rocket 3r

  1. New Rocket 3R owner from the coast of NC

    Greetings everybody! I've always had a thing for Triumphs. My first (and previous) street bike was a 2016 Street Triple R in Matte Graphite and I loved it like a child (don't have any kids so you'll have to take my word on that one :cool:). I've been oggling the Rocket since the 2020 reboot...
  2. Hi guys, thanks for the acceptance.

    Hi guys, thanks for the acceptance im Roy from the UK and looking to un restrict my Rocket 3r soon.
  3. Turbanator

    First Service - Rocket 3R - too expensive?

    I bought Rocket 3R 3 months ago and now its due for its first service after 600 miles. I got a quote of $495 from my dealership for the first service which I believe is very steep. Any suggestions or alternatives available that others have tried in the past to reduce the cost?
  4. Adoration

    Took delivery of a Rocket 3R on Saturday. What an incredible machine made by Triumph! Greta Thunberg look away now.
  5. Holy smokes - Rocket TFC THORNTON mod <3

  6. OlderRider

    New 2021 Rocket 3R in Virginia US

    Hello All, I just bought a new Rocket 3R and joined this group for some support which I need right away unfortunately. I did't get to test ride this one (or any Rockets) because the dealer was far away and it was raining when I got there to pick it up. So now I find myself unhappy with the...
  7. Journeyman28778

    Tail of the Dragon on new 3R

    Lucky to have an unusually clear path on a Saturday in March with warm weather and a chance to play with the camera and editing. This is during the break-in period just after the first oil change and, duh, riding in "road" mode- I'm still not used to this fancy stuff. This is not my favorite...
  8. Exhaust for Triumph Rocket 3R 2021

    Hello everyone, I´m new to this forum and didn´t introduce myself yet but I will do it ASAP at the correct field. Nowadays I ride a Harley Davidson Road Glide Ultra and just put an order to get my Rocket.. as the motorcycle takes about 6 months to be delivered, I have been searching for...
  9. SanjeeveST

    Rocket 3R Navigation

    Hi, Anyone using the navigation system on Triumph Connect? Any good? Is Beeline Moto better? Sanjeeve ST
  10. RhinoOK

    Ducati to Rocket 3R?

    Hello everyone. I currently ride a 2015 Ducati Multistrada 1200S. A lovely bike to be sure but it is tall, top heavy and maintenance intense. While the Duc is in the shop for intermittent electrical problem, I notice 2 brand new 2020 Rocket 3 R's for $18,499. So I throw a leg over the 30 inch...
  11. sunny

    Paint issue with Rocket 3R black exhaust :S

    Hi All, While riding Passenger shoe heel area rubbing against exhaust caused exhaust paint rip on ROCKET 3 R BLACK Edition , how to fix? Which type of paint is this? Ceramic or powder coat? I have a small spray gun connected to air compressor, please advise :( Regards
  12. sunny

    How to adjust suspension ? Rocket 3R

    hi, I am 135pounds / 60kg. I feel my rear suspension is hard, i feel bumps hard on rear suspension, In manual it says you can adjust them, can someone help me with it please? I dont understand which setting does what? there are 3 types of rear suspension adjustments
  13. studrums

    Rear Indicators for 2020 Rocket 3R

    Hey Folks, I just got a used 2020 Rocket 3R, and well, within the first week of riding it, the left rear indicator fell off. It's under warranty, but the dealer said that this particular OEM part won't be in until the end of September. I've been looking at some of the mods on here...
  14. Rocket 3R gear shift adjustment

    Can someone please advise on how to adjust the shift peddle to give me a bit more space for my UK size 10 1/2 feet between the shifter and the peddle. The handbook says go to your dealer. Is this because the gear change thread will have to be adjusted as well? Thanks in advance for any help
  15. sunny

    New rocket 3R special edition picked up

    excuse me for late post, I picked up rocket 3 R special edition 4 weeks ago. I have ran into 2 issues 1 I got a big metal piece in rear tire I have plugged it and its doing fine but i need a new rear tire now i guess. and I have no triumph dealer in my city, closest one is 200km away. I am...
  16. Rocket 3R trying to START ITSELF !!

    Hi all, I had my brand new Rocket 3R for 6 days and done 270 miles. I’ve had the usual KEY FOB OUT OF RANGE issue. Dealer said “never heard of that before mate” It has CUT OUT on me at low speed coming up to a junction. Dealer says “ there’s no fault codes on it. It’s not as complex as a car ecu...
  17. Akepur

    New rocket 3r limited black owner

    Hello from Ohio. Upgraded from a bobber black. Just discovered this community! Dealer said about 150 R models landed in USA. and we’re apparently oversold. So dealers are trying to push the GT on R buyers. So watch out!
  18. Pauls999

    White Rocket 3r Custom Paint & Seat

    This is my response to Triumphs "limited Edition" you can have any colour you like so long as it's black Rocket. (not really it been it's the making a long before they were announced) After a few months of waiting for stuff to be done because of lockdowns it's finally finished :) , my black...

    2020 Rocket 3R final drive leak

    Ridden 500+ lovely miles and bike booked for 1st service in 3 weeks. Went for a quick run at the weekend, approx. 50 miles and when i got home noticed oil on the final drive casting. On closer inspection it seems that at some point during the ride oil has vented out of the final drive relief...
  20. AzRocketman

    Hello, R3 owners, Newbie here.

    Looking forward to gaining knowledge from you guys. I haven’t road in 15-years. I’m now the proud owner of a 2020 Rocket 3R. Phoenix,Az.