new york

  1. CholoBigHead

    New Rocket Roadster owner in New York

    Hello everyone, I finally bought a Triumph!! It is a 2014 Triumph Rocket III Roadster. I have been reading some of the threads and plan on reading a lot more. To get started, is there a link where I can download the Service Manual? I read in another thread that Bike Bandit sell one...
  2. Trumpeteer

    IronButt Kansas City to New York

    Game on!! This time next week I will be leaving my office in Kansas City, MO and will be heading to Hudson Valley, New York looking to join the 'I don't have enough sense to take a break' club! :laugh: From Departure door to arrival door the trip is going to be 1,265 miles. It's looking to be...
  3. Bluebelly

    Jones Beach, Long Island. 6/6/18

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