1. Earthquake

    Anyone have a R3t exhaust for sale?

    I’m looking for preferably D&D mufflers but really anything better then these stock ones so I’m not picky I’m located in Massachusetts in the USA
  2. Irish.

    Exhaust swap

    Hi. Is there a way to fit the later 2014 twin silencers onto the 2005 model
  3. buddazero

    2018 Rocket 3 Roadster | Ram Air & Paul Viking Exhaust

    Hello, I have a 2018 Rocket 3 Roadster with Ram Air Filter Kit and Paul Viking Exhaust with the custom headers and Twin Muffler System (3 into 2). After the I installed these mods, the headers were running so hot my pants caught fire. Luckily Paul and his friend provided me with the Charles...
  4. RIchareno

    2009 OEM Touring exhaust on a Classic??

    So I just got my 2009 Classic and some jackwagon had cut out the catalytic converter, crossover and LH silencer, effectively making it a 3 into 1 with the RH silencer being only 3" dia. The bike runs terrible until it has been running for about 15-20 minutes, then it runs fine. Could this be...
  5. avijay

    Exhaust Swap Instruction/Video

    I've got my Competition Werkes hopefully coming in this week, I remember seeing a "how to" video to remove and replace factory exhaust but can't seem to find it anymore, anyone have a link for an exhaust swap? Thanks .
  6. buddazero

    How to Check for Exhaust Leaks

    Hey everyone, I just got new headers and twin muffler system installed. Currently the headers are running so hot my pants are smoking. Now I know I need a new map, I'm currently waiting for one. But for my peace of mind, I also want to check for exhaust leaks at the headers. Now the guys from...
  7. buddazero

    Mapping for Viking Exhaust & Ram Air

    Hey everyone, my bike is running lean and I need a map suited for my bike. I have a Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster 2018. Ram Air Kit with Paul Viking Dual Exhaust (including the headers). I got TuneECU and I need help of which map to use, ASAP! Please and thank you. best, budda
  8. maurice

    Exhaust rattle

    Can those with the newer r3 verify a slight rattle when you tap the black part of top exhaust, right side? Bottom one quiet. Don't know if it's normal. Wouldn't know how to tighten as no visible bolts. Thanks!
  9. Mike Rocket

    TORS Exhaust Tune

    I have discovered my bike has a TORS tune on it (according to the tune number read by Dealertool i used) but it has standard pipes. I have the Triumph dealer paperwork where the 1st owner had them fit them so i assume they put on the TORS tune too. When i purchased the bike the standard pipes...
  10. Morph1976

    Loud exhaust

    Hey guys, as the name suggests I have just had a full new custom exhaust fitted which some from the uk will recognise as dave platt exhausts. Its loud and sounds awesome however I've been told that it wont pass an mot with noise as it is. Is there a limit as to how loud it should be?. Rockets...
  11. estoma

    BugBike Slipons

    Bei Facebook anmelden Anyone with these installed? If so, any feedback to share here?
  12. Rocketeer4life

    Doubling up on exhaust gaskets?

    hi all, I'm curious as to if its common practice or a good idea to double up on the exhaust header gaskets to the cylinder port. Ask because upon examining my 2014 roadster engine when going for installing the header I saw all 3 ports still had used gaskets there. Each port retaing 2 gaskets.
  13. buddazero

    New Exhaust (Viking Exhaust) w. Ram Air - Need a Map / Advice

    The time has come, a year ago this forum helped me find an awesome exhaust system, which let me to @Paul Bryant . I have a Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster 2018. @barbagris , I was wondering if you have some insight on the questions I have. You helped me last year with the Ram Air Kit and its been...
  14. Bouyy93

    Exhaust Question

    Has anyone used the full LMS system for their touring who could speak to the sound? I am currently looking at those to replace my stock pipes.
  15. Aldo B

    Zard Exhaust + Corbin Seat + Carbon Fibre Hydrographics

    Here is link to Maggies full view after installing the Zard exhaust (racing, no baffles) along with the carbon fibre heat shields. Also installed Corbin seated (heated).
  16. Somethingbigandorange

    Exhaust manifold gaskets

    I have done a search and did not find a specific post on this, so please forgive me if it has already been addressed. I am looking for a good source (I am in the U.S.) for exhaust manifold gaskets. TIA
  17. frkmbolin

    Upgrading advice TTS and exhaust.

    Question: I'm looking at having a TTS Stage 1 supercharger installed on my 2015 R3 Roadster. Right now, it has RamAir already installed, and a cheap slip-on exhaust, right-side only. I'm looking for something a little bit more like the stock exhaust, which I actually like the look of, but I...
  18. sonny

    Exhaust systems.

    Look folks you can buy the big bad racing systems from New Jersey and fry your legs. Of Course You can go with the home brew exhaust which is a joke. Or you can buy a tuned exhaust system from Viking exhaust and be done with it. Trailer Queens will disagree. They are the folks that talk but do...
  19. Somethingbigandorange

    Exhaust wrap?

    Just looking for some input. Any experiences with or opinions of exhaust wrap? I have an ‘06 classic with carpenter racing exhaust and the burn is just too much. I’ve seen the posts about wearing protective pads but I’m tired of the scorch marks on my jeans and I don’t want another piece of...
  20. Morph1976

    Crossover pipe with standatd exhaust

    Hi guys, just got the rocket back on road only for someone to pull out in front of me. Long story short both me and the bike went flying. Given 3rd party was the issue I'm making a claim given with clothing and repairs its gonna be in excess of 2.5k. Now what I'm thinking as I'm gonna need left...