1. Penner

    Unrestricted Map for the Rocket GT and GT Tripe Black now online

    USA and Canadian market up from VIN AV 5457. Enjoy and any feedback is welcome. Prost Ulf
  2. Penner

    Unrestricted map for Rocket R and R Black from VIN # AV5457

    I have made an unrestricted costum map for the actual Rocket R. VIN AV5457 and up. It will be at Tune ECU in the costum files section. it is USA and Canada market only. The other models and markets will come in the next few days. ETV2 and 3 are set to 100% with a little more progression in ETV2...
  3. Si3RBlack

    If its the Black..make it BLACK!

    If anyone has a Rocket 3R or 3GT Black. Just my opinion..the Rear needs to be finished off in Black. Simple tweeks and changes really finish it off. Hope you all agree!
  4. germ79

    Pics of Roadster with Black Crash Bars on Front/Back?

    I'm considering putting on some crash bars, but I don't want to take too much away from the look. I think if they are black it won't stand out too much? I'd love to see pics of what it looks like on the front/back if you have them! Also, where can you get these things nowadays?!? Thanks, guys!
  5. canecorso

    Decided to go black:)

    I decided to paint her flat black and the exhaust black and did the grills satin aluminum, did my seats with a greyish more hair with leather. I think gives a mean look. What do you guys think?
  6. RaiderJim

    New Meat on The Rocket

    I returned to Metzler this time..Me888 Also I sent the Megaphone up to Jet Black Thermal coating. The difference is unbelievable. I have been able to retire my Kevlar Leg protector..
  7. Newbie...Just Purchased a 2023 R3 GT in Saphire Black

    I struggled between the GT and the R but being 59 the upright bars, heatde grips and a few other options helped me make the difference. I havent put a miel on it but already considering mid controls. I understand the Mid cotrols with the higher handlebars are a nice match. Being 5'8" with a...
  8. Rocket 3R Black

    Rocket 3R Black

  9. Yoyo on the Rocket 3R Black

    Yoyo on the Rocket 3R Black

    Yoyo seated on the Rocket 3R Black.
  10. Si3RBlack

    Best exhaust option for Rocket 3R Black Edition?

    I'm new here from Bolton in the UK. Wondering what decent exhaust silencers are there to fit to the Rocket 3r black Edition without ruining the natural lines and aesthetics of the bike. Seen alot of examples fron the USA and UK but look like after thought bolt ons and stick out at funny angles...
  11. copperhog

    Hi from another UK Newbie to the Rocket 3 community

    Hi, just came across this forum and it's a great source of info for someone who's recently purchased an R3 GT (my previous ride was a Bonneville Bobber Black). Looking forward to reading more about owners' experiences and also to pick up loads of useful tips on this beast! Hopefully at some...
  12. Staggy74

    Luggage bags GT Triple Black

    Bit of a silly question I realize but any suggestions on aftermarket luggage at all for the GT? Was looking at Triumph's accessories/pricing. Not too keen on the notion of a re-fi on the house. Nice but ridiculously priced. Like the bike I suppose too and I bought it I guess haha. Cheers!
  13. atomsplitter

    Bobber Black Update

    As you are aware I traded my beloved 05 Rocket Standard for a 2020 Bobber Black. I have enjoyed the bike but it had some issues I wasn't willing to live with, so the first change was going to forward controls. That got the riding position much more in tune with bulky frame as I felt wadded up...
  14. SleepyOwl

    Changed silver to black

    Just about finished the changes now. Happy with the black with the grey tank. Just need to put the headlight surrounds back on. I do have black subframe replacements but from what I can see the fuel tank has to be removed to get at the nut on the top bolt so not an easy job. Need to put...
  15. Ishrub

    Fehling made German crash bars in Black and Chrome are on special in UK and a real bargain with free delivery in UK at least.

    BLACK20 20% voucher* for your entire purchase without minimum order value German made Fehling rash bars sold by Motea as Craftride brand in Black or polished stainless are on special from Motea in UK and a real bargain with free delivery in UK at least. they have a few other rocket...
  16. dirkhgw

    Greetings from greifswald

    Hello friends, i'm from greifswald directly on the baltic sea. since october i am the owner of a rocket r black edition. before that I rode a Fat Bob. I don't regret the exchange in any way. I am happy to be part of your group. your dirk
  17. sunny

    Paint issue with Rocket 3R black exhaust :S

    Hi All, While riding Passenger shoe heel area rubbing against exhaust caused exhaust paint rip on ROCKET 3 R BLACK Edition , how to fix? Which type of paint is this? Ceramic or powder coat? I have a small spray gun connected to air compressor, please advise :( Regards
  18. Art

    Just got An R3R Black in KY, USA

    Unfortunately been raining off an on so not much saddle time yet and not had a chance to properly put it through its paces. Really impressed with the balance and handling so far, but whats up with this gas tank lock??? Why am I holding a gas tank lid while filling up?
  19. Tal

    Dyno tune on the Triple Black

    I took the bike in today and had it put on the dyno stock standard. I then went home and put in 'Penner's' tune and went back and put it on the dyno again...Here is the result showing RWHP....

    Gday Im BOUNCER co owner of BLACK BESS

    Hey all, greetings from the top of the world-you know- DownUnder…AUSTRALIA. Longtime R3 lover, bout my first R3 5 years ago - R3T15 with all the bells n whistle. Sold that one on and now I’ve got 2x R3R10’s. One has just got some LED light mods and t bars etc. The other one is BLACK BESS -...