1. B

    Wanted UK .... Back rest/pad to fit classic/roadster sissy bar.

    Hi , looking for a back rest pad to fit sissy bar on my Roadster . I am based in the west Midlands , if anyone can help drop me a line. Cheers
  2. R

    Greetings and help requested

    Hello, I am new to the community and am about to pick up my first Rocket. It’s an ‘18 R3 Roadster, completely stock. I’m having a hard time finding a sissy bar (with pad). I’d also like to replace the stock exhaust with something much more complimentary sounding that this beast deserves. Does...
  3. Timbo

    I just wanted to say....

    THANKS!! That's it really!! I have recently ventured inside the engine to replace the clutch, not something I have done before. I got some great advice and support on here and just thought it nice to say thank you for the help and support, was a great boost to my confidence (I am not very...
  4. 1K9

    Want to Buy Roadster BearClaw Wanted

    Looking for a Roadster/Classic Bear Claw to cut and perforate. Anyone have one gathering dust in their garage?
  5. davidr2023

    Want to Buy Rivco risers

    Rivco risers for roadster or if anyone can tell me which ones to buy i thought tr3017 but on ebay it says will not fit 2018 roadster
  6. davidr2023

    Want to Buy Rivco risers tr3017

    Rivco risers tr3017
  7. mickm7

    Want to Buy wanted rocket passenger floorboards

    wanting 08 rocket passenger floorboards..contact with price..thanks
  8. Ralsmith

    Want to Buy Wanted to buy Sissy Bar

    Hi guys I am in California and looking for a sissy bar for my 2011 R3 roadster. Does anyone have a factory one for sale or know of s good aftermarket one that will work. Thanks in advance
  9. PDRocket3OHIO


    Hello, I bought a 2018 Rocket 3 Matte Black from a local dealer 3 weeks ago. I LOVE it! I need help though, I am struggling to find parts since Triumph in their infinite wisdom discontinued everything, LOL! I have bought the following... Engine guards EBAY, Windshield and mounts DEALER, Bags...
  10. N

    Have wanted an R3 for years, got one a few weeks ago

    It's been a long journey to this point, but I found myself in a position to buy a used Rocket after many many years of wishing. It is everything I ever wanted and more. No questions at the moment, really, just want to participate.
  11. Nick Hanning

    Want to Buy Wanted - Roadster rails

    Have an '05 R3 which has forward placed footboards welded to the rails. Have been told I need Roadster rails and associated gear and rear brake parts to bring my foot position back to thhe centre more or less. What has anyone got ? Based in UK but dont mind the postage costs for the right...
  12. Jason Jurgens

    **Found** Engine bars wanted

    Looking for some engine bars...after my little road rash incident, I’m wondering if anyone has a set? Not really keen to pay over $400 for a new set.
  13. Ken Attwood

    WANTED 2012 Touring Side Panel

    I lost an R3T left side panel last night, need a replacement if anyone has one spare. Triumph part number - T2307221PG Jet black but colour not an issue, happy to get it painted. Please let me know asap, Triumph want an arm and a leg for a genuine "new" part IF they can get one. Thanks guys
  14. B

    Want to Buy Engine Bars for 2012 Roadster

    Wanted 2012 Rocket 3 Roadster.....Engine Bars
  15. WisconsinRocket

    Want to Buy R3T backrest post

    Longshot here bit I need a R3T drivers backrest post. I actually have a new Triumph pad and backing plate but just lack the actual post and hardware. I thought just maybe someone has a junk backrest with a salvageable post. Thanks!
  16. A

    Tune wanted

    I have a 2006 rocket with cat removed and a ramirez installed for a while now it seems to be running well but I have read a few reports that it needs remapping all I did was the 12min retune is there a recommended tune
  17. stollydriver

    Want to Buy Sissy bar

    Looking for a sissy bar - genuine complete, Anyone have one they want to sell?
  18. Big boy


    Like the sound of the DEgosse modification how do I get in touch
  19. stollydriver

    Wanted Sissy bar

    Anyone selling an original Triumph Sissy bar assy. If so p.m me details. Cheers
  20. BigNorm

    Subaru help wanted

    I know this is a bike forum but I know some of you go fast guys play with your cars too. I have a 2001 Subaru Forester with a 2.5L NA motor. I plan on modifying the air box by cutting the dirty side off. I thought about fabricating a cold air intake but thought making the motor suck through a...
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