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  1. minoru

    I'm viewing this site from Japan.

    My motorcycle is a Rocket 3R. The right side of the front tire has significant wear. Is everyone's Rocket 3R having the same symptoms?
  2. minoru

    nice to meet you.

  3. Front Tire Darkside

    Gone to the darkside with the rear tire. I LOVE IT. Looking to put a rear tire on the front. I love to get input on tire brand, size and handling
  4. Choptop

    Front tire

    My '15 Rocket was converted to a trike years back, time for a new front tire. Calls for a 150 80 R17, would like something a little skinnier up front but concerned about the weight of the bike, your thoughts ?
  5. Rocket Scientist

    Front tire pressure

    I have an "old" R3. I'm running an Avon Cobra 140/75 on the front. I've been running 38psi in it. I just noticed it says max load at 42psi. What are you guys running in yours ?
  6. Mark Graham

    Front tire issue?

    Just wondering if this is normal. Between 50 and 60mph, I can feel a slight vibration in the handlebars. Maybe normal but never felt it on any other bike. Maybe something is not right when they installed the front tire. Mark Graham 2020 GT
  7. Skelton Hogs

    16" front tire to diff size??

    Ahoy mates. I have 16" tires front and rear on stock wheels. Any experience with with changing the size from 150-80/16 to 140-85/16? I am having challenges turning the bike at lower speeds and understand that a thinner tire helps make that easier.
  8. 1olbull

    For Sale New Michelin Front Tire

    Michelin Commander II in 140/75R17 In Tacoma, WA unopened and still in original wrapping. Come and get it for a great deal - no shipping. Cost me $147.00 sell to you for $100.00. I'll even buy the lunch!
  9. legsroses

    less size for front tyre

    Hi! I'm looking for something of less wide for front tyre, I won't more 150 so I thought I could try 130.. I will do so or you don't suggest me this one.. So I need know if no risk however front tyre could come out wheel.. sorry if this one it's silly question. Bye Bye Post Scriptum: I would...
  10. 1olbull


    Northwest Riders: I have a brand new (received a week ago) Michelin Commander II 140/75R17 (67V) tire that I would sell for 75% my cost. Michelin Commander II Front Motorcycle Tire I want to try a Michelin Pilot Road 5 in 150/70ZR17 (69W) rear on the front and see if it is as good as the Avon...
  11. Gregger

    Front Tire Change Time

    Originally posted this in an older thread from the UK forum section by accident. Should have started a new thread so.... Here are the questions. Has anybody tried the new Bridgestone Battlecruise H50 front tire? Apparently it was just released late last year. Made exclusively for the...
  12. Dalan

    Bridgestone front tire

    Anybody using this tire for the front with the Excedra max rear? Or with any other rear tire? Bridgestone Exedra G701 150/80R17 Front Tire
  13. tails

    front tire.

    ok need a new set soon,so going for the avon cobra,s ,ive been told by a few to smarten up the steering drop the hight of the front tire,or is it the width ??? any one done this here,will it make any difference ?? thanks.
  14. Bigj1955

    Front tire whine on turns

    I have been hearing - yes, through the helmet, over the wind and engine noise - a high pitched whining or hum when I'm banking in either direction at anything over 40MPH. It's pretty nerve wracking when leaning into a turn at 70+ and hearing this noise wondering if the tire is gonna make it...
  15. R3T Front tire not centered

    After noticing that the front tire is wearing significantly more on the right side (down the the tread after 3600 miles) I took it upon myself to measure the space between the rim and the center of the fork on each side. It turns out that there is a 10mm difference between the left and right (80...
  16. DaddyRabbit

    which front tire?

    I'm looking for some weight relief on the beast! Haven't gained my strength back since by December heart attack. For the ones who have tried both....... which feels best, Avon 130/75R/17 or 140/75R/17?
  17. Rick Morris

    140 Front Tire

    I apologize if this has been covered before. Actually I know it has because I read it a few times. I would also like to thank the Captains that posted about this changes as I would not have tried this without the information I read here. I replaced the front OEM Metzler 150 with an Avon Cobra...
  18. Front tire problem, HELP!

    I just was doing some winter maintenance on my bike and have noticed a serious problem that is worrying me. My front tire is wearing very hard on the right side. I cannot figure out what would cause this. I don't know if the pictures do it justice. The wear bars should tell the tale. But...
  19. Claviger

    Roadster Front Tire Wear

    So at 5900 miles my front ME880 is visibly wearing in a strange way. I keep pressure at 38, but over the course of a month or so it'll leak down to 33, at which point I know its low because I get a little head shake that starts at 33PSI regularly, so I air it up. The whole tire's life has been...
  20. New Front Tire

    I'm ready to put a new front tire on my R3T. Does anyone have any suggestions for the best options?