1. Ron

    ****ed Gear Position Switch

    I have a '13 Touring, and the GPS has been screwing quite often. I open it up, clean it, relube it and put it back together again. After a few miles, it messes up again and doesn't indicate neutral. Since this is the only gear indicated on this machine, what happens if I just disconnect it...
  2. wjb

    Side Stand Eliminator Switch

    I came across this on ebay and wondered of anyone has experience with it. I hear that cutting and splicing the existing wires has side effects, does this eliminate the switch and the side effects too...
  3. Ignition Switch?

    This weekend I went to the garage and started up my 2005 R3 and rode about 10 miles to the gas station. Added fuel, closed the cap, and turned the key and no power. Checked the kill switch...still no power at all. turned the key a couple of times and finally got power. Rode for about an hour and...
  4. Ron

    Gear position switch

    I have a '13 Touring and it can't seen to give me a green light for neutral. As a result, everytime I put the stand down, the engine shuts off. Before I remove the little cover plate on the switch housing, is there any cautions or issues I should be aware of? Anyone have pics of what I might...
  5. Gleekzorp

    Switching off head lights (or: where is this instrument panel connector)

    Hi all, On my 2016 Roadster I'd like to put a switch in the head lights ground wire, to be able to completely switch them off (instead of pulling the fuse every time using Tuneecu). Studying the wiring diagram, it must be the Black wire on pin 10 of the instrument panel connector. But: where do...
  6. Fireman Frank

    R3 ignition switch - new part no.

    Ignition switch swap 2005 R3.... I ordered a replacement ignition barrel switch for my R3 part no. T2501066 (lost keys). What arrived from the supplier was a barrel coded T2501062 plus a connector block with a tail of wiring. The parts agent informed me that this is the only available...
  7. Headlight switch conversion from US to Euro

    Hey Guys, New member here. First post. Hope y'all are doing well, and staying shiny side up. Just picked up a new 2021 GT middle of December. Best and most fun bike I ever had. It's my retirement gift to myself after 54 years of blue collar work (crane operator, metal fabricator, mechanic). Had...
  8. mtj1

    Ignition switch relocation

    Is there a kit available to relocate ignition to left side just behind motor ? 2012 R3R
  9. sancov

    rear brake switch

    hi all, being new to a rocket tourer can anyone tell me where the rear brake switch is as when i push the brake pedal the light doesn't come on but when i pull the front brake lever the light works so i am presuming it's the switch and is it an easy job ?? thanks for the help
  10. Magoo69

    Ignition issues, Ignition switch won't energize display

    So I was riding along today and for no reason whatsoever my 2020 R3 GT shut off as I was coasting along. I had pulled the clutch in to coast to a red light. I was able to restart the bike as I was coasting by pushing the starter button. Thought that was very strange but kept on my way for few...
  11. Rockhard

    Kill Switch problems on 07 R3

    Looking for guidance from anyone who has had problems with their switch. I have an 07 R3 with 110,000 klms which recently has developed a problem with the kill switch, ie. it turns itself on? I have pulled it apart and cleaned all contact points but the problem still exists? Thinking about...
  12. Kevin frazier

    Key switch WIRING LOOM

    On a Touring Model, the key switch wiring loom is covered by a piece of plastic that cracks as it ages, mine 08, and the way this loom bends over frame to get to main wiring loom, it rubs in several spots and the cracking sheath and wires rubbing frame not good. look at yours or not. 😬 and while...
  13. Journeyman

    How to remove ignition switch from Roadster?

    My switch is going bad and I need to quit putting off the repair. I suspect that one or more wires have come loose or are loose and just barely making enough contact (most of the time). My question is what's involved in getting the switch out? I know that I'll be running into some bolts with...
  14. Keyless Ignition and Key switch elimination

    Hey All, Does anyone know if the key switch can be eliminated if a keyless ignition is installed? Thanks, jojo
  15. Thedoctorr

    Clutch Switch Removal

    Hi All This is my 1st rocket in my 23 bikes owned over many many years. I have searched tirelessly through the service manual on how to take out the clutch switch but nothing on how this is done. Can anyone tell me how to do this please. regards Neil
  16. albertaduke

    Master switch on 2020 and up

    as I brought my bike to the dealership for the first warranty inspection I wanted an answer on something found in the user's manuel namely on page 65 it state the master switch on.off is located on the left side etc etc... and it state clearly "required only in canada and the US" this manual...
  17. 2014 Ride

    Starter Switch

    Has anyone any Pics or Vidio of how to change or ckesn Starter Switch
  18. Clutch switch problem

    Bike, 2020gt with 10grand, threw an engine code. Was running rough, and would quit coming to a light. Dealer diagnosis said it was clutch switch, which apparently causes the brain to need lobotomization. The clutch switch is located under the clutch lever and is vulnerable to damage from...
  19. mlindsay

    Keep hitting the high beam switch

    I notice I am constantly hitting the high beam switch when using the clutch on my R3 R. If my pinky is bumping up against the outside edge of the lever, there is less than 1/2" clearance between my gloved hand and the high beam switch. Is there any adjustment to that switch location? Any...
  20. Micksan

    Relay ignition switch kit.

    I decided to get the 2014Tourer. I had problems with a 05 ignition switch. Had to install a relay kit from Japan. The name was Beaver something. Need some help tracking him down. Also if anyone can lead me to a new/ used workshop manual I would appreciate that. Not a big fan of the download...