rocket 3r

  1. rmcg888

    New Rocket 3R in the Philippines

    Perhaps only two of these bikes in the Philippines. This one imported from Japan.
  2. chevvy

    traded my wc bonnie , New rocket 3r in new zealand

    Hail hearty fellow rocketeers, new here, new rocket, and a new riding day, looks like the cvo 110tc softail, is going to be parked up for a while HeHeHE, Im an old fella, retired motorcycle courier, ridden most things at some time or another, but thoroughly enjoying this rocket 3 ,Ive completed...
  3. Rocket 3r vs Ninja H2

    I understand both are different categories but is there any way Rockets are better than ninja h2, only h2 not sx or other variants of it , the basic H2, not the H2R version. The reason I am asking is I am getting tempted to buy a h2. Thankyou
  4. Best exhaust option for Rocket 3R Black Edition?

    I'm new here from Bolton in the UK. Wondering what decent exhaust silencers are there to fit to the Rocket 3r black Edition without ruining the natural lines and aesthetics of the bike. Seen alot of examples fron the USA and UK but look like after thought bolt ons and stick out at funny angles...
  5. Jehan

    Rocket 3R - Limited-edition

    Hello, I believe I have purchase one Triumph Rocket 3R Black "Limited Edition" but I don't have the Certificate of authenticity with the bike's papers. Would you anybody know where I could get it ? >> The Triumph Rocket 3 R Black and Rocket 3 GT Triple Black are limited to 1,000 units each. >>...
  6. I dont understand - TTS supercharger Rocket 3R vs Hayabusa TTS supercharger

    Hi, Rocket 3R is 2500 CC, WITH TTS supercharger is pulling out 316hp & 268ft/lb. vs Hayabusa Gen3 1340cc WITH TTS supercharger is pulling out 400HP & 190lb/ft torque. Why Rocket 3R cant get more power after TTS supercharger? Supercharger for rocket is pretty expensive as compare to TTS...
  7. Cubanese

    ISO 2020 Rocket 3R Backrest

    Looking for a Passenger Backrest for a ISO 2020 Rocket 3R
  8. hossman

    Triumph needs exhaust options for Rocket 3R & GT

    Man I sure did like my TORS on my 16 Rocket 3 and gave a nice deep tone and kept the stock look. These bikes need something along those lines. A nice windshield option too.
  9. Considering the Rocket 3R

    Hello all, Quite the conundrum as I consider purchasing a Rocket 3R. I currently own a BMW R1250RT, and a 2022 Kawasaki H2SXSE. I also reentered the muscle car hobby a year ago, and have a Mustang. I mention this because the garage is full, so it's either something has to go, or I pay for...
  10. SimonRowell

    2021 Rocket 3R - Header Discoloration

    Hi - I wanted to get opinions about some ugly discoloration I'm seeing on the headers of my 3R. I've other threads on this forum about blue stains but nothing about these rust-looking examples. Any idea what's causing it? Can it be polished off? I'm going to drop by the dealer, so have not...
  11. suntosh

    Rocket 3R vs Rocket 3 2018

    The difference in price is hard for me to swallow. Is the newer R3 substantially better and worth the extra 10k I am having to spend on a barely used 2018.
  12. New Rocket 3R owner from the coast of NC

    Greetings everybody! I've always had a thing for Triumphs. My first (and previous) street bike was a 2016 Street Triple R in Matte Graphite and I loved it like a child (don't have any kids so you'll have to take my word on that one :cool:). I've been oggling the Rocket since the 2020 reboot...
  13. Hi guys, thanks for the acceptance.

    Hi guys, thanks for the acceptance im Roy from the UK and looking to un restrict my Rocket 3r soon.
  14. Turbanator

    First Service - Rocket 3R - too expensive?

    I bought Rocket 3R 3 months ago and now its due for its first service after 600 miles. I got a quote of $495 from my dealership for the first service which I believe is very steep. Any suggestions or alternatives available that others have tried in the past to reduce the cost?
  15. Adoration

    Took delivery of a Rocket 3R on Saturday. What an incredible machine made by Triumph! Greta Thunberg look away now.
  16. Holy smokes - Rocket TFC THORNTON mod <3

  17. OlderRider

    New 2021 Rocket 3R in Virginia US

    Hello All, I just bought a new Rocket 3R and joined this group for some support which I need right away unfortunately. I did't get to test ride this one (or any Rockets) because the dealer was far away and it was raining when I got there to pick it up. So now I find myself unhappy with the...
  18. Journeyman28778

    Tail of the Dragon on new 3R

    Lucky to have an unusually clear path on a Saturday in March with warm weather and a chance to play with the camera and editing. This is during the break-in period just after the first oil change and, duh, riding in "road" mode- I'm still not used to this fancy stuff. This is not my favorite...
  19. Exhaust for Triumph Rocket 3R 2021

    Hello everyone, I´m new to this forum and didn´t introduce myself yet but I will do it ASAP at the correct field. Nowadays I ride a Harley Davidson Road Glide Ultra and just put an order to get my Rocket.. as the motorcycle takes about 6 months to be delivered, I have been searching for...
  20. SanjeeveST

    Rocket 3R Navigation

    Hi, Anyone using the navigation system on Triumph Connect? Any good? Is Beeline Moto better? Sanjeeve ST