1. Rads

    Radiator cover removal

    How do I remove radiator cover to paint it?
  2. tribal

    HELP -Water Pump Return Hose /Tube removal question

    Hi all, We are in the process of removing the engine front cover and have a question on the removal of the wayer pump chrome tube. We removed the bolt - does it just pull out or do we have to remove the nut from the other side of the engine?? It may have an O-Ring and just being stubborn but...
  3. R3 GT - without Sisi bar

    ...here are some pictures
  4. ps915

    2014 Rocket 3 Touring seat removal

    Good Evening friends , Hope you are safe and well . I am new to this forum and having purchased a rocket 3 touring (14) a few months ago , I find myself with a dead battery . I have been unable to ride because of the winter . I am trying to remove the seat to be able to trickle charge it . I...
  5. Jetag93

    GT Backrest removal?

    Any GT owners removed the backrest assembly yet? I removed the 2 hex bolts under the seat but that didn't free it up. Looks like it may slide forward but I didn't want to use to much force if that isn't the case and nothing in manual about removal. Thanks.
  6. G Williams

    Warning Sticker Removal

    What did you use to remove the clear-coated stickers on the petrol tank? Is a hair dryer and wd40 the best method?
  7. VABird

    Want to Buy Alternator rotor removal tool

    Does anyone in USA have one that they'd like to sell or lend? T3880200 It fits T-Bird or R3 Please PM me.
  8. VABird

    Alternator rotor removal tool

    Does anyone in USA have one that they'd like to sell or lend? T3880200 It fits T-Bird or R3
  9. bernard

    Airbox removal/ breather access

    I need to put a filter on the crankcase breather, but I can't even get my hands in there. So I'm trying to remove the airbox for access. After unbolting, the manual says to "manoeuvre" the airbox out of the frame. I'm trying to pull it from the right side, but it's very stubborn. Especially...
  10. mstraub72

    Rear wheel removal video walkthrough

    Good morning all, I typed out a huge walkthrough guide on how to remove and replace the wheels on my 2015 Rocket 3 Roadster last year, but since it was my first time, and I had zero idea what I was doing, I didn't video my steps. Sadly, my Avon Cobra rear tire picked up a nail at only about...
  11. Hemi_Guy

    Rear Brake Lens Removal

    Hey gang, Quick question for the team. How does one remove the rear brake light lens on a 11 R3T? Do I have to unbolt the whole assembly from under the fender or does the lens pop off? The lens doesn't seem to have any play so I am guessing I have to unbolt it. Thank you, Paul.
  12. kenne

    brake piston removal

    Hi all anyone got any ideas on getting the pistons out of my front brake assembly? i don't have access to compressed air to push em out. thought about soaking with inox overnight to get them out. also does anyone have the triumph code for the front brake seal kit? cheers
  13. Eric R.

    Fuel tank removal 2015 r3t

    Hi Guys, I want to remove my tank on my r3t. I did do a search, but I'm asking about a "banjo washer on the fuel line"? Should I have a new ready for when I put the tank back on? Also, I looked in the service manual for directions to do this, and they were talking about pressure testing the...
  14. Veneficus

    Thermostat removal

    Hi all, i am just wondering if anyone has removed the thermostat without taking the oil tank off? if so, it would be great to get any tips! 08 Touring.
  15. 2015 touring seat removal

    new owner here. Can someone help with how I can remove the seat? I’ve looked through YouTube and the forum but can’t seem to get it to work on my bike. Pics of the situation are attached. Thanks
  16. jacking up bike / rear tire removal

    Ok guys, I'm about ready to hang this one up. I for some reason cannot jack up the rear of my r3. I have changed the rear tire multiple times before, and I still cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I have used a motorcycle jack before with a ratchet strap. It was at the rear of the oil...
  17. Simon Fioretti

    Headlamp removal

    hey team, I’m wanting to remove the headlamp housing on my 2010 Roadster to paint it. Is there a way to remove the head lamp housing without cutting and re-wiring the globe plug? The hole in the back of the housing seems too small to get the plug out
  18. Reino606

    Oil Tank Removal

    I have a coolant leak at the neck coming from the top coolant hose. Is it possible to take the Oil tank loose without draining the oil to access it? Thanks!!!
  19. Main wiring harness removal

    2011 Roadster. Working on the removal of the main wiring harness that runs on the right side. It appears there is no disconnect between this harness and the two gauges. Is this really the case? Are there disconnect plugs within the gauges? Hard to imagine they are permanently attached to the...
  20. Bedifferent

    Oh no! Not another shim removal tool post.

    :banghead: You are probably sick of the shim tool, but I thought I would post one more version I made. I fabricated one of the posted tools for Paul, but he expressed some concerns with the tool ideas. He was concerned about having only one of the screws in place on what he described as a...