1. Lemieuxfan

    new rear tire cobra chrome

    was riding it back yesterday from dealership noticed the speedometer was not working neither mileage indicator after about 1hr or so it started to 'wake up' ahh triumph electronics for you.
  2. golly

    Avon Cobra Chrome tyres

    Any one changed these yet, either due to preference or wear? I have over 4.5k miles on mine and I think it will need replacement in the next 1k miles. I usually get 8k miles out of sport-touring tyres like roadsmarts so I was wondering if 5k is good or bad from these Avons.
  3. MikeJS

    Want to Buy Chrome

    Anyone got any chrome radiator surrounds to fit a 2016 Rocket?? *FOUND*
  4. Griff

    Fitting front fender chrome bling R3T

    Bought this from a wrecker - off a 2008 model. Anyone advise how these are actually mounted? Particularly the plastic trim pieces? (Obviously the end at the forks is straight forward but at the front end?) TIA
  5. Wadejesu

    Avon Cobra Chrome

    Just FYI, Most were replaced. https://www.avontyres.com/en-us/policies/cobra-chrome-tyre-recall/
  6. John Turnbull

    Chrome Coming Off Tank Badge

    Hey folks, I had a brake fluid mishap that spilled on my tank. I quickly washed off the fluid with no sign of damage so far on the tank finish or engine paint. Same cannot be said for the right side TANK BADGE. The chrome is peeling off? Any suggestions on where to get a new or used badge? A fix...
  7. EM549

    Chrome Oil Tank Woes

    I purchased a NOS chrome oil tank from my deal in Fort Worth, the part number was listed as A9730136 on the open box. This is the correct part number for my 2008 R3T. I tried, unsuccessfully, to install the oil tank yesterday. My observation is this. The nipple at the back of the chrome oil...
  8. M.J

    Spray Chrome

    I am in the UK so different laws apply over here. I was wondering if anyone has had any parts on their bike spray chromed,as there is a company 10 mins from me that does this work and looking at their gallery it is great,also you can have the chrome any color you want,and it is as good as...
  9. Mateo

    hola from Socal

    i have an 05 i bought as a dealer demo back in 06. A few years ago i blacked alot of the back and went with a zard exhaust. For sale I have the factory luggage rack with badge and pad with the flashing and trimlok, shocks and exhaust with catalyst collection box but sans header with about 8k...
  10. CrzystghndKC

    Avon Cobra Chrome recall

    Seems to be some Canadians trying to spread BS about a recall on Cobra Chromes and even texting people that their tires are part of the recall. Seems they say they are from Fort Nine a Canadian motorcycle parts supplier. And are sending out a very official recall notice. Stay tuned. [Note...
  11. Boony

    Avon Cobra Chrome

    I replaced the rear Bridgestone with the Cobra Chrome before a trip last month. The new tyre seemed better than the Bridgestone. A week ago I replaced the front Avon Cobra 140 with a Cobra Chrome 150. So now both the front and rear are Cobra Chromes. As a combination they are easily the best...
  12. brsmits

    Chrome headlight adapter?

    I've dug through the search function. I've googled every key phrase that I can think of. I know I saw it on this forum. Can someone throw me a bone?!!?! Someone on here linked to a website where they sold black/chrome adapters that would allow you to fit one light size into a housing of a...
  13. 1olbull

    Chrome Rear Fender Side Covers

    I have a perfect set of chrome rear fender side covers with cut outs for a back rest. I would like to trade these for a set with no cut outs.
  14. Jay

    For Sale SOLD Triumph Rocket 3 Touring Rear Chrome Rack Kit New A9758068

    sold Another rear rack available for the Touring, to mount on the quick release passenger backrest. Looks like steep shipping if you are not in the UK, but it is new and hard to find if you are looking for one: Triumph Rocket 3 Touring Rear Chrome Rack Kit New A9758068 RRP £113.00!! | eBay
  15. canecorso

    chrome paint

    has any one heard about chrome paint? or know any one that has done it? its not the paint this has real metal in it and when it goes on, it looks like real chrome and he can add any color to it , I was thinking a medium black with a silver chrome cobra stripes or black stripes to do my tins on...
  16. Jay

    For Sale Triumph Chrome Luggage Rack Kit For Rocket III Touring, A2306380

    Not mine, but for those looking for a rear rack, here is one for the Touring: Triumph Chrome Luggage Rack Kit For Rocket III Touring, A2306380 | eBay
  17. BigNorm

    Who does chrome?

    I'm looking for someone to chrome my new bars and engine guards. The local guy says he doesn't chrome bike parts.
  18. Ishrub

    For Sale Cheap chrome exhaust header covers

    US$16 Ignore the tip it is scuffed. Not sure what use the other bits are. 06 2006 TRIUMPH 2300cc ROCKET III EXHAUST HARDWARE #X15 | eBay
  19. Landstar

    Chrome bolt hole covers.

    Does anyone know the correct name of those push chrome covers that go over a bolt hole? and where to buy? Thanks for any and all info.
  20. PDRocket3OHIO


    Hello, I bought a 2018 Rocket 3 Matte Black from a local dealer 3 weeks ago. I LOVE it! I need help though, I am struggling to find parts since Triumph in their infinite wisdom discontinued everything, LOL! I have bought the following... Engine guards EBAY, Windshield and mounts DEALER, Bags...
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