1. chrisw

    Spring mounted Solo seats - Bobber Style

    Classic with long wide bars by chrisw posted Oct 26, 2019 at 11:08 AMHI Has anyone replaced the standard seat with a bobber seat (spring mounted) Would we interesting to see how it looks and if any benefits in terms of being able to change ride height maybe get more shock absortion. Also...
  2. Sparky59

    For Sale Bad Decision: Indian Scout Bobber W/O blessing

    My friends 21 year old had a 2019 Indian Scout Bobber follow him home while his parents were on a cruise (vacation). His Mother about flipped out:mad::mad::mad::mad:. He knew better, tried to get his way:(.Lost...was informed "It's either You or the Bike" Indian has 200 miles on it, comes with...