1. KalSaint

    Before and After Viking Exhaust Install

    IT FINALLY ARRIVED. Ordered this bad boy back in June but @PaulBryant was super busy; but it's a hell of a way to start out the new year! I also took videos of the before/after exhaust sound, but when I click attach files it only brings up the photos. Anyone know how to post videos?
  2. Rocket_Rider

    Tune for R3T with LMS exhaust

    Hi all, need a tune for an R3T with LMS full exhaust. also, out of curiosity, if there any reason why I can’t copy values from a roadster tune into an R3T tune in Tunecu? Aren’t the engines the same? Just different ecu? Shouldn’t that generate similar power to a stock roadster that’s way more...
  3. Q

    2011 Roadster Exhaust Slip On Options?

    I've tried sorting through the mountains of threads on Exhaust options. I keep running into, so and so doesn't make them anymore. I'm astonished that some of these exhaust systems are $1500. I've done plenty on cars for $1000. Probably comes back to my original question though as to who is...
  4. Quickie69

    TTS exhaust header

    Anyone try these yet with a NA rocket? Numbers?? -Q
  5. Morph1976

    Deep throaty exhaust

    Hi guys, have looked through various threads and I get conflicting info. I have a stock 2007 rocket and want to make it louder. I've seen various posts about debaffelling. Some say you can and some say you cant so just looking for a general consensus. If yes what tools do I require? I dont think...
  6. Tal

    New Exhaust on my GT

    Have had the exhaust modified on my Gt. The Cat box has been taken out and a new boom box has been built and installed. The result is very satisfying...the sound is not obtrusive..it has a deeper tone and a very nice rumble on decel. We retained the look of the stock setup which i wanted as...
  7. hoopla

    baffles in paul bryant exhaust with headers?

    So I really like the looks of the headers and exhaust system, performance is good too,not to mention the system saves 25lbs over the stock, however the bug is wifey is sensitive to the sound and refuses to wear ear plugs. With winter nearly upon us, I'm considering some baffling of the exhaust...
  8. G

    Jardine Big Boss 3 into 2 exhaust

    HI all, Geoff here from Perth - I am new to the forum I ride a 2008 Rocket 3 classic and love it About 10 years ago I installed a Jardine Big Boss exhaust and loved the note it gave. As I have gotten older I find that I would like to quiet the bike a bit Can anyone recommend a set of...
  9. Larry_M

    Thai exhaust

    Best looking effort this far IMO..
  10. Hardware_Hank

    Sta in tune exhaust on the classic

    I got a complete staintune exhaust with tripple mufflers and crossover pipe from @Idaho Red Rocket 3 , put a little over 1000 miles on with them, and I am in love! Install was pretty straightforward. Just take off the old pipes and cat box, and clamp on the new setup. No gaskets required...
  11. mr hunt

    Exhaust port colour

    ok experts have at it....(the only clue is the pix are cyl 1 then 2 then 3):
  12. Tazithman

    Need tune for 07 classic with Viking 3 in 1 exhaust

    Hey all, was hoping to have this all done by now but Covid has caused quite the delay in getting my exhaust. I FINALLY got the email saying my system was off to the chrome shop so I'm holding out hope I'll see it within the next few weeks so it's time to find a tune. 07 classic with triple KN...
  13. Morph1976

    2007 rocket 3 classic exhaust upgrade

    Hi guys, I've been reading through a lot of posts and the majority of which have been US guys. What I'm after is an idea of cost in the uk. I have owned my bike for 5 weeks having come from a kawasaki vulcan 900 and took the baffles out which produced a nice sound and want to achieve the same...
  14. Ishrub

    Been keen to try out a Jardine Big Boss exhaust - finally got one.

    Been keen to try out a Jardine Big Boss exhaust - finally got one, ceramic coated in satin black. Seller mentioned it in his R3Classsic listing: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Triumph-Rocket-3-Classic-black-red/254710042498?hash=item3b4de6cf82:g:wbkAAOSw74BfUyVM and I asked him to list it for...
  15. Terryfyd

    Help identifying exhaust

    Just for my piece of mind I'd like to know what these are, remnance of original cans? aftermarket? They are on my 2005 classic, cat delete, Y pipe to 2 silencers, O2 sensor intact. Thanks in advance!
  16. maurice

    Anyone see this on exhaust?

    The black spec, looks like through the gold metal with black metal behind it. Seems like small rock would not cause the chip. Hate to see multiple ones, bike not very old. Kinda anal about the appearance, but...
  17. Tal

    Different Exhaust notes....

  18. spelze

    Cleaning/polishing the exhaust

    Hi, my GT has got some stains which I'd like to clean/polish. Which cleaner would you recommend? Thank you. Greetings Thomas
  19. aquilla

    Exhaust can discoloration

    This is something that I never seen on the cans od the standard Rockets but observed it on Roadster on the underneath side at 3/4th maybe, strong discoloration as usually seen on the headers. What is the cause and is there a cure?
  20. buddazero

    New Exhaust w. Ram Air Kit - Need Help picking

    Hey guys! So, a while back I got the RAM Air Filter Kit installed, and I quickly learned that that alone doesn't make the performance of the bike go any faster. I have the factory exhaust still installed and I've been hesitant to change them because personally I like the look. So, however...
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