rocket 3r

  1. ssPetess

    New member from Pittsburgh

    Just purchased a 2022 Rocket 3R with 1500 miles. Looking forward to learning as much as I can about this awesome machine
  2. jmillington

    Dealer can only pair 3 keys to 2020 Rocket 3R?

    Hi you'all. I have a 2020 Rocket 3R, and only received 1 FOB and 1 spare key when I bought the bike new. I recently purchased 2 spare keys for $125.46 + tax (dealer said you can only buy 2 spare keys at a time?), and a spare FOB for $203.27 + tax. I wanted to have a spare FOB and a spare key...
  3. kiwisteve

    low voltage to twist grip sensors 1 & 2

    H yesterday I put tune eco map in, huge , difference however in an attempt to disconnect headlight I pulled the large grey plug behind panel above headlights. That cut all power so after plugging it back in it came up traction control disabled and grip sensor faults, also now only the right...
  4. minoru

    nice to meet you.

  5. A9630716 mirrors on my Rocket 3R .

    Friends, I'm thinking of installing the A9630716 mirrors on my Rocket 3R , is it better than the original ? any comments are welcome .
  6. Rocket 3R Workshop Manual

    Hello All I have been searching for a workshop manual for the 2021 3R Rocket, seems Triumph have one that costs an arm n leg, and only for "mechanics" , so any ideas?? Thanks Alan
  7. Johnty86

    Custom solo Seat for Rocket 3R

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a custom Solo seat for Rocket 3R? I have the standard seat, which is quite hard. Also the custom options that I find online are quite chunky. I‘m looking for a seat that is sleek and has low riding position. On Another note, has anyone tried fitting a bobber seat for...
  8. looper2469

    Greetings R3 owners

    Hi there, I'm on my wonderful Rocket 3. Definitely the road bike for me. 43000 km in three years!
  9. Henrik

    Tuned Penner map for vin AX4023 R3R

    Is there a Penner map for my vin? "AX4023" I cant find any. Henrik, Sweden.
  10. Spark plugs upgraded to Laser Iridium

    hi, I just finished upgrading spark plugs to laser iridium, 4 hours job including removing fuel tank and EVAP system to reach spark plugs. Below are my Stock spark plugs which were running Penner tune + Deleted/uninstalled o2 sensor + DNA air filter + Werkes Exhaust for 8000km or 5000mikes
  11. Journeyman

    Rocket 3R and Hayabusa on The Snake

    Just rid'n- that's all... A Busa guy let me go by as he was leading some slower friends on The Snake. Then, he decided to catch up. For the record- I am not saying anything here about the comparative merit of these two bikes, or riders, and I don't think either of us was trying to push all that...
  12. OTownAlien

    New to me Rocket 3R

    I recently purchased a 2021 Rocket 3R with 75 miles. Love the bike so far, it now has about 900 miles. I’m a big guy and have been looking for a non HD cruiser-ish that would fit me. The Rocket definitely fits the bill.
  13. Rocket 3R 2020 + Instrument Cluster - Important findings

    hi, I studied Instrument dash electronics circuitry from Triumph subscription website about and below are my findings about Instrument and Turn signals Hope this helps someone : A Turn signals are getting both power and turn signal function directly and only from Instrument cluster output...
  14. Rocket 3R - Clutch fluid Bleed

    My Rocket 3R Clutch Fluid was very bad and I had to change it ( next is front brake and then rear. ) Since I got quote for rear and front brake fluid 130usdper hour from official triumph dealer so I gave up and decided to do Clutch bleed first by myself to become familiar with bleed...
  15. rmcg888

    New Rocket 3R in the Philippines

    Perhaps only two of these bikes in the Philippines. This one imported from Japan.
  16. chevvy

    traded my wc bonnie , New rocket 3r in new zealand

    Hail hearty fellow rocketeers, new here, new rocket, and a new riding day, looks like the cvo 110tc softail, is going to be parked up for a while HeHeHE, Im an old fella, retired motorcycle courier, ridden most things at some time or another, but thoroughly enjoying this rocket 3 ,Ive completed...
  17. Rocket 3r vs Ninja H2

    I understand both are different categories but is there any way Rockets are better than ninja h2, only h2 not sx or other variants of it , the basic H2, not the H2R version. The reason I am asking is I am getting tempted to buy a h2. Thankyou
  18. Si3RBlack

    Best exhaust option for Rocket 3R Black Edition?

    I'm new here from Bolton in the UK. Wondering what decent exhaust silencers are there to fit to the Rocket 3r black Edition without ruining the natural lines and aesthetics of the bike. Seen alot of examples fron the USA and UK but look like after thought bolt ons and stick out at funny angles...
  19. Jehan

    Rocket 3R - Limited-edition

    Hello, I believe I have purchase one Triumph Rocket 3R Black "Limited Edition" but I don't have the Certificate of authenticity with the bike's papers. Would you anybody know where I could get it ? >> The Triumph Rocket 3 R Black and Rocket 3 GT Triple Black are limited to 1,000 units each. >>...
  20. I dont understand - TTS supercharger Rocket 3R vs Hayabusa TTS supercharger

    Hi, Rocket 3R is 2500 CC, WITH TTS supercharger is pulling out 316hp & 268ft/lb. vs Hayabusa Gen3 1340cc WITH TTS supercharger is pulling out 400HP & 190lb/ft torque. Why Rocket 3R cant get more power after TTS supercharger? Supercharger for rocket is pretty expensive as compare to TTS...