transmission second gear

  1. Rocketeer_3

    2017 Rocket Roadster Shifting issues

    My 2017 pops out of second gear into neutral as stress is lowered from hard acceleration, so, more at the end of second gear. Reported to dealer who seems to think it is something I am doing as they cannot reproduce the issue. New issue, trans will not shift below second gear. 3rd, 4th, 5th...
  2. JKrull66

    Looking for a good place to Mod tranny

    I have a 2006 standard black engine turbo bike and have found second to be a weak spot for me. I grenaded one tranny including oil pumps. I had it fixed at a dealer in PA. When I was working out there. They had it forever and it never has stayed in second even w moderate power since I got it...