1. Rocket 3 GT rider from Pennsylvania

    Hello, Steve from PA. Just brought my new Rocket 3 GT home Yesterday. Can't wait Until the weather warms up here to get out and really enjoy it.
  2. tino19625

    For Sale 2020 Rocket 3 GT -- $19,500 North East USA

    Silver Ice / Strom Grey - brand new tires - 10,760 miles garage kept - cruise control, heated grips, brembo brakes, hill assist, TFT display - dealer maintained and service is current. added exhaust system, power commander 5 w/dyno tune, quick shifter, windshield, corbin two-up heated seats...
  3. Jagster

    For the Rocket owner who has everything.....how about some Rocket speakers?

    I reckon only your bank manager can afford these babies........ If you need to ask the price, you definitely can't afford them, but hey, it's interesting to see and it's not a crime to dream.....right? An old friend of mine who designs super yachts for 'high NET worth individuals' designed...
  4. rainman

    Older rocket

    Tired of seeing all new rocket so I'm adding older rockets 😄
  5. leatal

    Rocket 3 out and about?

    Anybody riding through Ozark, AL at 3:00 PM today on a black Rocket 3R? I only ask because it is the first one I've seen in my area (besides mine)!
  6. Patrice 55

    I looking for repair manual. Triumph rocket 3 2500 2020

    Please. I looking for repair manual for my rocket 3. Engine 2500cc
  7. Rich1980

    Triumph Rocket Touring Accessories (Driver Backrest, Solo Seat & more)

    Available on EBAY UK. full kit to make make the bike solo! eBay item number: 204270436982
  8. RaiderJim

    New Meat on The Rocket

    I returned to Metzler this time..Me888 Also I sent the Megaphone up to Jet Black Thermal coating. The difference is unbelievable. I have been able to retire my Kevlar Leg protector..
  9. rmcg888

    New Rocket 3R in the Philippines

    Perhaps only two of these bikes in the Philippines. This one imported from Japan.
  10. New Rocket 3 GT Rider in Germany

    Hey there, my name is Erik and I got myself a nice 3 GT in December last year. I haven't been riding a lot recently as the winter is still going on over here. Well, this gives me time to think about customizing it. Thank you for accepting me to the forum and I am looking forward to chatting with...
  11. Fireman Frank

    Rocket 111 2005

    Thanks for enrolling me on the group.... Greetings all! Cheers Frank
  12. New Rocket 3 GT rider from Georgia

    Hello. My name is Stephen and about 2 weeks ago I got myself a 2022 Rocket 3 GT. Have really enjoyed it so far. I also ride a 2018 HD lowrider and a 2008 Kawasaki Vulcan Custom. Thanks for letting me participate in your forum.
  13. Hi thanks you for letting me join your group

    am waiting for my triumph rocket 3 R 221 to be delivered next week getting bit excited now 😆 iv had shots of old triumph rocket 111 and new ones and love it finally pull the trigger and got one 😁
  14. lets talk about non rocket riders

    so non rocket 2.5l riders who have never tired 2.5L rockets think following - rockets are just like bigger harelys - bigger engine size doesnt mean anything - torque is nothing to them as they have never ridden rocket 2.5 so they dont know what real torque is. - they are happy with high rpm low...
  15. Instrument panel cover rocket 2016

    I knocked the front cover off one of the dual instrument panels anyone know if they screw on as it is very tight and won’t go on, is there a knack to it as I don’t want to break it
  16. R3RChad

    First time rocket iii owner

    Finally I upgraded from a 2002 Honda Magna to a 2011 R3R and it's night and day difference as this beast of a bike is everything I dreamed of. I've had the bike for a couple of weeks and I'm trying to figure out what the previous owners have done to the bike. I know there's a ramair intake...
  17. Araz

    Rocket III parts availability

    Greetings all, I have purchased RIIIT couple years ago and i love this bike! Can't complain on anything apart from couple minor hiccups.. However, recently i noticed that I start to think more and more about this bike sustainability in the future. Ideally, i wanted to drive at least 50k km on...
  18. Sk74ss09

    2019 Rocket 3 GT

    This is my girl,4 Hours of detailing tonight so worth it,First one delivered in my area in 2019zPenner tune.Definitely a Harley Slayer. Steve Newcastle NSW.
  19. Alessandro_CT

    Remap ECU Rocket 3 R 2023 model - Europe

    Good evening, has anyone managed to remap the ECU of the new Rocket 3 R, with systems like TUNEECU, or with the system offered by BT MOTO (Motobull - BrenTuning)?
  20. Jagster

    Female perspective of riding the Rocket 3 R

    You might have already seen Kate's youtube channel but I thought her latest posting was an interesting one for a number of reasons. The first one is an obvious one, as it's always interesting to see a female riding bikes, but I think this video highlighted how even in very wet winter riding...