3 into 1

  1. 2016 Roadster with Platt 3 into 1 and Ramair tune

    Hello everyone, I'm a new owner, the previous owner had installed the RamAir and a Carpenter Racing Sidewinder Exhaust. After destroying two pairs of pants on the first significant rides I had enough and pulled the pipes and installed a Dave Platt 3 into 1 long setup. I am trying to sort out the...
  2. M.J

    3 into 1 Dain Exhaust

    Has anyone purchased this exhaust,its a 3 into 1 exhaust being sold on ebay by this fella in the US his name is Dain he has a youtube vidio of the exhaust and the fitting,it does away with the cat box and looks really simple to fit i ask as i am going to buy one and wondered if anyone else has...
  3. Roscoe

    3 into 1 sound off

    Finally got somewhat of a sound file of my new exhaust, 4 inch turnout muffler with 2 1/2 inch Baffle inside, gives a nice note not too loud while riding but hit the throttle and it growls like a bear with a sore head! Old skool look = Sexy!
  4. kaivalagi

    Simple Slip-on Behind RHS OEM Sheild?

    Hi all, I tried searching but couldn't find anything specific to my question... As much as I would love a custom 3 into 1 header and silencer setup similar to what Paul is knocking out I just can't afford it right now...but I have had enough of the OEM trumpets and want to reveal the rear of...