1. JJR3R

    Competition Werx Exhaust

    Where is the best place to purchase a competition werx exhaust for my Rocket 3 R in the UK? TIA
  2. DanDare

    '09 RIII tune out popping in exhaust over run

    Into my second year of RIII ownership; love the bike and power delivery, but previous owner removed muffler baffles and bike pops and farts through the 'open' pipes on over run (throttle closed, slowing down) like a Banshee eating a hot curry after a Friday night out on Guinness. Although I own...
  3. G-Force Junkie

    Free OEM exhaust 2013 r3t

    I no longer own the bike. found these in storage. Not new, 10K on them. Pick-up in Avonmore, ON.
  4. stonk

    2023 R3 exhaust Mod

    I'm doing the exhaust mod on my rocket 3r have already updated to the Penner map. I'm going to open up the box and remove all the internals as shown in a few videos. My question is will this cause the bike to alarm or have engine issues with the exhaust sensor, if so how do I fix that? If not...
  5. Micksan

    Interchange Exhaust parts

    I have been looking for an exhaust system heat reflection. During my search, I noticed that the parts for 2019& 20 look like they would be interchangeable. Am I doing pipe dreams or would the header cover be interchangeable?
  6. Micksan

    Any suggestions on Exhaust heat shields .

    My 2023 GT bike is coming together. The windshield came in quickly from Poland. Perfect for me. The side cases & holders will be arriving tomorrow, as will the footpeg replacement. My wife and took a ride out to Seba Station. ( Must see Free MC Museum if you are on RT 66 OK) . She was on...
  7. UK Zard exhaust for sale

    Zard exhaust for sale as i need to go back to standard to use the panniers This comes with removable baffles & comes with what you see in the pictures The blanking plate used to cover where the standard 3rd exhaust goes needs some repair as seen, but the pipes look & sound amazing & i never...
  8. vmaxjude

    Cleaning road tar off exhaust - 2020 Rocket 3 GT

    Hi all. I have some nasty tar deposits on my exhaust that will not just wash off. I have some Valet Pro Citrus Tar & Glue Remover which I have used successfully on my cars. It said it is good for painted and hard surfaces, but is clearly a fairly aggressive product as it dissolves road tar...
  9. Fungames43232

    Anyone wrap a Carpenter race exhaust?

    I have never had the need to wrap an exhaust until now. This thing is blazing and I'm riding in 35 deg weather. I've watched many videos. Some say use 2" some say 1" wrap. Some say wrap back to front, others say front to back. I've seen it done on the bike and off the bike. What is the...
  10. Si3RBlack

    Awesome Exhaust System

    Recently added this full system to the Rocket 3R. Good price. Excellent build quality. Relatively easy to fit once the heavy original system was taken out. Easy swap out of the baffles gives a gorgeous deep tone as opposed to just blatant loud like some after market systems. I had professionally...
  11. Frosty Rider

    Need Stock Exhaust Pictures Please

    I need pictures of a few stock exhausts, i got my bike back from the dealer finally, and it has to go back to them as the right pannier bracket is still bent, one of the side cover grommets is split in half, and it looks like someone tried to clean the side cover while it was dirty and it has a...
  12. Gt exhaust meerkat modification uk

    Does anyone know anyone in the uk that can complete the meerkat mod on the standard exhaust? Currently have the zard exhaust but want to tour so need panniers that don't work with the zard so need to go back to standard exhaust but want a bit more noise Thanks
  13. mjdula

    Exhaust removal

    Hey guys, Looking to remove the OEM exhaust from a 2022 rocket 3 GT. I haven't found any past posts or threads about this so I'm wondering if anyone knows best place to find this info?
  14. Maxman376

    Ixil exhaust

    Just installed the exil full sys. Easy install. Looks great. My question is what do the baffles look like. I don't see anything that would be a baffle. Can someone post a picture of the baffle.
  15. Mongler07

    Slip on exhaust anyone can do (How i fixed up my rashed out stock pipes)

    As some of you know, but ill fill the rest of you in, my CAT box failed See this thread >>>CAT exhaust Failure So i fixed that issue and decided to do some extra work to fix her up now that the CAT is free flowing SO i found 2 good used sets of COBRA 6003 slipon pipes, they look nearly identical...
  16. Mongler07

    CAT exhaust failure?

    So this started with a rattle at just cold idle, once warm its gone, then it developed into a rattle that is all the time until warm then you can hear it at idle some times, NOW its also a slight lack of power, the exhaust gets hotter than usual under load next to my leg and NOW today i can...
  17. RazMan

    Anyone successfully modded the exhaust?

    The R3 is a superb design and streets ahead of the old R111 (sorry guys but I have had both) The ONLY thing that bugs me is the lack of growl from the exhaust (really miss the bark of the Dave Platt system on my R111) I LOVE the look of it and don't want to change the appearance at all - just...
  18. Vhunter45

    Excessive Heat from Exhaust manifold.

    Hello, Has anyone ran into this issue on a 2014 Rocket III roadster? And yes was Dyno with a power commander installed. North of $2500 in parts and labor and still having the same issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  19. ArizonaKid

    IXIL Exhaust

    Anyone have any experience with or knowledge about the EXIL exhaust for the R3GT/R. It looks and sounds very good, but I’m not familiar with the company. The $ on their web site is $1100.
  20. Jcornwell

    Exhaust Mods

    My father bought is 08 Rocket 3 classic with TORS exhaust and Cat delete already installed. So I thought cool I will just look up something else and 1800-2700 for an exhaust is insanity. So my question is has anybody cut out the cat and just had a pipe bent for one of the universal mufflers...