1. zenbiker

    Strange Noise When Adjusting Preload

    I decided to increase the tension of my rear preload on my brand new R3 GT (50 miles on her). At some point turning up the tension I heard a fairly loud metallic "Clang". The bike did not drop down at all. I thought it might have been a valve stuck in a guide that decided to seat itself although...
  2. Stillserving

    Need pic of the rear caliper bracket

    So, my rear end noise is back. Seems to need a short ride to really become consistent and noticeable. When I crawled under it w/ a flashlight to look at everything in detail trying to find something I didn't like the way that the rear caliper mounting bracket met the frame where the fwd (torque...
  3. TukkErik

    Noise final transmission Rocket 3 2020

    The final transmission of my Rocket 3 GT 2020 makes a lot of noise, as if there is a bearing defect. It becomes about 53 ° C at 20 ° C at oil level. Is that also the case with the other engines? Has anyone been able to find out the cause or could it be a tire problem?
  4. kenne

    whining noise

    G'day All Riding to working yesterday along the hwy I noticed a whining noise, seems to be when under throttle Can't tell if it's engine or drive train. Any Ideas ??? cheers
  5. Tbone

    Whirring noise

    So recently my Roadster started making a whirring noise occasionally when I am moving and pull in clutch. I have heard it when coasting to a stop and have also heard it while changing gears. Once the bike slows or engine speed lowers it stops and there seems to be no mechanical issue at this...
  6. AnthonyD

    D & D exhaust - ideas for reducing noise

    Due to recent onset of Tinnitus due to chemotherapy (but it's in remission, hurrah!), I'm finding the sound from my D&D's a little too loud to tolerate. Ear plugs help, but I'd like to bring the noise level down. Has anyone ever added an extra baffle, or one of the products known as "dB...
  7. TXtriple

    What's That Noise?!

    Just did PC5 and AT with K&N pods...is it normal for the intake to be louder than the exhaust? Kinda sounds like a helicopter.
  8. albertaduke

    knocking /slapping noise ..revisited / SOLVED...

    last year I posted a problem I noticed on my 2013 roadster between 2500 and 3500 rpm while riding uphill a knocking/slapping kind of noise I could feel it very strongly in the footpegs more than hearing it so I stayed out of that rpm range and felt most likely something happened to the...
  9. Tal

    nice noise that......

  10. rear clicking noise

    As if my bike didn't hate me enough... I took my bike out for a ride and I was hearing a clicking noise which sounded like it was coming from the rear wheel. I killed the bike and coasted and sure enough there is a loud clicking noise which is consistent with the rotation of the rear tire. I...
  11. toshvmax

    Clutch Noise

    Hi all,went out for 100 mile run yesterday, mostly cruising but with the occasional heavy application of the right hand! when I pulled back on to the driveway, selected neutral and released clutch I noticed some noise coming from the clutch like there was a kind of knocking, have experienced...
  12. Lickety Split

    Question about Ramair noise

    Everyone experience ramair noise? What is that sound I hear. Sounds like a farm diesel tractor when I give it some throttle. Then maybe, I did not put this thing on the right way . Could be a rattling vibration noise. Just not sure what if anything I should be hearing in that area.
  13. RacerX74

    Upset the Neighbours.......again

    So its Saturday arvo Got the bike in garage ( yes IN the garage ) running with the door open about 2 feet to let the fumes blow through as I've just fitted a new battery and was having a bit of pre ride tinker . Then out of know where a red faced OAP effing and geffing neighbour :mad: pops up...
  14. Slim Pickens

    ramair noise

    So I am new here (thanks for having me). I have just received my new ramiar, but I am hesitant to install due to all the noise posts, Thanks
  15. ratsidecar

    What would you call a normal level of driveline noise?

    Hi I have a 2006 black engine Rocket 3. It now has 19200 miles on the clocks. Triumph were able to give me the bikes history and apart from having the ignition switch replaced under warranty when it was 2 years old, and a recall to change the map to increase the idle rpm it has not had any other...
  16. Rocket Scientist

    Helmet noise

    This spring the wife and I decided to get full face helmets for safety reasons. Since we both have long heads like the creature in the "Alien" movie, we went with Arai as they have a special line of long helmets. Real happy with them except they really amplify the sound of the exhaust. My...
  17. Bigj1955

    Front tire whine on turns

    I have been hearing - yes, through the helmet, over the wind and engine noise - a high pitched whining or hum when I'm banking in either direction at anything over 40MPH. It's pretty nerve wracking when leaning into a turn at 70+ and hearing this noise wondering if the tire is gonna make it...
  18. Brenner

    TORS noise on touring decel

    Excuse me if I am asking something that is known or normal as I am still learning my ride. With the help of this forum and its knowledgeable members I have done much reading and followed suit in taking my bike from stock and am starting to derestrict it. This morning at 5 am I could wait no...
  19. McBacon

    I've owned some noisy bikes but.....

    Is this normal? The video doesn't capture the bone rattling metal on metal clanking. It doesn't go away at any speed. In fact, even at 80mph on the highway, I can here it over the wind noise. The bike is a 2016, and still has break-in oil in, with 700 miles.