rocket 3r

  1. digitaldavemcse

    Florida Rocket 3r Custom

    Introducing myself to the Rocket 3 r community. Nice to meet y'all!!
  2. J

    2020 Rocket 3r problems

    Hello, new here and I was wondering if anyone is having the same problems I’m having with my new bike, or Maybe is just mine and I had bad luck with it. I’ve got my bike almost 5 months ago and it has been in the shop more than I have been riding it. First problem was with the gas tank sensor...
  3. Ollie

    Rocket 3R(2020) color codes

    Hello, Does anybody know, what would be exact color codes for 2020 Rocket 3R (Red) for example as a RAL or RGB code? As verbal description I found: Tank, front mudguard, etc.=Korosi Red, (or Phantom Black) Frame/body=Silver Ice Those verbal color names ar quit traditional Triumph(also for...
  4. Pauls999

    Greetings From Sunny Essex

    Had the Rocket 3R for 2 weeks now and got a couple of hundred miles on the clock, everything is working fine and its a great bike. I wanted a red one but there was nothing available however the local dealer had a cancelled order on a black one in the showroom so I got that rather than waiting...
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