1. H B

    Exhaust Header Pipe Burning Wet Weather Gear

    Hi, Has anyone got a way of stopping the exhaust header pipes on the RHS burning a hole in my wet weather gear just below the knee, it has happened twice now? Cheers HB
  2. KalSaint

    2011 R3R Ramair & Viking Exhaust Dyno Results

    Evening Everybody, Just picked up the bike from G P Bikes in Melbourne, FL after getting new tires put on and dyno tuned. 2011 Roadster with Ramair and full 3:1 Viking Exhaust. 20355 KN TORS.hex map used as base. Initial pull: 143.16 HP & 145.47 ft-lbs Final Result: 147.21 HP & 152.66 ft-lbs...
  3. hossman

    Exhaust Options Rocket 3 GT

    Any exhaust options out there yet for the GT or R to give it a more deeper sound? My 16 Rocket 3 Roadster had the aftermarket TORS exhaust and had a nice deep rumble to it. My only negative on my 20 Rocket 3 GT is it really has no sound.
  4. Patto

    Ram air and Dave platt outlaw exhaust fitted needs tuning

    Hi all i am after some guidance please , I have a 2016 roadster which has Dave platt outlaw exhausts all ready fitted , I am going to fit a ram air filter and would like to tune it is there a good tune I can upload using tune ecu or is it best to take it to a dyno shop ? , Just rockets at...
  5. Rocketeer4life

    RAMAIR filter w/t aftermarket exhaust Tune?

    Hello' I am a new member. Have a R3 touring. Purchased a ramair filter upgrade kit. Will be purchasing aftermarket exhaust silencers, to remove stock mufflers while keeping stock manifold. Currently have installed a O2 sensor removal kit. Question being what tunes are available or best for this...
  6. Jvheli

    LMS exhaust

    First heat cycle, and I already love the new pipe! Thanks @ozrider for making cool stuff that goes fast! Dyno soon to see what’s changed!
  7. estoma

    Hairline Crack on Exhaust Header

    I noticed a hairline crack on the middle (#2) header almost two weeks ago. The crack is approximately parallel to the engine face along the exhaust ports. Its jagged appearance indicates that it might well have started as a shorter (hydroforming-related) stress fracture from where it then...
  8. KalSaint

    Exhaust Leak At Header

    Good Morning Everyone, I recently installed Paul's Viking Header exhaust, and when I installed it, I saw that the factory gaskets were still inside the ports, so I went ahead an put on the new header. When I did this, I made sure to make sure it hadn't rolled downward, and I thought I had it...
  9. Martin-Brighton-uk

    Exhaust Cam valve gap - it reduces over miles ridden same as intake, not increases right?

    I've seen posts in some threads on here that the exhaust cam clearances increase rather than decrease with miles ridden. Is that right? Yes the exhaust cam clearances are greater than the intake, but both valve wear in the same way don't they, snap closing each time? So the statement that...
  10. Kevin frazier

    Carpenter exhaust 2020 Rockets

  11. FittedBuckle

    New Exhaust

    Hey guys. Loving my Rocket 3 Touring so far and with it garaged up for the winter, I was starting to look at a new exhaust. My last bike, a 2004 Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 had a deal where the stock pipes were hollowed out with a new collection kit to give it a more throaty sound but not straight pipe...
  12. brandon0359

    New here just checking in from cleveland ohio.

    looking for mod info exhaust intake tune along those lines
  13. kevin S

    Rocket 3 GT Exhaust Mod from Meerkat!!!!

    I was in contact with Peter Herrington ( Meerkat Mufflers) and he sent me this info for DIY method.
  14. KalSaint

    Before and After Viking Exhaust Install

    IT FINALLY ARRIVED. Ordered this bad boy back in June but @PaulBryant was super busy; but it's a hell of a way to start out the new year! I also took videos of the before/after exhaust sound, but when I click attach files it only brings up the photos. Anyone know how to post videos?
  15. Rocket_Rider

    Tune for R3T with LMS exhaust

    Hi all, need a tune for an R3T with LMS full exhaust. also, out of curiosity, if there any reason why I can’t copy values from a roadster tune into an R3T tune in Tunecu? Aren’t the engines the same? Just different ecu? Shouldn’t that generate similar power to a stock roadster that’s way more...
  16. 2011 Roadster Exhaust Slip On Options?

    I've tried sorting through the mountains of threads on Exhaust options. I keep running into, so and so doesn't make them anymore. I'm astonished that some of these exhaust systems are $1500. I've done plenty on cars for $1000. Probably comes back to my original question though as to who is...
  17. Quickie69

    TTS exhaust header

    Anyone try these yet with a NA rocket? Numbers?? -Q
  18. Morph1976

    Deep throaty exhaust

    Hi guys, have looked through various threads and I get conflicting info. I have a stock 2007 rocket and want to make it louder. I've seen various posts about debaffelling. Some say you can and some say you cant so just looking for a general consensus. If yes what tools do I require? I dont think...
  19. Tal

    New Exhaust on my GT

    Have had the exhaust modified on my Gt. The Cat box has been taken out and a new boom box has been built and installed. The result is very satisfying...the sound is not obtrusive..it has a deeper tone and a very nice rumble on decel. We retained the look of the stock setup which i wanted as...
  20. hoopla

    baffles in paul bryant exhaust with headers?

    So I really like the looks of the headers and exhaust system, performance is good too,not to mention the system saves 25lbs over the stock, however the bug is wifey is sensitive to the sound and refuses to wear ear plugs. With winter nearly upon us, I'm considering some baffling of the exhaust...
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