugs which look ok but found I'm only getting spark to the front cylinder. I'm thinking it didn't lose two coils at once so maybe an ICU issue? Where to...
  10. cootertwo

    Suggestions? 05 running problem

    My 05 that is stock, and only 3,200 miles, has developed, to me, a strange problem. Center cylinder isn't running right. After a few minutes run time, front and rear exhaust manifold temps are 285/290 center is 230. I have checked for loose coil wires. Bike has external fuel pump, set to 40...
  11. Kevin frazier

    Running the mile

    I want to run a mile somewhere this spring, Texas Arkansas Ohio any will do, it’s just something I want to do. However finding a tire that will work for this is proving to dash my little bucket list thing, speed rating has to be what you plan to not exceed and load index must be equivalent or...
  12. Rocket running poorly, suggestions welcomed

    Crap, I just barely limped into my motel before dark. Symptoms: Over the last 200 miles the bike started having hesitation issues as I was taking off. The last 50 were pretty bad but once I got rolling on open highway it seemed OK. 15 miles ago I hit traffic and had to keep pulling in the...
  13. gR3yWolf

    Running Rich (the bike, not me) & Faltering Idle

    OK, here's the deal...over a stretch of 300-400 miles, mostly back and forth to work, I noticed my fuel mileage began to drop. During this period of time the idle began to go lower and rougher, until it reached the point where I had to keep the rev's up when I stopped, otherwise, it would stall...
  14. 2006 Rocket rear running light

    Can any of you guys advise me on how to replace the rear running light. Tnx
  15. Strange running issue

    So I have a 2005 r3, Crank it and it runs fine. When you so much as touch the throttle, All gauges go dead then the bike dies. It completely looses all electrical! Anyone experienced this? Connections to the battery are fine as to the starter and the ground!
  16. Malcolm B

    Engine cut out now possible rough running 2010 Roadster

    Hi all - I bought the bike about 3 or 4 weeks ago but haven't had much of a chance to use is as the weather has been so awful when I've had the chance..... Today I took the bike out for a spin but as I was slowing down approaching traffic lights, as I've been used to, I blipped the throttle...
  17. ratsidecar

    the rocket is almost running again....sort of

    Have had the bike off the road for a while replacing cam chain, cam guides, clutch, fuel pump and a few other bits. Noticed the battery was flattened down to 6v as bike has been unused for 2 months but it charged it up overnight and seems healthy still. Finally got it back together and tried...
  18. JJA Guns

    Anybody running a zard sport exhaust

    The bike I just picked up has the Zard sport exhaust and I guess what would be considered the factory tune for an aftermarket exhaust. Not sure if anything is done intake side. But planning on running the Ramair set up. Gonna take it to Nels over at 2 wheel dyno works and get it dyno tuned once...
  19. skaarlaj

    Any tuners try running E85

    I realize the lower performance motors will benefit less with high octane fuels, but these high compression kits like Carpenter, or boosted applications would probably scream if ran on E85. I would just imagine the timing advance you could get out of using it even on a stock R3 would be in the...
  20. Mark Sutterby-Watts

    R3 running problem.

    Hi guys. Bike runs ok. When I try to turn it off with the key it keeps running. Have a look at the attached photo. You'll see that the 15amp fuse is removed, then the bike will stop. Even without the key in the ignition, when I put the 15amp fuse back in the fuel pump and stripper motors whizz...