1. Starfighter

    Rocket III Roadster tank swap and other mods

    Hello everyone So Im joining the Rocket racket soon and will pull the trigger on a Roadster once I find a good deal. As always, I customize my bikes to my own personal liking. Im planning to swap the OEM giant fuel tank to a smaller round fuel tank ala Bonneville and put in a slammer seat. I...
  2. gadget_ho

    Lamonster vs Trik Union Jack tank pads

    So in case anyone is tossing up between these two products, I bought both and you can see them side by side in the pic. For comparison, the Trik pads are a good deal larger, slightly thinner and don‘t incorrectly render one of the flags. The Lamonster seems a touch thicker and still has a...
  3. Zutt

    Fuel Tank Strap Replacement

    Anyone have directions or video of how to remove the metal tank strap? Mine was scratched when purchased bike and just got a replacement but it's not clear to me how to remove it. Thanks.
  4. Mike Rocket

    Oil level drop in oil tank (Again)

    Sorry, i have asked before but now it drains down quicker. I have a 2014 Rocket 3 Roadster with 12000 miles on the clock so really nothing should be worn yet. The oil tank has drained down into the sump overnight a couple of times now, which seems pretty fast to me. I have replaced the one way...
  5. Racknid

    Magnetic Union Jack Tank Decals

    I ordered Union Jack tank decals from Lamonster, but wasn't so sure I could commit to sticking anything new on the bike when I'd just finished removing the safety stickers. Got the idea to try turning them into magnets so I could attach/remove/swap when I felt like it. Ordered large magnetic...
  6. RockOn

    RamAir and Expansion Tank

    I've removed the stock air plenum on my '06 classic and preparing to install a RamAir unit. Now, of course, it occurs to me that the expansion tank might block airflow to the filter. Do I need to move the tank or can it stay in place? I've done a forum search and see people have relocated the...
  7. Kevin frazier

    No oil in tank?

    does your oil tank stay full after sitting?
  8. mr hunt

    Oil tank leak

    After repeatedly refitting the oil tank assuming the o-rings weren't seating properly and causing a constant leak from under the tank I noticed that oil was bubbling up around the head of the rear bolt. Removed tank again and.... Neither tank valve is leaking and the seals are fine. Tank and...
  9. Ishrub

    T100 carb '8-Ball' custom tank covers.

    GBP250 on eBay
  10. xoygeha

    Fuel Tank Removal Questions

    I am trying to remove the fuel tank and have ran into some problems. I've searched for answers and haven't been able to find what I'm looking for. The manual says to remove the fuel line. Removing the bolt (red arrow) results in fuel leaking from the tank in a slow steady stream. Removing the...
  11. Kim Turner

    Dumping the stock coolant recovery tank

    As I don't have "x-ray" vision finally decided to dump the stock coolant recovery tank. Reading a few articles here on upgrades. Like stainless steel or aluminium construction. What is available at the present time that will bolt-on without creating a "major military manoeuvre" in fitting (ie, I...
  12. smordue1

    Tips on Tank Removal

    I need to remove my fuel tank to wire up some lights. It does not appear obvious how to do it, and I don't want to disassemble more than I need to, nor have fuel spilling all over. Any tips on easiest way?
  13. Zutt

    Lamonster Garage Union Jack Tank Protecotors

    Hey guys, I saw the Union Jack Tank protectors on Lamonster, they look fantastic from the video. I searched the googles for more pics, especially of the Black on Black R3, but no go. Anyone with these installed on their red, black or grey R3s? Pics? Do you guys like/recommend them? Thank you.
  14. Venus2050

    2010 R3T Fuel Tank Range

    I’m attempting to quantify the factory spec of fuel tank range. The fuel gage is presently indicating 150 miles on a full tank (6 gallons) with mileage @ 25 m/g. I recall that the digital display once indicated 175-180 mile range with a full tank. Any suggestions or recommendations ?
  15. DMC

    Treating years of yuck in the tank

    Greetings, R3 Family, I need advice from anyone who has dealt with treating extensive flaky deposits within an R3's gas tank. I have my tank off now and drained about a gallon of very foul fuel, along with a fistful of rusty bits. My '05 R3 had been basically abandoned after her first year and...
  16. Oil tank removal. And other jobs in that area

    Hi guys. Well my oil tanks prongs have given up being seals now so I'm going to attempt to change them sometime in the next week. I understand the throttle bodies need removing so I've decided while I'm at it to change for a ram air system while I'm in the area and I need to balance the...
  17. G8Bru

    Tank side protection PPF for potential customers

    Hey guys, (delete if not allowed) I'm looking into having some clear 3m xpel ppf laser cut to match the area where your knees rest on the R3r tank, Im aware you can buy the triumph black oem ones for the sides but im not the biggest fan with how they look. This film will be clear and fit...
  18. Darron1117

    Tank emblem removal

    Hello Rocketeer's, Want to remove fuel tank emblem. Does anyone know if it is stick on only. Want to make sure it affixed with adhesive only. Thanks,
  19. Martin-Brighton-uk

    Fuel tank 4 wire plug, what wire where?

    Hello experts, I removed the tank as part of strip down to remove engine. The four wires in the fuel tank plug have come out. Does anyone have a photo of their plug or could take one while they are working on their bike of that fuel tank plug so I can see what wire goes in what hole. Many thanks.
  20. Mysterious air hose under tank

    I'm installing freshly washed injector nozzles, and I have an extra hose under the tank. Yes I looked where it might plug into, do you think I'd accept this risk of public humiliation if I hadn't looked? And failed to find it? Here's what the hose looks like. I'm going to lie down with a cool...