1. Italianguy069

    Looking for a Tune ECU tune with Werks exhaust 2020 31013 map.

    Looking for a Tune ECU tune with Werks exhaust for a 2020 Rocket 3 with stock air filter and Werk's slip-on with no Cat. Currently using base map 31013. Any body with the same set up that has a dyno map done with a Hex file. for Tune ECU. Thanks
  2. Whylee

    Verex exhaust installed

    Recieved and installed my Verex exhaust today. Will get a sound clip when I can run it and warm it up. Dont like the empty space under it but I will come up with something, Do like removing that boat anchor oem exhaust.
  3. Jehan

    Burning ankle on 3R exhaust pipe

    Hello, Does any body would know about a solution or a parte to avoid burning our ankle on the Rocket 3R ? Thanks, Jehan
  4. tino19625

    Vandemon Titanium Exhaust

    This is another option for exhaust [Vandemon USA] - not cheap but nicely done with the push-of-a-button silencer... I don't see this exhaust on here so thought I'd share if for those looking for something to beef up the stock sound.
  5. Si3RBlack

    Best exhaust option for Rocket 3R Black Edition?

    I'm new here from Bolton in the UK. Wondering what decent exhaust silencers are there to fit to the Rocket 3r black Edition without ruining the natural lines and aesthetics of the bike. Seen alot of examples fron the USA and UK but look like after thought bolt ons and stick out at funny angles...
  6. Sioux Falls Rocket

    The Paul Bryant Experience (Viking Exhaust)

    Early last year around June I decided I really wanted to purchase a complete Vikings exhaust system that Paul builds, after exchanging a few emails back and forth with Paul who was kind enough to work with me around me setting up a few payments before the build started. I was not in a hurry and...
  7. Whylee

    Anyone running the Zard exhaust

    Picked up my 2023 Rocket GT today. Wow, its a nice bike. The only mod im doing so far is the exhaust. I really love the look of the Zard. Looking them up, all the ones I find are dealers not in the U.S. Curious if anyone has bought one and from who? Dont really like ordering out of country...
  8. Hughzee

    slip-on exhaust pipes and a compatible seat

    Hello all looking for a kick as pair of slip on exhaust pipes black for my 2015 rocket roadster I want them loud can't seem to find anything?. Also looking for a tan leather comfortable seat that it compatible hopeing to use this forums knowledge
  9. Gibbi

    New Bug Bike exhaust for sale

    Hi all, I have for sale a brand new never fitted three pipe bug bike exhaust with removable quiet baffles. The exhaust is for sale because I have simply changed my mind and just can’t bring myself to removing the stock pipes 🙄 They cost me £1530 delivered to the UK. I’m ask £1200 for them...
  10. Saigon Jon

    Vandemon exhaust for 2500 rocket

    This is my first post. Got the rocket GT 8 months ago and have been getting to know it. I have now started to make my little modifications. The biggest issue for me is the noise. I live in Saigon and have become a firm believer in ”loud pipes save lives” and the Vandemon kind of solves the...
  11. FSandbag

    2015 Rocket III Roadster Exhaust System RH Cover Replacement

    G'day all, I'm new to the R3Owners forum so forgive me if I've posted this question in the wrong spot. The right hand heat cover that hides the catalytic converter (Silencer Cover? Part Number T2209830) has fallen off my 2015 Roadster seemingly at random. I'm looking for somewhere to buy the...
  12. hossman

    Triumph needs exhaust options for Rocket 3R & GT

    Man I sure did like my TORS on my 16 Rocket 3 and gave a nice deep tone and kept the stock look. These bikes need something along those lines. A nice windshield option too.
  13. R3 Touring exhaust options

    Hi all, I'm looking to try and get a list of exhaust options together for the Touring model (mine is 2009) ive spent hours going through the forums and whilst a few option have been bought up theres not a list of them all in one place. For me im currently considering my options as the standard...
  14. Hubguru

    First Cylinder Exhaust Carbon Residue

    Hi Folks, I have a 2017 R3R with Carpenter 210+ kit with a few thousand miles on it, running well. I have a bare sidewinder SS pipe on but summer time is brutal so I pulled the pipe off to get powder coated and noticed my first cylinder has black carbon residue where the other exhaust ports are...
  15. verticalspark

    Advice Needed: Upgrade intake with unknown tune on PCIII

    I have an 05 with a stock air box configuration and full Jardine exhaust and have been looking at either buying the K&N pod filters or Ramair as an upgrade over the stock but I have an issue. I was tearing the bike down to get a good visual inspection and found a Power Commander III with an...
  16. Liam2x

    Jardine exhaust. Have exhaust minus headers.

    Look9ng for solutions to jardine exhaust but not the headers. Have seen a CES mod. Can one still get these? And y help.or advise appreciated.
  17. rdomeck

    Carpenter 240+ kit quieter exhaust? 3:1 header

    Hello all, I just picked up a 2015 R3 touring that the previous owner had a 240 Carpenter kit installed. It's a great bike. Only had 2500 miles on it. Has the 3:1 header on it with a megaphone. I messaged Carpenter and they do not have anything quieter for me. Has anyone had luck installing...
  18. Mikefredbass

    ixil exhaust.

    Anyone have any experience with this system? Looks great.
  19. StuBash

    Exhaust upgrade

    Love my 2014 Rocket III Turing bike. Fits me like a glove. Looking to upgrade the exhaust and maybe make it a bit louder as well. Any recommendations?
  20. Ralsmith

    Help Lost baffle out of Jardine exhaust

    I somehow lost a baffle from my jardine exhaust while on the freeway. The tail pipe is 4” or 98mm diameter, looking for suggestions on where to find a replacement baffle either the original jardine or a universal baffle that will fit a 98mm ID tail pipe