1. Freddie Hands

    Hello Rocket Family!

  2. dirkhgw

    Greetings from greifswald

    Hello friends, i'm from greifswald directly on the baltic sea. since october i am the owner of a rocket r black edition. before that I rode a Fat Bob. I don't regret the exchange in any way. I am happy to be part of your group. your dirk
  3. jhutch6232


    Went for a group ride with the local RAT pack over the weekend to Head and Back of the Dragon. In the middle of the trip the Rocket decided to stop playing. Coming to a stop light and it just died. Ligthts, tach and all electrical stopped working. Speedometer however was still showing 20 MPH...
  4. tino19625

    Triumph Custom Parts - Rocket 3 R & GT Exhaust

    I searched for this Triumph Custom Parts exhaust and didn't find it, sorry if it's out there - but it's not so bad looking and pretty straight forward if anyone still in search of changing out their exhaust.
  5. Journeyman28778

    Heavyweight Battle: Rocket 3 R vs Diavel 1260 S

  6. GreyFox

    Secondary TPS Fault 2005 Rocket

    I get the ole engine light fault and discover a bad secondary tps circuit fault. On testing it will show 0 to 3.8K ohms then open circuit from there. Local Triumph dealer business has been sold a couple of times and now I get a "don't have that part" with no further discussion. Others dealers...
  7. sunny

    Paint issue with Rocket 3R black exhaust :S

    Hi All, While riding Passenger shoe heel area rubbing against exhaust caused exhaust paint rip on ROCKET 3 R BLACK Edition , how to fix? Which type of paint is this? Ceramic or powder coat? I have a small spray gun connected to air compressor, please advise :( Regards
  8. Evening folks. Just bought a rocket three.

    Rode it home yesterday 190 miles. Got home had a brew and went back out on it. Cant get enough of it.
  9. leatal

    Second generation Rocket cat box guts

    Does anyone have any pictures of the internal piping in the cat box. Looking for a little more noise. The three circular hole mod is a bit too harsh (sound) for me. Maybe only cut one hole or get inside the box and remove the cat converter?
  10. M.J

    **SOLD** Rocket Touring seat with back rest

    Yep the one that is impossible to find,like new condition,the backrest flips forward for easy mounting,also have the rubber plug that goes in the hole if you take the adjustable back rest off,open to offers,if they are stupid i will ignore you
  11. Purchasing a used 2020 Rocket 3 GT - what to look out for?

    Hi; I am considering purchasing a used 2020 Rocket 3 GT with 1700 miles from a dealer. They do not have its service history and the service light is on. It is all stock. I do not have a feel on the reliability of this bike, what should I look for or ask them to check to make sure it will not...
  12. Murdock

    I have a 2007 Triumph Rocket. Can I take the baffles out of the mufflers? And if so does anybody have a video on how to. Thank you in advance

    I have a 2007 Triumph Rocket. Does anybody have info on removing the baffles? And if so any videos. Thank you in advance
  13. Doe70

    Coolant and overheating issues with 2014 Rocket 3

    Bought 2014 R3 roadster 200 miles ago from Triumph dealer and coolant light came on. Had a mechanic check issue after dealer told me it was because I rode on a hot day? Anyhow took bike to dealer to explain issue and show them that coolant was not at level handbook said and they sent me away...
  14. sunny

    How to adjust suspension ? Rocket 3R

    hi, I am 135pounds / 60kg. I feel my rear suspension is hard, i feel bumps hard on rear suspension, In manual it says you can adjust them, can someone help me with it please? I dont understand which setting does what? there are 3 types of rear suspension adjustments
  15. Barrister Rocketeer


    Hi - I’m a newbie to this forum (or any for that matter!) A Brit Barrister - On my third Rocket 🚀, picked up my new 3 GT at the weekend - it’s love ❤️ Plan to take it through Europe in the Spring.
  16. Noidea

    Any brand rocket owners in Australia?

    Can anyone in Australia tell me how many keys came with your new rocket R or GT 2020 model? Dealers tell me it only comes with one ….. then I said it says two in the book and they said that’s international wtf?
  17. Happy

    I need help, I really am starting to hate my new Rocket GT

    Hello Rocket lovers..... I do count myself in with you all and have recently purchased my new Rocket 3 GT. It is actually my 4th Rocket overall having owned the touring model, the base model, the R model, and now the GT model. The bike is beautiful, there is nothing more to say about that...
  18. mexican

    Mexicanizing a Rocket..

    Playing with the idea of switching all Rocket X metal to the 2012 Silverback and have the best of both worlds, then sell the X with regular tins, am i nuts? :p :oops::whitstling:
  19. Journeyman28778

    BIG BOY: Triumph Rocket Big Bob by Mr Martini