1. Rocketfrog

    Relocating Coolant Tank - Left side details

    I've seen many threads about relocating the stock coolant tank to the left side of the bike. I have a 2011 Touring and there is zero room there unless I remove the EVAP cannister. Can anyone confirm that the EVAP needs to be removed, and if not, where the heck the coolant bottle goes?! Photos...
  2. Fozzie

    Oil tank

    Hi, Has anyone had a custom oil tank made for their Rocket? I know there's some with custom radiator catch tanks, just thinking of having something made, cheers Fozzie
  3. EskimoPie

    Tank Decals

    So the wife has one of those vinyl cutting machines. I cut myself a set of tank decals in matte black. It's subtle and I think I like it. I've seen these same decals selling online for ~$150. Cost me about $1 in vinyl. Thumbs up or thumbs down people?
  4. Jagster

    Fitting a Tank Rack to a 2.5l Rocket 3

    Ordered one of these tank racks from here: Motone Aero Parcel Rack - Stainless Steel - Universal Tank Rack - Polished - Motone from Motone Customs UK Ever since I bought the Rocket i've had a mind towards putting a rack on the tank (strange as that might sound) because I have a bit of a...
  5. refined insanity

    Overfilled the tank and stalled out

    overfilled my tank and stalled out within minutes. havent had any problems before now. Ive siphoned out half a gallon but still wont start. may need to evaporate more before it runs again. Anybody have this problem before?
  6. Shadowcat

    Lining/Sealing 2015 Rocket three Fuel Tank.

    Hi to all, Having removed the fuel pump assembly on my X model,I was really surprised how bad the fuel tank had faired over a period of time.This was due to some work I had to do on the bike.The inside of the tank now definitely needs a good course of treatment.My question is has anyone...
  7. Earthquake

    Looking for oem tank and knee pads

    Anyone know where I can buy oem tank and knee pads I need two sets
  8. JohnPanter

    WARNING !! Watch out for this potential disaster when filling fuel tank.

    Just got back from shortened touring trip to France . . on the train. I wont waste your time with my moans, but just tell you the facts. After topping up the Roadster tank on a rainy morning, we rode steadily out of Blaine. At the 2nd mini roundabout, I had to brake a little for a lorry to...
  9. Nungers

    Fuel Tank Upgrade

    I have just got my bike back from the panel shop. They widened the tank to hold more fuel 330km and the fuel light came on, 2 bars left. 440km the gauge said empty 482km and ran out of fuel 24ltrs to fill from dead empty Attached is a couple of pics before and after, welll not quite, I for got...
  10. Vector

    Fuel tank removal.

    It sure sounds like a hassle. Can the tank be partially lifted to gain access to the spark plugs? I thing these engineers design so most buyers have the dealer perform work at $95 an hour.
  11. RocketMikeR3T

    Sounds like keys rattling in front of fuel tank

    It sounds like keys rattling against the front of the fuel tank at certain RPM's, it doesn't do it all the time but it does do it a lot. It's a little annoying when it's happening because it's very pronounced. I rode my brother-in-laws R3T same year as mine and you could barely hear it on his...
  12. C-squared

    tank bag attachment

    Hi everyone - I've had a tank bag for a couple of years but haven't used yet. It comes with a small nylon strap in the shape of a T with two holes. I could find any screws that came with it and it wasn't immediately obvious to me how it goes on - anyone know? Thanks
  13. Dale914

    Replacing coolant tank with liquor bottle

    A while back I saw a chopper with a Jack Daniels bottle as the overflow tank and decided that I need to do that with the rocket as I’m running with 3 K&Ns and no bearclaw and I hate the look of the tank. So I know that a few of you have replaced with aftermarket tanks, and I know that the volume...
  14. SlimReaper

    Running rough after tank swap

    So I had to lay my 2009 R3T down to avoid a major accident and had to replace my tank. Kept all the electrical from original (pump, hoses, fittings, fuel gauge, etc.) Bike starts and idle fine. It also runs accelerates ok, until I go to shift. After that, she sputters and surges. If I really...
  15. PekkaVu

    Do not over fill the tank

    I think that cap is ventiled which means it is releasing gas out from tank. It's very important that you not over fill the tank. Because gasoline (liquid) is blocking gas canel of the cap. I almost burn my Rocket R3R when I over fill the tank. And I wonderin after short riding the noise which...
  16. Micheric

    Scratched Gas Tank - Recommendation?

    My son scraped my tank with his ski while it was in the garage. Its a small scratch but did go down to the primer. As I notice it every time I look down, I'd like to get it fixed and will likely need to take it to someone. I am in Southern Cal and my Triumph shop has a guy but he is busy for...
  17. dhernb

    Radiator overflow tank relocation

    Does anyone have a photo of their tank mounted under the seat?
  18. MonkeyMan

    Rocket 3, 2020 and later, Tank Removal

    When I do certain jobs, I never know when I'm coming back to them, and I easily can make mistakes. Especially if the job is new to me. I was scared to pull the tank off of my new Rocket, so i set out like I usually do, with my numbered baggies and went at it. I made a list of my steps, and my...
  19. Starfighter

    Rocket III Roadster tank swap and other mods

    Hello everyone So Im joining the Rocket racket soon and will pull the trigger on a Roadster once I find a good deal. As always, I customize my bikes to my own personal liking. Im planning to swap the OEM giant fuel tank to a smaller round fuel tank ala Bonneville and put in a slammer seat. I...
  20. gadget_ho

    Lamonster vs Trik Union Jack tank pads

    So in case anyone is tossing up between these two products, I bought both and you can see them side by side in the pic. For comparison, the Trik pads are a good deal larger, slightly thinner and don‘t incorrectly render one of the flags. The Lamonster seems a touch thicker and still has a...