1. Martin-Brighton-uk

    Rocket pulls to the left when taking hands off bars since lowside last year

    My Rocket has pulled to the left when I remove my hands from the bars since an off that I had last year. The engine bars took the brunt of an impact as shown in another thread Engine dresser bars but it seems to be pulling ever since. I've removed the front mudguard, loosened the triple...
  2. tattoo001

    Seat for 2014 rocket roadster

    Gday guys, I've done a lot of searching but have found it to be quite confusing.. im after a stock seat for my 2014 roadster so i can have it re shaped and upholstered. ive found a couple of touring seats on ebay but don't know if they'll fit? I was going to post in classified but am not sure...
  3. F

    after accident, now i most make my rocket, i have new ignition lock with new key, is there e chip in the key? my rocket is from 2010 greetz

    after accident, now i most make my rocket, i have new ignition lock with new key, is there e chip in the key? my rocket is from 2010 greetz
  4. Fonzie

    My story

    Thanks for adding me to the group. My Uncle gave me my Rocket almost 2 years ago after having electrical issues off and on for a while. Problem turned out to be grounds to battery. After fixing that I’ve added 10,000 miles to it. My Uncle made a Cross Country trip from Maryland to Washington...
  5. Big Wultis

    Hi guys, just joined. Had rockets for a few years, now disabled so riding a rocket trike and loving it.

    Anybody any idea where I can get a rider seat back rest in the uk?
  6. Ishrub

    Heated grips Triumph Rocket 3 A9638304

    On eBay in USA, free shipping. Lots of moola! o_O :( US $280.00 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Triumph-Speed-Triple-and-Rocket-3-Models-Heated-Grip-Kit-A9638304/324273165938?hash=item4b802fd672:g:qaUAAOSwOfRfRXZI
  7. G8Bru

    2021 Rocket 3 Releasing In November. Looking for the differences

    Hey guys. seems like from what ive heard the 2021 r3r will be released to dealers mid November. I am seeking for info if they had revised/changed and or improved any thing with this new year.. Keep having problems with my rear brake, and im hoping one of those changes would resolve that issue..
  8. hogweed

    Rocket III 2004 blown speedo bulb

    Can someone tell me if it’s a easy job to change a blown bulb in the speedo 2004 Rocket III and what’s involved? Cheers
  9. Tim Forrest

    Rocket forward controls

    Hi,,ive just put my roadster back to standard pegs,which I way prefer,,so I have a full set of Triumph Roadster forward controls,,in good condition,,looking for 200 the lot,,can send at cost,,Tim www.dockblast.ltd
  10. D

    Old Biker New Rocket

    Greetings, R3 Forum Fans, About 50 years ago I purchased my first bike (a little Yamaha Omaha Trailmaster). Not long after that I began finding various Brit bikes for sale (most needed work). Fast forward to 2020 and here I am by God's grace still riding... and still working on some of England's...
  11. Plow Horse

    My original thoughts on the Rocket 3 Roadster over a year ago

    In July my faithful Yamaha spontaneously combusted. It was a very sad day. But as they say every dark cloud has a silver lining. A bit of searching on the net and I found a new bike (a very special bike) at a dealership just a few miles away. So off we went, Patty and I to go view this...
  12. Phenix3939

    My Rocket in Flames on the Launchpad!!

    Hey everyone, Long post, but I wanted to make a separate post about about my latest tragedy so everyone can get the details and warnings. This past Sunday my bike went up in flames at a gas station. I was 3 miles from my house meeting some friends for a ride to put me over my first service...
  13. Ishrub

    Rocket 3 manna from heaven for a Viking!

    Rocket 3 manna from heaven for some! ;) :thumbsup:
  14. Chip

    Rocket Captains

    I have enjoyed being a member of this R3owners. The postings are both entertaining and informative. We as a group, are clearly not all of the same thoughts and beliefs. The forum is ever changing. Lately I have been more involved in my families activities than the Forum. I have gotten on...
  15. TukkErik

    Noise final transmission Rocket 3 2020

    The final transmission of my Rocket 3 GT 2020 makes a lot of noise, as if there is a bearing defect. It becomes about 53 ° C at 20 ° C at oil level. Is that also the case with the other engines? Has anyone been able to find out the cause or could it be a tire problem?
  16. jhanshaw

    New Rocket Owner

    Grew up on my dad‘s 1976 Boneville 750 and have finally purchased my own 2014 Rocket III Roadster. Got lots of questions, first of which is where the best place to purchase bags is... Jeff H. Huntsville, AL
  17. Karl Tyrson

    Rocket III shocks

    Greetings everyone. I am trying to replace my rear shocks as the ones I bought the bike with are worn out, any bump I feel it all along my spine 😂 So, I turned to progressive suspension (I carry a 412 now) to buy new shocks, BUT! There are only se 430 model on 12” (430-4234b/c) and the page says...
  18. ChristianV

    Salt Flats/Bonneville Speedway on my Rocket! (pics inside)

    Hey all, Just wanted to share some cool pics of this weekends run out to the Bonneville Salt Flats. I have a '16 Roadster in the Matte Black/White stripe finish (Penelope). Thought I would post some of the pics here as I KNOW you guys appreciate all things Rocket3. I think the pics turned out...
  19. syntax007

    Where does everyone shop for their rocket roadster parts?

    I see amazing bikes in the gallery, but I don't know or can't find where some of y'all get your parts from. Like the triumph branded floor boards or hard saddle bags, chrome plate for radiator. Is there like a secret Triumph shop that I'm unaware of?
  20. Rocketman15

    13 Rocket 3 Tourer speaker bag lids

    Do any of Harley's speaker bag lids fit on the 13 R3T?
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