1. Kennydg

    Issues with filling 2.5 gas tank

    Anyone else find it very difficult to fill the tank without spilling? I can't put the nozzle in there far enough for the auto shut off to work so I have to go extremely slow filling or else it will gush out when it all of a sudden reaches the neck. Plus it seems moving the nozzle in any...
  2. RedLBB

    Triumph Magnetic tank bag ?

    Anyone having the experience of the magnetic tank bag for the 2020 R3 ? Would it scratch the tank painting ? Where do the security strap go (just in the front and around the steering column) ? Secure enough (at reasonable speed) ? Else ?
  3. maurice

    Cap at the fuel tank

    I've never seen a socket like the one with the cap on it near the left side of the tank. I have a garmin gps with a lighter plug that needs the receptacle socket for it to work. Does anyone know if there is an adaptor that can go into that socket on the bike so I could plug my garmin into it? I...
  4. John Turnbull

    Chrome Coming Off Tank Badge

    Hey folks, I had a brake fluid mishap that spilled on my tank. I quickly washed off the fluid with no sign of damage so far on the tank finish or engine paint. Same cannot be said for the right side TANK BADGE. The chrome is peeling off? Any suggestions on where to get a new or used badge? A fix...
  5. Mike Rocket

    Oil tank check valve

    Can anyone tell me if the R3 oil tank check valve part number T1210003 is supplied with a new o ring seal as I cannot find the seal on the triumph parts list. They just show the check valve. Thanks for any help.#
  6. 08nzrocket

    Lifting gas tank on a 2020 GT

    Hi I tried to lift the gas tank on my GT today and it didn't, want to budge, I removed the strap and the bolt under the front end of the strap and removed the instrument cluster and the tank would only lift approx 150mm. Are these different to the Roadster in that instance? Trying to connect a...
  7. Mike Rocket

    Oil tank draining

    I know this is an old thread but I need reassurance. My oil tank completely drains down into the sump within 3 days of parking up after a run. Looking at the drawing it looks like the oil pick up and scavenge pipes in the tank are higher than the oil level so it cannot be draining down through...
  8. Son_Of_Dog

    New tank bib to match seat

    Here's the show and tell on my new tank bib. I attempted to match the seat done by Distinct Customs here in Norman, OK, and think I did a pretty alright job. Here's finished pictures first, followed by process pics. Process:
  9. EM549

    Chrome Oil Tank Woes

    I purchased a NOS chrome oil tank from my deal in Fort Worth, the part number was listed as A9730136 on the open box. This is the correct part number for my 2008 R3T. I tried, unsuccessfully, to install the oil tank yesterday. My observation is this. The nipple at the back of the chrome oil...
  10. Jay

    DIY Fix for Frame Rubber Tank Supports

    I made the bonehead move of touching my rubber tank supports (part number T2400478)...they looked a little loose, but I should have left well enough alone. Anyway, I ripped them off and needed a quick fix. I found that the rubber nuts used for sport bike windshields make a great solution for...
  11. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    For Sale Oil Tank with Dip Stick

    This came off a 2005 that the owner changed for a chrome oil tank. It has been in storage for almost 15 years. Excellent Condition. $70 Shipped Domestically. Still Available 2/30/20.
  12. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    For Sale FUEL TANK Like New

    Still Available 5/30/20. I recently purchased a lot of TAKE OFF items from a 2005 Standard. The Tins came off right away so the accessory ghost flame tins could be installed from new. These parts have not seen daylight for almost 15 years. Here is the FUEL TANK. It is very nice and has the...
  13. MohamedSalah

    Want to Buy Fuel tank

    Hello, I am looking for a fuel tank and gear selector assembly. Is there any available
  14. vzrDean1800

    Want to Buy Roadster fuel tank

    Well, my paint project is taking longer than I'd hoped. Really need to retire from working, so I have more time for hobbies! I'd like to run the run rocket to finish up some mechanical mods, such as ram air, and then fool with and learn about tuneecu. Hard to do when your tank is primer in the...
  15. BigNorm

    Draining the tank

    What is involved when having to drain the tank. My road glide had an easy quick release that only shed a few drops and made draining it for paint a moot point other than making it heavy. What's the best and safest way to remove the fuel from the tank?
  16. Tazithman

    Unused quick connects under gas tank

    Hey all, I'm still new to Triumphs so forgive the ignorance but I ran into some unused electrical disconnects under the gas tank of my '07 while I was running wire for underglows and was curious what they were for. All 3 are in the same spot and come straight out of the woring harness toward...
  17. jjerdonjr

    Looking for a fuel tank?

    A am looking for a new or used undamaged fuel tank for a 2014 R3T. Anyone know of any sites, yards, people etc... that may have one?
  18. Joesmoe

    For Sale Oil tank - off 2014 Touring - $200

    I was fortunate enough to score a chrome oil tank, and this one, in perfect shape, is surplus.
  19. goncallf

    Tank Pad Triumph double sided adhesive film

    Can someone tell me what is the reference of this double sided adhesive film?
  20. elcanaco

    Fuel tank float arm

    I’m only heading into season 3 with my ‘08 but from day one the low fuel level light would come on after only 70 miles. I read from others that the problem was the float arm and today I discovered how bent my float arm is. I’m taking a LOT of parts to a custom paint shop tomorrow and in the...
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