rocket roadster

  1. New Rocket Roadster rider is here

    Hello guys, fresh stock Roadster owner here. It is time to plan some modification :)
  2. Mark Johnson

    UK Rocket Roadster vs. USA Rocket Roadster comparison

    Can anyone tell me what the stock UK Rocket III Roadsters horsepower and torque is vs. the USA version? I would like facts if anyone has them. I hear stories of how the U.S. version is so detuned and choked down from the homeland version. Or can you point me to a thread that already addresses...
  3. Choche

    Rocket Roadster -- South Texas

    Hi everyone; Rocket Roadster (all stock). I live in deep South Texas and so far the weather has been nice but we do get some hot days out here. Be safe.
  4. 1olbull

    Tire Changes & Geometry Affects on Rocket Roadster

    For those interested in why tire changes have a positive handling affect on your Roadster . . . The OEM set of the rear axle lower than the front axle sux HUGE! Getting the front axle lower than the rear is paramount to good handling. I finally finished up calculations and scale CAD drawing...
  5. goncallf

    Swap Rocket Roadster 2010 to Rocket X 2015

    Hi, I'm debating if i should sell my 2010 Roadster to buy a very low milage Rocket X. This limited model was more expensive than the ordinary one? The differences are only cosmetic, isn't it? If i buy it i have to paint my crash bars to black. I would like to hear some opinions. Thanks
  6. Buck-off

    2018 Rocket Roadster

    Hi, I just ordered my first Triumph after 45 years of Harley ownership, it's a Roadster. My question is about windshields. Does Triumph offer one for the Roadster? Does anyone offer an alternative besides OEM? How about saddlebags? I'll need both. Thanks for all the help!
  7. LimeyDave

    For Sale 2014 Rocket Roadster

    Hey everyone. It's been awhile since I was on here. Due to life changes, I have to sell my 2014 Rocket Roadster (matte black with white stripes). Less than 400 miles (seriously!). Make me an offer. Thanks for looking.
  8. cootertwo

    2013 Rocket Roadster $500

    You all are gonna hate me. Found this on craigs list. 2013, previous owner was killed, rear ended. Got the title too. Front forks straight, front tire still has the titty's on it. Too tired to investigate any further till tomorrow. Took over 2 hours to get it loaded on my trailer.
  9. Jvheli

    ** SOLD ** 2011 Rocket Roadster

    Well, wifey is not riding it, so its got to go. 4200 miles. Triumph painted fly screen Triumph tear drop mirrors Triumph heated grips Triumph engine bars and hyway pegs Dain slip on with TORS tune (can switch to stock) Triumph spot lights PIAA headlights Full disclosure, she dropped it, so the...
  10. CholoBigHead

    New Rocket Roadster owner in New York

    Hello everyone, I finally bought a Triumph!! It is a 2014 Triumph Rocket III Roadster. I have been reading some of the threads and plan on reading a lot more. To get started, is there a link where I can download the Service Manual? I read in another thread that Bike Bandit sell one...
  11. New Rocket Roadster Owner in Western North Carolina

    So, I traded a 1999 CBR1100xx and a 2011 WR250r for a 2014 Rocket 3 Roadster about a month ago. I already miss the WR250r! I raced some hare scrambles on it and got my last performance award (ticket) for multiple wheelies on it (multiple cops, multiple wheelies, 1 ticket). I'm already shopping...
  12. Rocketeer_3

    2017 Rocket Roadster Shifting issues

    My 2017 pops out of second gear into neutral as stress is lowered from hard acceleration, so, more at the end of second gear. Reported to dealer who seems to think it is something I am doing as they cannot reproduce the issue. New issue, trans will not shift below second gear. 3rd, 4th, 5th...
  13. tails

    For Sale rocket roadster bits and bobs.

    rocket parts for sale. uk collection/postage only sorry. 1x touring screen 22inches high £100.00 1x obd-2 usb cable £20.00 1x ram air kit £50.00 1x progressive 440/4244c chrome shox £150.00 2 x rear luggage racks including back rest,chrome frame...
  14. Rock It

    Hello from Adelaide

    Hello all, I found out about his site recently and I have already received some good input. I have a 2012 Rocket Roadster that I purchased about a year ago after getting rid of my Harley Superglide. Now Harleys look like bicycles next to the Rocket. If there are any other Rocket owners near-by...