1. Chip

    New Rocket Purchase.

    I have to vent. Last week some of you guys know that I bought a second Rocket Touring. I'm lucky to have found my new ride. Price was great, and the bike has very low miles. My complaint is with my State. Michigan's Secretary of State ran for, and won, under the idea that during the day...
  2. sonnie

    2020 Rocket engine guard heat.

    The right side of the engine gets pretty warm during summer riding season, so to cure 90% of the heat I did the following. Removed the stainless steel heat shields from all 3 headers and lined the insides with exhaust header wrap using silicone gasket sealer as an adhesive. I cut the heat shield...
  3. Terryfyd

    New to the Rocket world

    It was time to get a cruiser, went with a 2005 Rocket 3. Tearing it all apart to clean and polish. Also put in a HD Barnett clutch. I'd be riding at this moment but I'm waiting on the clutch cover gasket. All kinds of accessories ordered and on their way.
  4. snicrep

    2020 rocket media blitz

    maybe its just that i have a revived interest in r3s. but while searching youtube i found the majority of posts are about the new r3. I mean an inordinate amount of 2020 vs all older years. I watched the leno garage episode which was interesting. then, when i was at the triumph dealership in...
  5. D

    Does Triumph build Rocket 2020's in UK?

    Hi, I am considering a 2020 Rocket and I wonder if they are built in UK or Thailand?
  6. Rocket Belly

    **SOLD** 2006 Rocket Tribal Blue - 30,000 miles - $3,500 So Cal

    2006 Tribal Blue Rocket for sale. 30000 miles on the clock. $3500. 619-490-0895 Paul
  7. FittedBuckle

    Bought my first Rocket 3!

    Hi everybody. I just purchased my first Triumph Rocket 3 today and cannot wait to start riding. It is a 2015 Rocket 3 Touring with the Phantom Black Paint Job and has around 17000 miles on it. I was wondering if anybody knew of a good trunk to mount that is good quality but wont break the bank...
  8. DarkRocket


    Hi, just joined. My second Rocket now. I think this one was a bargain with a massive 6k of extras. Thanks for having me everyone.
  9. webmaster

    Rocket 3 Table Manners Video

    This is funny
  10. Joesmoe

    Circuit breakers for the Rocket ?

    @Gerald Saw your post on Kevin's Furloughed trip, and thought I would start a thread here, asking for your experience with the circuit breakers - what led you to that choice - any pros and cons - and where to get them ?

    Forged FI Pistons for the Rocket

    At last we have the Custom JE forged pistons in stock. I set the compression at 9.5:1 and they are built to take in excess of 300 hp. As soon as we have finished testing the new cam set up we will be stripping the motor down and replacing the pistons. Then fitting our supercharger conversion. So...

    Prototype Performance cams for the Rocket.

    I've now got the reground cams back from my cam company. We running about 0.7mm more lift and increased duration. We are just finishing up re shimming the last two valves and will be re assembling tomorrow. We have had to jig up and grind a little off the valve lifter mechanism on the...
  13. Plow Horse

    What it’s like to ride a Rocket III

    For me this picture pretty well sums it up. 🤣
  14. albertaduke

    2012 200hp rocket

    it looks like saturday 27th of june somebody is going to ride my trusted rocket to a new home and his wife will drive their truck to carry all the spares sold along the bike I will miss it but there is a time for riding and a time to realize there is an end to all good things on biking.
  15. J

    rocket III new pipes

    i just installed new Revo pipes on my bike today seems to run fine but i have a defending pop on deceleration should i be concerned?
  16. James_777

    New Rocket Owner here

    Hello everyone. Been looking for a cruiser for a while, but I'm not much of a fan of chrome or the "old school" look of most cruisers. I layed a deposit down on a silver R3GT back in February, and after many months it hadn't arrived. While shopping with my brother in for his first bike, we...
  17. Q

    Bought my first Rocket

    Greetings All! I waited it out and finally had a used Rocket hit the Kansas City market. I got a 2011 Roadster. Excited to be part of the Triumph family. My grandmother was from England and my dad was born there, so a nice connection to my British roots. One upgrade I already can tell I'd like...
  18. V

    Thunderbird seat on rocket roadster

    Looking for a long haul seat but unable to find any rocket specific ones. Would a thunderbird one fit?... Wife wants a wider and softer seat.
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