1. stonk

    Rocket 3 r 2023

    Started up the rocket today ran for a few mins while I got ready. It stalled or just stopped. Now it will turn over but not fire. Can hear a whine from the fuel pump when I click the switch to the second position. Battery is good was running now nothing. Tried to upload a video site won't...
  2. Shadowcat

    Lining/Sealing 2015 Rocket three Fuel Tank.

    Hi to all, Having removed the fuel pump assembly on my X model,I was really surprised how bad the fuel tank had faired over a period of time.This was due to some work I had to do on the bike.The inside of the tank now definitely needs a good course of treatment.My question is has anyone...
  3. Justdad

    My thoughts on crashing the Rocket 3 at Bonneville

    This crash at Bonneville has been haunting me for a few weeks, so I wanted to take one more look at it in this video. Honestly I'm still confused but I'll move on. Bottom line as an experienced Bonneville Salt Flats racer I should have not used up all the safety margin. Lesson learned about...
  4. minoru

    nice to meet you.

  5. IMG_2056.jpeg


    My Rocket 3 GT
  6. soares

    A9630716 mirrors on my Rocket 3R .

    Friends, I'm thinking of installing the A9630716 mirrors on my Rocket 3R , is it better than the original ? any comments are welcome .
  7. turbocharging latest generation rocket 3s

    This one goes out mainly to Richard Albans as Im sure in his quest to supercharge the latest gen rockets he has given consideration to this question.... Would a small turbocharger and its associated plumbing fit in the area currently occupied by the Rockets cat box? My guess (without measuring)...
  8. Dewy

    Recently Acquired Rocket Classic.

    Hello everyone, just bought my 06 this week and gradually getting familiar with it, looks like a good place for tips and advice, plus sharing experiences with the mighty Rocket. 😀
  9. Tal

    Rocket has gone.....

    Well today ended a pretty long stint in me owning Rockets. My beloved Triple Black went out the gate never to return. Ive delegated myself to riding my 22 Tiger 1200 GT Pro from here on in/out...Of course ill miss it as i always do but my recent near death illness got me to thinking and sorting...
  10. Cunningham

    New guy on a Rocket III

    Just picked up an '06 Rocket III down here in the Heart of Dixie, Montgomery, Alabama. Unfortunately, the previous joker put a car tire on the back, as well as straight pipes (not really a fan of the loudness). New tires will be in tomorrow, and I'll be replacing those pipes soon enough. Oh...
  11. Shader

    '23 Rocket 3 GT - Parking Lot Tip Over - No Damage!

    Howdy, A while back a car was backing out of a parking space and didn't see me on my '23 Rocket and didn't stop until she had jackknifed my front tire and I had to set it down on the left side. I have a Verex 3 into 1 so there is no exhaust on the left, and I was able to set it down pretty...
  12. Rocket 3R Workshop Manual

    Hello All I have been searching for a workshop manual for the 2021 3R Rocket, seems Triumph have one that costs an arm n leg, and only for "mechanics" , so any ideas?? Thanks Alan
  13. Fishbein

    For Sale 2014 Rocket III Touring

    2014 Triumph Rocket III Touring, ABS/Floor Boards/Heel Shifter, etc. Power Commander V Dyno’d with TORS exhaust, runs and sounds powerful, lots of upgrades, very low mileage, Northern Virginia USA, $11,500 (202)486-5184 UPGRADES: Stebel Train Air Horn Installed Fog Lights Installed Fog...
  14. Penner

    Unrestricted Map for the Rocket GT and GT Tripe Black now online

    USA and Canadian market up from VIN AV 5457. Enjoy and any feedback is welcome. Prost Ulf
  15. Penner

    Unrestricted map for Rocket R and R Black from VIN # AV5457

    I have made an unrestricted costum map for the actual Rocket R. VIN AV5457 and up. It will be at Tune ECU in the costum files section. it is USA and Canada market only. The other models and markets will come in the next few days. ETV2 and 3 are set to 100% with a little more progression in ETV2...
  16. Johnty86

    Custom solo Seat for Rocket 3R

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a custom Solo seat for Rocket 3R? I have the standard seat, which is quite hard. Also the custom options that I find online are quite chunky. I‘m looking for a seat that is sleek and has low riding position. On Another note, has anyone tried fitting a bobber seat for...
  17. Little advise please for a 1st time Rocket buyer 🚀

    Hi folks… I’ve always wanted a Rocket since running into one at the dealership back in 2005 One has been offered too me reasonably locally and at a great price. 2008 Rocket Classic, 42k on the clock with 12months MOT It only has 1x Key & the owner took the alarm off as it kept going off...
  18. Nifty

    Rocket III Odometer Fail

    Good afternoon all, I have a 2005 Rocket III and had it in at the mechanics, when I picked it up the odometer was blank. Everything else works, the taco needle and speed needle, all the engine lights. Just no odometer. Do you know of anyone that can either fix it or do I need to replace it. If...
  19. Basil Brush

    Rocket 20th Anniversary Meet UK