1. LouisianaG3R

    Solo Rider Seat with Pillian Infill

    I was trying to make sure if the hardware to attach the pillian infill section to main seat before I purchased. I appreciate any help on this.
  2. CvSisinthehouse

    Solo comfort seat?

    Does any company make a solo comfort seat for these Rocket 3? Looking for one without the passenger pillion
  3. GT Solo Seat Options?

    My apologies if there are other threads on this topic. I am new to this forum and was surprised I couldn't find an answer to this question: I would like to install a solo seat on the GT (2022). If that's not possible, I was wondering how easy it is to get rid of the passenger backrest (I have...
  4. RickyT

    Adding solo seat

    Hey gang...I want to pick up a solo seat. What have you all used to cover the hole in the fender?
  5. Ishrub

    For Sale Fehling Solo rider's backrest and rack on Canadian eBay

    Not mine, on Canadian eBay. @Tal has one and swears by it. He fitted a bag to his: Tanax Tail bag I have one too but never fitted it yet. Usually Au$300 -400 and about Au$100 delivered to Oz. Solo Backrest With Luggage Rack Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster | eBay
  6. chrisw

    Spring mounted Solo seats - Bobber Style

    Classic with long wide bars by chrisw posted Oct 26, 2019 at 11:08 AMHI Has anyone replaced the standard seat with a bobber seat (spring mounted) Would we interesting to see how it looks and if any benefits in terms of being able to change ride height maybe get more shock absortion. Also...
  7. adelaideVMC

    For Sale SOLD - Triumph Solo Seat

    G’day all. My awesome ‘new’ Rocket III came with a number of spare seats. I am selling an as new Triumph factory Solo Touring seat, with basket weave patterning on the upper surface. It is unmarked / as new, and is a credit to the previous owner, as is the rest of the immaculate bike...
  8. Rocket Man III

    Looking for Solo Luggage Rack

    I would like to buy a solo luggage rack that would fit my 2007 RIII Classic. Part # for kit is A9758058. Very hard to find is discontinued. Contact below. Brent Ruiz- drbrentruiz@gmail.com Thanks
  9. Anomaly

    **Found** R3T Salvage Solo Seat

    Looking to buy a solo or 2-piece seatpan for my '15 Touring. I'm wantin' to have a custom seat made, but Russell needs a seatpan, and if I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it as the 2-piece seat. If you have a seat that's all scuffed up, or ripped, and you think nobody will buy it, I will. I just...
  10. Quickie69

    Want to Buy Left and right fixing brackets for R3T solo seat rack

    Looking for the solo seat rack fixing brackets. There are none anywhere in the USA. My mate in the UK came up with a blank too. I have the rack and the hardware. If anyone has a drawing of them I will have them made.
  11. TheHult

    Solo bucket seat.

    Does a solo bucket seat from a classic 2005 fit my touring 2009?
  12. Mark Sutterby-Watts

    Solo seat

    Hi. Does anyone know where I can get a good use single seat for my 04 R3 classic??
  13. Jeremy Holm

    Solo luggage rack/ passenger back rest/sissy bar

    Do the solo luggage rack and passenger back rest/sissy pad use the same mounting bracket on the R3T or do you have to swap brackets in order to change from one to the other?
  14. buddazero

    Solo Bag setup?

    Looking for some Solobag ideas for my Rocket. Want to be able to carry a few small items, like net, wheel lock, a burger, that sort of stuff. I see a lot of solobags that are swing arm, but obviously that wouldn't work. Maybe I could jerry rig it to the fender where saddle bags go-honestly I...
  15. Navigator

    For Sale Triumph Solo Seat for Touring Model

    I am selling a solo seat that I had on my 2009 R3T. It is in excellent condition, is extremely comfortable, and has the mount for the Triumph backrest. I bought it for local riding sometime last year and it looks way cool on my T. After taking the bike for a couple of local rides I've...
  16. GreasyGeorge

    Corbin solo seat

    hi everyone just wanted to show off my Corbin seat which I received just in time for Americade 2018 in lake George NY. I rode there from Boston and gotta say that I absolutely love the seat. It’s a night and day difference over the stock seat. My back and rear end felt great on the ride. Highly...
  17. Funky new Corbin Solo seat arrived

    Well, my new self-designed Corbin Solo seat arrived yesterday. I'm not 100% in love with the looks but Corbin did warn me that the configuration tool was only for reference. I should have gone with all-leather as the side panels are REALLY shiny (unlike their photos). I was trying to match...
  18. Ishrub

    For Sale Corbin Classic Solo seats with backrest options

    Corbin Classic Solo seats with backrest options. These fit with or without the stock pillion seat fitted. I have three to choose from: Black Leather with Studs and matching studded backrest options available Black Leather and some black backrest options available Brown Leather - my...
  19. Want to Buy Rivco Chrome Solo Rack 3010, Swing Arm Cover TR3015 & Drive Shaft Cover TR3016

    I'm tired of moving my Rivco solo rack between bikes - anyone have one not in use?? Link Removed