1. How many days until battery discharge when rocket3R is not in use

    Hi, can someone tell me how long it takes until battery discharges to the point where it only turns on INSTRUMENT DASH but does not kick the starter motor ( battery voltage goes around 8V as compare to 13V ) when the bike is not in use at all? 10days? 20days? 40days? Thankyou
  2. 1Steve

    What do you guys recommend as the best throttle lock for a 2015 Rocket Touring?

    I just bought a 2015 Touring and she'll be taken on a lot of long rides. My right hand goes numb very quickly if I can't shake it out regularly so a good throttle lock or cruise control is essential. The bike is in Spokane Washington and I'll fly up and drive her home to Phoenix as our first...
  3. 1Steve

    Finally bought a Rocket. She's still at the dealership but I'll fly up and get her soon!

    I've loved the Rockets since the first time I saw a Red/Chrome on back in ~2008. I always wanted a Touring and now that they've stopped making those I figured I should get one while they were still around. Today I bought a 2015 with 7529 miles and I can't wait to fly up to Spokane and drive her...
  4. New Rocket Owner

    Just bought today. Excited to start learning more!
  5. Adoration

    Took delivery of a Rocket 3R on Saturday. What an incredible machine made by Triumph! Greta Thunberg look away now.
  6. Jcjetty

    Finally riding the rocket

    After a little more than 8 months and a few heated discussions with my mechanic I have finally put my 05 back on the road. And I'm here to tell ya... nothing rides like a rocket
  7. RomeoTango

    Tools for headlight alignment: 2008 Triumph Rocket III

    Kind of an odd question: what tools do I need to do a headlight alignment on a 2008 Triumph Rocket III? Reason is, I am meeting a buddy for a weekend ride and I know his headlights are not aligned properly. We will have a little down time, and I thought I would do him a solid and I would prefer...
  8. Rock Ape

    I love my Rocket 3 R but ......

    It must be close to 18 months or 2 years I have had it now. I might be exaggerating a little bit but it feels like for half the time I have owned it, it has been in the workshop. From the initial clutch issue which seemed to go for 4-6 months to various starting issues. The latest; I haven't...
  9. Ray Cosh

    Potential Purchase of a Rocket

    G'day All, I'm considering moving up to a Rocket from the current America I now have, I'm looking for something a bit more comfy and more capable for two up longer rides. I've come across a 2009 model that's done 38,500kms, although I haven't got to see it yet. It's got a bit of fruit on it...
  10. Holy smokes - Rocket TFC THORNTON mod <3

  11. Slartibartfast

    How to carry wet weather gear on Rocket 3

    I'm the proud new owner of a Rocket 3 GT and while very impressed by the bike itself am a little underwhelmed by the luggage options available. In particular I'm wanting to work out a way to carry wet weather gear with me but am less that impressed with the options I can find. At present I'm...
  12. Csdsm18

    Philadelphia Rocket owner

    Hello coming to join my fellow rocket owners. From Philly area
  13. Frederick45

    Hi I'm Fred from Baltimore Maryland United States I just purchased a 2005 rocket with 36000 miles bike is awesome big and quick purchased

    Hi I'm Fred from the United States Baltimore Maryland I just purchased a 2005 rocket 3 classic awesome bike been riding and working on bikes all my life this bike is big and fast
  14. Indicator issue

    Hello. On nearly every ride and at no particular time or side, one of the indicators fails. ie, if the front right fails , the rear right flashes very fast , just like a blown globe. Next ride it could be one of the others, there is no pattern except, if I operate the indicator button to the...
  15. Free site to download a PDF Rocket shop manual

    Is there a free site where you can download a shop manual for a Triumph Rocket. I have seen them for sale on Ebay but was wondering if there is a free site to download. Thanks
  16. Ishrub

    I got a new Rocket lift kit at auction last night.

    Rocket lift kit Au$70 (US$50) Should do the job, the biggest block is 20" long.;):roll::roll:
  17. 2008 Rocket with LED headlights

    I had a 2006 Rocket SE and the ignition wires got hot and the solder melted causing the wires to separate from their posts. I know this was a common problem on the early Rockets up to I think about 2010 model year. The ignition switch was replaced at that time. Fast forward now to present and...
  18. Caraqs

    Hi guys!New member here - Rocket 3 R

    Hello everyone! I´ve been following the forum and i think is time to be part of the comunitty. Very proud owner of a Rocket 3 R.Mine´s a red one.I heard they are faster. Bike is still stock other than the sports pillion seat but i just bought a Competition Werkes with the baffles.It arrives...
  19. AzRocketman

    Rocket firmware updates for 2020/2021

    Good Day, R3 Owners, Has anyone had their firmware upgraded or updates applied to their R3? at the dealer. And if so? was it to fix a problem or recall? I have 3600mi on my 2020 R3 with absolutely no issues or complaint's. I do my own maintenance, always have. Thanks ! Dan, AZRocketman
  20. 2020+ Rocket 3 - ECU Removal

    I just ordered and ECU tune from dnktuneworks. They suggested I send in the ECU. Has anyone removed their ECU yet? I assume it’s under the tank, I have yet to see any discussion on this. Any tricks to getting it out? These bikes are built so compact they aren’t exactly easy to tear down.