1. CvSisinthehouse

    Valve cover gasket leak?

    Hey mates, I noticed this leak yesterday. seems to be a common problem. This gasket seems to have blown out, where the screwdriver is pointing to. Is this the valve cover gasket or head gasket? and can I do it myself?
  2. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Water Pump Weep Hole Leak

    So my water pump has a slight drip coming out the weep hole. What is needed here to fix it ?
  3. Mad Dog

    Leak at clutch lifter shaft

    I’ve got an oil leak, think it’s coming out under the clutch lifter arm. Red arrow in the pic below is my first guess...reasonable? That part appears to be a seal but isn’t ID’d in the manual or online parts diagram. What is that? An o-ring, washer, packing? Anybody know what size? Can I pick it...
  4. Marcr

    Fluid leak after Ramair Installation

    Hi Everyone, I recently installed the Ramair onto my Rocket 3 Roadster (2016), I have now got a fluid leak on the left hand side, that when wiped up has a slight green tinge to it, is it possible that this is some oil from the Ramair filter just trickling down as the engine gets hot? It seems...
  5. Darron1117

    Found coolant leak?

    Hello Rocketeers, Finally located some evidence of my coolant leak. Cranked and let it run and warm up and watched the area where the leak may be and lo and behold it dropped a few drops of coolant from this location. The coolant dripped from where the arrow is pointed but the front of this...
  6. vindex1963

    Clutch shaft oil leak

    Castrol Power 1 5w-40 Mobil 1 M1-110 oil filter. When I shift at 3000-4500 rpm it will stay dry but if I run the motor up to 6000-6500 rpm I get this, oil coming out of the shifter shaft. Bad seal? To much pressure building up? 4000 miles on the oil change and it didn't do this before.
  7. Bob spruce

    Oil leak

    I have a 05 Rocket and there is a leak behind the oil tank, its seems like a lot. Could it be from the head. Or an o ring in the oil tank connections? Anybody seen this?
  8. Boony

    Coolant Leak Part 2

    Last week I posted a problem about a coolant leak. The part was identified by Greggor. I ordered one and it has arrived. The next problem is how do I remove the old part? I have tried to gently remove it, but I am reluctant to try too hard as it is attached to the head. The next picture shows...
  9. Boony

    Coolant leak

    I had a look and couldn't find this covered before. My bike is leaking radiator fluid from the connector behind the lower left radiator hose. I have disconnected the hose. I tried gently twisting the elbow. It is either very tight or is pressed into the engine. Can it be removed and repaired...
  10. VGB

    Introduce myself,problems,bevel box leak

    Hi everybody, newcomer here from belgium age 52,drive a rocket Roadster 2008 bought it 2, 5 year ago with 20000k on the counter and now have 50000k on the counter. Here I want to share some experience with the problems I've had so I can help other with their problem. The first months the...
  11. Stillserving

    17 Roadster oil leak

    Hey guys, my 17 Roadster has about 13K on it now. I've already changed the valve cover gasket once for leaking on the right side in the usual spot. I just got a sudden oil leak show up on the left side under the oil tank. Haven't pulled the tank yet to investigate yet anything I should pay...
  12. Choche

    Shaft Oil Leak - very minor

    Hey guys; so finally removed my Rocket's final drive so I can grease the splines. My bike only has 7500 miles and its a 2013. Yeah, I need to ride it more. Anyway, when I removed the final drive, I noticed a film of oil the end of the swing arm. I traced it back to the shaft and as it joins...
  13. Navigator

    First Rocket Ride and a Radiator Leak

    Since my October knee replacement surgery I've gotten out on 3-4 rides on my BMW and sidecar rig but delayed riding my Touring until I felt that the knee was strong enough to deal with any big bike issues, such as an unexpected pressure from parking lot lean over etc. Yesterday I decided it...
  14. Jallen3.14

    Oil leak?

    So, back in October, I did an oil change - filter plus 5 qts, then ran the bike for a few minutes and topped it off to the "full" mark. Put a couple K miles riding down to Barber's Vintage Motorcycle festival, and rode around town for decreasing amounts as crappy weather set in. When it hit 50...
  15. Y62

    Leaking gastank

    Leaking tank by Y62 posted Dec 21, 2018 at 2:31 PMI just wanted to show you my gastank with crack. Picture is front center. Anyone seen something like it?
  16. rangerbob56

    Needed valve adjustment, fuel injectors, exhaust leak………

    How can I identify that “ticka-ticka-ticka” sound coming from my engine? I have a 2012 Roadster, and it seems like the noise has been there all along. I get different opinions from everyone; valves that need adjusting or it’s just the fuel injectors and it’s normal (both from a dealer, whom I...
  17. Triple13

    What is this for??? (Beneath the water pump)

    Can anyone tell me what this tube is for and what might have leaked from it??? The other day I noticed some dried up substance that seems to have come from this fitting. Also, there appears to be some kind of sealant/glue substance around the fitting that may have melted??? Has anyone...
  18. John Miller

    Injector seal - vacuum leak at the manifold

    Well after scratching my head for the last day or two trying to locate the cause of a small back fire through one of the throttle body's - using brakleen as a sniffer spray I could get the engine to flare when I squirted the brakleen onto the injector body where it meets the intake manifold on...
  19. WyldCFH

    Exhaust leak

    So, I installed my Viking header, among other things, today. Unfortunately, each exhaust port has a leak. I used new gaskets and a small amount of sealant in each port. Has anyone used 2 gaskets per exhaust port? Results? Or should I just go ahead and put a thicker ring of sealant. I did...
  20. GaryA

    Final drive oil leak

    Noticed a small patch at the rear of the bike this morning and discovered that oil has leaked at the final drive onto the rear wheel rim, around the hub where it goes into the rear drive. Before pulling it to pieces, what can I expect when I remove the rear wheel? Is there a final seal that...
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