1. EwoutR3

    Top speed stock Rocket

    Tonight I had a pretty clear highway in front of me😁. So time to check what a stock 2010 Roadster can do. At 140 km/h (86MPH) back to 4 and full throttle. 205 km/h (126.5 MPH) GPS speed was the max, couldn't find another km/h:). Had some revs to go, but next ride I'll shift to 5, maybe the...
  2. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Going to do some Rocket Drag Racing at FireBird

    I am going drag racing today at FireBird Raceway here in Idaho. They have limited admittance to 100 folks. This should be good for getting in several extra runs today. Lets hope the rain holds off as it is threatening rain right now. Going to compete against my buddies 1200 Thruxton R he...
  3. albertaduke

    ABS sensor cable length rocket 3 roadster

    any one knows if the electrical cable attached to the sensor of the front wheel is different in length from the rear I have have received a sensor with a cable attached to the back of the sensor but is it supposed to go all the way to the computer ot is there a coupling in between as the...
  4. Jimbeamrye

    2007 Rocket III sudden illness has me baffled? Help keep my money out of stealerships pockets.

    Hello, for the past couple years I haven't been riding as much due to a leaking front fork seal. I have been cranking her up regularly and/or riding up and down the local road on short trips. Now the FIRST time ever, I had trouble cranking her up, and when it did, it was a struggle to keep the...
  5. W

    windshield for Rocket 3

    I don't know how to do a search on this forum so hope this isn't a repeat but has anyone tried a handle bar mount windshield for the 2020 GT the factory one would be okay for a couple of hundred miles but would like something larger I cannot find one available from Triumph. I am guessing Triumph...
  6. Chullera

    Parasitic Drain, 2014 Rocket III Touring - Mystery: Multimeter shows zero draw with the key out

    It is the strangest thing... if I leave the Rocket parked for 1 week, the battery is completely dead. I upgraded to a much larger lithium EarthX battery, now it takes 2 weeks before the battery dead, dead, stone dead. Spent hours with my multimeter... this bike shows 0 (zero) draw with the...
  7. W

    Greetings, new Rocket 3 owner

    just picked up a 2020 GT am loving it looking forward to learning about the bike here only other Triumph was the Legend way back
  8. Hatata

    Hello everyone new member and new owner 2020 Rocket R

    Hello everyone ! Very happy to be joining the Triumph family. First time Triumph owner and looking forward to connecting with everyone. I sold my Ducati 1199 after .. well just getting old and needing something more comfortable. My riding style has changed Lately. I have been enjoying doing...
  9. Seattle Flame Rocket 3

    New here and very new to Rocket 3

    I bought my first r3 yesterday. 2006 Triumph rocket iii classic with 3000 miles. Hasn't been licensed since 2008 (Grandpa's eyesight went bad). He is no longer around to find out details on bike. Family says he did upgrades and paint but not sure to the extent. They think Jardine exhaust and...
  10. Rocketrob61

    Front tyre for my 07 rocket

    What is the best front tyre for an 07 rocket ? Don’t like the way the metzler wore
  11. Nick&Roxie

    Vague history Rocket with Jardines!!

    Hi All, I have a 2009 (45,000 kmts) Rocket with Jardine's fitted. Original air box and I've yet to find a Power Commander. She pops beautifully on over run but I am told that's not a good thing. She runs sweet and seems very quick. So what checks, what do I look for and where do I go from here...
  12. ChicagoRocket

    2020 Rocket runs 10.5@126 stock!!!

    As I predicted, it is a mid to high 10 second bike out of the box. Incredible performance for any bike let alone a cruiser! Rickey Gadson And The Triumph Rocket 3 R
  13. technoguppy

    My Rocket 3 GT Speedometer is out!

    My Rocket 3 GT Speedometer is out! When doing 120kph (via GPS and phone) my R3GT speedometer reads 128kph. An 8kph delta, that's 5mph. I called the dealer and the service person said "Yeah they do it like that on purpose!" To which I asked "Can I get it fixed?" to which he replied "Nope...
  14. chris haentjens

    Another rocket owner!

    well it was a cold and windy as **** day today to go for a 3 hr ride but it was worth it going to pick up my best friends new GT!! Here a few shots.
  15. Q

    About to buy first Rocket ????

    Greetings Everyone, I've been out of riding for over 10 years but my kids are older now and we are moving to the country and I regain my 3rd car garage. I've test drove two Rockets over the years but never bought one. I'd kind of given up recently, because I kept sitting on Roadsters and didn't...
  16. maurice

    Recall on All Rocket Seat latches 2020

    Called this morning to find out what time my new bike would be prepped and was told they just got the bulletin! Said they ordered the new latches and it would take about a week. Bummer!! Update: Went today to put the deposit down and buy the bags. Learned from parts department it was not the...
  17. P

    Rocket 3R 2020

    love it, but need more sound. Any stock exhaust has its limitations. Any ideas? Also can anyone flash these ecu?
  18. dandiego

    Trivia: The Rocket City

    Without googling, who know where the Rocket City is and why it’s called that? And go!
  19. ChicagoRocket

    Motul on the new rocket...

    Hi Gang, I used fully synthetic motul on my old rockets (2300) and it made a massive difference on smoothness, vibration etc. Has anyone used motul on the new rockets as well? I will be doing my first service soon and am strongly considering using motul. Shaft fluid as well.
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