1. Journeyman

    Triumph Chrome Tanks - Rocket

  2. pica

    Well they have the rear Avon chrome

    ... at $400 plus $85 installation....ouch I only have 8500 miles...i may push a bit more, you never got more from your taxes out of this tire.... Leaving the bike here for check up hopefully under the extended warranty for the ocabs disabled and while on that let's see if they can make the rear...
  3. Bosco15

    Cobra Chrome review.

    New to R3's, I have never run Avon tyres before. Having had Sports bikes, I have been a fan of Michelin and Pirelli. I am finding the Avon Cobra Chrome, as fitted oem, to be an excellent performer. I was intrigued as to what the Snakeskin pattern was all about. Trying to find out, online, I...
  4. Jabbo

    Avon Cobra Chrome Backordered

    I ride my 2022 Rocket 3 R a good bit. It currently has 33,000 miles on it. It is getting close to needing another rear tire. In the past, I have not had a problem getting replacement tires from my dealer. When I called them yesterday they said the Avon Cobra Chromes are on backorder until around...

    Need an exhaust cover (T2208513)

    Looking for a left side exhaust cover (T2208513) which is chrome. This part is just below the rear footpeg. My bike is an ‘06 and a new cover is pretty high for all it is.
  6. Ishrub

    Fehling made German crash bars in Black and Chrome are on special in UK and a real bargain with free delivery in UK at least.

    BLACK20 20% voucher* for your entire purchase without minimum order value German made Fehling rash bars sold by Motea as Craftride brand in Black or polished stainless are on special from Motea in UK and a real bargain with free delivery in UK at least. they have a few other rocket...
  7. Ishrub

    R3 RIVCO Chrome closeouts from UK

    TRIUMPH Rocket 3 Classic Exhaust Flange Covers TR3012 Fits OEM Reference # A9738115. Clearance Price! Price: £19.99 https://www.squaredeals-ltd.co.uk/triumph-rocket-3-classic-exhaust-flange-covers-tr3012-fits-oem-reference--a9738115-clearance-price-6301-p.asp Rivco Products Magnum 118Db...
  8. Mike Rocket

    Avon Chrome Tires

    I have just changed my 2014 R3 roadster tires to Avon Chrome and it has made a great improvement. It seems to ride like a different bike. The front tire was worn unevenly and the rear was a little squared off but so i do not know how much that effected the ride but it was cornering like a dead...
  9. MiniSuperDuke

    Swapping headlamp buckets chrome to black

    Swapping out from chrome to black headlamp buckets. The chrome have original bulbs. The black have led's. Can I just cut the zip tie at the grommet to then pull the wire harness through? Im assuming the wires plugged into the connector will come out without cutting the wires? Must be clipped...
  10. ant

    Fork legs are pitted....Poor chrome ?

    So i have noticed that the lower part of the fork tubes are slightly pitted..It's only on the very lower part and is about 1 inch or so up from the casting. But it's only going to get worse. The plan is to get the tubes re-chromed and get the top tube and the lower casting powder coated...
  11. Mike Rocket

    Avon Cobra Chrome Tyres

    I see with interest that there seems to have been a tyre surface compound problem with Avon Cobra Chrome Tyres. Can anybody confirm if there is still a problem or have they solved it now?
  12. Lemieuxfan

    new rear tire cobra chrome

    was riding it back yesterday from dealership noticed the speedometer was not working neither mileage indicator after about 1hr or so it started to 'wake up' ahh triumph electronics for you.
  13. golly

    Avon Cobra Chrome tyres

    Any one changed these yet, either due to preference or wear? I have over 4.5k miles on mine and I think it will need replacement in the next 1k miles. I usually get 8k miles out of sport-touring tyres like roadsmarts so I was wondering if 5k is good or bad from these Avons.
  14. MikeJS

    Want to Buy Chrome

    Anyone got any chrome radiator surrounds to fit a 2016 Rocket?? *FOUND*
  15. Griff

    Fitting front fender chrome bling R3T

    Bought this from a wrecker - off a 2008 model. Anyone advise how these are actually mounted? Particularly the plastic trim pieces? (Obviously the end at the forks is straight forward but at the front end?) TIA
  16. Wadejesu

    Avon Cobra Chrome

    Just FYI, Most were replaced. https://www.avontyres.com/en-us/policies/cobra-chrome-tyre-recall/
  17. John Turnbull

    Chrome Coming Off Tank Badge

    Hey folks, I had a brake fluid mishap that spilled on my tank. I quickly washed off the fluid with no sign of damage so far on the tank finish or engine paint. Same cannot be said for the right side TANK BADGE. The chrome is peeling off? Any suggestions on where to get a new or used badge? A fix...
  18. EM549

    Chrome Oil Tank Woes

    I purchased a NOS chrome oil tank from my deal in Fort Worth, the part number was listed as A9730136 on the open box. This is the correct part number for my 2008 R3T. I tried, unsuccessfully, to install the oil tank yesterday. My observation is this. The nipple at the back of the chrome oil...
  19. M.J

    Spray Chrome

    I am in the UK so different laws apply over here. I was wondering if anyone has had any parts on their bike spray chromed,as there is a company 10 mins from me that does this work and looking at their gallery it is great,also you can have the chrome any color you want,and it is as good as...
  20. Mateo

    hola from Socal

    i have an 05 i bought as a dealer demo back in 06. A few years ago i blacked alot of the back and went with a zard exhaust. For sale I have the factory luggage rack with badge and pad with the flashing and trimlok, shocks and exhaust with catalyst collection box but sans header with about 8k...