1. 2021 Rocket 3R intermittently blowing battery fuse

    Good afternoon everybody! I’ve had my rocket 3 for about 7-8 months now and lately intermittently it will blow the 7.5A battery fuse when I turn the bike off. I say intermittent as the bike can go 3 days of constant use before blowing it or at one time it blew it 3 times in one day. It always...
  2. sunny

    Performance oil filter for 2.5 Rocket

    I searched a lot and found this one, i chose it because of - its better quality, many youtubers reviewed it after cutting it open with 50K miles on it - heavy built - OEM is lighter in weight - better flow - cheaper $ than OEM triumph filter
  3. Bandit1

    05 rocket 3 tune

    I've been away for many years and am struggling to find answers to questions I have. I have an 05 Rocket classic that I'm installing a ram air kit with torrs and cat delete. Can this be ridden with a 12 minute tune untill I get it to a dealer who is 5 hours away to do a proper tune? I assume no...
  4. Justdad

    Update to our plans to race Rocket 3 at Bonneville Speed Week 2024

    Just a short video to see what has be done and what is still to be done.
  5. Rocket III aftermarket Speedometer.

    Hello Guys I'm looking for some clarification regarding aftermarket Speedometers. I have a 2006 Roadster and was wanting to know if it's possible to switch out my clusters for a single cluster with Tach and speedometer in one.? My current research has given me conflicting information. Saying...
  6. what is Cylinder compression ratio / cranking pressure on 2.5 rocket?

    I am not talking about compression ratio posted on manual/internet. I want to put a compression ratio guage in place of spark plug and check the compression pressure/cranking pressure of cylinder on the guage. Does someone know what should be the compression pressure on these rockets? I have...
  7. sunny


    download here, lots of updated information, for instance, Triumph is making its own engine oil formula for motorcycles. download handbook here. https://pdfhost.io/v/9nWu7SwDm_ROCKET_3R_STORM_2025_OWNER_HANDBOOK_3850345US Excerpt from 2025 Storm handbook Below:
  8. Nir

    Rocket 3 storm

    Any one has any idea if it is possible to put the storm map on the 22 gt and get the additional 15 hp.?
  9. Protonhound

    Tire mold seam on new Rocket?

    I don't think I have ever seen this on a tire before, my bike has 960 miles on it now and half the front tire is showing this seam. Is that a "normal" Avon thing or what's the deal?
  10. Journeyman

    Next Rocket Ride in NC/TN/VA

    Seeing who all might want to meet up soon (even as early as this Sunday, or later) to ride somewhere in the NC/TN area. This would be for a day ride. I still say The Snake (Hwy 421 between Boone and Bristol) is one of the finest stretches of blacktop in our area. Back of the Dragon in Virginia...
  11. BMAN

    Crash Bar for new Rocket 3R 2021 Model

    Hello Triumph world, I am looking since years for a front and rear crash bar that is mountable on the new Triumph Rocket 3R black model. All I found so far was what I had before on my formert Rocket III model 2013. Does anyone know who makes them for the newer models after 2021?
  12. Old rocket man

    What’s the last thing you bought for your rocket…

    And before that a loud horn
  13. returning rocketeer

    Been about 8 years since i parted with my '13 roadster. Since then I've owned a '15 Goldwing F6B and current ride is '19 BMW 1250 GS. Got the itch for another R3R. Found a '16 in Marne, IA in good condition with 20,004 smiles. Drove down last week and brought 'er home. Ready to ride. Tom
  14. WRB

    Want to Buy Rocket 3 Touring Handlebar risers

    I have been shearching the internet for a set of the Revco handlebar risers or other suitible substitutes. I'm 5' 10" and have noticed the long reach. Any suggestions appriciated.
  15. WRB

    Hello R3owners

    I'm Bill Burnette. I recently purchased a used 2015 Rocket 3 Touring with 1500 miles on it . I am very impressed with this bike, also very supprised at the going prices for these machines. A lot of value for little price. I was disappointed this particular model was discontinued. I...
  16. fisstt_69

    Tune for 2023 Rocket 3 GT

    Hello all, I apologize if this info is on here somewhere but I just cant seem to find it. My vin ends in BK3745 and I am looking for the most recent tune for improving the hp and removing all the restrictions and raising top speed. It is stock at the moment. Any help would be greatly...
  17. Lemieuxfan

    still keeping the rocket!!!

    i have one of those churchill tins in my garage (can get the via ebay) never never get rid of your Rocket 3 Roadster!! 51,000 plus miles still is whistling as good as the day i got it delivered. Question how many miles do you have on your Rocket?
  18. Protonhound

    Puig Naked New Generation Windscreen Triumph Rocket 3 R

    Does anyone have the Puig Naked New Generation Windscreen and what do you think?
  19. Jay

    I did it! I Joined the 2.5L Club

    Sold my 2013 touring two weeks ago and had been on the hunt for a 2022 rocket three GT triple black edition. Happened to see on the Internet last night that triumph was offering some really good finance options and also saw that my local dealer had a 2023 black in stock so I made the faithful...