1. Bob spruce

    I have a 05. It just started kicking out 4th gear.

    It goes into gear. But kicks out under load. All the other gears work great. It kicks out and there is some clatter, I can shift into 5th and its fine. Is there any adjustments that would make it not kick out? I want to add a 6th gear if I open it up. But riding season is starting and I don't...
  2. Jetag93

    About to do 600 mile oil/filter change and final drive gear oil

    I've put 600 miles on my beautiful beast since picking it up a week ago. Anyone do the first service yet? I've read the manual and its pretty straight forward. Any tips?
  3. leatal

    Gear Pedal Assembly sloppy

    I am getting a good bit of sloppiness in the pedal assembly around the M8 bolt which attaches it to the engine. Looked to replace and saw you have to buy the entire piece ($155). It shows a bushing which is where my slop is. Does anyone know the size of the bushing? Replacing it has be cheaper!
  4. hogweed

    PZRacing Gear tronic gear indicator

    I've had a gear PZRacing Gear tronic gear indicator fitted to my for a couple of years now and I wanted to know if I disconnect it from the onboard diagnostic plug to use TuneEcu will I have to reset up the gear indicator?TIA
  5. Karam

    2nd gear issue

    I have 2011 roadster. All gears are working fine and Shifting up and down very smooth except when I hit the full throttle at 2nd gear only it's cuting off and on on!!
  6. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    For Sale Gear Shift Selector Pedal

    Fore sale Shift arm. Excellent condition, not bent, rubber is good too. $45 Shipped Domestically. Still Available 7/4/20.
  7. JudgeMontrose

    Gear Position Sensor replacement 2014 R3R

    I've determined my gear position sensor on my '14 R3R is bad. Most of this diagnosis is based on the fact I took the sensor out of the motor, manually dialed it into neutral, taped it in place so it couldn't move, and tried to start the bike only for it to lose position ("--" displays on the...
  8. Joesmoe

    You know you want that solid transmission with sixth gear upgrade . . .

    We have four captains who have said "Yes", and need another eight -- just eight -- to ante up. Higher speed for the Roadsters. Reduced RPM and easier cruising for the Tourings. 2.5L Rocket Stroker Engine Kit with 6 Speed Transmission (R&D) Take a look if you haven't in a while, and cheer...
  9. barbagris

    Just received a mail with this discounted gear - UK guys really.

    CLEARANCE SALE: Ashley Watson Eversholt Waxed Cotton Jacket https://www.planet-knox.com/category/clearance/ And also just spotted this at Total Triumph Triumph Beaufort 2 Jacket | MLHS18112
  10. Jason Jurgens

    Alternative protective gear

    Anyone try the Knox range? I like their armoured shirt that can be worn as primary means of protection, including abrasion resistance. Gives a lot more flexibility with regards to what shirt/jacket you can wear depending on the season. They seem to have an online shop in the major parts of the...
  11. Kievit

    Highest gears 4th and 5th fall out of gear

    A friend of mine drives a touring '08. Spontaneously gear drops out, especially 5th gear but sometimes also from 4th. we checked the pedal position to be sure it reaches enough "length and depht"" and optimized the clutch. In the event of a failure, the pedal, while driving can be pushed/held in...
  12. Navigator

    **SOLD** First Gear Kilimanjaro Jackets

    Now that I'm no longer touring I decided to sell two of my very nice Kilimanjaro jackets, both size XL. One is the black all weather that I paid about $300 for some years back but have not used that much. I would describe it as in Very Good condition. The last time I wore it was about 5 years...
  13. hogweed

    Gear indicator

    I have a PZRacing GearTronic Zero Gear Indicator Triumph 2004 Rocket III 2300cc GT3100-T1 fitted to my 2004 Rocket III but can someone tell me if i can also fit a Triumph Rocket III Standard All Years Healtech Quickshifter . Cheers
  14. Vovasik

    gear gland flowing

    Tell me, the gearbox oil seal on the wheel is flowing! You cannot buy a new one from a dealer. Maybe someone knows a good replacement from other models of motorcycles or cars?
  15. J

    5th Gear Clunking

    I recently discovered a slight "clunk" on my bike when cruising in 5th gear. I only notice it if the road is fairly smooth, I can feel it in my pegs and handlbars. It almost feels like I'm taking the slack out of a splined shaft. If I'm rolling along and ever so slightly roll off the throttle...
  16. Jay

    For Sale First Gear Heated Jacket Liner, Men's Medium

    Sold. Selling my First Gear heated jacket liner. It is a 90-w liner and is made by Warm & Safe for First Gear. This is a men's size medium with elements in arms, chest, back, and collar. I have two of these and ended up not using this one, so now offering it here for sale. Excellent...
  17. VABird

    Gear Indicators

    The Gearingo gear indicators will be available again, and at a special price for a limited time. I don't know the length of time though. It's whenever the manufacturer says stop! They will be available through JBQ at $125 shipped in USA, $135 shipped to Europe and $140 shipped to Australia / NZ...
  18. R-III-R Turbo

    How To: Replace Gear Position Sensor (GPS)

    Copied my story from another site in order to help a couple of captains currently stuck - In march 2013 triumph updated the gear position sensor for a lot of its models, included all* (tourer not mentioned) the rocket models (rocket iii, classic, touring, touring SE, touring (ABS) and...
  19. Skunk

    Gear box.

    Hey guys a quick question.. Is it normal to have a loud clunk when changing gears? Does it make a difference if you use thicker oil? Can you tighten clutch to make a difference . Any help or ideas is appreciated.
  20. geno

    Tough going into #1st gear?

    I have a 2005 r3 and i have been having a bit of trouble going into 1st gear, was wondering if it is a simple clutch adjustment, "I hope! "Thanks guys and Be Safe"
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