1. PappyBlade

    Handlebar Riser Blocks

    I'm looking into having blocks like these made for my '15 R3R. If I were to have them made and have several extras, would anyone be interested? These are from an HD. I'll have mine made to fit the curve and bolt position perfectly. They will NOT be chromed, just milled aluminum. Let me know so...
  2. Jeremy Holm

    Handlebar swap

    Im changing out my stock bars for a set of T bars. I've never been comfortable with the stock bars position and I love the feel and look of my new bars. Question for those that have changed out bars. Do you have to drill out holes for the locator pins or did you just file the pins down...
  3. Jay

    Installed New-to-me Valkyrie on R3T

    Finally got around to installing a handlebar from a Valkyrie on my ‘13 Touring. World of difference for my moderate sub-6 foot stature. The bar is about 1” narrower on each side so it doesn’t pull away from my grip in slow speed turns. Road a couple hundred miles today on curvy mountain roads...
  4. BDClone

    Left Handlebar Controls

    Got my T bars in yesterday and started swapping everything out. Got everything mounted on the right but when I putting the left side on I noticed the turn signal switch all of a sudden hanging up and clicking. I looked in the service manual and couldnt find anything on it. So I started taking it...
  5. numbnuts57

    Want to Buy Left Handlebar controls for a 2007 Classic

    Wanted a left hand bar controls, anyone got a spare set for sale with mirror if possible.
  6. Big Si

    Handlebar differences

    Can anyone tell me if there is actually any difference between the OEM Classic bars and the OEM Roadster bars? If not, I am going to have to go down the aftermarket route. Reading the forum it seems to be a common complaint that the bar shapes are uncomfortable on the old wrists!:(
  7. Michael_G

    **FOUND** R3T Chrome Logo Handlebar Clamp: A9638025

    I was hoping to find this version with the logo for my '14 R3T... -MIG
  8. Danvitt

    handlebar diameter for grips

    I know its a mundane question but looking to update my grips. I measure the outside diameter of my stock bars and it says 1" , When I go to a site like JP Cycles it keeps calling for 7/8 for my 2013 roadster. Does the bars taper down to something else or do they have it wrong? Don't want to...
  9. GaryA

    Handlebar ideas

    I would like some input in handlebar selection. I have a completely standard 2010 Roadster. When riding after about 45 mins my hands go a little numb, thumb and pinky first, then most of my fingers. I am thinking of trying some alternative bars but am not sure what to look for. I realize ones...
  10. germ79

    ** SOLD ** High Quality Speaker System with Bluetooth and Handlebar Remote

    This system was installed on my bike when I bought it last fall. I uninstalled it over the winter, as I'm a helmet guy and listen to music, etc on in-helmet speakers. I tested this out when I first got the bike and they are the best motorcycle speakers I've ever heard. Super powerful, super...
  11. BigNorm

    1" handlebar clamps

    Does anyone know of somewhere that sells 1" handlebar clamps or has a spare set laying around for a R3T? I would like to put a cross bar on my risers. Thanks.
  12. scot in exile

    Handlebar Grips

    Anyone got some nice grips on the big beast ? not fat grips but good feeling thin ones any pictures and website would be much appreciated.
  13. Boog

    Want to Buy Left handlebar switch assembly R3T

    I'm in need of the switch assembly for the left hand side that houses the bright light switch, the auxiliary light switch, blinker indicator switch and horn button. I have replaced everything else trying to get my aux lights to work and this is the last piece left to swap out. With Christmas...
  14. Kevdog

    Need pics of a 2005 handlebar and gauge mounts

    I am trying to restore a Rocket I inherited from my x-father in law. He had put an ugly Corbin adjustable clam shell looking wind screen on it and it required custom mounts. So I have been searching the net to try and find out what stock handlebar mount and gauge mounts look like so I can...
  15. R

    Looking to BUY Stock Handlebar Risers

    I only have custom risers on my bike and I'm looking to purchase some stock ones. Anybody have any lying around? 2016 R3R ABS
  16. R

    Stock Handlebar Risers

    I currently only have the Rivco risers and I'm getting a new handlebar that sits a bit lower. Does anyone have extra stock risers lying around they can sell me?
  17. BigNorm

    Handlebar electrical harness

    Is there an electrical connection just for the handlebar wires? I was thinking of creating one if there is not. The idea is that when I internally wire the bars I would be able to remove the bars and wires as a unit.
  18. tfrazier

    Need handlebar gauges and hand controls to get my R3 classic on the road again

    Hey guys and gals, I crashed my 2008 R3 Classic back in November and am trying to scrounge up parts to get her back on the road now that my three broken ribs, punctured lung, and three fractured vertebrae have healed up. I bought a used 2011 Moto Guzzi Norge to ride while I'm sourcing parts...
  19. kjones256

    Should the handlebar wiggle...

    I installed a set of risers that are roughly about 3-4" high with about a 2" pull. Unlike the OEM which has a bolt with an allen head coming from the top and a nut on the bottom, these had a hex bolt going up with a pressure washer and the large flat washer. After tightening the bolt with a...
  20. Cherokee

    For Sale Chrome Logo Handlebar Clamp #A9638025

    Chrome Logo Handlebar Clamp #A9638025. $60 on Triumph site (https://shop.triumphmotorcycles.com/chrome/id-A9638025/Handlebar_Clamp) Asking $25 plus shipping.
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