1. Rocketfrog

    Relocating Coolant Tank - Left side details

    I've seen many threads about relocating the stock coolant tank to the left side of the bike. I have a 2011 Touring and there is zero room there unless I remove the EVAP cannister. Can anyone confirm that the EVAP needs to be removed, and if not, where the heck the coolant bottle goes?! Photos...
  2. caddydaddy

    Coolant in oil

    I just had the front of the engine torn apart to replace the detent spring. Now after 313 miles, the oil looks horrible! I changed the oil and it’s getting dark again after 6 miles. I’ve also noticed that the coolant level in the reservoir is going down. Since I just had the water pump off to...
  3. Sharpy

    Coolant level

    So I'm just changing my Ram air for 3 KnN pods and was looking at moving the coolant bottle out the way a bit. However, on checking the min/max line on it I find that it's bone dry in there, and has been for some time I reckon. Is this okay? Bikes been riding fine...... Thx in advance...👍
  4. Rocky Raccoon

    Leaky Coolant Pump has me bummed out....

    Have not even ridden my new Rocket ONCE yet this year. Started her the other day and I notice coolant dripping from the front water pump area. Not a hose. "Gasket" is buldging out from the left side of the pump. Want to hear the funny thing? I 'found' 2 teardrop shaped o-rings under the...
  5. Coolant leak on triumph r3

    I have coolant leaking from water pump housing I have nipped it up but still leaks, is this a common problem?
  6. Triumph coolant types

    I'm looking to change my coolant soon for my 2012 Roadster so looking for the correct replacement and it seems that Triumph have changed the type used since the bike was purchased. I haven't looked at the colour of what in there at the moment but I think it's Blue looking at the header tank and...
  7. RockOn

    Coolant Temp Gauge?

    Riding back to my inland home from the beach two days ago the temp was 105 + at my house. Within a few miles of my home after traveling approximately 50 miles from the beach, where I am guesing temps were near 90, my engine was so hot I had to spread my legs (very un-lady-like) at a 90 degree...
  8. jwillride

    Waterless Engine Coolant

    Has anyone tried this? https://www.evanscoolant.com/
  9. Triumph coolant not available

    Hello, Rocket 3r needs following coolant as per manual A9610046 HD4X OAT COOLANT Triumph dealer(s) is saying that they dont have A9610046 HD4X OAT COOLANT. Triumph Dealer saying use this instead but remove old coolant first and dont mix these two. Can i mix them? Why dealer said that dont...
  10. Dale914

    Replacing coolant tank with liquor bottle

    A while back I saw a chopper with a Jack Daniels bottle as the overflow tank and decided that I need to do that with the rocket as I’m running with 3 K&Ns and no bearclaw and I hate the look of the tank. So I know that a few of you have replaced with aftermarket tanks, and I know that the volume...
  11. VoltaicVoltaire

    Coolant System Hose Routing

    Hey all, I have a unique problem. I bought a 2010 Touring with a bad engine. The P.O. had started taking stuff off of it then decided it was too much for him and one of the things he had removed was the radiator and reservoir tank. I have pulled the engine, replaced the crank, and a rod. (spun...
  12. Doe70

    Coolant and overheating issues with 2014 Rocket 3

    Bought 2014 R3 roadster 200 miles ago from Triumph dealer and coolant light came on. Had a mechanic check issue after dealer told me it was because I rode on a hot day? Anyhow took bike to dealer to explain issue and show them that coolant was not at level handbook said and they sent me away...
  13. Engine coolant

    Is it difficult to change coolant in r3 classic??
  14. Cosmic Robber Fly


    Where can I buy the HD4X Hybrid OAT coolant?
  15. Oleja

    Coolant level change for a milage.

    I'm curious about coolant level decries for a milage. I got max to min level for about 11K km (6.8K miles). And I don't see any leakage. What is your experience?
  16. Antek

    Coolant additives that improve heat transference

    In my C7 Corvette I run this stuff https://www.amazon.com/Red-Line-80204-Water-Wetter/dp/B000CPI5ZK to improve the heat transference from the coolant to the radiator and it works wonders, typically coolant temperatures are 10F+ lower than what they used to be without the additive, I also use it...