1. Choche

    Black Widow Adjustable Wheel Chock

    Anybody have experience with one of these: https://www.blackwidowpro.com/motorcycle/wheel-chocks/p/bw-pro-chock/ A little over $200 but with a code of PD15 for Valentine's Day at Discountramps.com, you're looking at about 170. What do you all think?
  2. hnkirank76

    Black Rear Crash Bars

    Where can i buy Black Rear Crash bars ?
  3. Mikey G

    Greetings all. New member with new Black R3.

    I have had every conceivable bike you can imagine, modified a lot. Love this bike. Intend to do a few mods and will share if they work out. I am presently in the Toowoomba area but will be moving to Victor Harbor at end of year. Cheers
  4. syntax007

    Cleaning matte black roadster

    Anyone have any good cleaning products to use on matte black paint as well as chrome?
  5. Mike Rocket

    Black engine paint

    Can anybody recommend a good touch up paint for a black R3 engine. I only seem to find paint that is high temperature and not petrol proof or petrol proof paint that isn't heat proof. I just want to repaint a patch on the timing chain cover where the paint has bubbled up due to corrosion...
  6. Mittzy

    Painting a silver engine to black

    Just wondering if anyone has indeed done this? I have a rocket with a silver engine - Should be black and the silver paint is peeling in places - Yes silver engines are painted silver. I am not concerned if your preference is silver or black - I just want to know if anyone has had success and...
  7. Plow Horse

    Need more Black

    After installing the LED headlights that my son and his family gave me for Christmas, the summer screen looks wrong. lED headlights by Plow Horse posted Jan 22, 2020 at 9:18 PM I’ll check to see if any of the local window tinters around here will do it. Or maybe I’ll Just get a big enough pan...
  8. Ishrub

    For Sale Bargain New Matt Black flyscreens with brackets

    Just two left! Price: GBP 79.99 with FREE postage in UK! Approximately AU $148.95 or US$115.31 Postage to USA or Australia GBP 21.80 (approx. AU $40.60 or US $27.95) UK eBay...
  9. Spaniard

    For Sale SOLD Original Fly screen Black with mounts ($130) and other items

    SOLD. Waiting for check to arrive. I have in good condition a black Fly screen for the R3 with mounts. $130 plus shipping. I also have Original Triumph leather panniers and mounts in very good condition (used for one season). $395 + shipping. Original Triumph sissy backrest with pad and...
  10. vzrDean1800

    Want to Buy Black radiator surround pieces

    Hi all, Im looking for a good condition set of radiator surround pieces in Black. I know I can order it new as a kit from Triumph, but thought I'd check first to see if someone has a set they're not needing that they'd like to sell. I have a delivery box in the US, so shipping to Canada wouldn't...
  11. Ishrub

    For Sale Black & Chrome, Oval and Teardrop Triumph mirrors

    Yep I have them all folks- Au$140 (US$97) pair + postage, dealer price here in Oz is $242.85 (US$168) I have teardrop and oval OEM Triumph mirrors: Chrome Teardrop solid stem A9638033; and Chrome Oval with drilled stems A9638032. Black Teardrop solid stem A9638085; and Black Oval Style...
  12. Arealrider

    For Sale Corbin Black beetle bags 1800 obo

    Perfect condition Corbin bags 1800 obo All parts included
  13. 1olbull

    Any Lovers of Black Wanna Make a Trade?

    I have just purchased a 2011 R3R with just 4200 miles that looks brand new. It has OEM black Outrigger Covers T2081442 LH & T2081443 RH (cover the frame section leading out to the rear pegs). I would like chrome. It has the OEM Phantom Black side panels T2303618. I would like chrome. I also...
  14. Ishrub

    RIVCO Rack copies in Powder coat Satin Black

    Poking around the Custom Triumph UK website after @barbagris posted some of their stuff. There have been a few clamouring for the original lately. Triumph Custom Parts
  15. Jvheli

    Black engine paint match

    Any of you found a touch up paint that matches? I do not want to repaint the whole head, but mine got a few bare spots over the exhaust ports.
  16. ChrisACT

    Coatings - From chrome to black - Which is best?

    Hi all, I'm planning to change the look of my Rocket significantly. I have a standard 2006 Rocket III Special Edition. It has the black engine and red tribal tins. I want to take most of the chrome on the bike and have it coated black. Probably satin black for most of it. This brings up...
  17. britman

    Black Betty

    I would like introduce "Black Betty", my new addition to the garage herd, a 2004 Triumph Thunderbird Sport. With a R3 and a MG Touring already nested in, I wanted a smaller bike for short runs. Back and forth to work, quick trip to the hardware store, or a covert trip to the Dairy Queen for an...
  18. Haitch

    For Sale 2014 Roadster mudguard stay covers black

  19. Joesmoe

    For Sale Hagon Nitro set, used, stock height, $300.00 shipped

    These shocks I purchased from @idk a while back, came off his bike, from a group buy on this site. hagon nitro shocks These are listed by Hagon as "black", but the only black pieces are the ends, and the springs and shafts are silver. You decide. These are stock length - 320mm (or 12-1/2")...
  20. Simonb

    For Sale Black teardrop mirrors for sale

    Black teardrop mirrors for sale. Triumph part number A9638085 Brand new and in original packaging. £75 plus p&p. Will post internationally. I also have a couple of centre tankpads for sale at £17.50 plus p&p
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