1. Zutt

    Click sound upon turning the front end to the right

    So I just received the bike, looks awesome except for some scratches. Still no keys as they were mailed separately with title and paperwork, and I think the package may be lost. I was repositioning the bike in the garage and noticed that when the the front wheel is turned fully to the left, as...
  2. KalSaint

    Stock Bike Sound Check

    Afternoon Everybody. For peace of mind, I changed the oil in my R3R today even if the person I bought it from said they did. I went with Mobile 1 4t 10w/40 and the Wix 51358 filter. End up putting right around 5.5 quarts and the oil is right up to the top line of the dip stick. Since the R3R...
  3. Greg Chenier

    Hello from Montreal! Looking for some sound and power mods all :-)

    Bonjour from Montréal! 3 years in and still love turning heads with my R3R! Fresh off this year’s DGR, I was again the only Rocket in the herd of 300+. I’ve only seen 1 on the road in my travels, love riding this unique beast! I’m very eager to black out my R3R, and looking for a new louder...
  4. Mudbone757

    Sound System for Roadster

    Looking for sounds. Issue: I have the small air screen fitted over top of the instruments. Any suggestions?
  5. Roscoe

    Uhoh this don't sound good!!!

    Anyone have any idea what this is? Was on my way home from work in an 80K zone dropping down to a 60 K Zone, went to change gears pulled the clutch in and this noise appeared, stopped the bike eventually found nuetral and called a Tow Truck to get it home. Anyone have any idea what it is??
  6. Roscoe

    3 into 1 sound off

    Finally got somewhat of a sound file of my new exhaust, 4 inch turnout muffler with 2 1/2 inch Baffle inside, gives a nice note not too loud while riding but hit the throttle and it growls like a bear with a sore head! Old skool look = Sexy!
  7. Hubguru

    R3R with Ramair and Dave Platt slip-on video with sound.

    Uploaded video to show sound notes of the new Dave Platt slip-on single. Dyno chart as well: I've had a lot of bikes and upgrades, ramair plus slip-on and dyno tune is hands down the most bang for the buck over any of my previous bike upgrades. The rocket really comes alive, quicker...
  8. BillyIndiana

    That Rocket Sound

    I was making a video for my Legion Riders Group and as I was putting it together I kept hearing how the mic in my helmet was picking up the sound of the bike. I made a short video to share it with you all. Now my bike has a RAMAir, Viking crossover, and TORS, but man it sounds awesome to me...
  9. R-III-R Turbo

    What a Rocket III engine sounds like to a knock sensor

    Currently ignition tuning the bike, giving the Phormula KS-4 & Pro Tuning Solution a go. I can use earbuds to listen to the engine as I ride, with all the wind & exhaust noise it would be difficult to hear knock without it. The gauge is also there as a visual. What I'm listening for here is an...
  10. Lemieuxfan

    minor irritating front brake sound

    just changed the front pads when apply the brakes get some barely audible sound; i guess i can take them off and apply some break quiet on the pads..
  11. germ79

    ** SOLD ** High Quality Speaker System with Bluetooth and Handlebar Remote

    This system was installed on my bike when I bought it last fall. I uninstalled it over the winter, as I'm a helmet guy and listen to music, etc on in-helmet speakers. I tested this out when I first got the bike and they are the best motorcycle speakers I've ever heard. Super powerful, super...
  12. atjurhs

    need some Denali Sound Bomb install pics

    hey guys, i bought a Denali Sound Bomb with the split compressor so the two parts can be mounted on two separate areas of the bike. can some of you post some pics of how you installed yours? thanks! Todd
  13. RockOn

    Front Brake Sound Normal?

    Now that I've had my bike for a few weeks and put a few hundred miles on it I'm starting to notice something I was oblivious to before. When I use the front brake on my '06 Rocket classic I hear a very distinct, "shushhhhhh" sound. It isn't a grinding or squealing sound but not sure it is...
  14. jtanc39

    Sound of metal grinding

    Fellow bikers, just wondering if anyone had the experience. Whenever I ride my bike pass 120km/h, I'll hear a grinding (metal to metal) noise when I relax the throttle. Just cannot figure where it's coming from, other than the clutch or maybe the brake rotors. Any advice would be greatly...
  15. Anomaly

    Carpenter R3 in North TX or Southern Oklahoma

    I'm looking for someone in the North Texas area or Southern Oklahoma area that has a rocket with a carpenter exhaust. I've not been inpressed with the sound of the carpenter exhaust from videos posted online, but people do rave about the sound. Before I try any other performance upgrades to my...
  16. DKB&R3

    Shifting "Clunk" sound, what is going on?

    Gentlemen, I just finished (took nearly a month - part time) replacing the output shaft bearing (as a whole new assemble with new outer case) and she runs GREAT!!! However, it does seam that there is "excessive" noise now shifting into all gears; 1st gear was always a "clunk" but now it seams...
  17. R3Rx118

    Viking Exhaust

    Hi all, looking at getting a system from Paul and just wanted some input from some folks that may already be running one. Or some sound clips would be nice looks aren't a problem. I think they look great. I've been in contact with Paul for awhile now and he's been great to deal with. As for...
  18. Old N' Grumpy

    CES Pipe VS Carpenter For Sound

    I have looked without success for a sound clip for the CES exhaust but to no avail. Any Captains out there heard them both? I know its subjective but tell me anyway which one you thought sounded better and why.
  19. evo

    Grinding sound by right foot...

    I've been riding my Rocket to work again (usually ride my Suzuki DR650 supermoto as it's far better in traffic) and I've noticed it getting very warm by my right leg, moreso than what I ever remember...even though it's over 90 degrees here in the afternoon. I also notice a kind of grinding...