1. hogweed

    PZRacing Gear tronic gear indicator

    I've had a gear PZRacing Gear tronic gear indicator fitted to my for a couple of years now and I wanted to know if I disconnect it from the onboard diagnostic plug to use TuneEcu will I have to reset up the gear indicator?TIA
  2. Plow Horse

    Blinker indicator (instrument cluster)

    I ran into a bit of an annoyance yesterday after switching my indicator bulbs to LED’s (2017 Roadster) I swapped out the rely to CF13 GL-02, and installed 1156 base LED’s Turned key to on position and tried the blinkers. Everything worked as it should, turn signals flashed at a normal speed...
  3. Rockmonster

    Clear indicator lenses?

    Anyone know where I can get some clear lenses for my 16’ Roadster (UK) Thanks :)
  4. hogweed

    Gear indicator

    I have a PZRacing GearTronic Zero Gear Indicator Triumph 2004 Rocket III 2300cc GT3100-T1 fitted to my 2004 Rocket III but can someone tell me if i can also fit a Triumph Rocket III Standard All Years Healtech Quickshifter . Cheers
  5. ZoneIII

    R3T Fuel level indicator not reading.

    As I was changing all the fluids on my 2015 R3T getting it ready to ride, I noticed that the fuel gauge was reading zero even though the tank is full. If anyone else has had this problem or has any suggestions, I'd like to hear from them. There was no problem with the bike when put away last...
  6. Big Si

    For Sale Classic/Roadster Front indicator bracket

    For sale, brand new/unused Indicator/winker bracket. Front left hand. Chrome. Part no. T2701110 £20 ono plus £2.99 P+P (UK)
  7. rng3

    Vololights Brakeless Deceleration Indicator?

    Anyone have experience with these? Vololights Brakeless Deceleration Indicator Not sure how bright they may be. Rick
  8. hogweed

    GiPro Digital gear indicator

    Who has fitted a GiPro gear indicator to their bike and would it affect my Ecu Map that is already set to 100% power in all gears,are they easy to fit? Options please. Cheers
  9. R3Rider

    Indicator Relay

    Hi Folks, I've been off line for a while while moving interstate and busy in general. I'm sure this has been covered in the past, if so I apologise as I cant find it. My indicator relay has died and i need a replacement, unfortunately the only one i can find is via Triumph, and they want...
  10. cskals

    Speedo/tachometer problem, resets after every drive.

    Hi all. I changed my clutch last week, and ever since, my tripcounter resets every time I turn of the bike. Also, the Tachometer and all the lights on it, doesn't work. The backlight is on, but the indicator lights and so forth are not working. I assume that when I disconnected the fan I must...
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