1. Wadejesu

    Competition Werkes Exhaust 2020 R3

    If someone coughs up the 1100+ bucks for the slip-on, could you please post some pics and sound clips. It's tough to shell out the dough without much info, their website wasn't much help. Was wonder what kind of baffling if any, was in the cans. Thanks in advance
  2. chris haentjens

    My adventures in a custom exhaust

    So, I've been wanting a louder exhaust and as you all know there is no options....well one now at competition werkes. But the 1100 price tag for a simple slip on is extremely high. They priced themselves right out of my business. I do love the way the factory exhaust looks. I recently removed...
  3. steve

    New Exhaust and Bear claw

    Just unpacked my new Exhaust from Les at laidlawmotorsportservices The Exhaust system weighs in at 17lbs Will be fitting over the next few days and will update as I go
  4. Tripps

    Aftermarket exhaust

    Visordown.com: Competition Werkes to release Triumph Rocket 3 GP Slip-On Exhaust. https://www.visordown.com/news/product-news/competition-werkes-release-triumph-rocket-3-gp-slip-exhaust
  5. D

    2014 Jardines

    In search of Jardine exhaust for a 2014 roadster.... any help out there?
  6. bebsy

    Broken exhaust mount on the frame

    First run out for seems like forever, just given it a once over for tmrw and noticed the mount that holds my platts shorties in place has broken off at the frame wandering if anyone else has had this problem and what would be the best fix so it doesn't happen again in my lifetime cheers
  7. cskals

    Exhaust port measures

    Hi all. Been searching through the posts, and I can see many has asked the question, but I find no answers. Does anyone have the measures for the exhaust ports? Thanks in advance.
  8. numbnuts57

    Zard Exhaust

    Does anyone that has a Zard Penta exhaust also have the homologation certificate for this. I will be getting the bike mot'd after lockdown is over and here in Gibraltar they are getting strict on modifications. I don't really want to go and refit the old system then swap it over...
  9. Bernard Vinet

    Resolutes 2016 Roadster tune & exhaust mod. Roy Performance Mtl.

    I'm forwarding an email I received from a shop near my home who have come to be the go place if you own a Rocket 3. They know I enjoy everything & anything Rocket so they are alway giving me a heads up when they are working on one. So without adu here is their latest miracle they have created...
  10. CCjon

    Exhaust Header Temps

    After a 140 mile ride today, checked the temperature at each exhaust clamp: Front Cylinder - 160 F Middle - 193 F Rear - 184 F Does this seem normal? Has anyone else checked their header temps after a ride?
  11. Stan

    Exhaust for 2.5L

    So this bloke says he's about to release a slip on exhaust for R3 R and GT version. No need for ECU upgrades, no errors, and gains more power. Please see link and comment Small video of the sound and few pictures.
  12. Oz Knight

    Exhaust Headers on a Supercharged 2010 R3R

    Hi All, I know this subject has been extensively discussed before, but i have a Supercharged (TTS Stage 1) 2010 R3R and as part of the Stage 2 installation, i want to upgrade the headers to bigger outlet pipes (better outflow)......As the bike is Supercharged i don't really need to tune them...
  13. steve mitchell

    Tun ECU questions for slip on exhaust + ramair intake

    Hello, It's been some time since I've been on here. But now that I'm tired of my stock exhaust but don't want to spend a ton on a completer system. By the way, I already have installed ramair intake. Has anyone here used this before...
  14. Radz94

    TuneECU v2.5.5

    TuneECU v2.5.5 . I have a 2006 rocket iii and just installed K&N Filter and stock exhaust. Can run diagnostics and some tests. Can't seem to see or load maps. Thinking TuneECU v2.5.5 will work. I am running v2.5.8. just getting started as a horsepower junkie
  15. Tazithman

    Sell me on an exhaust

    Owner of a relatively stock 07' classic except for radio/lights for about the last year. I have been having an issue with he check engine light eliminating but the bike never throws a code and runs fine. Checked with multiple scanners, tried multiple tunes. Even tuneecu shows that the engine...
  16. M.J

    3 into 1 Dain Exhaust

    Has anyone purchased this exhaust,its a 3 into 1 exhaust being sold on ebay by this fella in the US his name is Dain he has a youtube vidio of the exhaust and the fitting,it does away with the cat box and looks really simple to fit i ask as i am going to buy one and wondered if anyone else has...
  17. R

    Greetings and help requested

    Hello, I am new to the community and am about to pick up my first Rocket. It’s an ‘18 R3 Roadster, completely stock. I’m having a hard time finding a sissy bar (with pad). I’d also like to replace the stock exhaust with something much more complimentary sounding that this beast deserves. Does...
  18. Penner

    More exhaust science

    One of the best videos I have seen so far.
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