1. JonesyVRUK

    Jonesy, Volunteer Riders UK, am looking for a map for 2010 R111 Roadster with TORS and Ramair. Its running like a bag of nails.

    Had the collector box removed. Been running rough since then. It's had a service and was checked over. I since again changed plugs, changed ramair filter, changed air induction sensor, cleaned lambada sensor, even tried redex. I have a pcv to use if it is likely to make a difference. When I...
  2. C-squared

    tank bag attachment

    Hi everyone - I've had a tank bag for a couple of years but haven't used yet. It comes with a small nylon strap in the shape of a T with two holes. I could find any screws that came with it and it wasn't immediately obvious to me how it goes on - anyone know? Thanks
  3. Rocketman15

    13 Rocket 3 Tourer speaker bag lids

    Do any of Harley's speaker bag lids fit on the 13 R3T?
  4. Jay

    For Sale SOLD: Brand New Triumph OEM Leather Passenger Backrest Studded Bag

    SOLD Selling a Triumph OEM passenger backrest leather bag. This is the studded style (Part number A9528009). Mounts through the 4 bolts that hold the passenger backrest pad on. This bag fits the passenger backrests of several bike models. I had bought this on to see if I could mount it to...
  5. sonny

    Viking bag

    After waiting for some time now for the zipper to go out on my tourmaster day bag (eight years) I just received this one today Perfect. A bit larger than the tourmaster but plenty of room for cold weather gear and lunch. Very happy with the construction of the bag very solid. It even locks...
  6. Kevin frazier

    For Sale Trade windshield bag

    my studded for your plain, triumph bag
  7. buddazero

    Solo Bag setup?

    Looking for some Solobag ideas for my Rocket. Want to be able to carry a few small items, like net, wheel lock, a burger, that sort of stuff. I see a lot of solobags that are swing arm, but obviously that wouldn't work. Maybe I could jerry rig it to the fender where saddle bags go-honestly I...
  8. tails

    tank bag fits the rocket.

    heine gerick tank bag magnetic brand new ,tried on the bike never used in packaging unzipped to 21ltrs waterproof cover strap,map cover etc. £55.00 posted. pics available send me your details. will not catch your bars on full lock. sold sold sold thanks all.
  9. Tal

    Tanax Tail bag

    Just received this bag which i'm putting on my 'Fehling' backrest/rack. It's a cracker!...fits well, expands out, has a waterproof cover. Its a TANAX MFK-139 from japan. Well made..strong and will hold its shape. If you want a great tailbag that will clip to your rack easily, this is it.
  10. Wade'sWorld

    I know another saddle bag question

    Ok, I have looked at a ton of saddle bag threads and different brands. Kinda like the Tsukaya brand, but here lies my dilemma. Looking at painting them myself as I having spraying equipment,but I haven't sprayed automotive paints and not exactly sure if my bike has tri coat finish.( 2017...
  11. (NJ)AMERICAN EAGLE BAGS take them away Just inherited them from purchase i dont use them

    i have purchased a 2005 rocket three recently and have some bags i took on from the guy who i got it from i dont do cross country or do real seriously far rides . there taking up space in my garage need them gone . this photo is of the bike with the bags . i purchased this bike from someone who...
  12. Ham42

    Flips bag stiffeners

    Just got a set from Flip and they work great. Plus Flip is a Great guy!
  13. Bluebelly

    Viking bag install.

    Got a set of Viking tail bags with shock cutout and am attempting the throw-over install. Has anyone used these bags? They seem very well made for the price and look awesome on the bike but I can't get them situated properly with the shock cutout. I think I may have to go with the non-cutout...
  14. JeffH

    Windshield Bag?

    Anyone got any suggestions for a windshield bag to throw the phone, wallet and any other stuff in while riding? I have just a windshield with no fairing.
  15. Ishrub

    Triumph rocket saddle bag liners

    Not sure who will get these for Xmas. My last set of Hopnell ones went to @Longrider and he swears by them. @HansO kindly gave me his OEM ones. I like sharing and caring!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::inlove:inlove Maybe not OEM but still OK. I suppose he had to use his RamAir stickers some...
  16. tails

    tank bag

    has anyone fitted a givi tank bag with the petrol cap fitting kit ? if so any problems with it. thanks all.
  17. Deckerhead

    Want To Buy saddle bag rails

    Not sure how to post in classified forum. So will try here. I am looking for the chrome Touring bag rails for my 2016 R3T. They only made them a few years and are no longer a dealer item ?
  18. evanr

    For Sale SOLD SOLD Bagster Sherpa tank bag.

    In Black. Virtually unused condition. £60 + postage. (see also separate thread for tank cover) Stock pictures. Tank bag 1 by evanr posted Jul 3, 2017 at 9:10 PM tank bag 2 by evanr posted Jul 3, 2017 at 9:11 PM tank bag 3 by evanr posted Jul 3, 2017 at 9:12 PM Features of the Bagster Sherpa...
  19. Jabol

    Tank bag, any recommendations?

    Looking for a magnetic tank bag for my R3R, search function is not being kind to me. Anyone has one that fits good and is is decent looking?
  20. eugene

    Which Windshield bag

    Which Windshield bag are you using on your stock or aftermarket windshield?