1. tino19625

    Triumph Custom Parts - Rocket 3 R & GT Exhaust

    I searched for this Triumph Custom Parts exhaust and didn't find it, sorry if it's out there - but it's not so bad looking and pretty straight forward if anyone still in search of changing out their exhaust.
  2. tino19625

    New exhaust fabrication

    I'm in a FB group and there's a gent out there that's creating this exhaust, which I like. He has work to do on it but early stages show some promise - he did both sides and this is all I know now. I'd like to see it in other finishes but he did it for his black R3. He did cut out slot for...
  3. sunny

    Paint issue with Rocket 3R black exhaust :S

    Hi All, While riding Passenger shoe heel area rubbing against exhaust caused exhaust paint rip on ROCKET 3 R BLACK Edition , how to fix? Which type of paint is this? Ceramic or powder coat? I have a small spray gun connected to air compressor, please advise :( Regards
  4. Torrs exhaust...

    Hey all theres probably a million threads on here about triumph torrs.. But I'm asking if anyone is running just 2 Torr and one standard on there bike?.. Would the bike run OK using only 2 triumph torrs and one standard or could it damage the motor?.. I've just got a dink in my lower right hand...
  5. buddazero

    How to Remove Old Gaskets?

    Hey! I'm getting my headers coated by Jet Hot, got the new gaskets and going to install them when everything's done. I'm having a bit of trouble getting the old gaskets out, since they're pressed in there.. It's my first time and I want to make sure I don't damage anything. Any tips on how to...
  6. tino19625

    Looking for step-by-step instructions - exhaust

    Anyone have step-by-step instructions for 2021 GT exhaust removal [really what I need] they can share? I don't want to do too much with trying to get the right parts out of the way - thanks in advance!
  7. buddazero

    Ceramic Coating Viking Exhaust

    Hey everyone, So, I’m getting my exhaust headers ceramic coated. They’ve been running super hot, I even got the bike Dyno Tuned and the guy did manage to lower the temp, but it’s still uncomfortable (at least for me from someone who lives in the city). I spoke to Paul about ceramic coating and...
  8. Rocket 3 TFC with Competition Werkes Exhaust: RUNNING HOT!!!

    Greetings, I just had CW exhaust installed on my TFC (deleting the Cat), and holy crap its a totally different bike. Amazing sound and performance upgrade, albeit I think I lost some bottom end.. The problem is that now this mofo is running real hot, feels like I'm sitting on top of an oven...
  9. jjerdonjr

    Exhaust Systems???

    Did a 1500 mile run last Saturday and when I got home I found this on my post trip inspection. Only took 82K to rust out. So I have been hunting for a good aftermarket system that still resembles the stock look but gives my more performance and rumble but I am having NO luck. Can't find TORS...
  10. Hello looking for exhaust options

    Hello ty for adding me to the forums. Just bought a 2013 R3 Roadster and I’d like to upgrade the exhaust but I’m having trouble finding options here in the US. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks very much!
  11. Triple Red

    New Zard Exhaust

    Well took the plunge and purchased the Zard exhaust race version no cat and took the so called baffles out (see pics) no idea if they make any difference? Fitting was fairly straightforward following their you tube video but there are a couple of issues, firstly the qualities of the carbon fibre...
  12. SlimReaper

    Carpenter baffle?

    I've not had any luck getting in touch with Carpenter racing so I was wondering if anyone has had luck with a different baffle for their exhaust? I did find where someone mentioned a Samson model they were going to try but I never was able to find installation info on here or their site...
  13. buddazero

    Will Ceramic Coating Headers Affect Bike?

    Hey, So, I got custom headers and the stock tune completely turned the pipes blue and all sorts of colors, was running super lean, even my pants caught fire. Fortunately I got a map on it right now which it treating the bike, and on the 15 of August I'm getting it Dyno tuned. That being said...
  14. Earthquake

    Anyone have a R3t exhaust for sale?

    I’m looking for preferably D&D mufflers but really anything better then these stock ones so I’m not picky I’m located in Massachusetts in the USA
  15. Irish.

    Exhaust swap

    Hi. Is there a way to fit the later 2014 twin silencers onto the 2005 model
  16. buddazero

    2018 Rocket 3 Roadster | Ram Air & Paul Viking Exhaust

    Hello, I have a 2018 Rocket 3 Roadster with Ram Air Filter Kit and Paul Viking Exhaust with the custom headers and Twin Muffler System (3 into 2). After the I installed these mods, the headers were running so hot my pants caught fire. Luckily Paul and his friend provided me with the Charles...
  17. RIchareno

    2009 OEM Touring exhaust on a Classic??

    So I just got my 2009 Classic and some jackwagon had cut out the catalytic converter, crossover and LH silencer, effectively making it a 3 into 1 with the RH silencer being only 3" dia. The bike runs terrible until it has been running for about 15-20 minutes, then it runs fine. Could this be...
  18. avijay

    Exhaust Swap Instruction/Video

    I've got my Competition Werkes hopefully coming in this week, I remember seeing a "how to" video to remove and replace factory exhaust but can't seem to find it anymore, anyone have a link for an exhaust swap? Thanks .
  19. buddazero

    How to Check for Exhaust Leaks

    Hey everyone, I just got new headers and twin muffler system installed. Currently the headers are running so hot my pants are smoking. Now I know I need a new map, I'm currently waiting for one. But for my peace of mind, I also want to check for exhaust leaks at the headers. Now the guys from...
  20. buddazero

    Mapping for Viking Exhaust & Ram Air

    Hey everyone, my bike is running lean and I need a map suited for my bike. I have a Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster 2018. Ram Air Kit with Paul Viking Dual Exhaust (including the headers). I got TuneECU and I need help of which map to use, ASAP! Please and thank you. best, budda